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"That's quite the interesting story," said the red haired man as he slowly stroked his beard. While having first been caught off guard by the young boy's appearance he took the entire ordeal in stride and actually enjoyed the child's enthusiasm as he talked about his adventure.

"Somehow I think I'm going to have even more of a story to tell Jiji when I get back to Konoha," said Naruto brightly with a large smile plastered across his face.

"As a warning child, while here I would suggest not talking about where you have come from," offered the man as he poured himself a cup of tea. "There's bad blood between the two countries you see."

"Blood can run between countries?" asked Naruto completely confused by what the man had said.

"Sorry," he said apologetically as he realised he would have to make his words a little simpler to understand. "What I meant to say that because of what has happened in the past, the people here don't really like Konoha that much."

"Why, Konoha's an awesome place!" exclaimed Naruto praising his hometown.

"I'm sure it is," said the man as he leant across and ruffled Naruto's hair both to the annoyance of the blond haired child. "Considering you heard this song that transported you here by listening to a giant sand raccoon as you called it, I believe that you were sent here for a reason. What reason that is I am unsure but if you are willing to learn than I am willing to teach."

"You're going to teach me?" questioned Naruto as his eyes grew wide in excitement.

"You stated that you wanted to become a ninja, and I can see in your eyes that you want to learn how to do so. Something tells me, that even though this sounds like an idea that would not be approved of by my village, I see no reason why not to. First however I believe proper introductions are in order."

"Uzumaki Naruto, and I'm going to be the next Hokage!" boasted Naruto as he pointed to his chest, puffing it out as much as he could.

"I think it would be an honour to know that I had a roll in training the next Hokage," said the man with a light chuckle. "The name's Roshi, and I'm your new sensei."

"Alright sensei, what are you going to teach me?" asked Naruto practically bouncing up and down on his seat in anticipation.

"Tell me, have you ever heard of Shogi?"


Darkness had long since settled over Konoha and the Hokage had not since moved from his office since witnessing the disappearance of the closest thing he currently had to a grandchild. During that time he had had Danzo summoned to his office and demanded to know whether or not the old war veteran had had anything to do with what Sarutobi had witnessed. It was disappointing to know that Danzo had nothing to do with the spectacle and left the leader of the village with no further leads than what he had started with. He had the Inuzuka clans trying to track the boy by scent but apart from his apartment and the local areas that he hung about, none of them could get a whiff of the boy.

Quite simply, Naruto had vanished into thin air.

Rubbing his eyes between his fingers, for once in recent memory Sarutobi felt like he had failed his successor. He was one of the very few who knew of Naruto's heritage and had hoped to have watched the beaming smile upon the boy's face when he learnt the he was the child of his hero. Before that even, the day when he presented the blond with his very own headband, signalling him as a ninja of the village and on his way to becoming Hokage.

"Are you alright Hokage-sama?" asked Sarutobi's assistant who stood in the doorway. Despite office hours having closed many hours prior she had felt that it would have been wrong if she simply up and left when the leader of the village was in such a predicament. Unlike many of the people within the village, she didn't feel a strong hatred towards Naruto and because the boy continued to come visit the Hokage so often she had gotten to know him solely as a kid.

Nothing more.

"I'm fine Julin," said the Hokage not even bothering to turn towards her as the first droplets of rain began to sprinkle upon the glass window. "I would suggest heading home shortly, it looks as if a storm is coming. I wouldn't want you to get sick."

A gentle smile crossed Julin's lips before a light sigh escaped her lips. "I guess I better put the kettle on then, Jasmine as usual I take it?" she asked. Without bothering to wait for an answer she left Sarutobi to his thoughts, knowing that the tea would help calm him down at least that little bit.

Little did she know just how thankful Sarutobi was because of her actions. Despite that though his spirits were only raised by the barest of margins as he wondered just what Naruto was doing right now.


"Let's play again," said Roshi as he started setting up the pieces on the board once more for what would be the fourteenth match between the two of them. Not once through any of the games had Naruto managed to take a single piece from the older opponent, not even when the young boy had tried to take a piece off the board.

"Can't we play something else?" moaned Naruto having gotten sick of the game.

"If you want to become Hokage, this is something you'll need to know in life," stated Roshi.

"How to play board games?" said Naruto tilting his head to the side in confusion.

"No," said Roshi squinting his eyes slightly, "How to strategize."

"Strategize?" repeated Naruto having never heard of the word before.

"Throughout all of these games, you have tried the same tactics with the same result," explained Roshi. "Your mind is constantly on the offensive, wanting to deal devastating blows quickly in order to finish off your opponent. Now tell me, if you were fighting a ninja from a rival village would you use the same tactic to ensure that they were defeated?"

"Of course," said Naruto without hesitation.

"Then you would be dead," said Roshi making Naruto swallow whatever it was that he was going to say. A pause hung in the air before Roshi solidified his point. "Your frame of mind at the moment is very focused on what you are doing and you alone when what you should be thinking of is how you should react to what your opponent is doing, both in games and out in the real world. In a battle against shinobi, if all of your thoughts are solely on how to defeat your opponent then they are going to respond by fighting defensively and waiting for you to wear yourself out and leave an opening for them."

Naruto nodded in understanding and while some of the words had gone over his head he had understood most of what Roshi was saying. Calming down slightly, Roshi spoke again but with a more peaceful tone. "We'll play one more round before we call it a night, this time however I want you to think of how to play using only a defensive strategy making sure that you are doing your best to prevent me from taking your pieces."

"Okay," said Naruto happily as he made the first move, his eyes no longer just watching his side of the board but Roshi's as well. However with how late it was it wasn't long after the game had started that Naruto's eyelids began to feel heavy and his concentration began to wane. Slowly but surely, the child lowered his head onto the board and fell asleep and a smile managed to cross Roshi's face in the process as had Naruto stayed awake for one more move he would have claimed his first piece of the night.


Slowly but surely the sun began to rise to bring light to a new day and the people of Konoha went about their business as if nothing strange was going on. Yet rumours did begin to spread due to the fact that nobody had seen hide nor hair of the Kyuubi brat and due to all of the ninja snooping around the place the previous day people were talking about anything from where they were looking to dump the body to the kid having killed himself in some dank alleyway. While all of these could be no further from the truth, the result seemed to have an ill gotten effect on the town as some people began to panic wondering if the Kyuubi would attack them again. On the other side of the spectrum some civilians were already inviting their friends and family over so that they may drink to the death of the monster in human clothes.

The Hokage for one paid no attention to these preaching's as he went about his business, knowing that above all else he still had a duty to the village and throughout all of the chaos that had gone about the previous day he had fallen behind on paperwork and assigning missions to the village. While he did his best to make things look like they were normal there was this inkling in the back of his mind that not everything was alright.

"Are you alright Hokage-sama, your youth seems dampened this fine day," stated Guy as he stood nearby. Both he and Kakashi had been summoned before the leader of the village who had been rooted to the spot with his head burrowed in his work and hadn't even noticed that two of his finest shinobi were in front of him.

Lifting up his head, Sarutobi finally acknowledged both of the shinobi before him. "You'll have to excuse me," he apologized. "I hope you can understand that I have been a little under the weather as of late."

Neither Kakashi nor Guy said anything knowing just what their leader was potentially thinking. They too had been put on the job to try and find the lost blond child but neither of them had been able to come up with anything conclusive other than he was no longer within the confines of the village. That, in itself, was a scary thought.

"Kakashi, Guy," said Sarutobi finally acknowledging the pair, his eyes drooping ever o slightly from the lack of sleep. "I'm sending you two on a very special assignment."

"Of course," said Kakashi with a slight bow.

"Indeed Hokage-sama, we shall accomplish this task with all the youth we can muster," stated Guy with a blinding smile. "If we cannot do this I shall lift a hundred boulders to the top of the Hokage monument, and if I cannot do this I shall..."

"That's quite alright Guy," said Sarutobi doing his best to prevent the eccentric Jonin from going any further than necessary. "While officially I have called off the chase for Naruto, I want the two of you to track him down to the best of your abilities. From Suna to Kumo, I do not care how far you travel. All I want is for him to be returned here safe and sound. I know that this will be along task, one which may take several years but I beg of you, please bring Naruto back to Konoha."

"Consider it done Hokage-sama," said Guy with a bow.

"You can count on us," reassured Kakashi, bowing alongside his partner for the mission. "We'll bring Naruto back in no time."

"I hope so," said Sarutobi as he laced his fingers in between one another. "Find him as soon as possible, I beg of you."

Both of the Jonin had nothing to say to the pleas of the Hokage and they both left without another word, knowing that saying anything else may accidentally rile their village leader more than necessary. This of course could have been potentially avoided provided Guy didn't go off on a tangent of the power of youth but one could only hope. "Where to first my eternal rival?" asked Guy wondering just where Kakashi would want to venture towards for their first stop of their journey together.

"We'll head towards Suna and ask them whether or not they have seen anything in regards to Naruto," said Kakashi as he contemplated what to do. "Depending on what information we find we'll plan our next move from there."

"Yosh, I shall meet you in front of the main gate within the next fifteen minutes then," said Guy as he rushed off in order to pack enough gear to last him an extended period of time. While this would be an extended mission, the spandex clad Jonin knew that he needed to pack light as time would be of the essence and he couldn't have unnecessary objects weighing him down.

Other than the weights he had upon his shins of course.

"Sounds good, meet there shortly," said Kakashi before the two Jonin split ways in order to begin packing their separate loads of equipment. For once packing the smut he commonly read was not a priority and thus would not be finding its way into his luggage. Considering his sensei's son was at stake, reading porn would have to wait.


Rubbing his eyes, Naruto was slow to rise from the couch and at that moment he looked from side to side wondering how he had ended up on the couch of all things with a warm blanket atop his small frame. Rolling his legs off the side and allowing his feet to touch the ground, recalling that this was not his own house that he had camped in but rather Roshi's who he had seemingly befriended the previous day. Despite not knowing where the elderly man was at the moment, it didn't take long for Naruto to hear the sounds of grunting outside and eagerly stepped out the front door to see what was happening.

To see his sensei going through a vigorous was exciting for Naruto, the blond haired child dashing forth to learn whatever it was that his sensei had in store for him. In this moment of excitement however he failed to notice a small prick on the backside of his hand, a golden triangle shining brightly momentarily before fading as if it never existed. This sensation was felt as well by two other children who resided within Konoha, none of them knowing just what destiny had in store for them.


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