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Who let the kids out? Who, who, who, who, who? Summertime is officially here for me and I am free from school. Here is yet another chapter, disclaimer included above. I also would like to ask for a little help with coming up for prank ideas - drop me a review! The chapter includes a small prank that was inspired by the talent school act performed by a few of the guys in my school. I must admit, it is much funnier in person than through writing.

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Starlight Mist

September 10, 1977
(Day 9 - The Past)

"Wake up, Liesel dearest! It is Hogsmeade Weekend!"

Hermione jolted upright, her wand immediately aimed at the loudmouth who had disturbed her deep slumber. She groaned as Mondita and Julie grabbed each other's hands and began jumping and dancing around the common room.

Kalante raised his head in confusion, but seeing that was only two cuckoo-birds making a racket, returned his head to its initial position.

"Seems like I'm not the only one who's annoyed," Hermione sighed, scooping the Slurpa into her arms and cradling him to her chest. Kalante trilled in agreement, snuggling under her blankets to block out the sound. Hermione watched, amused, as the bundle of blankets on Merida's bed groaned and turned over, hands snaking out to pulling a pillow under the covers, undoubtedly to block out all the chaos that Mondita and Julie were creating.

Eventually, the two girls managed to rouse everyone and wake them up past the point of no return to dreamy bliss. Finally, Amber had enough and thundered, "Would you two just put a cork in it, or will I have to jam my sneakers into your mouths?"

At that threat, the two girls promptly shut up and straightened up like soldiers preparing for an inspection. Well, at least they knew who the boss was.

"Great," Sam muttered, "you not only have woken everybody up, but you started Amber off on a bad foot. We are going to have a fun day, aren't we..."

Amber took a moment to glare at Sam before turning back to the two obnoxious girls, taking deep breaths.

Well, at least she is cooling down, Julie thought to herself.

"Mondita Shirley Glass and Julie Fayre, never in my life have I had such rude and inconsiderate roommates, and that is saying a lot! It is the weekend, and some people like to sleep in instead of being woken by the sound of their roommates singing like swine and dancing like hippos! Rude, rude, rude, rude, rude!"

Well then again, maybe not, Julie winced as she rubbed her ear, silently praying to Merlin that she would retain her hearing for at least five more years.

"Now, now," Sam said in a placating tone as she led Amber back to her bed and sat her down, "take deep breaths. We should probably figure out what our plan is for Hogsmeade."

"I am going to veto that," Merida interrupted. "Breakfast, then plans. No better way to start the day than a nice glass of pumpkin juice."

"Alright, fine," Sam sighed.

After everyone had brushed their teeth and changed out of the sleeping clothes, the group exited the room and headed towards the Great Hall. Much to Merida's delight.

Upon reaching the Great Hall, however, they were greeted with raucous laughter. One look around the hall and they knew that the boys were playing a prank. Each of the four boys were standing upon one of the tables, dancing crazily as the students copied their moves.

"The Locomotor Imitatus spell," Hermione identified. "Lasts about three minutes and causes recipients to imitate the moves performed by a caster. Typically used for duelling purposes, but this is interesting too. I assume the spell was cast upon the table, so that contact with the table puts you under control of the caster."

"Wicked," Merida laughed before running over to the Gryffindor table and touching the surface. As Hermione predicted, she immediately started doing the robot. Of course James would do the robot. How awkward.

Well, not as awkward as the other three boys were.

Hermione held back a snort as Sirius tried to tapdance, causing many of the Slytherins to howl and threaten revenge as they were forced to move their feet in a non-graceful manner that more resembled an elephant stomping a marshmallow repeatedly.

Peter was the leader of the Hufflepuff dance, which was mostly a lot of awkward wiggling and arm waving, whereas Remus was totally going for it, much to the Ravenclaws' displeasure.

Once the spell had finally wore off, Hermione took a seat, which turned out to be a grave mistake, as the ceiling immediately began dumping confetti and glitter as a banner declaring "Happy Hogsmeade Weekend!" burst forth from a massive display of fireworks.

As if that wasn't enough, a little parade of monkeys disperses throughout the room, enthusiastically clashing their cymbals and tooting their kazoos.


"Potter-Black-Pettigrew-Lupin!" Hermione shook her head as Professor McGonagall marched towards the four culprits, fire blazing in her eyes as she glared at them. "Must you four always be at the root of my problems? Clean up this mess immediately. Twenty points from Gryffindor...each."

The Gryffindor table groaned.

"Oh, Minerva, do lighten up! First Hogsmeade weekend always deserves a little bit of pomp!" Dumbledore declared, a twinkle in his eye. Was there ever not a twinkle in his eye?

Professor McGonagall protested, "But they clearly just violated the student-handbook-"

"Which nobody reads," Sirius piped helpfully.

"-and disturbed the peace of the other students."

"That may be true, Minerva, but I thought it was an excellent demonstration of the Locomotor Imitatus spell. about ten points each. Splendid spellwork, boys."

The wilted students of the Gryffindor table brightened a little, but the loss of forty points was still a blow to the morale. Not even a month into school and the four boys were already costing.

With a heavy sigh, Professor McGonagall retired her case, and the four boys returned to the table where they were both congratulated and chastised.

"They never learn, do they?" Mindy shook her head before flouncing off to peck Sirius...which quickly turned into a snogging session, which was no surprise.

After breakfast, the girls returned to their room to plan their time in Hogsmeade, a practice that Hermione had never done. Parvati, Padma, Lavender, and her other classmates typically did their own thing as Hermione ran around with Harry and Ron, whether to save the world or to keep them from getting in trouble.

Merida broke open her stash of snacks and passed around a bag of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans as Livi grabbed a quill and parchment to create the schedule.

"Okay, so what is the plan?" Livi asked, twirling her quill as she picked a jelly bean.

"Per usual, we want to spend time together, but we of course want to make sure that everyone's needs are covered. First things first, am I correct in assuming that you two," Julie directed her look at Amber and Mindy, "will be spending quality time with your boys?"

The two nodded.

A quick handful minutes later, Livi had worked out a schedule that met everyone's needs and allowed everyone some time of their own.

"So, we will be arriving at 1:00 and Mindy and Amber get three hours with the boys, and the rest of us are free to do whatever we want. At 4:00, we will meet up at Alyssa's Salon for some quality shopping time. Amber?"

"I sort of zoned out as we were planning-"

"No doubt thinking about her knight in shining armor-" Sam teased.

"-and just wanted to know whether you guys put Spintwitches on the list."

Livi nodded, "Of course. It is practically your favorite store. The other stores we are going to include Gladrags, The Little Things in Life, The Bookshop on the Corner, and Update. 5:00 is Accessorize, Honeydukes, Zonko's, Make a Statement, Dominic's Maestron, Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop, and Tomes and Scrolls. We return to carriages by 7:00."

"Good call, saving Tomes and Scrolls for last," Mondita nodded approvingly. "Otherwise we would never get Lily and Liesel out of there."

The two bookworms scowled, but knew it was true.

"And there we are," Livi announced. "Maybe we'll actually stick to the plan this time."

"I doubt it," Lily laughed. "There is always something that comes up. Now, for the time being we should get any Monday homework out of the way, and do chores."

The gaggle nodded then dispersed.

"Can I have some help over here?" Amber asked as she struggled to cram all of her Quidditch equipment into her trunk. "Someone grab that Quaffle?"

"Are you a witch or not," Hermione sighed, drawing her wand and expanding the sportsy girl's trunk for her. Amber stared, dumbfounded, "Why didn't I think of that? Seven years of trying to find a way to fit all my stuff in there, and I never thought of an expanding charm."

"Sometimes the simplest of answers are right in front of our faces," Mindy laughed, throwing a pillow at Amber while she was too shocked to react.

Hermione laughed, then returned to her bunk. How was it that she had met these people only nine days ago? It seemed like she had known them for a lifetime. Granted, she knew some of their future children, but it still felt amazing.

As she packed her textbooks into the back of her trunk, she found herself thinking of Harry and Ron again. How were they doing? Biting her bottom lip, she hoped that they were keeping up with their schoolwork and not worrying too much about her.

She snorted. Who was she kidding? They were probably going berserk, trying to figure out what had happened to her.

The time traveler flopped down on her bed, grabbing Swiftly the Words Shall Flow off of her bedside stand and cracking it open to the last page she had been reading, and immersed herself in Huber Hammelton's poems, thinking deeply about each and every word.

Before she knew it, lunch had arrived and Merida was yet again encouraging the group to hurry up so that they could get to the food.

"Just a reminder, grab everything you need right now. Wands, clothes you need repaired, and all that good stuff," Sam advised, grabbing an instrument case out from under her bed.

"I didn't know you played," Hermione commented as they headed out of the Gryffindor common rooms and down the hallway towards the Great Hall.

"I broke my bridge last year and forgot to take it home to repair over the summer," Sam replied. "That being said, it is also about time for a little maintenance. Do you play a musical instrument? You seem like you would be good at it."

Hermione laughed, "No way. My cat is probably more musical that I."

"You have a cat?" Mindy inquired.

"Yeah, he's back at home," Hermione answered flippantly. "Name is Crookshanks, and I swear he is one of the smartest cats I have ever met."

"Do you miss America?"

Hermione frowned, "I guess. It would be fun to take a trip to visit with you guys at some point, I suppose."

"Just imagine," Merida sighed dreamily. "All the food. I've never had an American cheeseburger before. And rotatoes, and corndogs, and milkshakes, and bacon-wrapped hot dogs, and Philly cheesesteaks, and turkey legs, and-"

"You know that those foods can be found in places other than America, right?" Hermione asked, raising a questioning eyebrow.

"Yeah, but I want the American experience of eating them," Merida pouted.

"Oh dear," Mindy and Sam sighed at the same time.

Hermione merely shook her head.

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