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Chapter 4; What doesn't kill you

Lauren woke up with a start, it was still early but she's had a very long week as many dark Fae had invaded her new lab to get treated after hearing THE Lauren Lewis was now the doctor for the Dark. The doctor had the chance to examine new types of Fae previously unknown to her, as they traditionally always affiliated with the Dark Fae. It had been an exhilarating but exhausting week and this evening she had just come home, get changed into a black tank top and uncharacteristic red flannel shorts covered with skulls and roses before she collapsed in bed. She had been asleep for barely over an hour but, because of her training as a doctor, the hard knocks on her door woke her up instantly.

"Shit!" the blonde whispered as she got out of bed, that knocking was both urgent but its rhythm was strangely familiar.

"Kenzi!" she started loudly as she made her way to the door. "I told you again and again; don't play the emergency card if it's not a real emergency!"

Lauren opened the door but no one was at the door, she swore and was about to close the door when a weak voice came from the area of her knees.

"That's the thing, Doc, it's kind of an emergency kind of thing. Nice outfit by the way."

Lauren quickly kneeled down to have a closer look at her young friend as she stayed slumped against the doorjamb. "You would say that, you bought it for me." The blonde smiled as she instinctively started checking the young Russian for signs of injury. She didn't find much except for a high fever.

"What's going on with you, Kenz?" she asked gently as she helped the tiny woman up and guided her further in the flat.

The Goth leaned heavily against her taller friend as Lauren led her toward the bedroom. "I think I'm dying, doc. It must be malaria."

The blonde chuckled. "I highly doubt that, sweetie. Malaria is a tropical disease and the Dal is the furthest away from home you've been lately. Let's get you to bed."

"Lo, I do love you dearly but I keep telling you, you're not my type. Even in my weakened state, you won't get your paws on this." The Goth waved at her own body before her head heavily dropped against Lauren's chest with a groan.

"And I cry myself to sleep over it every night, sexy." Lauren laughed as she maneuvered Kenzi until she sat on the edge of her bed.

Kenzi sat motionless, her chin against her chest, eyes closed.

"Lauren?" She asked in a tiny voice.

"Yes?" the blonde answered as she started unlacing one of the Goth's knee high trademark boots.

"I feel like crap."

Lauren ran a soft hand on the younger woman's flushed cheek. "I know, Honey. I'm going to take care of you, ok?"

Kenzi nodded and the blonde went back to work on recalcitrant boots.

"Why can't you buy the kind with a zipper on the side?" the frustrated doctor asked as she fought with stubborn laces.

"Are you kidding?" The Goth instantly perked up. "That would so totally kill the whole amazeball look I have going strong here!"

Lauren laughed lightly. "Not quite at death's door yet, are you, Kenz?"

"I have priorities." Kenzi mumbled before she let herself fall backward on the bed.

Lauren went on taking off the Goth's outer clothing. When she reached to unzip her tight pants, two small hands started slapping at her own.

"God, you're persistent, Dr Lewis! Paws off, remember?" Kenzi snorted.

"And you're delirious." Lauren chuckled as she pointed her finger at her young friend.

The slim blonde went to her dresser and grabbed a pair of sleeping pants and a t-shirt and dropped them on the bed.

"Here, finish undressing and put these on, you'll be more comfortable. I'm going to go get my kit and what I need to take care of you."

She was halfway out of the room when the tiny but teasing voice resounded again.

"If that's your code for sex toys, I keep telling you I'm not interested."

Lauren threw up her hands and left the room with a smile. The doctor wasn't too worried about her young friend. If Kenzi was teasing her it meant she wasn't that sick, despite her pretense of the opposite.

When Lauren came back, Kenzi was wearing her comfy clothes and lying spread-eagled and sideway on top of the bed, moaning.

The blonde smirked at how melodramatic her friend was. She put her medical kit down on the floor and kneeled next to the bed.

"Ok, Miss Drama Queen," the doctor started as she gently grabbed the younger woman's hands. "Can you sit up for me for a minute, please?"

Kenzi allowed the blonde to pull her up until she was sitting on the edge of the bed again.

"Hi." The young Russian whispered groggily when she found herself face to face with Lauren.

The doctor chuckled affectionately. "Hi, you. Feeling that yucky huh?"

"Huhuh." Kenzi answered and she let her head fall forward until it rested on her blond friend's shoulder.

"Ok. Let me examine you and see what I can do to help."

The Goth sighed. "I'm sorry to bug you with this, Lo."

The doctor shrugged, knowing how Kenzi hated to rely on others, it was a miracle she came to her in the first place.

"I'm just happy you managed to find your way here and came to find me for help."

Lauren quickly assessed her patient and with a few questions she came up with a diagnosis.

"Congratulations, Kenz. You caught yourself a nice case of the flu." She teased as she put her kit out of the way.

"Nuhuh." The Goth moaned pitifully. "Can't be, never had the flu before."

"There's a first for everything, honey." Lauren pinpointed with a smile.

"Another pick up line, Hotpants? You're incorrigible."

Lauren laughed out loud as she placed a bottle in a small feverish hand. "Here drink this."

Kenzi looked at the bottle then at Lauren with a dumbfounded look.

"You're shitting me, Doc."

"No, Kenzi. I am not kidding you." The blonde answered with a lifted eyebrow. "You have a high fever, you're dehydrated and it's partly why you feel so bad. You need the fluids."

"Yeah but doooc, water? Really!" Kenzi whined.

"Sacrilege, I know!" Lauren tried not to laugh. "It's all I have home right now."

"What about those sport drinks you always had a full stock of when you and B…" Kenzi realized too late who she was about to mention and who was still a sore spot for both of them and she looked down with a frown. "I'm sorry, Lo."

The blonde sighed as she rubbed the younger woman's knee. "Don't worry about it. Let's just say, I've been avoiding those drinks lately, you know?"

Kenzi nodded silently and squeezed the long fingers resting on her knee for a second. She pinched her nose with one hand as she brought the bottle of water to her mouth and drank a good portion of it.

Lauren laughed at her friend's antics. "Kenz, you're unbelievable."

"Whaaat?" the Goth whined, making a face. "Last time I drank water was when…Hum… someone refilled an empty bottle of vodka with it to play a joke on me."

"Ouh, that's a very mean one." The blonde commented with a fake wince.

"I know! Right?!" The young Russian exclaimed loudly before making a face as the effort of the outburst proved too much for her weak body.

Kenzi frowned as she followed her blond friend's actions as the doctor dove in her medical kit again, picking up a couple of items that made her blue eyes grow wide.

"Oh no, no, no, no, no! You can't do that to me, Lewis! You just can't make me drink WATER and give me a SHOT in less than 5 minutes!"

Lauren turned back to face her young friend and made an understanding face. "I'm sorry, Kenzi. I know how you feel about needles but this shot would really help."

The black-haired girl sighed with a big pout. "What is it?"

"It's something I came up with when I was first experiencing with Fae biology. I used Fae antibodies on all types of flu viruses and…" Lauren stopped talking when she saw the glazed look coming over blue eyes.

"Short version?" the doctor suggested. She had to smile when Kenzi just nodded her head deliberately.

"The flu is a virus. You can't treat it; it has to run its course. But this will speed up the process. Instead of feeling crappy for about a week, you'll only be for a couple of days."

"Shoot me up, doctor genius." Kenzi begged, giving Lauren a hint about how very bad she was really feeling but also how much the trust has grown between them.

"What don't you lay down and close your eyes?" the doctor suggested as she guided the younger woman to lay down until the dark head rested on one of the pillows.

"Ok but don't try anything funny."

Lauren pushed the Goth's short sleeve up and rubbed her arm with a disinfectant wipe.

"Oooowwwwww, ooowwwwww, owwwww" the black-haired girl yelled.

"Nice try, Kenzi!" the doctor snorted, "I haven't touched you yet."

Kenzi opened one eye to look at the blonde who was sporting a wide smile and holding up a still full syringe for her to see. She closed her eye again as she moaned; "You don't have to be that amused about it."

"I was rehearsing," the Goth defended herself, "All artists rehearse, you know. Ok, I'm good, do your thing, doc."

"I'm all done, Kenz." The blonde said even before the younger woman was done talking.

The Goth looked up in disbelief; "What? I didn't feel a thing! Bo was right: you give good needle!"

Both women stared at each other uncertainly as Bo's name popped up again but the ridicule of the situation won out and they shared a laugh.

"Ok. Time for some rest." Lauren helped her young friend under the comforter. "You'll need another shot in eight hours but the medication is going to make you sleepy in the mean time."

"You know, you should try to get that med patented and out there." The small thief mumbled slowly. "People would pay big bucks for that thing. You could get rich."

Lauren chuckled as she tucked her patient in. "More likely; I would get dead. Do you think the Fae would let me use any of their technology for the benefit of humans?"

"You got a point."

"Yep, and a major one, if you ask me." The doctor confirmed with another chuckle. "Now try to go to sleep, call if you need anything. I'll be close by."

Lauren was heading toward the door when a small voice called her back.


The blonde turned back around. "Yes, Kenzi?"

"Would you stay with me and cuddle? Please?" the small girl like voice asked hesitantly.

The doctor's heart broke at the sound. "Of course, Honey."

She walked back into the room and made her way to the other side of the bed; slipping under the covers she closed the space between them. Pressing into her sick friend's back, she gently wrapped her arms around her.

Kenzi gasped: "Your feet are cold."

"Well, you're overly warm, we're even." Lauren retorted with a smile.

Both women settled into the embrace, as uncharacteristic as the action was for both of them.

None of them really were the cuddly type. And with good reason. The violent childhood that Kenzi went through and her consequent bout of living in the street weren't exactly the best growing conditions to develop that type of affectionate comportment. In the street, accepting any kind of contact could end up being dangerous. Bo had been the one to somehow break down her barriers.

On the other hand, while Lauren had received all the necessary attention and affection from loving parents during her childhood, a childhood that has been as normal as a genius kid can get, her time with the Light had taken care of her natural affectionate tendencies.

During her first five years as the Ashe's, she barely ever had been touched, even in an innocent way. Most Fae couldn't stand to touch a human except when it came to feed off of them or have their own fun with them. She could count on both hands the number of times a more open-minded, or more grateful, patient had shaken her hand. And those handshakes had been the extend of physical contact she had received during that time. The fact that she, herself, had to touch the patients during her examinations seemed, ironically, of no concern to them though. Maybe because she had to wear gloves most of the time. Still, the worse of them at times still required a Fae doctor to examine them, even if she was a far better physician than any of them.

She pretty quickly had to forge herself an armor in order to protect her mind and her very own sanity, an armor that no one had ever infiltrated until Bo appeared in her life. She had built a shield of professionalism and built-up aloofness, some might even say coldness. She had learned to control her naturally extremely expressive face and put on a mask to survive among the Fae. At the end, she had lost her capacity to physically demonstrate affection.

Somehow, ever since the two women had become closer, they had slowly built up the type of trust that allows that kind of physicality to present itself again. And both of them had realized how much they had miss it.

It also reminded Lauren that it was a scientific fact that humans actually need physical contact to thrive and her initial reticence with Kenzi disappeared. The fact that the two of them were the only humans in a world where they were surrounded by superhuman creatures might have played a part in their newly found physical closeness too.

The blond doctor was dozing off, thinking about how cuddly Kenzi had become with her, when a tiny voice brought her back to full consciousness.

"Lauren?" Kenzi started in a worried voice. "You're not going to get that flu from me, are you?"

The blonde smiled and gave her young friend a squeeze for her thoughtfulness.

"Don't worry about me; I also produced the ultimate flu vaccine. I'm getting vaccinated every year."

"Sooooo freaking rich, Dr. Genius." Kenzi mumbled sleepily as the medication started to kick in. "Such a waaaaste."

"Go to sleep, Kenzi."

The end

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