Oc e Ne- Yes and No ~*~A Final Fantasy VII AU~*~

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Oc e Ne- Yes and No ~*~A Final Fantasy VII AU~*~

Chapter One-Primus Visum("First Sight")

Stars.............the union of souls and the Lifestream........and the cosmos...............

He looked up from the light of a Mako furnace where he had been desperately trying to warm his hands, blinking a bit against the sudden transition of light to dark and smiling slightly. Picking up his staff and ignoring the stares at his rich, navy blue robes as he walked past, he headed to the edge of the street and stood there patiently, waiting for a chance to cross.

He was tall and broad-shouldered, but by no means muscular. Lean was more of a way to describe it, certainly not all flab like the citizens of the Upper Plate, but slender and lithe and surprisingly fine-boned for a man. His face was all planes and angles, framed by golden hair that fell to his shoulders like a halo around his head. From above his long-bridged nose shone out a pair of startling cerulean eyes.

A train roared past, making him brush a few stray pieces of debris off of his robes, before finally crossing the street with his staff and vanishing out of sight.


She frowned. After performing an expert backflip off the train that had made her companions ooh and aah for a second or so, two Shinra MDs had coming running out from the reactor, and her companions had run off(most cowardly, she thought) to leave her to deal with the oncoming threat alone.

She spun her sword around expertly, enjoying the feel of it, becoming one with the blade. One of the MDs tried to dart in low; she smiled---it made the job of slicing off his head so much easier. The other one, upon seeing the plight of his comrade, tried to run away, but a quick slash across the back finished the job. Well, at least she got two Potions out of it.

Not entirely true. She didn't like killing things. It was just part of what she had to do, and as long as that stupid leader paid her enough for it, she would continue to do it. Wiping her Vereorvis on the leg of one of their trousers, she slipped it back into its sheath and hurried ahead to the others.

The closest one with the black hair spoke to her first, while the only other female with brown hair tied up into a bun was working on decoding the entry code for the gate."So you used to be in SOLDIER, hunh? Not everyday ya find one in a group like AVALANCHE."

The other woman looked up."SOLDIER? Aren't they the enemy?"

"No, Jessie. She WAS in SOLDIER. She quit them and is now one of us."The black-haired one turned back to her."Didn't catch your name........"

She shrugged."........Aeris."

"Aeris? I'm---"

"I don't care what your names are,"she interrupted."As soon as this job's done........I'm outta here."

The leader of AVALANCHE, a tall and large black man with a gun grafted into his right arm, ran up just then, as the woman with the bun opened the gate."Awright, split up! Our target's the No. 1 reactor!"He turned and started to run away with the rest of AVALANCHE, then stopped and stared at the girl.

She was of relatively average height, with chesnut brown hair tied back into a braid, with(surprisingly enough) a pink ribbon. A black denim jacket that barely reached her waist was layered over a pink tank top, with a pink skirt. A pair of black leggings tucked neatly into white socks with brown combat boots completed the look. Underneath her unruly bangs glared out a pair of striking emerald green eyes.

"Ex-SOLDIER, hunh? Don't trust ya!"

She merely gave him a look."......And you are?"

"Barret, that's who! Can't even rememba the name of ya own boss? Pah!"He began shaking a little sporadically, like he was having a seizure. Aeris guessed that it was supposed to be intimidating, but all it did was look comedic. She shrugged again, which only made him even more infuriated.

"Awright, head for the No. 1 reactor! We'll meet back at the gate!"And he ran on ahead, as most of the people in the unwealthy and unorganized little group seemed to have the tendency to do. Aeris shook her head.(Why am I here?)she wondered, before running through the gate after them.

On the way to the center of the reactor, she ran into a few enemies, and a few more Shinra soldiers. Upon dealing deathblow after deathblow with Vereorvis(the name meant 'to fear power', as most people did), she began to grow bored. The only good thing about the constant barrage of attacks was the experience she was getting(as though she needed it, hah), and the gil(which was a necessity, she was forced to admit).

Finally, she came across the fat one(what was his name? Wedge?) clearly blocking the doorway and looking around stupidly like the ass that he was. She was about to berate him when he spoke to her first."I'll clear the exit. Concentrate on the mission, Aeris."

(Well.)She was a bit glad she didn't yell at him, after all.(These clods have got some intelligence, I'll grant them that.)A cursory glance of the room revealed the correct passage off to her left, from the right of the door she had entered through. The bright Mako glow of the reactors was making her feel nauseated.

Veering down the narrow passageway, she shimmied up numerous ladders and beams, and dropped down onto a set of pipes. A Potion sparkling in the light before the other woman's(Jessie, her name was) sentry post caught her eye, and she scurried over to get it.

Jessie, however, was under the incorrect assumption that Aeris wanted to talk."Hey,"she whispered confidentially."I'm really glad there's another woman to take care of things here. It gets so boring, having to deal with all those guys. Take Barret, for example. He doesn't know one end of a fuse from the other! He'll probably ask you to set the bomb."

Aeris liked her already. Nodding briskly, she crossed over the next sections of pipe to where Barret was waiting. A Restore materia was laying on the ground in front of him, just waiting to be taken. Waving around with his gun arm, he pointed to where a computerized bomb was already hooked up to the main chamber of the reactor. "We don't have much time. Aeris, you set the bomb."

She grinned impudently."Why me?"

"Argh! I gotta make sure you ain't gonna pull anything funny."

(Right), she thought, but obediently knelt on the ground and began experimentally tapping the buttons.(I just hope the jackass hooked the fuses up right, and we don't get shot to hell.) She hit the execute key with a flourish."Done."

Barret already had his gun-arm raised."Watch out, here they come!"

From the sky fell the Guard Scorpion, a huge metallic beast with a deadly tail that lashed like like a cat's and shot out laser beams. At Barret's warning, she drew Vereorvis. Thinking hard about it's circuitry, she resheathed Vereorvis elegantly and bowed her head in a prayer-like fashion, focusing her energies into casting a Bolt spell somewhere near it's base. Barret was firing bullets with his Gatling Gun, but they simply bounced of the boss' hard casing.

Then it's tail rose up into the air, and began to shake violently. Aeris decided to be nice and call out a word of caution to her rather impulsive comrade."Attack while its tail's up, and it's going to counterattack with it's laser!"

For once, he listened, and instead opted to use one of Aeris' Potions on himself in the meantime. She gritted her teeth.(Your paycheck'll buy you plenty of Potions), she reminded herself.

She could see the Guard Scorpion weakening, and as she cast a final Bolt spell upon the loathsome tail, it exploded into hundreds of pieces, cutting her in more spots than one.

Well, she could worry about injuries later."Ten minutes to detonation!"Barret yelled."Let's get the hell outta here!"

(Ten minutes? Piece of cake.)Aeris even took the time to brazenly fight every enemy she encountered heading back up to the exit, even laughing as Barret was shouting at her to run away. It had only taken her a total of six minutes to go down, and that was with stopping to talk to everyone and picking up stray items along the way. This was pathetically easy.

Finishing off a reddish-colored panther demon, she checked her watch and saw that she had one minute left to go.(Better not push it),she decided, and darted out the exit as the first explosion rocked the ground beneath her feet and set a burst of flame out onto the catwalk.

Outside, Jessie was setting up another bomb to destroy the exit, so no one could follow their path. Once again, Aeris had to give the tiny rebel group a little more credit than what she had been giving them. They were relatively clever and fought for a good cause, albeit their occasional lacks of competence.(If they pay well),she decided,(I might just join them permanently.)

"Good work!"Barret congratulated them."But don't get lazy now! The next one's gonna be even bigger than that! So don't ya'll be scared of that explosion! Okay, foo's! Meet up at the Sector 8 station!"

He started to run away, but Aeris stopped him."Hey!"

He didn't even bother to turn around."If it's about your money, save it 'til we're back at the hideout."

(Hmph. Rude jackass.)Aeris dusted reactor debris off of her clothes and headed up the stairs to the streets of Midgar, where people were running around in a panic.

A quiet-looking man with golden hair had been standing there staring at the mess, but several people rushed by and knocked him down, not even stopping to offer him a hand up. Feeling rather generous today, Aeris went to give him a hand. He accepted her offer of help gratefully, grasping her hand with his own long-fingered appendage and hoisting himself up."Thank you."

"You okay?"she asked of him, then scratched the back of her head, embarrassed."I think some of my guys were in the mob. Sorry 'bout that. I've yet to teach them the meaning of courtesy."

The man smiled, a small little smile, but it didn't reach his eyes. If anything, they looked more melancholy than ever."It's alright. I don't mind."He brushed off his navy robes, picked up his silver walking staff, and continued on his way. Aeris stared after him a long time after he was gone, until several shouts snapped her back to attention.

"There she is! Over there!"

"Hmph."Turning around, she saw two Shinra soldiers rushing towards her, making a vain attempt to try and seize her. Two swipes from Vereorvis took care of them, and two more flowed in their wake. This time she opted to run to the square, where she would have a better battle ground. She cast two Ice spells, and received a small nick on her forearm that wasn't very damaging, just a little painful.

Three more, attacking from both sides. THAT was a little harder than anything she had tried before. She cast Bolt on the one behind her without even bothering to turn around, but couldn't move fast enough for the shot that pierced her leg. The bullet only grazed her, but it was enough to make her fall to her knees.

She heard a voice."Reis's Wind!"

...............And her forearm and leg HEALED.

Back in commission, the remaining soliders didn't stand a chance. Being skilled enough to finish the job with only one swipe of her sword, Aeris turned around in all directions searching for her assistant, but whoever it was was nowhere to be found. Unless.......that was a glimpse of silver and gold she saw disappearing across the roof of a school building?

"That's as far as you go."She turned at the sound of a voice, and saw seven soldiers forming a semi-circle around her, as the rumble of an oncoming train faced her at the back. The rumble grew closer and closer, as did the tight circle of soldiers. It was either be captured, or flattened.

"Hmph."(Or not.)

Timing her jump just right, she backflipped off the bridge and onto the top of the train, waving cheerfully as it descended into the next tunnel and out of sight.

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