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Just to warn you, some parts of the story, but the beginning especially, is REALLY SLOW and some of the characters maybe a little "OOC", so just bear with me for now. But other than that, I hope that you all enjoy this version of the fairy tale being retold with anime characters. And this story is for you Shingekinops4, I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed writing this. Okay then, are we all ready? Here we go... ;-D

Petra Starlight and the Ten Soldiers

Summary: When Paninya takes up on an offer to look after Mayes and Gracia Hughes' daughters, Nina, Olivia and Elicia, she comes in with an old story book, which is a retelling of the classic fairy tale of Snow White. And as Paninya and the three little girls read the story, their vivid imagination comes to life as they follow the tale of a beautiful, young Princess named Petra Starlight. Along the way of this incredible journey of self-discovery, dreams, faith, hope, and love, Petra meets new friends as she struggles to find a way to escape from her past and fight her worst enemy before she gets dragged back into her childhood nightmare for all eternity…

INTRODUCTION: It's Story Time!

"When's Paninya going to be here?" asked a young twelve-year-old paled skinned deep, olive-green eyed and dirty blonde long-haired girl dressed in a light pink short-sleeved dress with a matching pair of shoes and a scarlet red sweatshirt.

"She'll be here in about five to ten minutes, Elicia. I know you're excited, and Olivia and I are too, but try to be patient, okay?" Nina replied with a smile on her face. Nina is a young thirteen year old girl with pale skin tone, sapphire blue eyes and dark brown hair which was pulled back into two pigtail braids that reached all the way down her back. She was clothed in a long-sleeved white shirt with a light blue dress and cute little brown shoes.

Nina and another girl ten years of age named Olivia were recently adopted by their new foster family, Mayes and Gracia Hughes and their little daughter, Elicia. Olivia had short, silvery blonde hair, pale tan skin tone, purplish blue eyes with a hint of green, and she often wore a light purple dress, some dark green shorts, a white sweater that matched her shoes. And for the past few months, Nina and Olivia were able to settle in fairly quickly and they became fast friends with Elicia. They weren't just close friends, but they also became more like sisters.

A few moments later, the silence of the room was broken by the sound of knocking on the door. Nina then rushed to the front door of their apartment building with Olivia and Elicia following closely behind her when they watched Gracia place her hand on the door knob and twist it to the right. As Gracia pulled the door open towards herself, there stood Paninya, a girl between the ages of sixteen and nineteen who had deep tan skin tone, navy blue eyes, and dark brown shoulder length hair that was swept back into a low, loose ponytail with a cherry red coloured hair tie. She was clothed in a pair of deep olive-green sweatpants, a dark blue tank top, along with a pair of jet black leather boots and a matching jet black leather jacket. She also had her dark purple backpack over her shoulders while she had a silver watch wrapped around her left wrist.

"Good evening, Mrs. Hughes. Hi girls. How's everybody doing tonight?" Paninya greeted politely as she beamed at everyone that smiled warmly back at her.

"Why hello, Paninya, I'm glad to see with my own eyes that you've made here. It's very nice to see you again. And we're all doing very well, thank you. And what about yourself, are you having a splendid evening so far?" Gracia nodded in reply. Then she stepped aside for a moment before she said, "Come on in."

"It's going great, thanks." Paninya stepped inside of the apartment and slid her backpack and leather jacket off of her shoulders. As soon as she shut the door behind her, she went through the list of expectations with Gracia and with her husband, Mayes Hughes before they gave Paninya a quick tour of their apartment and the way to the guest room she was staying in.

"Is there a certain time that you guys want me to have the girls in bed by?" Paninya asked while she carried her backpack and jacket over to the guest bed. She placed them gently on the bed while she unzips her backpack open and begins to rummage through it in search of something.

"Um, we usually have them in bed between nine-fifteen and nine-thirty, but for the next few nights, they can stay up no later than between ten and ten-thirty." Mayes only smiled back as slightly readjusted his reading glasses with one finger.

"Okay then thanks. I'll be sure to have them fast asleep by then." Paninya nodded as she felt herself smile in victory as she pulled out a rectangular-shaped object out of her backpack.

After Paninya unpacked some of her stuff into her room she then helped Mr. and Mrs. Hughes carry their luggage down the elevators and outside of the apartment building where their car was waiting for them. Then, when they bid their good byes to both their three little girls and Paninya, Gracia told them, "Now remember girls, be on your best behaviour for the next few days, and do as Paninya says. She's in charge of things around here until we get back. And most importantly, stay safe and remember to have fun."

"Okay mom. Okay dad. We will." All three girls, Nina, Elicia, and Olivia, chirped at the same time.

"And Mr. and Mrs. Hughes, you guys have nothing to fear. I will do everything I can to make sure that your daughters are safe and above all happy until you return. I also hope that everything goes well up in Central City. And thanks for putting your trust in me to letting me do this. " Paninya added.

"No, thank you. Thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule to spend some time with our girls. Well, we've got to get going now. Have a good time girls, and listen to Paninya. Bye now!" Mayes called out as he and Gracia made their way out of the apartment building, got into their car, and drove off to their destination.

As the girls waved at their parents while they watched the car they were in disappear into the distance, Paninya smiled broadly as she thought aloud, "Time to get this party started…" Then she turned to the girls and shouted, "Who's up for a trip to the park?!"

All three girls raised their hands high up in the air and shouted back, "ME!"

"Well what are we waiting for? Let's get to it!" Paninya smiled and laughed as she and the rest of the girls began to make their way to the playground.

After a few hours of running around at the park, and playing some rounds of 'Hide and Seek', Paninya and the rest of the girls hurried back to the apartment to get ready for supper. When they had finished preparing and washing up, all four girls sat at the dining table to enjoy a simple yet delicious meal with a dish of ripe apples and some berries, a pot full of hot, spicy spaghetti and meat balls plus tomato sauce, and a warm loaf of fresh garlic bread. They also had a pitcher full of sweet, sugary lemonade to drink, and of course they each had one large slice of red velvet flavoured cake which was covered with pure white frosting along two large scoops of ice cream that had a mix of three different flavours which consisted of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

And as soon as the dishes were done and the kitchen was cleaned up, Nina got up and ran to her room to get ready for bed with Olivia and Elicia following closely behind her. Around ten minutes later, the girls were all ready for bed when Olivia asked, "Can we do something fun before we go to bed?"

"Sure. How about we all read a nice, heartwarming story?" Paninya suggested as she came out her room in her night-clothes, which was a simple light gray over-sized t-shirt with a pair of dark gray bottoms, with her hands behind her back. She then made her way over to the couch while the three girls trailed after her giggling and whispering in excitement. Then, they all felt their eyes grow big as dinner plates and the smiles on their faces spread widely across their innocent, childlike faces.

"Here it is girls. The story of 'Petra Starlight and the Ten Soldiers' written by Julia Crichton and illustrated by Catherine Elle Armstrong... What do you think?" the young dark-haired teenage girl smiled proudly.

"It looks awesome!" Nina cried out. "But what is it? Is it like some old classic fairy tale that was recently rewritten by some famous author who uses similar characters that follow closely to the original plot?"

"You betcha it is. I just thought that since this story was one of my childhood favorites, maybe that you guys would like it too." Paninya explained. Then she continued, "It's based off of the original classic fairy tale of Snow White, which was kind of bland in my opinion, since it was so short and slow and it didn't have much for descriptive details. But in this version, there's action, adventure, suspense, monsters, magic, fights, true love, you name it. So it's basically the same, except that it's a better version than the original because it's using different yet similar characters with so many plot twists in it."

"Can we read it now?" Olivia stared up at Paninya with wide, round eyes, begging her to say 'yes'.

"Sure. Hop up here and have a seat." Paninya then let the book fall onto her lap, and flipped it to the very first page as the girls then climbed upon the couch. "Okay then, here we go…"

Long ago, in a time of kings and queens, ogres and dragons, witches and wizards, and of course knights and princesses, there once existed a tiny noble kingdom known as Resembool. The kingdom itself was blessed with the following breath-taking landscape. This land had green bountiful forests, tall mountains with snow-covered peaks, clear blue skies, sparkling lakes and rivers, rolling grassy hills and valleys, and beautiful huge meadows dotted with millions of wildflowers that came in different shapes and sizes and bright colours. Not only was this kingdom filled with these marvelous landscape qualities of a magnificent masterpiece, but it was also graced with magic, ever joy, and peace.

The tiny kingdom was filled with mystical creatures and humans that lived together in peaceful harmony for over hundreds of years, and it was also ruled by the beloved King Van Hohenheim and Queen Trisha Elric. For so many years since the day of their marriage they had yearned for a child of their own to love and care for. One winter's evening there were small delicate silvery snowflakes that danced in the cool, crisp breeze and the pearly white full moon that lit up the starry night sky. Around this time, the Queen, Trisha, was preoccupied with watching fresh snowflakes fall from the sky while she sewing hand-made golden tassels onto a tapestry. While she was doing this, Trisha accidentally pricked her finger with the needle and three small drops of blood fell upon the clean surface of the gleaming snow.

Then, she gasped when she saw how beautiful the colour of the red blood looked against the pure white snow.

As she felt tears form in the corner of her eyes, she thought to herself, 'If only I had a child that has lips a pale shade of red as blood, with long hair that's as dark as golden brown, skin pure as the white snow, and eyes as gold as the fiery stars in the night sky.'

A year had passed since that day the Queen realized what she truly wanted, Trisha and her husband's wish finally came true. She soon found out that she was pregnant with her firstborn child, and then after nine months had passed, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. A princess was born, and she was blessed with pale rosy lips, pure white skin tone, along with a warm pink blush that lightly brushed over her cheekbones, dark golden brown hair, and a pair of amber coloured eyes with a hint of gold that glowed brightly like two fiery stars in the night sky.

"She's beautiful Van…" Trisha smiled as she sat up with the tiny infant in her arms. The little princess was wrapped up in a warm, blue and white blanket, shielding her tiny, frail body from the winter's bitter cold.

"No Trisha, she's not beautiful… She's perfect." The king took his newborn daughter out of his wife's tired arms and into his arms and smiled down at her.

Not only was she born with the beautiful features Queen Trisha wanted, but on the night of her birth, the shimmery light of the silvery full moon seemed to capture and accent those features as well. Therefore, because of the way how her golden eyes sparkled like pure diamond like the night stars, King Van and Queen Trisha named their beloved little princess, Petra Starlight.

Now, Petra was not just your typical princess that most people would guess she would be. She was very sweet, so innocent, and was very kind and gentle, as well as courageous and compassionate to everyone who met her. She was adored deeply by everyone in her kingdom, but no one loved Petra as much as her parents did. Petra also cared deeply for her people, family and the few friends she made over the first few years of her life, but she was especially close to her mother and father.

A few years had passed since the night of her birth, and Petra's beauty had already begun to grow. Then when she was two and a half years old, she suddenly became a big sister to two new younger brothers. The first brother, who was two-year and a half years younger than Petra, had golden-blonde hair that reached a little ways past his shoulders, chalky pale skin tone, and two golden eyes just like his big sister, was named was Edward Elric. Edward, or also known as 'Ed' or 'Brother' for short, hated it whenever Petra teased him about his height or him throwing bad temper tantrums.

And the second brother, who was one year younger than Ed, and the youngest member of the Royal Family, had short dirty blonde hair and dark chocolate-brown eyes, and milky skin tone just like the rest of his family. His name as Alphonse, or also known as 'Al', and he was definitely more mature for his age than Ed ever was.

Both Ed and Al often called their big sister 'Petra', 'or just 'Starlight', but most of the time they just call her by her regular name as their parents always did. Petra always had time to have fun with her two little brothers, and they always spent their free time running around and playing games, whether they were inside or outside of the castle. The King and Queen loved and cared for their children, and they always gave them the time to play around whenever they want, as long as they did as they were told. And from that moment on, everything in the Royal Family of Resembool was perfect.

However, tragedy struck when Petra was eleven years old and Edward was nine years old while Alphonse turned eight. An unknown epidemic suddenly broke out and spread across the kingdom for the causes of it were unknown, and Queen Trisha had fallen gravely ill to it. One day, King Van called in all three of his children to meet up with him and Queen Trisha in their personal quarters. When Petra and her brothers peeked in through the doorway, they felt their eyes widen with fear as they were struck with a sudden realization. As they entered into the Royal Chambers, the children ran to the bedside to see Trisha lying in the bed dressed in her light blue night-gown with the scarlet red warm blankets pulled all the way up past her shoulders. Her dark brown hair was damp and spread out all over the pillow she rested her head upon, and her beautiful dark grayish blue coloured eyes looked weak and tired while her entire face was awfully pale.

Petra and her brothers then suddenly cried out, "MOM! NO!"

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