Slash felt like all of her courage died with him. She was Baylee once more; a shy, loud-mouthed aussie, tripping over her own two feet. She didn't care who she was to anyone. It made no difference now. She put her arms around T-Bone and cried into his fur. This was the kat she had fought alongside of, talked to, loved. He called her 'beautiful'. No one had ever said something like that to her before. She stayed there for what seemed like forever, but it must have only been a few minutes. She sat up beside him, her front covered in scarlet blood. She didn't care. With a blood-stained hand she stroked his cheek.

"I just want you to know, I love you." She whispered. She got up stifly, casting him a longing glance, then left to find Razor.

Razor paced to the end of the runway. Dark Kat was there, talking to his creeplings and several shadow-minions. Razor approached slowly, soundlessly. He lifted the missile launcher to his shoulder and lined up his sights with Dark Kat. Dark Kat turned and saw it, laughing.

"You've come back to fight me, have you? Well, the fate of your partner will be yours as well." He growled. Rage fired up in Razor. Dark Kat fired the gun he had concealed in his cloak. Razor dodged it, springing like a puma from the ground, claws unsheathed. He swung one blow after another at Dark Kat. Each blow met it's mark. Finally he slammed the massive Dark Kat to the ground with a solid kick. Dark Kat scrambled backwards as far as he could without plummeting over the edge of the runway.

"Wait!" He pleaded, "I can give you anything! Just ask it! I'll even hand over the Enforcer Headquarters in your name."

Feral, still tied and gagged a distance away, didn't seem to like that and did his best to show his opposal. Razor raised the missile launcher at Dark Kat. Dark Kat went ballistic.

"Hold your fire! What is it that you want?!" He exclaimed.

Razor narrowed his eyes, glaring through the sights of the missile launcher.

"I want my partner back, you lousy coward." He hissed. The missile fired, launching full on into Dark Kat. The evil Dark Kat was thrown off the edge of the runway, falling to his pavement-solid doom below. At the finish of thier master, the creeplings made a break for it. The shadow-minions put their hands in the air without further encouragement.

Slash met the creeplings at the door. The creeplings halted, tried to run, and met their demise at the hands of Slash. Razor freed the Enforcers, allowing them to cage the shadow-minions behind bars and eredicate the remaining creeplings. Amid the enforcers rushing to and fro, Slash spotted Razor, standing at the end of the runway. She came alongside him.

"Aces, Razor," She told him, then added, "...T-Bone would've been proud of you."

Razor shook his head, "I can't go on without him." he muttered. A feminine hand clasped his shoulder. The scars on his shoulders were tender from the explosion several days ago, of which he'd been a fortunate survivor.

"He saved my life more than once..." He whispered. Slash nodded.

"Razor, he would want us to go on. He...said you were like a brother to him." Slash told him. "It's why we're here, -why we're swat kats. To protect the citizens of the city from evil like Dark Kat. To...lie down and give all up, would be bloody wrong."

Razor clenched his fists where they hung by his sides. He looked up at Slash, detirmination on his face.

"Then let's pick up where he left off."

Well that's it. So, it had a happy reunion in it, but a character still died at the end. In the future I'll probably write more fanfics for this show, maybe the next one will be less...depressing.

Again, thanks for all of the encouragement, constructive feedback, and reveiws. I really appreciate it.