Back to the Marauders
By: Starlight-Mist
Rating: T
Chapter length: 4,524
Summary: In the middle of a Potions class, Hermione disappears from 1999 and reappears in 1977, the time of the Marauders. After her sudden arrival in the Forbidden Forest, she is bitten by a werewolf. When a new prophecy is issued, Hermione (known as Liesel) must unravel its meaning. Will her actions alter time? Includes a scheme by Remus and 'Liesel' to get James and Lily together. RL/HG
Status: In-Progress
The Harry Potter series is NOT mine. It belongs to J. K. Rowling. Anything that you recognize belongs to J. K. Rowling. OC's (original characters) will pop up in here. Some of those OC's will eventually become married to a known character of J. K. Rowling, and I guess that character will become J. K. Rowling's, as they are mentioned in the books.
-Some plants mentioned in here are real, such as the betel nut, and Ratsbane. No one can legally claim the plants except for Mother Nature. However, I must credit a book called WICKED PLANTS: THE WEED THAT KILLED LINCOLN'S MOTHER & OTHER BOTANICAL ATROCITIES for all the information that I got about them. The book is written by Amy Stewart, and I claim no rights.
-I also don't own the movie The Sound of Music, produced by Robert Wise.

A/N: Welcome current reader! This is a Remus/Hermione story, a RL/HG story, or Remione story; anyway you want to put it. I hope that you enjoy this story and keep reading past the first chapter, as your questions will be answered...eventually, as I am still writing and editing this story. In the beginning of each chapter is a disclaimer; read it! Enjoy.

P.S. It has come to my attention that Oliver Wood was born in either 1975, or 1976. For the sake of this story, he will be born on July 1st, 1978. He gets his Hogwarts letter on July 1st, 1989. He will graduate on June 16, 1996, which I believe is Harry's fifth year.

Sunday September 7, 1999

Hermione's POV:

Harry, Ron, and I are walking down the hall to Potions.

Actually, I think I'm the only one.

Harry and Ron are off in their own world, arguing about the outcome of the next Quidditch match between Slytherin and Hufflepuff. I sigh as Ron tries to make his point that the Hufflepuff chasers are better as Harry argues that the Slytherin Keeper is better.

I will never get boys and their odd infatuation with Quidditch.

After we enter the Potions classroom, Harry, Ron, and I seat ourselves. I carefully unpack all my materials, setting everything up precisely.

The Slytherins soon arrive, chattering loudly.

Malfoy brushes past my desk and knocks one of my books to the floor.

"Sorry, Mudblood," he sneers.

I see Harry restraining a red-faced Ron out of the corner of my eye. Although Snake-Face lost the war, many of the purebloods still hold blood prejudices. It's expected though, so I don't really care.

"It's fine," I say as I wave my hand and flick my finger at the book.

A misty hand materializes and picks the book up off the ground, dusting the dust off the book and onto the front of Malfoy's robes.

Malfoy flicks some dust off of his shoulder before looking me in the eye.

"Well, you are learning yet," he states, a just the slightest hint of approval in his voice.

"Wow," I drawl, "was that a compliment?"

"No, just commenting on you beginner's luck."

I roll my eyes. This is why I despise him: he gives you a compliment, and just as you are feeling surprised and proud, he insults you. Just give me a break. It took me a while to learn the art of wandless magic and 'tapping.'

Wandless magic is definitely the easier of the two, but very few can do so, and many people don't even bother themselves with trying to learn. Wandless magic is pretty much described by its name, doing magic without a wand.

Although wandless magic is easier than tapping, it takes a lot of practice to position your fingers correctly and move your wrist the right way, and if you don't, things can happen. I learned this the hard way. My nails were a bright pink for the rest of the week, much to Lavender and Parvati's delight. I hadn't considered all the flirting the boys did after my little mishap.

The other thing that I hadn't considered when I started learning wandless magic was the discipline of the mind that was needed. I eventually went to Dumbledore for help, and he tutored me until he was killed. After mourning his death, I continued to practice and research about wandless magic.

Tapping is much harder to learn and master, so most people don't try to learn it. Some don't even know what it is. That was me for a while, but luckily, I came across a mention of it when I was doing a research on the origin of magic and the different types of magic that there are.

I found it fascinating that people could just use some of their magical potential and power to block and cast curses, hexes, jinxes, charms, and spells. After further research, I learned that tapped spells, jinxes, hexes, charms, and curses last longer, and they are more effective than any other type of spell, jinx, hex, charm, or curse made by a different type of magic.

I then decided that being able to tap would be a wonderful skill to have, and began to learn it. As I was learning, I kept researching, which led me to a surprising conclusion. In the books, it said that most wizards and witches would feel tired, drained, or even groggy after tapping. I hadn't felt any of the symptoms though, so I continued reading, and learned about being blessed.

When you are blessed, the magic inside of you already knows what to do, and it is just waiting for you to learn to control it. The other good thing about being blessed is that your magic doesn't only hold off spells, curses, hexes, jinxes, and charms, but it can form physical objects, including food, of course. I was ecstatic that I was blessed with tapping, and practiced for long hours, and soon, I was able to do every charm I knew to do with a wand.

I then asked around, and learned that Dumbledore knew how to tap, but since he had been killed, I couldn't ask him for tips. I kept asking around, and learned that most Pureblood families, such as the Malfoys and Zabini's, are blessed. Since I was too prideful to ask for help, I kept on learning by myself, until Millicent Bulstrode found me practicing.


"You're Millicent, right?"

"Yeah. Are you learning to tap?"

"In a way."

"What do you mean."

"I have all the basics and spells down, but it's hard for me to keep the spells going strong."

"Oh! I can help you with that, you know."



"Well, thanks. Why are you helping me though? Aren't you supposed to hate me like Malfoy?"

"Draco is just a stick in the mud about blood."

"Very funny."

"No, seriously. He's just jealous that you come from a muggle family, but know more than he does. You could say that he envies you, and shows his jealousy through hate. I'm not prejudiced like he is."

"Oh. I guess that kind of makes sense."

"So, let's see about that spell power."

Millicent and I became friends soon after, and she and her family fought with us during the war. The Malfoys were sentenced to fifty hours of community service, without wands, but weren't sent to Azkaban. It wasn't too surprising, seeing that they did help us, and save many lives. Narcissa saved Luna, Harry, Neville, and Lavender; Lucius saved Ron, Ginny, George, Colin, and I; and Draco saved Cormac, who came back to fight with us, Teddy, and Tonks, who was later killed as she knelt over Remus' dead body. The war was hard on many of us.

Draco opens his hand, and a ball of blue magic swirls in his hand. I tap some magic from myself and form my trademark ball of violet light before changing it to white as it winds its way up around my shoulders from my palm.

A wisp of green magic floats over to join Draco's, and I turn to see it coming from Blaise Zabini, who is definitely the most tolerable Slytherin.

Just then, the door bangs open and Snape walks in.

"Tapping Ms. Granger," he asks in a disapproving tone, "you just have to show off your skills."

"What's wrong with knowing how to tap," Ron fumes, his face more red than peach. His low-strength cyan magic starts sparking from his fingertips.

"Five points from Gryffindor for talking back," Snape sneers, his robes billowing out as he whirls around.

Ron looks as if he's about to say something more, but he decides against it, clamping his mouth shut tight.

Malfoy makes his way over to his seat as I diffuse my magic. If I wanted to, I could send a little beetle to pinch Snape, but that would just be childish.

The so-mentioned-teacher starts talking about an annoyance-reducing potion (which I need right now) when a sudden dizziness slams into me. I double over in pain as pins and needles course through my body.

After the feeling has passed, I open my eyes slowly, grimacing. The entire class is looking at me; Slytherins questioningly, while the Gryffindors are looking at me worriedly. It's completely silent.

"Five points from Gryffindor for interrupting the class," Snape barks.

I send an icy glare at him. I hate losing house points.

Suddenly, the feeling comes back and I grip the sides of my desk and let out a startled cry. After the pain passes yet again, I open my eyes. The whole potions classroom is looking at me, yet again.

"Ms. Granger, do you need to go to the hospital wing or will you stop the distractions?" Snape drawls, bored.

Normal teachers would care to some extent if their student was in pain, wouldn't you say? Not Snape. It certainly proves my point that he's no normal teacher. You also can't forget the fact that he double-crossed Voldemort and survived.

"I should be okay," I say, pretending to brush of the feeling.

As soon as Snape's attention is on poor Neville, I catch Harry's eye.

What is it, he mouths.

I don't know, I mouth back

Harry frowns.

Do you think that it is something dark?

I don't think so, but it's definitely unnatural.

Snape approaches Harry's desk, so Harry turns away and gets back to work on his potion.

Then, Ron turns to face me, a worried expression on his face. I stare hard at his parchment, and he gets the idea; Snape will deduct points if we're not working.

I turn back to my cauldron and continue working on my potion, tracing the holster on my hip which contains my new wand: Maple. 10 ½ inches. Unicorn tail hair for a core. Flexible, and not easily broken.

It's not too hard getting used to my new wand, but I still miss my old wand, which was snapped under Grawp's foot.

I shake my head to bring myself out of my thoughts, and get back to work on my potion.

Just as class is about to wrap up, the pain comes back, worse than it was the other times. The class blurs and then my vision goes fuzzy. The last thing I hear is that I hear is Harry and Ron yelling my name before the room goes black.

Sunday August 28, 1977

When I open my eyes to shake off the dizzy feeling, I realize that I'm not in the potions classroom anymore. I lift my head off the cold, hard, ground and observe my surroundings. It's hard to see in the dull light of the full moon, but I deduct that I am in the Forbidden Forest.

As I get up, I can't help but feel that something isn't right. It's impossible to apparate on Hogwarts grounds, so how did I wind up here? I remove my wand from my holster and look around for any sign of a living creature, or movement. There's nothing that calls to my attention, but I decide to keep my wand within my reach and get out of the Forbidden Forest.

"Ubiestius Locatalus Hogwarts," I whisper.

A thin trail of white mist comes out of the tip of my wand and snakes its way around trees in a path to Hogwarts. I clutch my wand in my hand and follow the trail back towards the castle.

As I'm following the trail, I hear a twig breaking from somewhere nearby. I whirl around, but nothing's there. I turn back to face Hogwarts, and as I am about to continue my trek onwards, I hear a snarl from behind me.

As I slowly turn around, I see a full-grown werewolf; it's glaring down at me with menace, saliva dripping slowly from its teeth. Its feral eyes bore into my mind, and I realize that I did miss something dark and sinister. It's the full moon; the night where werewolves come out.

As the werewolf takes a step towards me, I turn and run. My feet churn against the ground as I make my way towards Hogwarts. At last, I burst through the clearing. As I run, I cast a patronus to Dumbledore.

"Help," I croak as the werewolf gains on me, "I'm near the Forbidden Forest."

With a flick of my wand, my otter tumbles off towards Dumbledore.

I'm within ten feet of the doors when I stumble and fall over. As I try to get back to my feet, a large mass slams into me and I knock my head against the stone steps. I try and roll away, but am thrown into the air. I land hard on my back and try to crawl away, but the werewolf slaps me again. My head swims and I fight to stay conscious.

I try to send a hex at the werewolf, but it bats my wand out of my hand with its furry arm, snapping my wrist with a sharp crack. I can't help but scream in pain and in despair as I see my wand go flying through the air. The werewolf pins me down, and before I can do anything, I find myself in immense pain. I scream myself hoarse as black spots cloud my vision.

My left arm throbs, pins and needles run up and down my arm, the saliva of the werewolf circulating all throughout me. I moan as the werewolf rears back, ready to tear me to bits, now that he has found my blood and flesh to his liking.

Suddenly, a curse flies towards the werewolf, hitting his chest. The monster rears back, letting out a morose howl as another curse strikes him across the face.

As the wolf turns and flees, I feel myself being levitated off of the stone steps. The last conscious thought that passes through my mind is that I now am cursed lycanthropy; forever.

Friday September 2, 1977

When I re-awake, I hear two voices talking nearby.

"...the poor girl, bitten by werewolf."

"...wasn't Remus..."

"...was badly injured..."

"Where did she come from..."

"...why is there a Head Girl badge on her robes?"

"A Gryffindor..."

"...Forest at night."

"...never seen before."

"What shall we do?"

My head swims as I try to sit up. A lady pushes me back down, and I gladly do so. My eyebrows furrow as I realize how much she resembles Madame Pomfrey. The only difference is that she looks...younger.

But that's just downright impossible.

"Can you drink this potion for me?"

I raise a shaky hand to take the glass and raise it to my lips before realizing it could be poison. I bring the drink away from my lips.

"Why won't you drink it," she asks me.

"It could be poison," I croak as I back away.

The lady sighs.

"You are still very frail from your encounter with the werewolf, and if I were to hurt you while you were down, that would be cowardly of me. This potion will help you regain your strength."

I narrow my eyes at her, trying to see her clearly, but everything that I see is fuzzy. There is no easy way around this. I either die of the mind-splitting headache I have right now, or a possible poison. With a forlorn sigh, I down the potion.

Seconds after the potion trickles down my throat, my vision sharpens and my headache disappears. I push myself up off of the bed and take a look at the lady.

"Thank you...Madame Pomfrey," I say, trying out the name tentatively, hoping that she doesn't respond to it.

"How do you know my name?" she asks, sounding puzzled and surprised.

It can't be Madame Pomfrey. She's much too young.

I look to the left of Madame Pomfrey and see another familiar figure.

"Dumbledore?" I croak, staring at the younger version of the dead Headmaster.

"B-but you're dead," I stammer, truly confused, "and the walls aren't white, they're peach."

Dumbledore clears his throat. "What year is this, Ms..."

"Konoque," I supply, not sure if I can trust him with my true identity.

I swallow. "It's 1999."

"Ah," said Dumbledore sighs, looking at me with pity.

"Today is September second, in the school year of 1977-1978. It seems that you have gone 22 years back in time. You were found here on the Sunday, the 28th of August, and you have been out for four days."

I nod.

"What should I do?" I ask Dumbledore.

Dumbledore is silent for a minute before answering.

"Well, I guess that you could join in at Hogwarts while I try and find a way to send you back to your original timeframe. As I see you have a Head Girl badge on, I am guessing that you are a future seventh-year Hogwarts student, Ms. Konoque."

I clear my throat, playing at the risks of telling Dumbledore my real name.

"I'm actually not named Ms. Konoque, but Hermione Granger. I wasn't sure if I could trust you, so pardon me," I blurt out.

Dumbledore nods.

"I can understand."

"Well," I say, "since Lily Po-I mean Evans, is Head Girl this year, I guess I can be any random Hogwarts student, but I would prefer staying as a Gryffindor."

"Splendid. You will need to change your name and appearance so that you won't be recognized in the future, Ms. Granger," Dumbledore says with a cheery smile.

I mull over my name options. I want a name that represents something linked to my personality, yet unique. Finally, I decide to pick the name of one of my favorite movie characters.

"Liesel," I say with certainty. "Liesel...Ellen," I say, using a common first name.

"What would you like your middle name to be," Dumbledore asks me.

I think for a moment.

"Karma," I say, thinking back, or should I say forwards, to the justice that came to Snake-Face.

"Alright then, Liesel Karma Ellen, any nicknames?"

"'Lese," I answer as I unpin my Head Girl badge.

"Fine by me. Your cover story is that you went to a school in America called...Swish 'n Flick, but you decided to come to Hogwarts. You were sorted into Gryffindor office and your father is...a muggle. Try not to reveal anything that happens in the future to the students, please. You may tell some students, but be careful whom you trust. You were bitten by a werewolf, so when it is time for you to transform, you can do it with-"

"Remus Lupin," I finish.

Dumbledore nods.

"Alright then Ms. Ellen, please follow me to breakfast so that I may make the announcement about you joining," Dumbledore says as he makes his way out of the hospital wing and to the Great Hall.

I quickly put on a glamour that makes me have higher cheekbones, taller, slightly curvier, and tanner. I then cast a spell on my untamable brown hair, changing it into a deep black and straightening it. As we approach the Great Hall, I decide to leave my chocolate colored eyes the same.

Dumbledore enters the Great Hall, and I follow in behind him, aware of all the stares directed towards me.

Dumbledore raises his hands, and the hall falls silent.

"Students of Hogwarts, I would like to welcome a new student into our midst. This is Liesel Ellen. She has gone to school in an American school called Swish 'n Flick until now, and is a seventh year. Liesel has been sorted in my office, and would prefer the nickname 'Lese,'" Dumbledore announces.

There is a light round of applause and I get off stage to joined the Gryffindor table.

My eyes immediately dart over to Peter Pettigrew, and I resist the urge to severely injure him with my reacquired wand. My jaw tightens, but I force a smile onto my face as I recognize Harry's parents, Remus, Sirius, and many others.

"Welcome to the table of Gryffindor, for the noble, courageous, and brave," the Gryffindor table choruses.

As I seat myself, I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn my head and come face-to-face with Harry's mom, Lily Evans. As I look into her vibrant green eyes, I can't help but agree that Lily's eyes resemble Harry's, or rather, Harry's resemble Lily's.

"Hello Liesel. My name is Lily Evans, Head Girl," she tells me.

I shake her hand.

"Pleased to meet you," I tell her, truly pleased. If I get back to my original time, I can tell Harry about his mom.

"This is Gryffindor table. First things first; the people that you might want to avoid. That doofus over there is James Potter, Seeker on the Gryffindor team. Very vain. This is Peter Pettigrew, who is very quiet and doesn't ever hand in his essays in on time," Lily says with disapproval before continuing. "Sirius Black, brother of Regulus Black, who is a Slytherin. Shunned by his family for being Gryffindor."

Sirius snorts.

"They're not my family," he declares, stabbing a sausage with vigor.

The sausage flies off of his plate and smacks Remus in the face.

"Padfoot," Remus says warningly.

Sirius ducks his head before picking up the runaway sausage.

"The boy that was just hit in the head with the sausage is Remus Lupin," Lily says, ignoring Remus' cry of outrage at being called a boy. "Remus is the resident Hogwarts bookworm, and certainly the most tolerable of these four. They call themselves the Marauders. I'd keep away if I were you," she suggests.

"Hey," Sirius scowls, looking up from his plate, "that's not nice."

Lily sticks her tongue out at Sirius before turning back to me.

"Troublemakers if you ask me. I wouldn't recommend being friends with them, but certainly wouldn't recommend getting on their bad side either. They're good with charms and hexes."

I smile and continue eating.

Lily then introduces me to the girls. I can tell who most of girls are with one look. It is unnerving to know who they'll marry in the future. I shake my head to rid myself of the thoughts running through my mind.

When I feel a tap on my shoulder, I turn my head and come face-to-face with a scar-free Remus Lupin.

"Hello," he says pleasantly, "I'm Remus Lupin and I and pleased to meet you, Liesel. Don't mind what Lily told you about James, Sirius, Peter and I. We really aren't that bad. Lily is just kinda...not on the best terms with one of the Marauders Founders, James, so she isn't so approving of us."

I smile as Lily glares at Remus.

"Well, I can tell, you like doing homework and reading too, so we should get along just fine."

"You like doing homework and reading too?" he asks, his surprise evident.

"Yep," I answer.

"Thank god there is another person that knows the meaning of homework," Remus says, pretending to sound exasperated.

I can't help but laugh.

Lily smacks the back of Remus' head.

"I like doing homework too," she declares.

"Whatever," Remus mumbles.

Soon after, the food disappears and the Gryffindors get up from the tables.

As we all troop down to class, Lily starts pointing out the key features of Hogwarts.

"How can you act so casual?" Lily demands.

"Well," I say, feeling so much unlike my 'usual chatterbox self,' as Ron puts it; "I've read Hogwarts: A History over fifteen times, so I'm not that surprised, though Hogwarts is much cooler in person."

At this revelation, Remus' eyebrows shoot up.

"You have?" he asks, "so have I!"

When I hear this, I grin.

"Did you catch the mistake on page seventeen, paragraph seven, thirteenth word in the fifth volume?" I ask him.

"Yes," he replies, eyes brightening at the mention of the mistake.

After a quick discussion with Remus, I turn back to Lily.

"So, what class are we going to?" I ask.

"We are going to DADA with the Slytherins. You-"

I cut her off.

"-don't want to be friends with them. I read about the Slytherin-Gryffindor grudge in Hogwarts: A History," I say.

"Well," Remus says, "although a lot can be learned from books, dueling isn't learned that easily, so I hope you are good at dueling."

"Why?" I ask, suddenly alert.

"Because we're dueling today."

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