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Hey!- Normal talking

Hey!- Normal thnking

Brat!- Kyuubi talking

Brat!- Kyuubi thinking

'Kage Bunshin no Jutsu'- Yelling/Saying Jutsu name

'Kage Bunshin no Jutsu'- Thinking Jutsu name

On with the story!

Later that day...

"Oh come on Inari! Don't cry!" Naruto said, patting Inari on the head.

"O-ok." Inari replied, on the edge of tears, as Team 7 walked off.

"So Tazuna, what are you going to name the bridge?" A villager asked.

"How about, 'The Great Naruto Bridge'?" Tazuna replied as the villagers cheered.

From that day on, The Great Naruto Bridge was born.

(On the path to Konoha, 1 hour later)

Team 7 were having a lunch break when Naruto had an idea.

"Hey guys! I have an idea, stay here and wait!" Naruto said, running off to find something.

"What could be thinking...?" All three asked each other.

Five minutes later, Naruto returned with a rock in his hand. Everyone suddenly got what his idea was and waited for him to explain.

"Ok, now that I have your attention I want to try something. Hold your hands out and I'm going to make the rock float to you, lift it up, then send it to the next person!" Naruto said with a grin on his face. Everyone nodded at the idea and held out their hands. Naruto sat down and held the rock in his hand, he focused hard and the rock slowly made it way to Sasuke, who calmly waited as it floated into his hand. Then moved move onto Sakura and Kakashi, then the rock floted back to him faster.

"Cool! It worked!" Naruto said, jumped around their resting place. Everyone smiled, Naruto had already mastered a lot of his new techniques and was getting better. No one felt jealous, just happy that their brother and student was getting better with his powers.

(Just before sunset)

"We're home!" Naruto yelled as they saw the gates of Konoha coming into view.

"It's good to be back, now Naruto let's see and make sure you have your Henge in place." Kakashi said, looking at Naruto's eyes, which were now blue like always.

"Good! They look the same as they used to!" Kakashi said happily.

"Wait a minute Kakashi-sensei, what if Naruto gets hit and the transformation disappears?" Sakura said worried.

"Shit!" Was the collective thought they all had at the same time.

"I have an idea! What about my goggles?" Naruto asked, Sakura and Sasuke then looked like they had an epiphany while Kakashi was confused.

"What about your goggles? I don't get it." Kakashi said, the Genin turned to him and Sasuke spoke for them all.

"When we were all in the academy Naruto would always wear a pair of goggles where his headband is. He could wear it again and this time over his eyes, just say he nearly got hit in the eyes."Sasuke suggested, Naruto and Sakura nodded.

"Ok, that sounds like a good idea, and a good reason. Naruto, do you have your goggles with you?" Kakashi asked, and Naruto nodded, taking out his goggles.

"I never leave home without them!" Naruto said, making the others sweat drop.

"Ok then, lets go." Kakashi said, they then made their may to the Hokage's office. As they walked through the streets Sasuke and Sakura noticed the glares people were sending at Naruto and sent some KI into the air, scaring the people instantly. Then they caught sight of Teams 8 and 10. They ran up to them to see how they were doing.

"Hey guys!" Naruto yelled out and all of them turned to see Team 7 approaching. Kakashi went on ahead to the Hokage's tower to submit the mission report, while his Genin talked to the others. All of them gawked at Naruto who was wearing his goggles over his eyes, they had wearing them before but on his forehead, this was different.

"Hey Naruto! What's with the goggles?" Chouji said as he voiced everyone's thoughts.

"Heh, let me guess? Scratched your eyes on a mission chasing that damn demon cat, Tora?" Kiba said to Naruto tauntingly.

"I guess you could say that..." Naruto said and smirked, now this pissed Kiba off.

"HEY! WHAT'S WITH THAT SMIRK HUH, DOBE!?" Kiba yelled, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura had to restrain the urge to yell when he called Naruto a dobe.

Naruto then worked to set up the mind link between Sasuke and Sakura, when he finally felt the link activate he talked through the link.

"Hey guys can you hear me?" Naruto asked and got a reply instantly.

"Yeah/Yes" Sasuke and Sakura said back over the link.

"Let's give Kiba some medicine follow my lead." With that, he cut off the link.

Kiba rushed at Naruto hoping to knock the smirk off his face when a pebble flew and hit him in the head, knocking him to the ground. Everyone looked over to see Sasuke standed there, secretly pretending he threw the pebble.

"Leave Naruto alone, and he's stronger than you may think baka." Sasuke said, everyone aside from Team 7 gasped. Did Sasuke just defend Naruto and say he was good!?

"Let's go, Sasuke, Sakura." Naruto said and they ran off, leaving a group of stunned Genin.

"Did they even notice? There was a spike of chakra and that pebble clearly wasn't thrown by Sasuke... something is going on..." Shikamaru thought suspiciously.

(At Naruto's Apartment, 5 Minutes later)

"They didn't even notice the rock float up from the groud!" Naruto exclaimed, next to him were a laughing Sasuke and Sakura.

"Yeah but Kiba had it coming for hurting my brother!" Sasuke said proudly.

"Yeah, but do you think I should hide my strength? At least for awhile?" Naruto asked and everyone nodded.

Later, Sasuke and Sakura went home and waited for their missions the next day.

(The Next Day, D Ranks)

Team 7 was doing the boring D rank missions, weeding gardens, picking up litter, and walking dogs. The Genin were on their way to Ichiraku Ramen for some lunch when they heard shuffling behind them. The three turned to see an awful disguise that looked like square rocks.

"That's the worst disguise ever! There's no such thing as square rocks!" Naruto yelled and the box exploded in smoke, out came the Konohamaru ninja squad!

(A/N: I'm not going to go through their introductions so you can just look it up, sorry.)

All of them continued to talk when suddenly Konohamaru bumped into a man that looked like a cat. The man picked him up by the collar and was about to punch him.

"Stop it, Kankuro. We might get caught." The man, now Kankuro's teammate said.

"Don't worry Temari, I'll end this quick." Kankuro said and raised his fist.

"Put him down!" Naruto growled out, his anger getting the better of him. He quickly picked up a rock and threw it, not forgetting the decision about hiding his abilities.

The rock hit Kankuro on the wrist and he dropped Konohamaru, who ran behind Naruto. Kankuro was about to attack Naruto when a sudden voice called out from the tree.

"Kankuro. Back off." Everyone gasped and turned to see a kid with red hair and light blue eyes. He was hanging upside down from a branch on the tree.

"You're an embarrassment to our village. Have you forgotten the reason we came all the way here?" The boy said.

"Uhhh... hey there, Gaara." Kankuro said in a scared tone.

"You see, they challenged us and-" Kankuro started before being cut off by Gaara.

"Shut up. Or I'll kill you..." Gaara said, narrowing his eyes.

"Uh right, sorry, I was totally out of line, Gaara. I-I was totally out of line." Kankuro said in a scared and nervous tone.

"I'm sorry, for any trouble he may have caused." Gaara said, looking at everyone else.

"This guy, has an evil look in his eye..." Team 7 thought as he looked at them.

Naruto then heard Kurama's voice pop into his head.

"Kit, this red-haired brat is my youngest brother, Shukaku the one tail's jinchuuriki, but he seems unstable... I also sense two another Bijuu's chakra, Matatabi the two tails and Gyuuki the eight tails. It's like a Bijuu convention!" Kurama stated, making Naruto think for a minute.

Gaara then disappeared and reappeared next to his teammates in a sand shunshin. At that moment, three other people came walking up, the one that stood out was the one with a blonde french braid. Naruto could sense the two tail's chakra radiating from her. Naruto then had a good idea to address them, and only people in 'The Loop' would know.

"Hey 1 and 2 I'm 9 would you mention to 8 that I said hi?" Naruto said, gaining the attention of everyone. Konohamaru's ninja squad looked confused at what Naruto had said. The other two teams had looks of fear on their faces as the message registered in their minds. Sasuke and Sakura caught on and smirked, this was a funny sight to behold, the looks of one sentence could do, it was amusing to see the thoughts play across the other jinchuuriki's faces. Shock, fear, realization, it was all just too funny to keep a straight face.

"Don't worry, I don't think a kid his age could have possibly gained control of all nine tails, yet." The two jinchuuriki calmed down, hearing their Bijuu say that in their heads, oh how they would be surprised later.

"Let's go." Both jinchuuriki told their teams and left, leaving the rest of the Genin alone once again with Konohamaru's ninja squad, who then left. Sasuke and Sakura were amused, just by saying he was had number nine those two bowed in fear of him, if only for a little while. They had to admit that it was fun to watch their brother scare the living crap out of people just by saying nine.

(The next day, Jounin meeting room)(A/N: I skipped to when Iruka got mad, everything else went the same)

"When I became a Chunin I was six years younger then Naruto is now." Kakashi stated.

"NARUTO IS NOTHING LIKE YOU! Are you trying to destroy them!?" Iruka yelled.

"You underestimate them, trust me, they will be fine." Kakashi said, ignoring Iruka's rants.

"That's enough, let's continue..." Sarutobi said, continuing the meeting.

(Later that day)

Team 7 was supposed to meet at a bridge and wait for Kakashi, they had been waiting for three hours when suddenly Kakashi appeared on the railing.

"Yo! Sorry I'm late I was-" Kakashi siad before being cut off by the three Genin.

"Just get on with it!" The three yelled, making Kakashi sweat drop.

"They won't even let me make my excuses anymore..." Kakashi thought, before he started.

"Ok, here are the slips for The Chunin Exams, it is a test that every country takes part in. This exam helps villages determine who can be promoted to Chunin. When you decide, come to room 301 at The Academy by 3:00 five days from now." Kakashi then shunshined away.

"Hey guys, I really think we should do this! Then we could become Chunin!" Naruto exclaimed, happy to have a chance to advance to his goal of Hokage.

"Yeah, I think we should too." Sasuke said, agreeing with Naruto. They both looked at Sakura, who had a worried look on her face so they tried to cheer her up.

"Ok, if you guys do then I will!" Sakura said with new confidence.

(5 days later, The Academy)

"Hey guys! You ready?" Naruto yelled gaining the attention of his teammates.

"Yeah/Yes. Let's go!" Sasuke and Sakura said.

They walked into The Academy to find a large crowd of people in front of a door.

"What's going on?" Naruto asked, Sakura and Sasuke shrugged.

They continued to walk closer then heard some people.

"Let us through!" One girl with buns yelled.

Two other Genin stood in front of the door, blocking the passage. Naruto sensed something and set up the mind link.

"Sasuke, Sakura, there's a genjutsu on everyone." Naruto said and cut the link.

"These exams aren't for little girls like you so go home and play with your dolls!" One of the Genin blocking the path said, as he pushed the girl down again.

"Tenten!" A boy with bushy eyebrows exclaimed.

"I'm fine Lee." Tenten said, standing up.

"Tenten, Lee, let's just shove through." Another boy said.

"No Neji." Tenten said.

Naruto and his team shoved their way through the crowd to the front to see what was going on.

"Hey, let them through!" Naruto said in a commanding tone.

"Ohhh... we got a brave boy over here!" One of the two said, drawing his foot back to kick Naruto. Before anyone could blink the kid was against a wall, no one touched him... he just got thrown back.

"W-What the hell!?" He yelled.

"Don't." Naruto hissed at him, then Team 7 walked away chuckling in their heads. As they walked down the hall everyone was looking at the boy who had mysteriously thrown another person back without even touching him.

"Hey! What are your names?" Neji asked Naruto and Sasuke.

"Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha." Naruto answered smiling.

"Fight me." Neji demanded.

"No, we still have to register!" Naruto said, making Neji mad.

"I said, fight me!" Neji demanded again, running at Sasuke only Naruto to jump in the way.

"Don't be stupid! I won't let you hurt my teammate!" Naruto said, Neji just smirked.

"Well then I'll fight you right now!" Neji said, he started to run at Naruto, Naruto held up his hand and Neji flew to the other side of the room.

"H-How!?" Neji asked in a pained voice.

"It's a secret." Naruto said, glaring at Neji then they walked away. Everyone just gawked at the trio.

They continued down the hall until they were in front of the real room 301, only to see Kakashi waiting for them.

"Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto... I'm proud of you!" Kakashi said happily, making them all smile.

"Now, because you all came you can officially register for the Chunin exams." Kakashi said, motioning them through the door.

The trio walked into the room only to hold back gasps of shock...

"Gee, we're not alone..." Sakura said, looking around the room to see lots of strangers staring back at them with too much killer intent. Naruto could feel Sakura's distress and had an idea so he quickly set up the mind link.

"Guys, I'm going to get help from Kurama in sending some killing intent at everyone, after they feel THAT they're definitely not going to mess with us..." Naruto thought into the link and felt the other two mentally nod their heads in agreement. He then thought inside his own head to Kurama.

"Hey Kurama? Did you hear the plan? Please just let out enough KI to scare them away... NOT kill them ok?" Naruto asked and Kurama agreed, when he focused on everyone else he let Kurama push out his KI making everyone freeze in their place to stare at the blonde. Everyone started to tremble, What is this!? everyone thought frantically, looking at the blonde who was now grinning evilly.

Everyone suddenly turned away, not wanting to get on the seemingly not-normal blonde's bad side. Naruto then cut off Kurama's KI and looked around only to hear a familiar voice come from their side.

"Sasuke! Oh, how I missed you you bad boy!" Ino yelled, hugging Sasuke much to his grief.

"Ino get off of Sasuke, now." Naruto said, putting a glare behind his words making her step down immediately, Sasuke inwardly smirked.

"Oh, so you guys are here too huh? What a drag..." Shikamaru said, coming up to the group.

"Oh so the three stooges are here?" Naruto said mockingly, making a tic mark appear on Shikamaru's forehead.

"You know what pipsqueak!? Oh forget it, it's too much trouble." Shikamaru lazily said.

"Oh, so you guys are here too huh? Well well, looks like the rookie nine are together again!" Kiba said, his team walking up to the group.

"Well, at least some of us will make the cut, right Sasuke?" Kiba mocked, making Naruto growl slightly. This drew Shikamaru's attention to him, Shikamaru stared at him curiously then turned away, looking at him out the corner of his eye.

"Kiba, do you think we haven't been training? You don't know what training means!" Naruto said, provoking Kiba.

"Ohhhh... and like a deadlast like you could really beat me?" Kiba said, leaning down to Naruto's face with a mocking smile. Everyone then had full attention on them.

"Kiba, did you feel that intense KI a little bit ago...?" Sasuke asked, everyone in the group instantly got the message and looked at Naruto again.

"Yeah, but like a deadlast like Naruto could pull that off!" Kiba said in a mocking tone. This gave Naruto an idea, he quickly set up the link again and said he was going to direct some KI at Kiba to scare him, everyone agreed. Naruto quickly drew out some of Kurama's KI on his own this time, making Kiba jump back at the sudden KI radiating from Naruto.

"Ohhh... really?" Naruto said, smirking. Everyone stared wide-eyed at Naruto as if he had grown three more heads.

"W-What!?" Kiba said in a stunned tone, then the KI seeped away and Naruto was still grinning. Shikamaru was having a private debate inside of his head.

"What was that? Is that really Naruto? What happened!?" Shikamaru thought, examining the recent changes in Naruto's behavior.

"Hey, I think you should really keep it down! Your the nine rookies right?" Came a voice from behind everyone, they turned to see a man with grey hair and glasses.

"You don't want to make a bad impression..." The man said.

"Who are you!?" Ino yelled in an angry tone.

"I am Kabuto Yakushi, you are the nine rookies fresh out of the academy correct?" He asked again, everyone nodded.

"I wouldn't go making something big of yourself, it is your first time and all..." Kabuto said, earning a scowl from Naruto.

"How many times have you been here?" Naruto asked, making Kabuto grin nervously.

"It's my seventh time here... their held twice a year so this would be my fourth year..." Kabuto said, all the rookie's jaws dropped.

"Wow, a veteran! Do you have any tips for us?" Sakura asked, gaining a smile from Kabuto.

"Of course, these are my Ninja Info Cards, they respond to my chakra, they hold information about everyone, even you guys..." Kabuto said while pulling out a deck of blank cards, everyone nodded and Sasuke stepped forward.

"Can you find a guy with red hair and raccoon-like rings around his eyes?" Sasuke asked, Kabuto looked through the cards for a minute then smiled.

"Ahhh... you mean Gaara of the Desert." Kabuto said, then went on to explain the information on Gaara. (A/N: It's the same as the show so I'm skipping it)

After the explanation was done Shikamaru stepped forward, surprising everyone.

"Can you give me information on Naruto Uzumaki?" Shikamaru asked, eyeing Naruto suspiciously. Naruto widened his eyes in shock at what the genius had just said.

"W-Why would you want information on me!?" Naruto asked, trying to play it off. It wasn't working on Shikamaru.

"Because, ever since you got back from wave I've noticed you've changed, I'm going to check it out..." Shikamaru said, narrowing his eyes at Naruto.

"Damn it, maybe I can read Kabuto's mind and see what all information he has on me and stop him from reading some of the information..." Naruto thought, he focused on Kabuta's chakra and read what Kabuto was reading first in his head before saying it out loud.

"Uh oh... don't tell me he's going to mention Kurama!" Naruto thought, hearing Kabuta start the statement in his head.

"Ok, Naruto Uzumaki, experience 10 D ranks and an... A rank!?" Kabuto said, shocked, then he continued.

"His teammates are Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, he's slightly skilled in Ninjutsu, his Taijutsu needs improvement and he doesn't know any Genjutsu. He is also the K-" Kabuto said before being cut off.

"Koolest person here! Hehehe!" Naruto said, his hand on Kabuto's mouth successfully shutting him up, and spiking Shikamaru's suspicions about him.

Kabuto however, looked slightly amused at what Naruto did.

"So they don't know about his little secret..." Kabuto thought, silently chuckling in amusement in his head.

Naruto then took his hand off Kabuto's mouth, still chuckling nervously. As he backed away from Kabuto everyone eyed him curiously.

"What's up with Naruto? He actually has a secret he doesn't want people to know!? That's not like him at all..." All the rookies thought, except Sasuke and Sakura.

"Nice save Naruto..." They thought with a sweat drop.

Suddenly, three ninja came rushing up at Kabuto, prepared to attack for revenge about what he said about their village earlier. They raced at Kabuto, then at last second they were sent flying back, crashing into the opposite wall. Everyone turned to Kabuto to see Naruto standing in front of him, hands slightly raised. The rookie nine aside from Team 7 gasped, was that really Naruto?

Suddenly, a cloud of smoke appeared at the front of the room and a man in a black trench coat stepped forward.

"I am Ibiki Morino, and fomr now on... you worst nightmare." Ibiki said.

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