Chapter Seven: Wait, What?

"Anna, I have not been entirely honest with you. I am not exactly who you believe that I am…" She bit her lip and kept wringing her hands. "I do not know exactly how to explain this, so I suppose show and tell will work well enough."

The redhead shook her head in confusion. "I'm sorry, I'm confused. What do you mean?"

"Close your eyes, Anna," the blonde mandated cryptically. Her companion did not seem to understand, but she obeyed the command anyway. Elsa swam to the bit of shore that was the closest to Anna and slowly but surely dragged her body onto the sand until her tail was mainly exposed. She took a deep breath to steel herself for the redhead's reaction. If proper behavior in meetings had not been drilled into her since childhood, she would have shaken like seaweed in the currents and her words would have failed her. As such, she said, "You may look now." Anna's eyes flew open and soon appeared as if they would fall right out of her head. Elsa delicately flicked her tail and an arc of water shot overhead; a few droplets fell on Anna's forehead. "I am what you surface dwellers call a 'mermaid'."

"What, what?"

"Please do not, oh what is it that you humans say?" Elsa paused and thought for a few seconds. "Freak out?" Elsa half asked, half spoke. She closed her eyes and held her arms out in front of her face to protect herself from the backlash that she anticipated from the feisty ginger girl.

"I'm not freaking out," Anna said somewhat calmly, before squealing, "This is the coolest thing that's ever happened to me!"

Now it was Elsa's turn to utter her companion's catch-phrase. "Wait, what do you mean?" Her eyebrows shot up as her eyes widened in shock.

"I'm meeting a mermaid, Elsa," Anna said, looking at her friend incredulously. "How do you not see how cool this is?!"

Elsa cocked an eyebrow as she responded, "Because I am a mermaid?"

"Touché." The redhead grinned. "Well my best guess was that you were missing a leg anyway. Technically I was right; you only have one leg type thing." At this, Anna began laughing hysterically. "Wow, I crack myself up. That was a good one."

Elsa stifled a grin and a laugh. "I suppose you were partially right." She paused for a moment before asking, "How are you so calm about this Anna?"

"Well, I guess I've always believed in supernatural things and myths. Now that you're proving me right, I'm just so excited." As if to prove her point, she was nearly bouncing. Elsa was surprised that her companion hadn't fallen off of her rocky seat yet. "Alright, now I have a few questions for you." The blonde rolled her eyes, but the smile on her face showed that she was not truly annoyed. "In Atlantis, did you ever need to drink? I mean, you're surrounded by water obviously. But, people need to drink water so maybe mermaids and mermen do too?" Anna thought about her question again for a moment before realizing how ridiculous she sounded. With a sigh, she said, "I don't know; this question was stupid."

With a small chuckle, Elsa replied, "Atlantis is a myth."

"Oooo no, that's just what you want me to think," Anna said in the most serious tone she could muster. Elsa couldn't keep her composure any longer and began cackling hysterically. She laughed so hard that she ended up rolling back into the water. "It wasn't that funny Elsa," the redhead said with a pout. Although your laugh is adorable, she thought.

"Yes, it was." Elsa managed to pull herself together and stop laughing after a full two minutes.

Anna rolled her eyes at her friend's antics and began to compare and contrast the two of them, without stating the obvious (being tail and legs), in hopes that Elsa might give her a bit more insight into the mermaid's life, or mermaid life in general. She began by listing some of the things she actually knew about her friend. "Well, your hair color's great. Your seashells are hot. You only talk a little-" Elsa cut her off there.

"And you talk a lot," she shot back with a small eye roll, the comment's bite dimmed by the smile shining on her face.

"Your home is the sea. My home is the land." Well, maybe she did state the obvious just a little bit.

Elsa sighed wistfully as she reached out to grab a handful of sand and let it fall through her fingers. "I would give almost anything to step in the sand."

Anna continued her list, noting the sad look on Elsa's face as she spoke about the land. "I'm young and homebound. Where I live now is my childhood home. I haven't been back here since I was five."

"I am stuck in line for the throne," Elsa countered, looking away from her friend. She hadn't quite meant to spill that secret yet.

"You're a queen?" the redhead exclaimed in shock, wondering how this had not come up in conversation before now.

The mermaid sighed and responded, "Well, not technically. Not yet at least. I will be queen one day. For now, I am simply the heiress apparent, the princess of my kingdom."

"That's so cool!" Anna gushed, her childhood dreams of being a princess all coming back to her.

"I would rather be disowned," Elsa confessed softly, staring into the depths of the water. "It romanticizes isolation. The only things I am permitted to do are stay in my tower alone and go to my lessons." The girl paused, unsure of how to phrase her thoughts. "You are the first real person I have ever spoken to, aside from parents and servants."

"I guess I know how you feel." Anna looked down, not wanting to meet her friend's eyes as she suddenly poured her heart out and bared her soul. "I've been traveling for almost my entire life with my parents. I've spent my life basically on vacation, trying not to think of what hurt me and what was real." She shook her head slightly as she tried to get out of that sad mindset. "I don't particularly like reality. It's a bit of a downer."

"Yeah, life can really get you drowned," the mermaid replied ironically.

Anna laughed at the irony. "Drowned? How do you even know what drowning is? You're a mermaid for goodness sakes!"

Elsa rolled her eyes and changed the subject. "So, a girl as pretty as you must have a mate. Who is the lucky merman?"

The redhead blushed furiously at both the compliment and the insinuation. "Well, I have a semi-almost boyfriend. His name is Kristoff. But, I'm not sure if he's the right guy… well, person for me." I prefer you, she thought. "What about you?"

"As I previously said, you are the first real person I have ever spoken with," Elsa replied patiently.

"You did say that a minute ago, didn't you?" Anna sighed. "Sorry."

"It is alright; I understand perfectly," the blonde said.

Anna decided to ask the question burning in her mind, manners be damned. "Do you like guys or girls? Well, mermen or mermaids?" she blurted out.

Elsa's cheeks flushed a brilliant red that contrasted sharply against her pale complexion. "I do not have much experience, but I believe that female mates are my preference." You are my preference, Anna, she thought. She paused, asking "Is that something that others find strange?" Not that I am not already strange enough, she thought.

"No, not at all. I mean, it used to be. But now that's how a lot of people are." Including me. Wait, what?

The blonde smiled softly. Good. I am not so much of a freak, she thought. "Good." She glanced away from Anna and fiddled with the snowflake that hung at her collarbone.

Anna was watching for her friend's reaction and saw a small detail that had escaped her notice earlier. "Wait, why the gloves?"

Elsa froze. This explanation thing was much more difficult than she had ever imagined it would be.

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