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This is a written account of the Ultimate Prank War of Camp Half-Blood as written by Annabeth Chase and Percy Jackson:

"Hello demigoddesses," greeted Hera, then as after thought she carefully nodded in Annabeth's direction, "Annabeth."

"Hera," said Annabeth with as much malice as she could put into the single word. Then she nodded to the other 'goddesses', "what are you doing here?"

Before Hera could speak Athena stepped forward, "We're here to help. We simply cannot allow you to lose this Prank War. Also, Annabeth, scratching only makes it itch more."

Annabeth fidgeted, but stopped using the hairbrush, "How, exactly, do you plan on helping us?"

"And aren't you not allowed to help us directly?" interjected Piper.

Aphrodite waved her hand in the air, "This is important enough for us to break the rules."

"And the Titan War wasn't?" deadpanned Nyssa.

The other girls muttered their agreement.

"Whose side is my dad on?" questioned Clarisse.

"The boys," answered a very angry Aphrodite, "And after what the boys' last prank did to your complexion…"

Drew sobbed into a pillow she happened to have next to her.

"Sooooo…" continued Annabeth after awkwardly glancing at Drew, whose make up was messed up, "how are you gonna help us?"

"Well," declared Athena, "We have in our possession a sleeping potion that will put the boys in a dreamless sleep. This will allow you to move them wherever you wish without them waking up."

All the girls' eyes opened wide.

"A sleeping potion?" repeated Clarisse.

Athena handed the potion Annabeth. Annabeth carefully turned it over in her hands like it was a precious gem.

"We leave the rest up to you," explained Hera.

"Prank the boys and don't lose this war," demanded Artemis.

Just before the goddesses left Aphrodite looked Piper straight in the eye and said, "Maybe you should thank the boys for the prank by giving them makeovers."

"And posting pictures ALL over the internet and camp," agreed Athena, with a simply vicious grin.

Then the goddesses disappeared.

The girls all turned to each other with equally evil plotting smiles.


Leo looked up his cool new invention and turned to Percy and Jason, "Did anyone else hear evil laughing?"

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