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The day that Smaug came:

'Yeah, yeah, sure.' I mumble uninterested and not paying attention to my mother, who was trying to teach me how to knit. I was only ten years old, and I couldn't care any less about knitting, and it definitely wouldn't change when I would get older. I want to learn how to fight, like my two older brothers Thorin and Frerin. I lay flat on the ground staring at the ceiling.
'Dís, please pay attention. I never liked it as well, but if you will ever get on the road and your clothes are ripped, this could be very useful.' My mother tried to tell me, but I wasn't listening. She had said these things so many times. But I agreed with my father, who didn't think this would be useful. 'We are a mighty folk, we don't have to repair clothes, we buy new ones. And how many times do you think we will be on the road? If people want something, they can come here.' My father always says. I most of the time totally agree with her, but not about knitting. 'Why can't I learn how to fight?' I sigh.

'You will learn how to fight, dear. But you are to young at the moment, and now you have to learn how to knit. When you learn it at young age, you can do it when you're older. It will only take a couple more years for you to start with you training. No doubt Frerin will help you, and if Thorin isn't to busy he will help you as well.'

I know mother is right, but still I didn't care. Why could I not learn it right now? Thorin and Frerin were already so good, but they are also quite a lot of years older then I am.

'When are we eating?' I ask to change the topic, and because I'm really hungry.

That question made my mother laugh. 'You're like your father, always asking when we're going to eat. Well, not before you finish your knitting, young lady.'

I look stressed at the wool. 'I haven't even started yet!' I protest loudly. 'And I'm not like father. I'm not always busy doing stuff for grandpa.' I come up and stand before my mother's chair. She smiles, but the smile looked a bit sad.

'He'll have to do things for grandpa, dear. If grandpa fades away, your father has to do it, and someday Thorin will be a king. And if he gets children, they will do the same thing. It's been like that since Durin, dear.'

I roll my eyes but chuckle. 'Thorin with children, right. I'd like to see that.' Somehow the thought of my older brother with children made me laugh. The only one I could possibly imagine with children is Frerin, because he is much relaxer. Even I could see that, and I was only ten years old. But me, I hated little children. They keep crying and it hurts your ears.

'Well, I can't eat before I finish this?' I ask and pick up the wool. My mother nods and I let out another deep sigh. 'Alright then.' With those words I follow my mothers movements and start to knit. Just when I think I'm about to die since it's so boring, I hear a strange noise coming from outside. 'What was that, ma?' I ask her curiously. I've never heard that kind of sound before in my live, for as far as I could remember. It sounds like a sort of growl, but I can't place it. 'I don't know, sweetheart.' She answers me.

'Can I have a look?' I plead. My mother thinks for a moment but then nods. I put my half finished work down and walk to the door. When I open it, I can hear people scream and running around in panic. Before I can call hear, my mothers hears it too and she picks me off the floor.

'Ma?' I ask worried, seeing the look on my mother's face. 'What is it?' I could feel that everyone was completely panicked and that there's was something going on.

'I don't know, dear. Do you know where your father is?' my mother is looking at me with big scared eyes. 'In his room, I think?'

My mother is running towards his room as fast as she could, what wasn't very pleasant for me. She opens the door but the room is empty. My mother curses but then she let out a scream of surprise when someone turned us around. I look up at the face of my father, his face full of worry. 'What is it?' my mother whispers. I could feel her heart stopped for a moment when my dad said the word.


I let out a little gasp. That must be the strange sound that I had just heard! I've never seen a dragon before, and from the stories I heard I didn't want to. They were terrible and could kill everyone. The deadly words that pop up in my head when I think about the dragon stories that were once told to me, make me panic and I start to cry. Above my cries I can hear my parents say a couple of things to each other.

'Get out of the mountain, find the boys and help the people as much as you can. Please, I beg you. I'll come after you.'

The tears in my mothers eyes had gathered while she spoke to her husband. 'What are you going to do, then? Fight the dragon?'

'I have to find my father, love. Run, now. Find a safe place. Go!'

It seemed like the panic had reached a higher level and I heard my mother whispering something to my father that sounds like 'I love you' and then she ran away.

I hold on to mother as well as I could, while my mother made movements that made me sit uncomfortable in her arms, and it suddenly felt like someone had turned on a heater up.

What I hate more than children is the heat, except the ones I could get from my mothers warm hugs. But this was beyond believe, and I remember again that it must be the dragon. I lift up my head and there, before my very own eyes, I see the largest thing that I've ever seen as a living thing. I let out an amazing and terrified scream, seeing the dragon open its mouth and burn ten dwarfs at the same time. I quickly look the other way and I feel my mother's warm hand pushing my head against her chest. It became all dark and tears made everything blurry. I look up once again and meet my mothers crying eyes. She looks exhausted and suddenly I feel guilty because she had to carry me. 'I can run myself, ma!' I immediately say. She shakes her head and I hear her breath louder than ever before. She kisses my head and holds me even closer. Not many steps later I hear from hear a relieved sigh. But then I get pulled into strange arms and I start to protest, until I see the face that belongs to the arms. For a fraction of second I feel relieved, but that doesn't take long when I realize my brother Frerin is looking even more worried that I've ever seen. More worried than most dwarves. But why did my mother looked a bit relieved?

'Frerin, thank Mahal your alright!' my mother screams. Before Frerin can say anything she continues. 'Take Dís, please. Take here outside, meet me there. You are fast, Frerin! I'm exhausted. I will not risk losing you two because I'm to slow. Please, take her with you, I will follow, I promise you! But run as fast as you can and don't wait for me. Father is taking grandfather and Thorin will be around here somewhere. I heard that he was the first one knowing the dragon came, so he must be close, and safe. I desperately hope. Go!'

Frerin kept trying to speak against her, but this was wasting time, so he finally ran off to the doors. When he had to jump over a dead dwarf body, my stomach makes a twist and the smoke is catching on my lungs. But than, suddenly a breeze of fresh air came along. Immediately I lift me head up and open my mouth, trying to breath in the nice outdoor fresh air. Well, not very fresh, since I can smell roasted dwarf, but at least it's better than back in there.

I suddenly see Thorin standing in the distance, dragging someone along. Who was it, grandpa? Yes, probably. But wasn't father looking for him? Where would he be? Very close, I'm sure. And most of the times it means that when he is close, mama is close, and we were al safe again. But when we get closer, I can see no sign of ma or dad.

Frerin stood alongside his brother, who tried to yell above all the screaming.
'Those stupid elves, they betrayed us! They were here, but they turned away. Those…'
Frerin quickly covered my ears, and she was quite sure she made 'stupid' up in her head, but he said something much more worse. When Thorin was done with his outrageous yelling and cursing about the elves, Frerin put his hands away from my ears.

I didn't even notice that I was still crying, and all along the road until passed Dale, what was nothing more than a place covered with ash and bodies. After a long time, we finally stand still and Frerin puts me down. 'Are you okay, Dís?' he asks while he strikes my tears from my cheeks.. 'I'm fine, thank you. How about you?' I look at him worried and he gives me a little smile, that doesn't look very realistic. 'Just a few scratches, that's all.' I nod and look around the place. The dwarfs that were once so mighty, forced down on their knees, looking miserable and heartbroken. I sit here for what feels like hours and hours, while Frerin went to help the other. Finally, he is heading this way, but is stopped by our older brother. 'This can't be everyone who is left – we're with so very few. Surely more people must be alive, they might are to exhausted to go on.' I hear Frerin say. 'We have sent the fittest dwarfs we have got left back to search for them, but they can't go near the Lonely Mountain anymore. Smaug has overtaken it.' Thorin said the dragons name with so much hate in his voice that it made me tremble.

'But where are we going to live now, than?' I ask snivelling. Both my brothers come my way and give me a warm and comforting hug, what makes me feel just a little bit better, or maybe just a little les worried. 'We don't know, Dís. But believe me, we are going to find a safe place for our people.' I nod and try to stop my tears, but I just simply can't. There happened so much today. I look around and see my father and grandfather talking to each other, but I can't find ma nowhere. 'Where is ma?' I ask. Both brothers look at each other at the same time, both with that strange look on their face that makes me shiver again. 'Ma?' I say again, my voice trembling this time.

'Ma… isn't coming back anymore, Dís. Never. She is gone to rest in the halls of Mahal.'

I open my mouth to protest, but instead of a protest there's nothing more than a loud cry. One after another they keep coming and the tears have their free runway. I feel hands again on my shoulder and back, but I've never felt so much pain and sadness before in my live.