Chapter 1: Greetings Program




It was a little disappointing to the newly rezzed program to see how small the grid was in the user world. Kevin Flynn, though, was quick to reassure her that the grid was indeed big and that it merely looked small on the outside. The energetic User then proceeded to tell her "Big things come in small packages." The saying confused the voxels out of the newly created Security Monitor. After a few minutes of failing to explain, Kevin had given up and lead Catlync outside of the arcade, where she was introduced to the stars. They were, in fact, what was on her mind right now as she sat on the light cycle-like vehicle that her user owned, holding his waist so as to not fall off and derezz herself. She couldn't exactly see anything at the moment, the helmet she wore was too big for her head. Catlync wondered if her user would ever put stars into the always night sky of the grid; She most certainly hoped so. The young female monitor wanted her fellow programs to experience the beauty of stars like she had. It was after that thought process that she had felt the light -er- "motorcycle", as Flynn had called it, stop and the loud noise that came from the motorcycle became silent. Catlync adjusted the helmet she wore upon her head to see what was going on. They were parked in front of a… house?

'Yes, that's what the creator called it, a house.' the program thought. Flynn looked back to her gleefully.

"This is our stop! Welcome, program, to my home! This is where you will be staying."

Her user gestured to the house with wide arms, while she got off the bike. Flynn, following Catlync's example, kicked down the kickstand of his Ducati and got off the motorbike himself. "Okay…" He started, turning around to face Catlync, "Here's the backstory: Your parents have just recently died and in the will you are entrusted to me. You aren't related to me, but you have known me long enough to call me uncle. When we were discussing the will, you asked if you could change your last name to Flynn. Speaking of names! Your first name will be…" He started to pace back and forth. Then he stopped and snapped his fingers, a big smile on his face. "Caitlynn! Your name is to be Caitlynn Flynn." The program was confused.

"Didn't you already name me when I was created? Is my designation not sufficient for my directive?"

"Well, think of Caitlynn as your undercover name. Your designation is still Catlync, but only when you are on the grid. Catlync isn't exactly a name for a human. Caitlynn is the closest I could probably get to your original name." Catlync, now named Caitlynn, nodded, satisfied with the answer. "Now, back to the matter at hand. I have programmed you with a prototype coding that, hopefully, will allow you to grow from the current age you look now, which by the way is 8 years old, to the age of around twenty. You got all that?" She nodded, showing she understood that she was to be undercover while completing her directive to keep the son of her User safe, no matter the costs. "Now, what I want you to do from this moment onward, is to call me Uncle. Alright?"

"Uncle… Kev. Uncle Kev." From what Caitlynn had learned of Users through her own is that they liked to be informal. That and they especially love nicknames, from what she could tell from 'Uncle Kev' constantly calling Tron and CLU "Buddy" throughout the few cycles that she stayed on the grid. She smiled gently as her User's eyes widened in surprise and glee.

"Uncle Kev huh? I like it! Anyways, you are to refer to my son as your cousin. Just remember to try to act as much as you can like a human child. It shouldn't be too hard since you have an advanced adaptability in your coding." Uncle Kev started patting himself as if looking for something on his person. He made a sound of approval as he found a small, but thick booklet in his back pocket.

"Here is a dictionary for you to use." Caitlynn gave him a questioning look. "It's basically a book full of words and their definitions. If you are confused on what Sam or someone else says, just look into this book and it will tell you." She nodded while giving Flynn a curious look. He clapped his hands together. "So… any questions?" She shook her head.

"None at all Uncle Kev."

"Great, let's get this party started!"

"We are going to have a party? I thought that you were to introduce me to your son?" Flynn facepalmed and sighed.

"You are such a program." Caitlynn furrowed her eyebrows, was being a program a bad thing? Or did he mean that she was acting more like a program and less like a User? She decided it wasn't something she should lose any thought process on and began to follow her uncle to the front door. When they got to the door, Caitlynn looked to her right and noticed another door. She tilted her head in curiosity at what was inside it. It looked like a bedroom and judging by the action figures she spied to the left of the bed on a shelf, it was Sam's room. Him being the only child besides herself that is to be living in this house.

"...lynn? Are you listening?" Her head snapped over to look at Fly- uh, her uncle. He was smirking at her with an amused look on his face. " You alright there? You seem lost in thought. Do you like Sam's room? You're actually going to be sleeping on the bed with him tonight. Since we, we meaning Grandma, Gramps, and I, weren't expecting you to have to come live with us on such short notice. I'm pretty sure that either by tomorrow or the night after we'll have a room ready for you, now come on. You need to meet the family!" Caitlynn's cheeks burned when she was caught staring into Sam's room; it felt weird, the burning, was it her circuits frying? Her cheeks burned even more when her uncle told her that she was to sleep in the same bed as her cousin. This was her first time recharging in the User World and she was to lay next to a boy?! Then again, it probably didn't mean anything, they were "family" after all. Caitlynn decided that she would ask Uncle Kevin later about her cheeks burning and if it was a bad thing. She followed her User into the house.

"I'M HOME!" Flynn yelled, his arms spread out wide and his feet spread apart in a very dramatic pose. Almost right after he yelled, as if it was rehearsed, a young boy ran into the room and pretty much rammed into her uncle. Caitlynn tensed, but didn't move from where she stood. It didn't mean she wasn't ready to fight in order to protect her User. She relaxed when she noticed that her uncle was laughing and hugging the smaller User. "Hey kiddo! Ya miss me?"

"Heck ya! Didja go on the grid? Didja get me something? What does energy taste like? Can I have an Identity Disc? I wanna ride a lightbike or whatever they're called. Do you have another story to tell? You were gone longer than usual." Sam's eyes suddenly widened and he gasped. "Did the MCP come back for revenge? Does he want to take over the world again? Is that why you were gone longer than you usually are?" Kevin laughed at all the questions that were thrown at him by his energetic son. His smile quickly changed into a grin at the last three questions.

"Haha! No, Master Control ain't back for another round of frisbee toss, but…" Sam leaned forward, eager to hear what his father was going to say. "I do have a story to tell and i'll tell you it once you're ready for bed." Sam's face dropped and his nose crinkled.

"Aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww!" The boys reaction to what his father had to say caused Caitlynn to giggle. Her giggle gained the attention of both Flynns. Her cheeks started to burn again and it was making her uncomfortable and worried, but she didn't show it. She didn't want her newly acquired charge to think she was weak and wanted a new security monitor to watch over and protect him.

'Like Tron.' She thought. 'Everyone likes Tron. He is well known, all over the grid. He even has a city named after him and the capital no less!' Sam gave her a curious look.

"Who are you?" It was a simple question, one that Caitlynn could definitely answer; but this was the first User, besides Uncle Kev, that she has talked to. She gulped nervously. Her eyes darting to her User's, who noticed her hesitance and gave her an encouraging nod as well as a big smile. She looked back to Sam.

"M-my name is Caitlynn. I am your… cousin." Sam's eye widened in delight.

"Oh, cool!" He ran over to the nervous program. "You'll love it here! We can become the best of friends and we'll play Tron together! It'll be soooooooooo much fun!" He began to jump up and down in excitement. "We can even play frisbee together!" Kevin Flynn chuckled at the confused look his program gave him.

"Alright Sam, go on now, your cousin still has to meet the rest of the family. While i'm introducing them why don't you get changed and find Caitlynn some PJs she can wear for the night." Sam frowned.

"Do I have to?" Flynn ruffled his son's hair.

"Ya sure do kiddo, but tell ya what. how about I tell you another story of the grid?

"Yes!" Sam whooped before running out the room and doing what his father asked him to do. Caitlynn was soon lead, by her uncle of course, to two other Users. Uncle Kev introduced them as his parents and, now, her grandparents. Once finished with introductions, on both sides, her "grandparents" had asked her if it would be okay if she sat on the couch for a bit until Sam came back with a pair of pajamas. When she was comfortable on the couch, she began to eavesdrop on the conversation. It was for safety reasons of course, for all Caitlynn knew they could have been talking about a bomb (not that she didn't trust her creator, it was the other two that she was slightly wary about. Why else would they talk and make sure she was not apart of the conversation?). It was very unlikely though, but possible. She wasn't taking any chances, especially not with her charge merely a room away. When she deemed the conversation safe, they were only talking about her "parents" and their "untimely death", she tuned it out and decided to look around the room. One thing she found interesting were the red apples on the small table in front of her. She picked one up and examined it. Caitlynn turned it a few times in her hands before she put it back down. Soon enough, Sam walked back into the room wearing something completely different than the last time she saw him. When Sam came close enough, he thrusted out the clothes he was holding towards his cousin.

"Here ya go! These are too small for me now, but I think they will fit you. If you like them then you can keep them." Sam scratched the back of his head. "My, uh, my room is just over there, if you didn't know already. The bathroom, though, is just down the hall, the first door on the left." Caitlynn looked to where he was pointing and nodded to show that she understood. She stood up, gave Sam a smile, and walked towards the bathroom. When she got to the bathroom, the room was dark. Stepping onto the tiled floor, she stood there for a few moments and frowned. She couldn't comprehend it, she stepped onto the floor and gave the silent commands for the lights to come on… didn't she? Caitlynn tried again, but to no avail. The lights just wouldn't turn on, no matter the command. Pouting in frustration, she left her clothes on the counter beside the doorway. She planned on seeking out her User for this problem and that is exactly what she did. Out the door she went, down the hall, and back into the main room of the house. When she spotted Uncle Kevin, Caitlynn let out a sound of approval. He seemed to be eating some type of… what did he call it again? oh, yes, food. He seemed to be eating food; she remembered Uncle Kev telling her about what kept humans alive. They had to eat food and drink water. Hopefully she didn't have to drink water, programs may be water proof on the outside. But on the inside? She'd fry faster than she could say bit. Caitlynn walked over to her creator's side.

"Uncle Kev?" She asked gaining his attention. He quickly finished chewing what was in his mouth and turned towards her.

"Yeah? Anything the matter?" Caitlynn gave him a confused look.

"Isn't everything made of matter?" The question made him laugh.

"Nevermind Caitlynn, what's wrong?" She pulled a face

"No matter how many commands I give it, the lights simply won't turn on in the bathroom." This made him laugh even more.

"You can't give commands to the lights out here in the User World, man! You need to use the light switch."


"Yeah." He sighed and slide off the stool he sat on next to the kitchen island. "Come on, i'll show ya." They walked back to the bathroom and Flynn showed her how to turn on the lights. After that he decided to teach her how to use said bathroom. He told her what everything was and how to use it. He explained to her that she had to shower at least every other day. She asked what a day was and he told her that it was the User equivalent to a cycle on the grid. Then he told her the different kinds of soaps and how to use them when she took a shower. He explained a few more things before leaving to finish his dinner. Closing the door Caitlynn looked at the pile of clothes on the surface of the counter. She looked down at the clothes she was already wearing. Why did Users change out of things so much? On the grid all you had to wear was the light suit that every program rezzed in with. She remembered Uncle Kev telling her it took over a half hour to figure out how to get the light suit off once they had used the portal to exit the grid. She was given some clothes to wear after they had figured out how to take the suit off; which were only the pair of jeans and the sweatshirt that Flynn kept in case of emergency inside his arcade. They both made her look extremely small, because of how big they were on her.

In the bathroom, it took a while for her to get the large articles of clothing off of her. It took her even longer to figure out how to put the pair of pajamas on. The PJs, once put on, fit her quite nicely. It didn't restrict her movement and she didn't have to constantly pull up her pants and the shoulders of the shirt. Caitlynn smiled at her reflection in the mirror and giggled at the little cars that were on her shirt. Flynn had told her about cars when she saw one pass, after they had come out of the arcade. Caitlynn, in one scoop, picked up the clothes on the floor and began to walk back in the direction of the living room. She looked around the area and noticed Uncle Kev's absence from the connecting kitchen's table. She frowned, when suddenly she heard a voice. The voice came from Sam's room. Caitlynn walked to the doorway, absentmindedly putting the clothes onto the arm of the couch, and smiled at the look of awe Sam was giving to his father as he told his son about the grid.

" bom bom! Tron!" Uncle Kev exclaimed, holding out an action figure of Tron. Sam smiled, grabbing the action figure proclaiming "He fights for the User's!" before he noticed movement near the door. He looked over towards Caitlynn and smiled.

"Hey Cuz! My dad's telling a story, come and listen with me!" The son of Flynn scooted over to make some room for the young program on the bed and patted the spot. Uncle Kevin merely smiled welcomingly towards the being made out of code. Caitlynn shyly walked over and sat on the bed where Sam gestured. Once everyone got comfortable Uncle Kev continued.

"Now, as I was saying. Tron, man… he showed me things that no one had ever imagined. There were these disc battles fought in spectacular arenas and cycles that ran based on ribbons of light, so radical! And together-"

"You built the grid." Sam interrupted with awe. Caitlynn was, also, in awe. She had never heard anyone speak about her home like Kevin Flynn did right now. He spoke about it as if it was the most amazing thing to ever befall on him. Then again, it probably was.

"We built a new grid. For Programs and Users. Now, I couldn't be in there all the time… so, I created a program in my own image that could think like you and me!" Uncle Kev said, first pointing to Sam and then to himself. Sam, wanting to include his cousin interrupted again.

"And Caitlynn?" The older User chuckled, happy to see how quickly his son had warmed up to the young program.

"Yeah, sure, and Caitlynn. Now, stop interrupting the story kiddo or else I won't finish it." That immediately quieted Sam. "And I called my program…" Uncle Kev said holding up another small action figure. "C.L.U."

"Codified Likeness Utility." Sam said grabbing the action figure from his father like he did the last one.

"That's right and CLU, Tron, and I… We built a system where all information was free and open." Flynn said staring off in thought. "...Beautiful" He whispered and snapped out of his thoughts.

"And then… one day… something happened." Uncle Kev looked into the eyes of both Sam and Caitlynn. Smiling at their almost hypnotized expressions. "...something… extraordinary… a miracle." He trailed off staring at his son and the program deep in thought. Sam, wanting his father to continue, leaned forward.

"What was it?" Flynn stared at his son for a moment longer.

"That will have to wait until next time." He smiled "I've got to get back to work." Sam was disappointed.

"I wanna go with you dad."

"Yeah?... well… one day, you will." Flynn nodded. Sam's eyes widened in surprise, just like Caitlynn's.

'I thought no User was allowed on the grid until it was perfect?' She thought.

"...On the grid?" Flynn smiled.

"Goodnight Sam." Uncle Kev pat Caitlynn's cousin's head and stood up. Grabbing his jacket and putting it on. "What do you say? Tomorrow you and I hit the arcade? Have a crack at the old man's highscore?" He said walking towards the door in Sam's room that lead to the front porch, the exact door that Caitlynn peaked into when she first came to the house. Uncle Kev flipped a coin to Sam.

"Can we play doubles? On the Same team?" Flynn opened the door and looked back to Sam with a warm smile.

"We're always on the same team." The skilled User turned off the porch light and walked away to his Ducati. Leaving the young child and program to watch him ride away; Sam, unknowing where his father went and Caitlynn, wishing her User-turned-uncle a silent good luck on the grid. She couldn't help but feel something bad was going to happen. Both User and Program were unknown to the next day which only brought misery and guilt.

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Grid time (for those who want to know for future reference to my story):

Cycle: 24 hours

Nanocycle: 1 second

Microcycle: 1 minute

Petrocycle: 1 hour

Millicycle: 8 hours

Mylacycle: 1 week

Hilocycle: 1 month

Xilacycle: 1 year

Decacycle: 1 decade

Hectocycle: 1 century

Kilocycle: 1 millenium

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