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Make Yourself a Legend: an Evangelion Fan re-creation

Prologue: Hakone, Japan, 2001.

"Mass recovery efforts are still continuing in the southern hemisphere, gentlemen. Australia, Polynesia, and nearly all of South America have been flooded due the tidal waves and sea level rises as caused by the Antarctic meltdown, and I don't want to dig too deep into the mass-eradication of 2.22 billion human beings that occurred mere seconds after the Second Impact's explosive reveal. The good news I have to offer, however, is that the cause of the event has been excavated and is being transported on ice to the Federal Biomedical Agency in Moscow for research and, I'm sure, a very long and difficult analysis for the FBA's personnel."

A young Kyoto University graduate student was presenting a slideshow with images of a dinosaur-like alien being to a United Nations Security Council inspection team at a conference hotel in Hakone.

"What I can tell you, is that we have final, conclusive proof that we are not alone in our galaxy. This being, given the identification 'Third Angel' by Kyoto University's biology department chairman, was attempting to make physical contact with a precursor to its species after its deorbit and penetration of the Southern Ice Cap. An Antarctic research team was onsite when the Angel cratered. They uncovered it attempting—no, succeeding to bore into a stark-white sphere the team named the 'white moon'. Upon its entry, the team was annihilated by what can be only described as a Gigaton nuclear explosion. This Impact created enough force to move the magnetic poles off their axis and place our nation of Japan into a near-equatorial rotation."

Gendo Ikari was successfully keeping the attention of the UNSC inspectors as he moved the final and most Impactful segment of his presentation—the reveal of the second sphere, miles underground Hakone, Japan.

"So you expect us to agree to start a war against incomprehensible alien invaders based upon your belief that there happens to be a second golf ball of yours underneath our feet?" A skeptical UN representative cut in. "I would not be so concerned if we weren't firing blindly into the night, but you people haven't the slightest idea how to combat these…things. Frankly they seem hardly angelic to me."

"As a matter of fact, we do know how to fight them," came the reply from a dark-haired, almost frail-looking pregnant woman in the rear of the room. "Allow me to introduce myself somewhat early, gentlemen. Dr. Yui Ikari, recent Kyoto University microbiologist. Based on preliminary inspection, the angel was capable of rapid regeneration of its physical body due to a central organ that seems to generate both energy and matter—it's up to the Russian agency to determine a more specific answer than that."

"You said 'physical body' specifically, why?" asked the somewhat more interested inspector.

"Because, based on camera footage broadcasted by the research team—and confirmed by their lone survivor, the Angel appeared to survive deorbit by coasting on a field of projected energ-"

"Fantastic!" The skeptical inspector interjected. "You're telling us that we have to get around an energy shield and then hit the weak point to kill the damn thing! You're not describing an enemy; you're describing a video game!"

"That's enough." Said the distinguished chair of the inspection team. "These academics happen to have photographic proof of their claims, and we would do well to show them some civility."

"Apologies Chairman Lorenz, and to you Mrs. Ikari."

"Yes. As to your proposal, Mr. Ikari, isn't 10 Trillion Yen just a bit expensive?"

"Yes it is. However, we need not just to build a vault around this second moon, but to invest in the infrastructure to defend it in the event of another invasion."

"You need a gun big enough to get past that shield of yours, right?"

"No," Mrs. Ikari answered, "To eliminate the shield, we will use one of our own."


"The core organ inside the Angel was determined to have 99.8% compatibility with human DNA. That 0.2% difference is all the Angel needed to achieve a form of immortality. Based on current and near-future bioengineering technology, we should have the capacity to recreate them for ourselves. We would need to implant them into a synthetic living being—of massive stature of course—but, the resulting superweapon would be able to burn away the Angel's 'shield' with its own."

"And the 10 Trillion is to build, house, and deploy them?"

"Mostly; in order to protect the moon, we have a preliminary design for a fortress city—built over this location. Every house, tower, streetlight and road will factor into the deployment and support of defenses against the Angels."

Lorenz smiled to himself. = Just as the Scrolls have read = "Professor Fuyutsuki, do you condone the statements made by your students?"

"Indeed I do, they are both well-prepared."

"Then, upon review by the UNSC at the UN General Assembly, we will proceed."

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