A Boy and a Dragon

Author's Note: Sorry to readers if this hugely resembles Eye of the Black Dragon. I loved EOTBD so much and the beginning was perfect for the story of a Dark Natsu that I couldn't drop it. However, when the present timeline story begins everything will be original and I will cover story arcs that EOTBD didn't (not fillers though).

Acnologia, the Black Dragon of the Apocalypse, landed on a high-elevation clearing. He had been flying for days and now just wanted to rest. He wasn't even in the mood to destroy a town two miles away.

"Maybe I'll destroy it next week." mumbled Acnologia.

Then before he could fall into a deep slumber, he heard the cries of a small child. The kid had salmon-colored spiky hair and was ragged.

Acnologia flew over to the kid who shrieked in terror.

"Leave me alone…" said the child.

Acnologia didn't feel like dealing with the kid and he brought up a finger to squash him.

"LEAVE!" roared the child more demanding than before.

The black dragon was startled with the sudden outburst and he became intrigued with the child.

"What is your name?" growled Acnologia.

"N…N…" stammered the child.

"Stammer again and I'll eat you whole." roared Acnologia

"NATSU!" screamed the child.

"Hmph. Interesting name." thought Acnologia.

The black dragon liked Natsu and his fiery attitude.

"What are you doing?" asked the dragon.

"My parents died and I'm just wandering." replied Natsu

"Well lucky for you, I've decided to take you under my wing." said Acnologia.

"You mean you'll take care of me?" asked Natsu

"Well, I wouldn't…" Acnologia tried to say.

"THANK YOU!" screamed Natsu and he climbed on Acnologia's nose.

Acnologia didn't respond. He decided to let the kid have his moment. He wasn't doing this because he cared, but to use this child to help him destroy humanity.

"All right then, training starts tomorrow." grumbled Acnologia.

Then they flew off into the sky to their destination.

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ (The Next Day)

It was early morning and the sun had barely risen, but to Acnologia the time was right.

"WAKE!" he bellowed.

Natsu jumped straight up after that. He didn't want to get on Acnologia's bad side.

"Now, we start training." said Acnologia.

Natsu would soon come to hate training. This involved Natsu running tens of miles and splitting boulders or leveling trees with his techniques.

"AGAIN!" shouted Acnologia.

Natsu lunged at a large boulder and prepared to strike.

"Chaos Dragon's Devastating Fist!" he roared and reduced the boulder to nothing.

"Why did you stop? Destroy the whole forest!" yelled Acnologia.

"But…" Natsu tried to answer.

"DO IT!" bellowed the black dragon.

Natsu began to charge the purplish dark-blue energy in his mouth.

"Chaos Dragon's Roar!" Natsu screamed and a huge twister-beam of chaos energy shot out of his mouth.

Natsu began to level the forest and hundreds of trees fell in his wake until he created a large clearing. Then the boy collapsed from exhaustion.

"Good my boy, destroy everything in your path with no hesitation." said Acnologia.

Throughout the years Natsu's power had grown to unprecedented heights but it also had an emotional toll. The boy was cold, detached, and ruthless. Ironically, Acnologia was changed by the years as well.

He became protective of Natsu, and taught him other skills as well. They're relationship had grown from master and teacher to father and son.

Then on July 7th X777, Acnologia disappeared.

One day a ten year old Natsu woke up and prepared for a normal day unaware of the tragedy.

"Acnologia." cried Natsu. He wondered where the dragon went.

"Acnologia!" screamed Natsu. He was getting worried, his teacher was nowhere in sight.

"DAD!" shouted Natsu and he fell to the floor crying.