The Fifth Marauder

Chapter 17


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The werewolf that was once Remus Lupin tore apart the Quantum Daemon.  Quicksilver blood covered the beast's muzzle and sprayed across the room like mercury droplets.  Large pieces ripped off of the monster; one of her arms was gone from the elbow.

Severus Snape dragged Harry, Hermione and Ron out of the room behind the fighting monsters.  "Don't move," he instructed, and ran back in for the teachers.  He paused at the doorway, "on second thought, run up to the Owl Tower and owl everybody that you know for help.  Not the Ministry."  He ducked back into the room.

Harry almost sprinted back in after his father, but Hermione's voice held him back.  "C'mon, we have to help, and we can't do that if the Quantum Daemon gets to us, too.  Harry …?"

"Right, Hermione."  Harry grabbed her hand, and Hermione grabbed Ron's.

"Right."  Ron grinned like they weren't in a dangerous one-wrong-move-and-you-die situation.  They ran to the Owl Tower as fast as they could.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Please come to Hogwarts as soon as you can.  It's an emergency.  A Quantum Daemon or something.



"How's that?" Ron asked Hermione, holding the parchment up for her to see. 

They were in a hurry, so she just nodded encouragingly as a school owl flew to the perch next to the Weasley, politely holding out his leg.

Harry just crafted a note to Mad-Eye Moody, the only auror he could think of who wouldn't run straight to the Ministry.  He asked him to bring as many friends as he could.

Hermione couldn't think of anyone else to write to.  All of their usual saviors were the ones in trouble.  She wondered idly where Sirius Black was, and glanced out of the tower window.

The ground seemed to be moving with people.  Thousands, tromping out of the Forbidden Forest, movements awkward and stumbling like they were zombies …or like they were fighting some invisible force.

Like the Imperius curse.

The Quantum Daemon was breaking apart like chipping ice.  She wasn't dying, she was using a tactic she knew the werewolf couldn't counter.

Each small piece of her that broke apart from the whole became another Daemon.  Ranging in size from a few centimeters to half a meter, they latched themselves onto the thick pelt of the werewolf, who howled in bloodthirsty rage but couldn't reach all of them in time.

As she was slowly overpowering the werewolf, the teachers who were conscious dragged the unconscious out into the hall.  Albus Dumbledore, Madam Pomfrey and Hana Hooch were the only three left unharmed, and Albus sent Hana and Pomfrey with the others, some carried on magical stretchers cast by the unaffected three, back to his safely warded office.  None mentioned that the Daemon would simply eat the ward.

Severus glared like he would have in today's Gryffindor/Slytherin potions class, had it turned out to be a normal day.  He watched the pieces of the Daemon bring the werewolf to the ground, and start to withdraw as he turned back into Lupin.  She already had Severus's magic, but if she had her way she would eat through his life force as well, until he was just …dead.  Then she would transfer some of her power to his essence and turn him into a Quantum Daemon too.  Severus ignored the small practical voice in his head and ran back in to drag him out.

With Remus Lupin's arm over his shoulder, he practically carried his classmate to Albus's office.  Once he got the unconscious man safely inside, Severus took off for the Owl Tower to find his son.

That's when he heard the helicopters.

Holy crap!  Why are there helicopters?  Was that part of the plot, or my strangely over-tired brain trying to surprise me into staying awake?   Bugger!