Dear Readers,

I'm so sorry I haven't updated like I used to. One, I'm still writing all the chapters. Two, I'm trying to start a huge project that should be off the ground October 15th. This project shouldn't take away from my stories, though the startup has a lot of research involved, because I'll have help. However, just in case it might, I'll try to update once a month for each of my stories.

However, I have exciting news! The project I'm doing is a YouTube fanfiction series! So, if you're interested in story art and voice acting, I have positions available! I should be able to start auditioning by the 15th of October, but I'll keep everyone posted. The fanfiction I'm going to start with is called "It's Daniel Masters Now". It's a Danny Phantom fanfiction, but it's a great way to start having your works and careers. And, don't worry about having to give out real names or photos. I have a way were you can audition and practice with us as a group anonymous. All I need is your username—or pseudonym—and a picture of your choice (it doesn't have to be a real picture of you). It can be a picture of a pet, a fan art, a random picture you drew, etc.

If you're interested in auditioning please PM me or email me at dragonsoul842 aol . com. These are the positions I have available:

Voice Actors

Character Designer

Background Artist

Opening/Theme song submissions

Tech. Jobs of your choice

Script Editor


And, if you'd like: suggest other stories you might like to see on YouTube.

Thank you for your time!