I know that all of you readers who have been following me are waiting for another chapter for any and all of my Digimon stories, but I'm just not feeling the creative mojo right now, and I haven't had time for writing that doesn't involve school work. I wanted to post something though, and I was looking through my folders and found this little gem. It's the first of a three part/chapter story that's nearly complete and because I've been on a bit of an NCIS and Burn Notice kick lately and have recently re-watched the Bourne trilogy, I'm cleaning these up and have decided to finally post it here. I hope you enjoy!

This is the first story in what I plan to be my IDCA Spy series that takes place in an AU world that will involve characters from NCIS, Burn Notice, Bones, The Bourne Trilogy/Series and later from Dark Angel and Supernatural and maybe even Covert Affairs and White Collar (we'll see about these last 2). The series will be centering around an openly competent Tony DiNozzo (because really, there is no way that he isn't competent. Gibbs never would have made and kept Tony as his Senior Field Agent if he weren't).

In this first story, it's just Tony and Michael and serves as a prologue of sorts for an even bigger series of stories I have planed (but not yet written just FYI). I hope you enjoy reading it. :)

Oh yeah, and I don't own any of this. Tony DiNozzo and Michael Weston belong to their respective shows and production companies. The idea for this fic isn't even mine entirely, since I'm mooching the idea off of antientmaverick's Snow Dragon's fan fic/verse which can be found here: s/3850609/1/

Welcome to the IDCA Tony DiNozzo

Chapter 1: Meeting the Recruiter

Thursday June 11, 1992

Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo sighed as he walked around Ohio State's large and spacious campus grounds. It was a nice clear and warm day outside and after spending the entire morning and most of his afternoon indoors "studying" up and taking his final exams, he was more than happy to be out and about taking in his surroundings. That is until the gloom of looming events came back to the forefront of his mind now that he didn't have an adequate distraction.

He was going to be graduating in a couple of days, and quite frankly he was dreading it. He'd gotten his leg busted up in a football game against Michigan State a few months back and he'd only just finished going through the physical therapy. That injury had taken him out of the game for the rest of the season and ruined any chances he'd had at going pro. But because he was going to be graduating with only a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education…

Tony wasn't sure where he was going to go after this. He knew he had a few options left open to him. There was a local high school that was looking for a new phys ed. teacher because their current one wanted to have a replacement lined up before retiring. After speaking with the school's principle, he knew that the school would be more than happy to hire him after he got his degree, but Tony didn't know if he wanted to teach. Especially at a high school. He was only just out of his teens himself and his own memories of high school were less than stellar. Nope. Tony DiNozzo wasn't going to go that route unless he was desperate.


Speaking of desperate…

Tony looked in the direction of the shout and spotted a blond beauty screaming and pointing with long manicured fingernails at a figure dressed in jeans and a dark hoodie sweatshirt that was in possession of a bag that definitely did not belong to him. Not even thinking about it Tony took off after the guy, ignoring the initial twinge in his bad leg, the muscles protesting against his actions as he broke into a flat out run. The guy was fast, but Tony couldn't hold back his smirk as he gained on him even with his still recovering leg injury. When he got close enough Tony lunged forward and tackled the punk to the ground. They wrestled around on the grass for a moment before Tony managed to pin the guy into submission and pry the purse away.

He heard the distinctive hurried click of heels and a couple pairs of heavy footfalls on pavement and looked up in time to see the blond girl flanked by two men from campus security as they stepped off the path and onto the lawn.

"Oh my God! Thank you!" the girl cried as she snatched up her purse and began to check its contents.

"No problem," Tony grunted as he turned the thief over to campus security.

"No, really, thank you," the blond said, grinning as she shut her purse's clasp firmly, all items apparently accounted for. "My whole life is in this thing. It was very kind of you to go after him. Let me buy you a drink?"

"If you insist. It'd be rude to turn down an offer from such a lovely lady." Tony smiled back at the girl. She fluttered her eyelashes flirtatiously in response.

"I do insist," the blond nodded, looping her arm through his and began directing them off campus. "I know this great pub. It's the perfect place for two people to sit down and have a nice chat to get better acquainted."

"Sounds good to me," Tony smirked, previous worries forgotten for now as his mind focused on the rather enjoyable evening he was sure he was in for.

It was around 1 o'clock in the morning when Tony returned to his apartment feeling pleasantly buzzed from good drinks and even better sex. He was humming a tune to himself as he set his wallet and watch down on the kitchen counter, not bothering to turn on the lights of his sparsely furnished abode.

"Have fun tonight, Champ?"

Tony startled, turning sharply on his heel and warily eyed a dark figure in the shadows standing by his couch. Tony didn't take his eyes off the figure while he flipped the lights on, revealing his late night visitor. There was a tall man with dark brown hair leaning nonchalantly against the side of his couch. He was wearing a nice dark blue polo shirt and non-descript jeans. He didn't look that much older than Tony, but Tony knew that that didn't mean much. Tony himself was younger than he looked after all.

"Who are you and how did you get in here?" Tony asked softly, backing up slightly so that he was in a better position to get a hold on one of his kitchen knives or the pans if he needed to.

"My name is Michael Weston," the man answered calmly, moving away from the couch to take a seat at the small table in the kitchen. Now that he was in better lighting, Tony could make out the man's steel blue eyes and the small, almost unnoticeable cleft in the man's chin.

"And as for how I got in here," Michael continued, "I used the spare key. Nice hiding place by the way. Not many people would think to look for a spare key taped to the underside of the floor's railing inside the curve. You're resourceful and think outside the box. I like that. You can stop eyeing your kitchen knives and saucepans by the way. I only came here to talk."

"About what?" Tony asked warily, leaning against the kitchen counter where the pots were still within grabbing distance.

"A job offer," Michael stated, clasping his hands together as he set them to rest on the table's surface. "I represent an organization that has had their eye on you for quite some time. They've sent me to recruit you."

"Oh that doesn't sound suspicious at all," Tony frowned, crossing his arms. "Not to mention stalker-ish. There a reason I shouldn't be calling the police and charge you with braking and entering?

Michael laughed, shaking his head.

"You've certainly got guts and you're cautious," Michael mused, leaning back in his seat. "You're smart too. According to your academic record you've maintained a B average in all your classes at OSU."

"So?" Tony shrugged.

"So?" Michael grinned, leaning forward. "You graduated high school at 17 with a combined score of 1950 on your SATS. I only managed a 1565 myself and I know for a fact that you are purposely keeping your class grades at OSU at a B average. I bet that if you put as much effort as you do at keeping that baseline B grade into actually excelling in your classes, you'd have a high A average."

Tony narrowed his eyes.

"But hey, man, I totally get it," Michael nodded, his expression sympathetic. "You're a Phys Ed. major with a very impressive sports record and the role of jock to play. As an unspoken rule of society, jocks can't be smart, so you're keeping those smarts to yourself."

"What do you want?" Tony growled. He didn't like this. This man obviously knew a lot about him – how much he wasn't sure, but it was making him uncomfortable.

"I told you," Michael stated slowly like he was trying to get a point across to a very slow child. "I want to offer you a job."

"Funny," Tony quipped. "Sounds more like you're reciting my academic record to me. If you've got a point somewhere, Mr. Weston, I'd appreciate it if you'd just cut the crap and get there. It's late and I have to get up later in the morning to prepare for my last exam."

Michael's lips quirked into a half smile before he took out a folder from seemingly nowhere and tossed it onto the table. Tony eyed the thick and official looking folder for a moment before slowly moving to take a seat at the table across from Michael.

"It's your profile," Michael explained as Tony began to look through the folder's contents. "Everything that the Agency has thought to be noteworthy about you is in there. Your high school report cards, your hospital records, interviews and letters of recommendations from all of your coaches and teachers, scholarship information, and even that one speeding ticket you got your first year at OSU. We're also awear that since coming to Ohio State you've been pretending to be 22 when in actuality you've just recently turned 20."

Tony was silent as he shut the folder, keeping his face expressionless.

"What is it that you want from me?" Tony finally asked. "And don't say a job offer, because the more you talk the less I'm convinced that that is your objective here."

"Yet it's the truth," Michael shrugged. "But just for the sake of curiosity, what is it that you think I am here for?"

Tony eyed the man critically this time, taking advantage of the few psychology classes he'd taken as electives. He noted the broad shoulders, the straight back, and the manner in which the guy held himself.

"Well you certainly don't look like a businessman," Tony mused. "I spent my life growing up around the business class and you don't look the type. Your body build is too solid for a pencil necked desk jockey and more like a body builder's. My money's on military though, or some other branch of the armed forces. You definitely have that official manner down at any rate. Also, you show up with a detailed record on me – with clear evidence of fraud I might add since you obviously know that I've been lying about my age – but you haven't arrested me yet or look as if you are going to any time soon. You also said earlier that you were here to recruit me, but I'm guessing that it isn't you're typical armed services recruitment because if it were you'd be directing me to the closest recruitment station. Which means that you represent a government company or some kind of spy organization that's off the books. Of course I could be totally wrong in that wild assumption because it's late, I'm still buzzed from those drinks I had tonight and I've probably been watching way too many Bond movies again. So, please, correct me if I'm wrong."

Michael only offered up an annoying half smile and didn't answer. Tony pursed his lips before looking back down at the folder, frowning when he read the large bold letters stamped across the front: I.D.C.A. PROFILE: ANTHONY DINOZZO JR.

"What is I.D.C.A?" Tony asked.

"It's the name of the Agency I represent," Michael explained. "I.D.C.A. stands for the Internal Departmental Collaboration Agency."

"Never heard of it," Tony frowned.

"It's a relatively new government agency," Michael shrugged. "I myself have only been with IDCA for roughly a year now. I was approached a year into my career as an Army Ranger after a few years in the army as a sniper. They were impressed with my record in marksmanship."

"Are all of IDCA's recruits former armed service members?" Tony asked.

"Mostly," Michael shrugged.

"Then why approach me?" Tony asked. "The only connection I have to anything militant is my three year stint as a high school student at the Rhode Island Military Academy my father forced me into."

"That's actually where you caught the Agency's attention," Michael smirked. "You excelled in basketball, football, wrestling, and boxing, all while maintaining top notch grades in all of your classes in one of the most prestigious and challenging private schools on the east coast. You even continued to participate in basketball and football when you came here to attend Ohio State. Word is that you could have gone pro if your leg hadn't been smashed up in your game against Michigan."

"Thank you for reminding me," Tony growled.

"Sorry," Michael winced. "I'm sure that it's still a sore issue, especially since your only job option at this point without further schooling is to become a high school gym teacher."

Tony glared at the man, opening his mouth to make some biting or scathing remark back, but Michael steamrolled on, holding his hands up in a placating gesture.

"Unless! Unless you take the offer I'm about to present to you from the Agency."

"I'm listening," Tony said crisply.

"Like I've said, IDCA has been keeping an eye on you since you were in high school," Michael said slowly, carefully choosing his words so that he didn't set off the irate young man sitting opposite him. "You've obviously got a brain in that head of yours and have also got amazing stamina to be able to participate in as many sports and clubs as you have to maintain your jock persona. Both are qualities that the Agency looks for in a potential recruit. Preferably you'd have some military experience, but due to your commendable athleticism and potential, the Agency has decided to overlook that little blip and hire you on anyway as a low rank agent. However, should you choose to accept this offer and join IDCA, you will have to go through various training exercises to get up to snuff with the rest of the agents."

"Agents. Training. Military experience? What sort of agency is IDCA anyway?" Tony asked.

"Just as you suspected," Michael stated simply. "IDCA is a government agency that only it's members and a few high ranking government officials know about. We sometimes hire out our lower ranking members to the local police to help with high profile cases under the guise of being FBI, CIA, NSA and other members of the alphabet soup to get the job done. When there is an especially high profile case that comes to our attention that even the alphabet soup needs help with, the teams that we've planted one of our special agents inside of gets assigned to work the case. When there is a mission like that, to prevent the inevitable pissing contest that happens when agencies are forced to share jurisdiction, our agent is already in contact and working with other IDCA agents planted inside of other organizations."

"Internal department collaboration," Tony mused, understanding the Agency's name now.

"Precisely," Michael nodded. "We coordinate and collaborate when others won't. We're also kind of like the alphabet soup's secret Internal Affairs as well. If an IDCA agent finds an inexcusable degree of inter office incooperation, we report it to the agency's head, and an inquiry is made."

"What government agency have you been planted in?" Tony asked.

"I haven't been assigned to any specific government agency yet," Michael admitted. "Like I said, I've been working for IDCA for only a year now. I just finished my special agent training a month ago. I've been given a list and assigned to recruit possible candidates for the Agency. You're my last stop before reporting back."

"Will you be planted into an agency when you return?" Tony asked.

"No," Michael shook his head. "I've been commended for my training and have been promised to be given a team of my own before they plant me in an agency. If you take this offer and sign up to join IDCA, I'll more than likely be your supervisor and oversee your training."

"You keep mentioning training," Tony frowned. "What kind of training?"

"Basic operations training," Michael sighed. "Because of your lack of military experience, you'll likely spend some time in a military or army camp, as well as attend a few mission training ops run by Langley. It depends on how ambitious you are. The more training you undergo, the higher up the agency ladder you can go."

"Seems like a lot of work," Tony mused.

"The I.D.C.A. only hires personnel with the potential to be the best and will only accept and keep on those individuals who meet those expectations. I suppose you can say that our agents are the best of the best, forming a highly trained special mission force," Michael smirked. "The I.D.C.A's over all objective is to defend American freedom against oppression and any terrorist organization that threatens that freedom. Where everything and everyone else fails, we don't."

"That sounds very G.I. Joe," Tony snorted. "You wouldn't happen to be watching those cartoon reruns would you?"

Michael chuckled, shaking his head.

"I understand your skepticism. I really do," Michael sighed. "I didn't believe in any of this when I was recruited."

"So what did your recruiter say that convinced you to join up?" Tony asked.

"Oh he was a real piece of work," Michael laughed. "He got on his patriotic soap box and started to monologue about the greater good for the American people and how much more of a service I would be to my country if I joined up. What got me to join up in the end was the promise to travel the world more than I ever would have if I'd stayed with the Army. The bigger paycheck didn't hurt either. But to be honest, I didn't believe in what he was preaching until he brought me to headquarters the first time. Want to know what really convinced me that the IDCA's overly dramatic, movie-esque mission statement wasn't just a load of hypocritical BS?"

"Enlighten me," Tony drawled.

"My first tour of the facilities," Michael stated. "While everything there is state of the art – which is nice as far as technology is concerned – what was really impressive to me were the people there. Everyone in IDCA believes in the peace and freedom that they are working towards for our country. They act as a unit and do some of the most impressive work I have ever seen. Now, I won't pretend that I'm the idealistic patriot that I've described IDCA's agents to be – because I'm not – but even though everyone has their own reason for joining up, when you work with these people, you can't help but start to pick up on some of their ideals and end up making them your own. However, because they are ridiculously idealistic, every possible candidate is observed before being approached to determine whether they have the moral sense of responsibility, duty and dedication to become an IDCA agent. I have been watching you for the last week and know that you have a growing sense of justice compatible with IDCA's beliefs. When you demonstrated that earlier today I decided it was finally time to meet with you."

"And when did I give you this demonstration?" Tony asked.

"When you went after that thief," Michael smiled. "You didn't even hesitate to go after the offender. You saw a wrong and sought to right it. Nice tackle by the way. You were quick to pin me and immobilize my movements by distributing your weight evenly to keep me subdued. Your wresting prowess at work no doubt."

"Thanks," Tony sighed before freezing in realization, noticing the light bruises on Michael's tanned arms that he'd somehow over looked before. "Wait…that was you?!"

"Guilty," Michael smirked. "I'm not easy to pin down, so I know first hand that you've got the potential, Anthony."

"Tony. Anthony is my father. And how do you know that I didn't chase after you to impress the hot babe you stole that purse from?" Tony asked, smirking at the thought of the bombshell he'd spent the night drinking and having sex with.

"Like I said," Michael sighed. "You didn't hesitate in pursuing me. It was a knee jerk reaction. You heard the distressed cry for help, spotted the reason for said cry, and acted to resolve the issue. Also, having followed you around, I've seen the subtle ways you've helped out some of your friends, classmates and even that one new professor you saved from embarrassment in front of her colleagues. Nice job diverting attention onto yourself with that ridiculous prank with the projector."

Tony smirked as he remembered rigging the projector to spray a can of confetti all over the nearest grouping of students. He'd gotten reprimanded for that, but the professor let him off with only a warning since he had saved her from what could have been a disastrous lecture. The note cards she'd been holding had almost fallen out of her trembling hands while she was being evaluated. The prank had released the tension in the room and had given the evaluator's the opinion that the poor professor's nerves had been because of Tony's apparent tendency to pull disruptive pranks in class.

"Ok," Tony sighed. "So you're offering me a position in this agency of yours."

"That's right," Michael nodded.

"And why should I accept this generous offer other than the fact that even being considered for a position is apparently flattering?" Tony asked.

"There are a number of reasons," Michael shrugged. "It pays well, it has opportunities that allow you to travel the world, great health and dental benefits… but in your case, since you obviously don't care about any of those things, I only want you to consider this, Tony."

Michael clasped his hands together again and leaned forward staring into Tony's eyes with a serious and earnest expression.

"Your leg got busted up too badly for you to go pro in any professional sports career you may have had and for that I am sorry. The way I see it, you've got two options after you graduate on Saturday. The first option is the most challenging. You can take my offer, join IDCA, go through the training programs, stick it out and become an agent who's in a position to make a difference in this world we live in. Or, you can take the easy route and stay here, take that PE teacher gig in the next town over, and have a safe steady low paying job with few benefits. It's your choice."

"Some choice," Tony scoffed.

"It is," Michael agreed. "Now, I'm not saying joining the IDCA will be easy, but if there is anything I've learned during the short time I've been watching you, it's that you're a fighter who likes a challenge. In all of your games no matter what sport you play you've always given 110%. And with a drive like that I personally can't picture you just wasting your life and potential away as a high school gym teacher when you can do so much more."

Tony was quiet while he thought about what Michael had told him.

"Being an IDCA agent certainly sounds like a more interesting life," Tony mused.

"It is," Michael nodded. "It certainly keeps you on your toes. Because of your lack of military experience, most of your covers on IDCA assignments will be that of a beat cop starting out, but the longer you remain with the agency, the covers will improve in ranking."

"A cop huh," Tony mused. "Sounds tedious."

"Yeah," Michael agreed as he stood up, "but it sure beats being a gym teacher, doesn't it?"

Tony nodded absently, watching Michael pick up his profile folder and tuck it under his arm.

"Here's my card," Michael said as he took out a professional looking business card from his shirt pocket. "Call me if you have any more questions. I'm only staying in town until Sunday evening. If you don't get in touch with me by then I'll just assume that you've decided to turn down the Agency's offer. If you decide to take the offer, I'll be waiting for you to join me on my flight with one suitcase and a carry-on bag packed with only the basic essentials and a few personal possessions. Judging by the looks of this apartment that isn't much anyway."

Tony snorted, but nodded again as he watched Michael head towards the front door.

"Oh and Tony?" Michael said turning back, half way out the door. "Don't be late. The flight is from Port Columbus Airport at 5:50 to JFK airport in New York."

Tony stared at the closed door for another long minute or two before heading to bed. It was now 2 o'clock in the morning and he had a lot to think about when he got up.

FUN FACTS: Just so you know the dates for Tony's final week and graduation are totally bogus and a complete educated guess on my part based off of the 1992 calendar and a PDF file I downloaded of OSU's 1991-1992 academic year. I've never been to Ohio - let alone OSU - so I don't know when in 1992 they had their graduation for those graduating in the spring semester. :P

Also, I added a 1 in front of the 950 that Tony claims he got on his SAT in NCIS, because when I looked up the total points one can get when you add up the Math, Writing and Reading scores on the SAT (which is 2400 just fyi) I realized that 950 wasn't impressive for the IQ I'm giving Tony, so he has a score of 1950, which is above average. Michael's mentioned SAT score of 1565 is closer to the average people usually get these days.

Oh, and please know that I know nothing about government agencies apart from what I've seen watching CBS and USA's most awesomest shows (and Bones)! And be rest assured that there will be canon events from all series in later fics (accept for Supernatural and Dark Angel. Those are going to be almost completely AU since I only wanted to use Max, Alec and Ben, and have Dean (and maybe Sam later) in this). These story ideas just sort of brings them all together and take place behind the scenes of the canon series.