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WARNING, get out your ice cream and tissues.

I just...couldn't save you. I wasn't there, but I should have been. I was just ignorant. You needed me and I let you down. Why...why did I have to-

Chance clenched his eyes shut against the hot tears that escaped regardless and flooded down his cheeks, dampening his blonde fur.

Jake! Why didn't I just listen to you?! He took his anger out on the wall with a furious fist. Spider-webs of cracks spread through the plaster of the wall where he had struck it.

"This is all my fault." It was all too cliche to say such a thing, but it burned deep down. Those hateful words told him lies; lies that said it was true, that he had been the sole cause. They wouldn't go away. A gentle touch on his bent shoulder caused him to lurch in surprise. His wandering tear-stained eyes turned to find a red-locked she kat standing behind him. Her green eyes were weary, but behind their exhaustion was concern.

"Chance, you've been up all night." She informed him. Chance let a shaky sigh free and hung his head in remittance. He hadn't bothered to look at the clock.

"I'm fine Baylee." He mumbled, instantly realizing that wasn't true.

Baylee knew it as well, "You're not. Chance, you're hurting yourself. Jake wouldn't want this. I'm sorry to be the one to say this, but...nothing can bring him back." Chance turned a glare on her. It was dark, foreboding, fueled by sleep-deprovation.

"Save it! You have no idea what this is doing to me!"

Baylee gripped her right arm with her left hand and sighed, "I miss him too, but-"

"-I don't just 'miss' him Baylee! You didn't know him like I did! He was more than just some friend, more than just a partner. He was...just..." Crud, I'm choking up in front of a girl!

"He was like a brother I never had." He let the tears come hard. Baylee could think what she wanted. Maybe she'd never see him the same way afterwards. He didn't care.

"I just want my brother back." He whispered. Baylee kept silent for a moment. Words were her enemy. She had never lost a friend, nor a sibling. He was right.

"Maybe I don't know what it's like, but Chance...I'm gonna be here with you. I'm gonna help you. I promise."

Chance couldn't meet her eyes. Every thought that entered his mind only reminded him of Jake. The bellicose emotions were waging war inside him. It was too much. He shook his head.

"You don't have to do anything Baylee." His voice shook. He trudged past her and pushed through the door. She would follow him for sure. As he stormed down the hall he could feel her eyes on him. He retreated into the garage where he stopped and scanned the empty room with wet brown eyes. Everything was just the way it had been when they had dropped their work and leapt into action the day before. The now-silent power drill lay soundless and still on the concrete floor. Stray tools lay everywhere. Chance slumped in defeated remittance into the corner. He'd never see Jake again. He blamed himself. It had only been 22 hours since the incident that took his life, but it felt like a million years. It was just a short enough time ago, that Chance could still hear his partner's voice loud and clear like a broken record in his mind.

'It'll be okay big buddy. I'll be fine. I promise.' Chance had nearly forgotten how long ago it had been since he'd curled up in a corner and cried so hard. The last time had been when he was a kitten, scared of the first day of school. Now he had a real reason, he took it. 'I promise' Those whispering words repeated over and over. 'I'll be fine'.

Short first chapter, but I'm just getting warmed up. Who wants Razor to still be alive? Let me know. I'm not giving anything away. I may or may not. This could end in a pool of tears or it could end with a happy reunion.