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Starlight Mist

September 7, 1999

"Ron, although I hate to admit it, that new Slytherin Keeper is pretty damn good. Rumor has it that he trained with the Seeker for the Chudley Cannons, Galvin Gudgeon."

Ron snorted.

"Would you believe me if I told you that your Aunt Marge is a witch?"

"No, but-"

As Harry and Ron continued arguing about which quidditch team was better, Hermione began reviewing her homework, her quill hovering above the parchment as she searched for any grammatical errors. No matter how many times the two boys tried to explain the joy of Quidditch, Hermione never understood the appeal of needlessly endangering her life, flying around on a charmed twig and chasing balls...she was a witch, not a dog.

Just as she flipped to the next page, the door to the Potions classroom opened and Draco strode through the door, closely followed by his ever-faithful lackeys. Swaggering past Snape's desk and then passing between her desk and Harry's desk, he knocked one of her books to the floor.

"Oh, I'm sorry...was that your book that just fell off of your desk?" he sneered, waiting to see her reaction. Hermione narrowed her eyes at him before flicking her finger at the book, watching as a misty hand materialized, picking her book off of the ground and placing it back on her desk.

"Well done, Granger. You are learning yet," Draco stated approvingly before continuing to the back of the room.

"Hey, Hermione...what was that just now?" her red-haired boyfriend asked curiously, tapping on her right shoulder.

"The hand? That was tapping, a rare form of magic that is used to cast curses, hexes, jinxes, charms, and spells. Essentially, it is a form of wandless magic that creates stronger spells. This is because you do not lose any of your magic by conducting it through a stick; instead the magic just flows. However, the catch is that you need to have either a full, or overfilled magical reserve.

"A magical reserve (MAG-RES) is like a box for containing your magic. If you have an empty MAG-RES, you are a muggle; if you have a quarter-filled MAG-RES, you are a muggle-born; if you have a half-filled MAG-RES, you are a half-blood; if you have a completely filled MAG-RES, you are a pure-blood; and if you have an overfilled MAG-RES, you are blessed.

"People who are blessed not only have more than the normal amount of magic, but can also use their magic with a lot more ease than those who are not blessed. Technically, since I am a muggle-born, I should have only a quarter of my MAG-RES filled. However, my MAG-RES is overfilled...I am blessed."

"Wicked," Ron breathed, staring at his girlfriend with a new found admiration.

"Do you have any idea why you have been blessed?" Harry asked from her left, his head tilted as he digested the new information.

"Dumbledore said that it might have something to do with-"

However, any explanation Hermione had was cut off when the door banged open and Snape glided through the door, his robes billowing around his legs as he came to a stop.

"Silence! I want essays up front, face up, and with the titles pointing towards the front of the classroom," he ordered, jumping right into class as the papers were slowly passed to the front of the classroom. "Today, we will be brewing the Visnox Potion, which roughly translates to Night Vision. This potion was discovered in 1963 and is used for gathering potions materials that can only be harvested at night. The ingredients for this potion-"

Hermione picked up her quill and prepared to scribble down the list of ingredients, but just as Snape opened his mouth to announce the first ingredient, a wave of pain shot through her stomach. Pins and needles coursed through her body, and her brain felt as though it was swirling inside her skull; as the feeling intensified, Hermione whimpered.

Finally, the feeling receded, and she opened her eyes to find the entire class staring at her. Her quill, which had been fully intact only moments ago, was now snapped in half, ink leaking all over her hands and onto her empty sheet of parchment paper.

"Miss Granger, is there something that you would like to share with the class?" Snape asked coolly, eyeing her with unimpressed eyes.

Hermione shook her head as the Slytherins snickered.

"In that case, five points from Gryffindor for interrupting the class."

With that, Snape turned back to the board, raising the stick a stick of chalk and writing down the ingredients for the Night Vision Potion. As Hermione reached down to her bag to extract a new quill, the feeling returned. The back of her neck began pulsing, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Her skin was burning hot and she was so dizzy that she couldn't tell which way was up and which was down. Letting out a startled cry as the feeling suddenly disappeared, she opened her eyes.

Yet again, the entire class was staring at her, only this time, there was no laughing.

"Miss Granger, do you need to take a trip to the hospital wing?" Snape asked, his face betraying no emotion, though the slightest hint of worry showed through in his voice.

"I think I'll be alright," Hermione answered, shakily getting back into her seat as she ignored Ron's distressed look.

"Then do stop interrupting my class and remain silent," Snape ordered, pining her under his strict gaze.

Her face a humiliated red, Hermione bowed her head and waited for Snape to continue with the lesson. However, the second that the greasy-haired potions teacher turned around, the pain returned...but it was worse than the previous two times. The classroom blurred and her vision went fuzzy.

Someone was screaming her name, their voice unrecognizable as her head started pounding, and she curled up in an attempt to shelter herself.

"Please..." she sobbed, clawing at her head. "Stop it...stop it!"

As her limbs began spasming, Hermione thought she heard someone yell something about a hospital wing, but she couldn't be too sure. The only thing that she knew was that she was in pain, she was dizzy, and her body was pulsing in a terrifying way. Hands latched onto her wrists and she felt herself stumbling forward...or was it to the side?

The last thing she heard was someone screaming her name before the room went black.

August 28, 1977

When Hermione opened her eyes, she immediately that she was no longer in the potions classroom, but lying on the cold, hard, ground of what she could only assume was the Forbidden Forest.

"What is going on?" she wondered, sitting up as she observed her surroundings. "It is impossible to apparate on Hogwarts grounds and there was no gut-hooking port key feeling, so how did I get here? Also, why is the moon out? Did I pass out or something?"

Suddenly, Hermione realized that something was wrong...there was absolutely no motion or sound.

Scrambling to her feet as a sudden stab of fear seized her, Hermione drew her wand. Her sharp caramel eyes immediately started scanning her surroundings for anything that looked out of place...but there was nothing that called to her attention, other than a small circle of trees.

Wait...weren't those trees the same trees where Voldemort had drank blood from the dead unicorn?

She was in the Forbidden Forest.

As her heart sped up, Hermione cast a Point Me spell and hurried back towards Hogwarts. Every once in a while, she thought that she heard the sound of a someone following her, but every time she turned around there was nothing there. Finally, Hermione reached the edge of the Forbidden Forest.

However, just as she took her first step onto the well-worn path back to Hogwarts, she heard a snarl from behind her. Whirling around, Hermione was met with a full-grown werewolf glaring down at me with menace, saliva dripping slowly from its teeth. As its feral yellow eyes bored into Hermione's mind, she realized that there had indeed been something wrong...

It was the night of the full moon, the night when werewolves come out.

A scream choked itself in her throat as the hulking beast took a step towards her, and she immediately took off for Hogwarts, her feet churning as the werewolf quickly gaining on her. Panicked, Hermione cast a Patronus.

"Help!" she screamed. "Forbidden Forest...werewolf...HELP!"

With a flick of her wand, Hermione instructed her otter to go to Dumbledore. However, it was only after her otter had pranced off towards Hogwarts that Hermione realized that Dumbledore was dead. Too scared to think up another plan, Hermione kept running. Jut as she reached the steps, she stumbled and fell. As she tried to get back to her feet, a large mass slams into her, knocking her head against the stone steps. Hermione desperately tried to roll away, but was thrown into the air. Landing hard on her back, Hermione tapped into her magic and tried to put up a shield, but the werewolf easily tore it down. Her head swam and Hermione fought to stay conscious as the werewolf slapped her into the air yet again.

Hermione tried once more to hex the werewolf, but it simply batted her wand out of her hand with its furry arm, snapping my wrist with a sharp crack. Screaming in pain, Hermione watched as her wand went flying through the air. The werewolf pinned her down, and as she struggled to free herself, found herself in immense pain. More pain than the Cruciatus Curse and more pain than what had happened in the potion much pain that Hermione screamed herself much pain that little, bright, white spots flew through her vision.

However, before the werewolf could do her anymore harm, a curse hit him square in the chest. The hairy, muscled monster reared back, letting out a morose howl as another curse struck him across the face. Hermione watched in confusion as the werewolf was chased away. Someone was telling her to stay strong as they levitated her, but Hermione was in too much pain to hear anything else.

The last conscious thought that passed through her mind was that she was now cursed with lycanthropy.


September 2, 1977

When Hermione woke up, the first thing that she noticed was that she was not alone. Somewhere to her right, two people - a man and woman - were conversing loudly.

"...she was bitten by a..."

"...not Remus..."

"...good condition..."

"Where did she come from?"

"...Head Girl Badge..."

"A Gryffindor..."

"...the Forbidden Forest..."

"Albus, she seems to be waking up."

It took a surprising amount of effort force her eyelids to open, and when they finally opened, Hermione gasped.

"Professor Dumbledore? Madam Pomfrey? But you two are both dead! A-Am I dead too? Was the werewolf just a dream? Was the pain in the potions classroom a stroke or something?" she stammered as she tried to sit up; however, the sharp pain in her left arm prevented her from getting any more than ten centimeters off the bed.

Madam Pomfrey blinked a few times before snapping back into her matronly persona.

"Let's start with regaining our strength before asking questions," she suggested as she poured the contents of a small vial into a glass and offered it to the distressed girl. Hermione nodded, then shakily raised the glass to her lips. The potion was bitter and was very coarse, but it did the trick. Her vision quickly cleared and she could feel strength returning to her limbs.

However, her left arm continued to hurt.

"Alright then," Dumbledore stated, sitting down on the bed next to Hermione. "I think that the best question to start with would be what year it is right now."

"1999. September 7, 1999," the brown-haired witch answered.

Dumbledore inhaled deeply.

"It seems that you have traveled twenty-two years back in time, as today is September 2, 1997. You were found here on August 28 and have been unconscious for four days. Judging by your robes, I assume that you are a student of the future Hogwarts."

Hermione nodded numbly, trying to process the unimaginable.

"I suppose that the best thing to do while we try to find a way to send you back to your original time would be for you to join Hogwarts for this school year. As you have the Head Girl badge, you must be a seventh year, Miss..."

"Granger. My name is Hermione Jean Granger. If I stay in Hogwarts, may I remain in Gryffindor?"

Dumbledore nodded before saying, "You may stay in Gryffindor, but it would be best for you to change your name and appearance. Also, I am afraid that we cannot have two Head Girls."

Hermione nodded understandingly before unpinning her badge.

"Would you like to chose your own name?" Dumbledore asked as he tucked her badge into his pocket for safe-keeping.

Hermione hesitated before answering.

"I have a name will be Liesel Karma Ellen."

Dumbledore did not ask questions, simply nodding.

"Miss Ellen, you have just transferred from the American school "Swish 'n Flick" and were sorted into Gryffindor in my office. Your father is a muggle and your mother is a lesser-known pure-blood. Please, try not to reveal anything that happens in the future, and be careful whom you trust with futuristic information.

"Now, the next order of business is the fact that you were bitten by a werewolf. This makes you a Lycanthrope, which I am sure you were already aware of. When it comes time for you to transform, you will be transforming in the Shrieking Shack with another Lycanthrope named-"

"Remus Lupin," Hermione answered as she tapped into her MAG-RES and cast a glamour.

A minute later, Hermione stood at 170 centimeters. Her facial structure had undergone minor changes, including higher cheekbones and a smaller nose, her skin had tanned, and her untamable brown hair had straightened into a deep black with hints of brown.

Her eyes, she left the same.

"Tapping," Dumbledore nodded. "Quite impressive, Miss Granger."

Hermione nodded, then asked, "Do you know where my wand is? I'm afraid that I lost it when...fighting with the werewolf."

"Ah," the headmaster nodded, drawing her wand from his pocket and offering it to her. Hermione thanked him, and just as she was tucking it into her battered thigh holster, Madam Pomfrey came back into the room.

"Here are the current Hogwarts robes," she explained, dropping a pile of clothes on the hospital bed.

Hermione nodded in gratitude, then waited for the Headmaster and friendly Matron to exit before sitting down on her bed. Her mind was whirling in shock as the fact that she had traveled to the past finally sunk in. Tears welled up in her eyes as she looked down at left hand, a silver ring with a gold feather twirling around it - an after-war gift from Harry and Ron.

"I miss you already," she sniffled before sliding off of the bed and stripping out of her uniform. Within minutes, she was dressed in the new, or was it old, uniform. The uniform consisted of a plain white button-up, a House tie, a v-neck jumper, a pleated skirt, black shoes, and a black robe. Straightening up, Hermione took in a deep breath and put on her confident attitude.

She was Hermione Jean Granger turned Liesel Karma Ellen, and she was going to rock this Hogwarts.

Minutes later, Hermione was standing at the end of the Gryffindor table as Dumbledore introduced her.

"Gryffindor students, I would like to welcome Miss Liesel Ellen to Hogwarts. Miss Ellen is an exchange student from an American school called Swish 'n Flick and will be joining the seventh-years. Please show her around Hogwarts and help her if she has any questions."

There was a light round of applause as Hermione took her seat.

"Welcome to Gryffindor, the table for the noble, courageous, and brave. My name is James Potter and I-"

"-am a terrible influence," another voice cut in. Hermione turned to her right and was met with a red-haired woman with vibrant green eyes...Lily Evans, or the future Lily Potter.

"Must you always make me out to be the villain?" James whined, poking Lily on the shoulder.

"My name is Lily Evans and I am the Head Girl. If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask," Lily continued, ignoring James. "Um...I guess that the next step would be introductions. Across from you is James Potter, troublemaker extraordinaire; to his right is Sirius Black, and to his left is Peter Pettigrew. Directly to your left is Remus Lupin, the resident Hogwarts bookworm. James, Sirius, Peter, Remus, and I are all also in seventh-year. The rest of us are down at the other end, so I guess that I can introduce you later."

Hermione nodded, looking around the table and trying not to betray familiarity with anybody she saw.

"So, what can we call you?" Lily asked as she poured herself a cup of water.

"Liesel is just fine," Hermione answered as she helped herself to some breakfast.

"How do you spell your name?" Sirius asked through a mouthful of food.

The now-black-haired time traveler paused before answering, "L-I-E-S-E-L."

"Cool," Sirius nodded. "I once knew a girl who had the same name, but spelled it L-I-E-S-L."

"So, Liesel," James spoke, "how come you have a British accent when you are an American exchange student?"

"My parents are British and we talked a lot on the phone while I was in America," Hermione answered, trying not to wince when she realized how lame the lie sounded. However, James just nodded and accepted her answer.

As Hermione took a bite of her sausage, she turn to her left, where a scar-free Remus Lupin was engrossed in a book.

"Hogwarts: A History?" Hermione asked, surprised, as she recognized the book.

Remus looked equally surprised, but quickly recovered.

"Yes. You have read it before?"

Hermione nodded vigorously, "It is my favorite book. I have read it around fifteen times already."

"So that is why you didn't get the first year googly-surprise eyes," Lily laughed, elbowing the black-haired girl in the ribs.

Hermione chuckled nervously, then quickly changed the subject, "So, what class are we going to next?"

"Defense Against the Dark Arts with the Slytherins."

"Do you have any idea what we are going to be doing today?" Hermione asked, hoping that she wouldn't need any books.

"Oh...just a little dueling."



Author's Note:

To everyone who is wondering why I chose the name Liesel Karma Ellen:

1) Liesel von Trapp is the oldest girl in The Sound of Music, the movie that my name came from.
2) Karma is the belief that your actions decide your fate in future existences, and this entire story is about the past and the future.
3) Ellen O'Hara from Gone With the Wind is considered "perfect", making her a representation of Hermione wanting to do things right.

A quick review of tapping and magical reserves (MAG-RES):

1) Muggles have no magic in their MAG-RES
2) Muggle-borns have ¼ of their MAG-RES filled
3) Half-bloods have ½ of their MAG-RES filled
4) Pure-bloods have all of their MAG-RES filled
5) Blessed have more magic than their MAG-RES can hold