Title: Come Morning Light
Pairing: John Danziger & Devon Adair
Rated: T (for adult situations)
Spoilers: All About Eve
Summary: This was more than a journey across an unknown planet to reach New Pacifica. This was the journey of survival, and the truest test of all. Learning how to fall.
A/N: This is my first Earth 2 fanfiction. So please be gentle. Danziger and Devon are my all time favorite on this series, and I tried so hard to capture the essence of them. And the series premature ending just left me unsatisfied so I had to do this. It's a multi-chapter piece. So bear with me as all the details aren't worked out, but I know the general direction. It's a story of hope, fear, but most of all, love.


Devon grunted softly. She shifted on her cot. The weather was stifling. Even after dark. She moved again, unable to get comfortable. She finally shifted and pushed herself up on one elbow. She glanced at Uly as he lay sleeping soundly. He had slept soundly since he'd been cured of the Syndrome. She only wished her body would shut out everything and let her rest.

New Pacifica was less than a month away. And her three weeks in cryostasis did nothing to alleviate her trepidation. Even if the others, Danziger mostly, had all but forbidden her to do much of anything except rest in the two weeks since Julia had found her cure and had awakened her.

She didn't even bother to put on her boots as she exited the tent. The firelight was bright and almost like a beacon. She moved slowly to it, not wanting to get to close because the heat was horrible enough without the fire adding to it.

Then she saw him. Bare chested as his shirt was discarded off to his side and relaxed with his ankles crossed and his arms crossed behind his head. He was looking up into the sky with his mag-pro within reach. He shifted slightly, eyes moving around to meet hers. "Oh..."

She smirked. "Comfortable, Danziger?" She plopped herself down in the dirt beside him. Her hands moved up, caressing her neck and then into her hair. She pulled it up off her neck. How she wished she could tie it up so it wasn't a constant source of annoyance. Especially tonight.

"Yep." He glanced over at her again, swallowing thickly. He couldn't take his eyes off her now. A tiny bead of sweat glimmered in the firelight as it made it's way down her neck and disapeared beneath her clothes. He enjoyed the stolen moments when she was otherwise engaged and unfocused on him. He found her beautiful, breath-taking even. He shifted, moving his hand from behind his head and shoved it into his pocket. His fingers wound around one of True's elastic bands and yanked it free. "Here. Try this."

She looked down at his extended arm then. She let her hair fall as she took the band, letting her fingers linger against his. Their eyes met as she tangled her fingers with his and gave them a squeeze.

His body didn't stiffen at her touch. Instead he seemed to relax. He gave a slight tug, unseating her and pulling her down onto the grass and dirt with him.

She managed to keep herself from falling directly onto him. Her palm landed on his bare chest. She felt her cheeks flame then, gasping softly. Her lips parted as she breathed, "John..."

His hand came up, cradling her cheek in his large hand. He leaned up, kissing her mouth tenderly. His eyes were slightly parted, moaning softly as he felt her lips pressing back against his. He pulled back slightly. "Devon..."

She didn't let the distance linger. Her body shifted, pressing against him. Almost as if she needed his touch to survive. She kissed him again. Her tongue slid gently between his parted lips, moving against his. She tilted her head, deepening the kiss. Her hand moved up his chest, fingertips grazing against his neck.

His hand moved from her cheek to the back of her neck. He massaged his fingertips against her scalp. His body was responding to her. He shifted, taking her and turning her half onto her side as their kisses intensified. His arm kept her from pressing into the ground below them. He let his lips pull from hers, but he kept her close. He nuzzled her nose with his own before kissing her again.

She moved her hand down his chest, lower and lower until she reached his belt. Her fingers deftly undid it, undoing the snap. It had been a long time for her. Almost a decade, but she didn't want to stop. It had been a long time coming. An awkward dance. A push and pull. Finally a connection, a spark, and she wasn't about to put on the brakes.

His hand moved down, catching her wrist before she could go any further. He ran his thumb across her pulse point. "You wanna do this out here? Someone could come out at any time..." He needed her to know he wasn't saying no. He wanted this. He'd wanted this for so long. "Devon..." He kissed her again showing just how hungry for her he truly was. He pulled back, searching her eyes."Grab a blanket. I know a place."

She shivered at the inflection in his tone. His kiss had caused little shivers of excitement to parade up and down her spine. "Whose gonna take watch?" Ever the leader, she couldn't shut her mind off entirely even if his kisses were intoxicating.

"Baines owes me a few favors..." He slowly untangled his lanky frame from her petite one and hoisted himself up off the ground. He reached for her hand, dragging her up along with him. "Meet me behind your tent in two minutes. Not a second later, Adair..." He gave her a pat on the rear and sent her toward the direction of her tent.

She turned, hand on her hip and gave him a coy look. "I am not your daughter, Danziger. Swatting my behind and bossing me around won't work..." She shrugged. "Well, not usually." She turned then, smiling as she did so.

He chuckled and shook his head. She was something else. All fire. He found that irritated him when they'd first met, and now he wouldn't have her any other way. He moved toward Baines' tent. "Hey. Your up..." He reached in, shaking the man's foot and heard him curse outloud as he sat bolt upright. He gave another chuckle. "It's a quiet night. Won't have much to worry about. 'Night." He moved toward his tent, checking on True before hurrying to meet Devon.

She was already there, glancing around as he approached. She felt like a teenager sneaking around and when his arms went around her, taking the blanket from her hands before kissing her, she melted against him. "Mmm."

He ushered her toward the path in the shrubbery as he lead her about fifty yards from camp. He kept a tight grip on her hand the whole way. Almost as if he were afraid she'd change her mind and run. He glanced back as they reached the small clearing. The moonlight was just enough light to make out her soft features.

She could be soft when she wanted to be, but it was her carefully erected walls that kept her at a distance from most people. Even in their group. And she knew that. She hadn't been able to trust many people in her life. He'd steadily pecked away at her walls until she hadn't realized exactly when he'd barreled right through. And she found that she didn't mind it quite so much.

He released her hand and moved to spread out the blanket before moving onto his knees and reaching for her hand. He gently tugged on her hand as he pulled her down with him. He held her face in his hands and kissed her deeply. Before he knew it what was happening, she was lowering herself onto the blanket and pulling him with her. His lips moved along her jaw to her ear. He whispered, "We don't have to go any further than you're ready for, Devon. Please know that."

She moved her arms around his neck, pulling him flush against her then. She hooked her leg around his thigh and whimpered, "I don't want to stop. I dont' want you to stop. I want you to touch me, love me..." Her voice trembled as she spoke the words. She had never felt more naked and exposed as she did right then. She held her breath.

"I won't. I mean, I will..." The words were becoming jumbled and just a mess as he tried to convey what he'd meant instead of just showing her. Christ. He'd never had trouble expressing himself to her before. Why was tonight so different? His heart hammered in his chest as he brushed the hair from her forehead and kissed her mouth tenderly once more as he stared down at her. "I won't stop..." he tried again. "And I do. Love you, I mean..."