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Clouds covered the cold sky, a few flakes of snow tumbling through the air, as if they were chasing one another. The green-haired boy's thoughts weren't following the topic in class anymore, as it would have been typical for him, but his attention was fully dedicated to the turbulent weather outside of the window.

Somewhere, in the back of his head, he heard the muffled mumbling from the people who were sitting in the room with him. He averted his eyes, stopped following the movements of the whiteness outside, and faced the paper lying in front of him. It was still blank, he hadn't even touched his pencil once this lesson. He felt like he was going to fall asleep, he had stayed awake too long the night before, speaking with the most talkative member of his former basketball team for so long, trying to get some useful advice.

With a sigh, he raised his head, only to meet the dark eyes of the boy in front of them.

"You okay there, Shin-chan?" the other smirked, turning his face back to the teacher.

Midorima wanted to look away, so bad, but as much as he wished to, he couldn't. Looking into the other one's eyes and hearing the gentle tone of his voice, he was almost like captured. He felt something in his chest clench, and his lips formed a small smile.
He didn't want to say it out loud, and he probably wouldn't, but he couldn't prevent thinking it.
He loved him, and everything about him.

He loved his eyes, the way they'd mockingly smile at him, whatever it was that he was doing. He appreciated how helpful they were for their team's basketball play. And he liked the way they widened when their owner heard something surprising from his friend's mouth.
He also loved his voice, he loved the tone of it, and how hearing it always calmed him down, even though he complained about it being annoying a lot. He liked where the voice came from, and what else came from there, aside from the voice.

The shooting guard would have loved to see his friend's face right now, but then again, he also wished for him not to turn again, making him blush furiously.

So instead of quietly calling out Takao's name, he went on staring at the back of his head, having more things he loved come to his mind.
His hair, he loved the way he would shake it out of his eyes, or how it looked like just after showering, and actually, he even liked how it was after a game, drenched in sweat. He liked the feel of it, how it felt between his fingers, and how soft it could be when you'd stroke it.
Realizing what he was thinking of, Midorima tried getting rid of these thoughts by closing his eyes forcefully and slightly shaking his head. He stayed like this for a while, shutting out everything around him. He didn't open his eyes until he felt something touch his arm. He felt the warmth of the other's body through the cotton of his shirt, making him look at the hand resting on him.

He knew these fingers. He had been afraid it'd be the teacher, noticing his uncharacteristic inattentiveness, but these weren't a teacher's fingers. These were nobody's fingers, but one specific person's. And Midorima didn't even begin to comprehend the things he knew these fingers were capable of.


The taller male looked around him, only to find the classroom empty in front of him. Even the teacher had left already.
He raised himself from his seat and looked down at his friend and partner, trying to blink away the tiredness.


"Happy Valentines Day to you, too, Shin-chan," the Hawk Eye leaned into the other's arms happily.