Thank you all for reading! I'm so happy and so overwhelmed at the responses I received. For those of you who like my writing enough to read others, I'd like to say that I have another story! Jacob is my main character, but this won't be a Bella and Jacob story. This is, in no way, connected to Waking Up And Starting Over.

This story doesn't have a name just yet. It is a Renesmee and Jacob story, but WAIT! Before you freak out, read on. I have personally decided to follow my imagination and try writing a reasonable and interesting story based on what I think could have happened after the end of Breaking Dawn. Give me one week (possibly two, but I doubt it) and I will have some of the first few chapters posted. Stay on the look out! I would really appreciate if somebody at least gives it a try;) I promise it will be good.

To Vriend: It's my mission to make you like Renesmee! It will be challenging, but I'm willing to try. *Laughs* Also, thanks for sending PMs with corrections for me!

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