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InuYasha sat in the tree waiting for Kagome to return from her era. It had been another boring day, with the only excitement being a small group of demons appearing early that morning.

"Damn wench...wish she'd hurry up already." He growled as a breeze blew through the forest giving it a calm peaceful atmosphere.

"Hey InuYasha! Can you come here for a minute?" Miroku yelled from somewhere off causing InuYasha's ears to twitch as he frowned in annoyance, at the nice moment being ruined, before hopping down from the tree he was in. Sniffing the air to find Miroku's scent he started after the lecherous monk, a sense of foreboding hanging over him.

"What do you want?" He asked the Monk as he came into the clearing with the Bone Eater's Well in it, to see him sitting under a tree calmly. Immediately he smelled the faint scent of a demon and something else.

"I think we have a small problem." Miroku said holding something in his arms. InuYasha narrowed his eyes at him and sniffed the air again catching the strong scent of Sango but something was off about it. Suddenly the bundle in Miroku's arm twitched and InuYasha heard the shift of cloth and suddenly a small hand popped up out of the bundle in Miroku's arms.

"Miroku?" The thing asked in a small female voice, Miroku smiled down at the bundle confusing InuYasha.

"Yes Sango?" He asked patting her bottom, suddenly a hand hit him, hard, making him flinch slightly. Slowly Miroku bent down and set the bundle down on the ground causing most of the clothes to fall away revealing a four year old Sango wearing what looked like her demon slaying uniform, as he placed a hand on the small red hand print on his face. Slowly her eyes grew wide as she stared at herself, her body twisting around as she looked at herself in pure shock and panic. Until she screamed causing Miroku to flinch and InuYasha's ears to flatten against his head as he jumped backwards away from the sound.

"What the hell!" He yelled at Miroku causing the girl to scream louder. Miroku's face turned into panic as he tried to calm the tiny demon slayer who continued to scream at the top of her lungs.

"Lady Kagome!" Miroku yelled happily as Kagome emerged unexpectedly from the well without her backpack for once. At his yell the tiny Sango spun around to stare at her, her face bright red from her screaming and a look of disbelief and fear fighting for dominance on her face. InuYasha watched as Kagome's face changed into confusion at the sight of Miroku holding a small little girl before she walked over to Miroku, who was frantically trying to guess why Sango had suddenly gone quiet.

"Here," Kagome said gently lifting the tiny girl out of his arms and holding her carefully in her arms as the toddler sized child held her head in her small hands.

"It's okay," Kagome said softly pulling the child close to her into a small hug. InuYasha let a smile touch his face for a moment as he watched the girl he loved taking care of the small girl before walking closer.

"Took you long enough wench." InuYasha said drawing Kagome's attention. She frowned at his nickname for her but didn't say a word about it.

"InuYasha...you know I had to go take an exam. Miroku who is this? Don't tell me you-" Kagome spoke.

"No that's not it, Lady Kagome! You see that's Sango," Miroku said interrupting Kagome who blushed red before looking down at the red faced girl in her arms.

"Sango?" Kagome asked the little girl setting her on the ground as she nodded up at the miko. InuYasha and Miroku looked at each other before looking back at Kagome who's face had gone through several emotions in a span of a minute.

"How?" Kagome asked the two before her eyes widened and she looked past them. Suddenly InuYasha smelled the demon he had smelled briefly earlier.

"Something's coming." Kagome said and a minute later a small boy with short spiky black hair dressed similar to InuYasha except in black stepped out of the bushes with a mask that only showed his small blank black eyes.

"Who are you?!" InuYasha yelled at the boy as he and Miroku stepped in front of Kagome and Sango. The boy didn't answer, instead he simply stepped forward and held out his hand as if about to use it like a knife.

"Answer me!" InuYasha yelled gripping his sword tightly.

"InuYasha, something's off about him. Be careful," Kagome said as Miroku pulled out few of his sutras. Suddenly before any of them could move a small pink light shot out of the boys hand and shot past both boys hitting Kagome in the neck. Kagome shot backwards her mouth a perfect circle of surprise before her head fell back and she hit the tree Miroku had sat beneath just a few minutes prior.

"Kagome!" InuYasha and Miroku yelled as Kagome crumbled to the ground with Sango still in her grip.

"Bastard!" InuYasha yelled before attacking the mute boy while Miroku took the chance to check on the girls, pulling Sango off the ground as she stumbled over her clothes to try and get in the fight.

"Sango, stay here with Lady Kagome." Miroku said placing the small girl next to the unconscious miko before erecting a barrier around the two. As he turned back to InuYasha he was just in time to see him use Wind Scar and then the boy vanish right before it hit him.

"InuYasha!" Miroku yelled as the boy appeared behind him and slashed his hand across InuYasha's back like a knife. InuYasha growled before slashing backwards to meet the boy with his own knife like claws. Miroku watched dazed as the boy used InuYasha own attack for leverage to swing his legs around him and kick him in the stomach causing InuYasha to grunt slightly as he was knocked back slightly.

"Please help me," A soft voice said coming from the mask as the boy stood up straight, his hand dripping blood from a deep gash. Before InuYasha could attack again Miroku dove forward standing in front of him to keep him from attacking.

"Why are you attacking us?" Miroku yelled at the boy as his hand continued to drip blood, from when his hand had met InuYasha's, onto the ground.

"Miroku," InuYasha growled as he was held back. Slowly the boy tilted his head to the side and lifted his hand to his mask, gripping it weakly.

"I don't know," he said in a soft voice before dropping his hand and turning vanished in a flash. InuYasha yelled as he tried to search out the boy as Miroku contemplated his words. Without another word both boys turned to see Sango sitting beside a pile of clothes with wide eyes.

"I think we need to see the old hag." InuYasha said sounding smart for once as he looked down at the pile and carefully took off his jacket as Miroku picked up a shocked Sango, who didn't react at this.