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Naruto's eyes shone brightly, reflecting the colourful world around him. The sun had long since set which only made the scene more beautiful was fire in lanterns painted the pathways while people were adorned in floral yukatas. The young boy had no real idea what the festival was for, nor did he care. All he saw was an amazing world waiting to be explored and within moments his little feet were moving as he ran down the street.

"Yosh, if I cannot scoop at least ten goldfish then I'll do two thousand push ups on my knuckles," boasted a spandex clad shinobi as he knelt by a nearby stall drawing Naruto's attention. The blond came to the conclusion that the person was a ninja from the jacket that he wore but his eyes were focused more on whether this person would succeed in his quest. Two thousand was a big number after all.

Naruto did his best not to laugh as the person failed upon their first attempt.

Moving on to the next stall, Naruto shuffled with the money in his pocket before handing the salesperson a handful of coins. In exchange he was given an overly large mass of pink fluff upon a stick and without any delay the young boy dove into his cotton candy.

"Having fun Naruto?" said Sarutobi from nearby, nearly making the child drop his food.

"You scared me gramps," said Naruto before taking another bite of his food.

"It's good to see you enjoying the festivities, this event occurs every ten years and it's a time where everybody is able to get out and have some fun, myself included," said the Hokage as he scratched at the beard upon his chin. "Such a shame though it only lasts the one night before packing up and moving along."

"Aww, can't it stay longer," whined Naruto. "Since you're the Hokage can't you make them stay?"

"Sadly the world doesn't quite work that way," said Sarutobi as he ruffled the child's hair. "In six months time the winter festival shall come around so you can look forward to that. Now run along and enjoy the festivities while it lasts."

Nodding in understanding, Naruto shoved the rest of his cotton candy into his mouth before running off at top speed, determined to enjoy the night ahead. Sarutobi smiled as he watched the boy having a good time and just hoped that he didn't cause any trouble. Turning around, he paused momentarily as he witnessed one of his shinobi on his knuckles and toes ploughing through push ups like no tomorrow. Shaking his head, the Hokage made his way through the crowd planning on enjoying the night as well.


Naruto rubbed his eyes in order to prevent himself from falling asleep in the middle of the street. It had taken hours to venture to each and every store to see what they had on offer. Now though all of the stores were closed, the lanterns extinguished and the streets devoid of life. Come the following morning people would get to work taking down the stalls and by the afternoon it would look as if the festival had never taken place.

"You've met with a terrible fate haven't you."

Had Naruto been more awake at that moment he may have jumped in shock but he was still somewhat frightened nonetheless as he looked at the person who had spoken to him. Sitting behind a stall was a man wearing a purple cloak and was squinting so hard that it made it look as if his eyes were closed.

"Terrible fate?" asked Naruto not understanding what the person had said.

"Ah, do not think me rude but I was merely reading your face, those whisker marks upon your cheeks would look excellent upon a mask," said the salesman as he pointed to the masks he had handing from the top of the stall.

Naruto looked at the masks and couldn't help but wonder why he hadn't seen this stall before. Turning his head both left and right he recalled going to both of those vendors (one of which had been selling chocolate that tasted so good) but somehow he had seemingly bypassed this one completely. "You sell masks?" asked Naruto, the simplicity of the question not fazing the salesman in the slightest.

"Indeed, I travel all across the world in search of masks and I do my best to bring happiness to everyone," he explained.

"Happiness?" repeated Naruto to which the man nodded in agreement.

"In your eyes I can see that you are not happy," he said. "The joy and wonder that a child should have is lacking, if your face was a mask it would be nothing less than a work of art."

"I'm happy enough, see," said Naruto as he did his best to spread a smile upon his face.

"Perhaps, but perhaps you could buy one of my items and not only will you feel happy but I will be happy to," said the salesman as he pointed to his stock.

"I'm sorry, I've spent all my money," apologized Naruto.

"...I see," said the man as he did his best to not get infuriated at the child before an idea sparked. "For giving me this conversation I shall give you a gift."

"A gift, really?" questioned Naruto as his face beamed in excitement.

"This is an item that I picked up upon my travels and I have no use for it myself," said the salesman as he held out his hands, an ocarina held within them. "The person of whom gave this to me said that the sound of this instrument could soothe souls and cause people to fall into a deep slumber. They gifted it to me and I in turn will now gift it to you."

Naruto took the instrument in his hands and looked at it puzzled. He wasn't a musician by any means but he could understand how to play the item, it wasn't too hard by the looks of it. The blond couldn't say anything against the present; at least it looked cool with the golden band circling the mouthpiece.

"Thank...you," said Naruto as he lifted his head to find that the mask salesman had disappeared, the spot where the stall had been now completely empty. Spinning around, Naruto couldn't find any proof that the person who had just given him the ocarina had been there at all and since he had been the only one left on the street he couldn't ask anybody if they had seen him. Looking back at the instrument in his hands, Naruto made his way back home wondering if he would ever see the nice person again.

Far away at the edge of the village, a man clothed in purple carried an overly large bag upon his shoulders and couldn't help but smile at what he had done. It wasn't too often he made people happy without the use of masks but the smile upon the boy's face was worth it and hopefully with that instrument Naruto could make people happy too. Stepping forward, he didn't even turn his head to look back at the village.

"I wonder what masks I'll find on this journey," he said before vanishing into nothingness.


Even with it being as late as it was, when Naruto got home the first thing he did was switch on the light and place the instrument to his lips. Breathing in through his nose, he pressed his fingers over all but one of the holes before blowing into the mouthpiece.

Deep inside Naruto, a single ear perked up at a sound it had not heard in a long time.

As Naruto experimented in how every note sounded, Kuruma lifted his head at the sound being made. Even though hundreds of years had passed he would never forget the sound of the instrument being played by the child whom he was sealed inside. Truthfully he never thought he would hear the notes ever being played again and he knew that the child had no idea what he was holding.

The ocarina he was holding was forged and played by his father, simple songs being able to change it from day to night and other miraculous events if played correctly. As his jailor placed the instrument down and went to bed with a yawn, Kuruma placed his head back down upon his paws and unconsciously began humming one of his favourite tunes. One day he would teach the child all of the songs that he remembered, if only to make sure that he heard them at least one more time.

Little did he know that as he was humming, Naruto had fallen asleep and deep within the depths of his mind a small tune was being heard.


Sarutobi looked upon the village with a smile plastered upon his face. He had just finished giving out the final mission of the day and he now stood upon the top of the academy, the school beneath him devoid of children with it being the weekend. He knew that his office was calling him, the amount of paperwork he still had to go through immense in size.

With a sigh of defeat, Sarutobi turned but not before hearing the growl of thunder above him and a single raindrop falling upon his hat. Lifting his eyes skyward, he saw that the bright sky he had been admiring only moments earlier had become covered with black clouds that began to spit out a handful of raindrops. As seconds passed the intensity of the rain increased before it became a torrential downpour.

The Hokage meanwhile only stood there in disbelief wondering how this had just occurred. From his bedroom window, Naruto looked out in wonder and awe, the ocarina still clutched within his hands.


Hope you enjoyed.