"Born of cold and winter air

And the mountain rain combining

This icy force both foul and fair

Has a frozen heart worth mining"

Anna's parents had always told her to never go near the North Mountain. It was as dangerous as it was cold, and there was a rumor that a wicked Ice Witch dwelled at its peak.

Of course, Anna was never one to heed warnings very well, and at the curious age of 10, she found herself wanting to meet this supposed "wicked Ice Witch". She had never stopped to consider the possible dangers that awaited her decision.

So, after her parents had both tucked her in and bid her 'goodnight', she slipped out of bed and quickly put on some warm clothes. Opening her door just a crack, she peeked out to make sure the halls were empty, which they were.

Holding in a mischievous giggle, she scampered down to the kitchens to pack a small basket with chocolates and tiny cakes. (The witch couldn't get mad at her if she brought her some tasty goodies, right?) Hopefully she wouldn't eat them all herself before she got there.

The moon was bright tonight, and sneaking out of the palace was easy since she did it all the time to go play with her best friend Kristoff and the other kids. The streets of the town were empty, save for a few stray cats that had yet to settle in for the evening. Anna crossed the bridge and found herself at the edge of the forest, she paused. Here goes nothing!

Her first few steps into the wilderness had been slow, cautious, as if some great beast would swoop down and gobble her up. But after a few moments of tentative paces, Anna had decided that it was absolutely 100 percent safe and her parents were just big worry warts. She pranced along without a care in the world. Wait 'til I tell Kristoff! I'm like a real life adventurer!

She finally made it through the woods, arriving upon a glistening field of white powder. Anna took a moment to fall forward into the soft snow, waving her arms around to make a snow angel. It would have been a funny sight to any onlookers, as only a tuft of wriggling red hair was visible in the thick white blanket.

"This is so much fun!" Anna exclaimed as she leapt up to admire her handy work. At that moment she decided that she would have to do this whole 'exploring' thing again.

With renewed gusto she pranced her way through the snowy field. The tip of a shiny crystalline tower came into view, and Anna had to stop and stare. She had never seen anything like it before. It shimmered like the stars beneath the moonlight. It looks like a fairy tale castle…

Deciding that she needed to examine it more closely, she raced toward it as fast as her legs would carry her. It only gets beautifuller the closer I get…

Suddenly, the ground beneath her shook, and she fell backwards into a clumsy heap. She shakily got to her feet and came face to face with a giant snow monster. It was unlike anything she'd ever seen before.

"Go…Away…" It growled lowly, icy breath slapping her in the face.

Anna pouted, her eyes narrowing as she stared up at the behemoth. It must have been ten times her size.

"That's not very nice," she scolded it, "I just want to see the pretty castle."

The snow monster roared, shaking the ground and causing Anna to fall again.

"GO…AWAY!" it bellowed, pounding the ground wildly

Anna scrambled backwards to avoid being squished. "Hey! It is not nice to almost squash people!" she yelled, throwing a snowball at it in retaliation.

That only served to make the beast angrier, spikes of ice tearing out of its back as it roared loudly. Anna barely avoided the crushing blow this time, and she knew she wasn't going to be able to avoid it a second time. No stop! I'm scared! Please, somebody help me!

Her silent pleas were ignored as a giant fist of snow and ice descended rapidly upon her tiny body. She clenched her eyes shut at the last minute, not wanting to see her own demise. A loud boom reverberated in her ear drums, but oddly enough she felt no pain. Maybe death was actually painless.

"Stand down, Marshmallow." A soft voice commanded. There was a pause. "Are you alright?"

Anna opened her eyes to find a thick wall of ice between her and the snow monster, which appeared to have calmed down quite considerably. She turned her head to see a girl standing a few feet away. Anna noticed that the girl looked about three years older than her, and that she was really pretty. She had silvery blonde hair tied up in a braided bun, perfect snowy skin, and bright blue eyes. Add in the fact that she was dressed in a shimmering short blue gown, and she looked like the very incarnation of winter itself.

Anna just remembered that she had been asked a question, and scrambled to her feet. "Y-Yeah, I'm okay. My name's Anna, what's yours?" She took a few steps forward, frowning when the other girl took the same amount of steps backward.

"You shouldn't be here," The older girl said, her voice colored with apprehension, "It isn't safe."

Anna picked up her basket with a grin. "But now I have you here to protect me, and I really want to go meet the Ice Witch," she held up her basket for show, "I even brought her some sweets!"

The older girl looked down, her eyes filled with sadness. "A witch, you say…" she murmured quietly, looking at her hands, "Maybe that's for the best."

Anna let the girl's words sink in. "Wait a minute…" she said slowly, her eyes falling on the wall of ice that saved her, then to the now napping snow monster, and back to the girl that looked like a winter fairy, "You're the Ice Witch?!"

The other girl didn't look up, nor did she respond, but Anna knew that she had hit the nail on the head.

"Well, I don't think you're much of a witch at all!" the redhead declared happily, "You're more of an Ice Princess, I think."

This caused the other girl to look up, her eyes were misty as if she had been about to cry. She sniffled. "R-Really?"

Anna was finding this girl to be more and more adorable. "Of course! You're really pretty and you live in a sparkly castle, and you even have magic powers! You're really cool!" she giggled, "Literally."

The girl smiled shyly, her cheeks dusted pink. "That's nice of you to say."

Anna returned the smile. "So what's your name?"

The girl tucked an invisible strand of hair behind her ear. "I'm Elsa."

"Well, Elsa," Anna liked how the name felt on her tongue, "Would you like to play with me?"

Elsa's eyes widened. "You actually want to be around me? Aren't you afraid that I'll hurt you?"

Anna made her point by quickly stepping forward and taking the other girl's hands. Elsa gasped in shock and flinched away from the contact, while Anna just stared at her pointedly. "See? I touched you, and nothing happened."

Elsa's eyes were filled with worry as she brought her hands up and cradled them to her chest. "You don't even know what I can do, Anna. I could…I could kill you."

Anna wondered why Elsa looked so sad and afraid. Then she thought about how the girl lived all by herself on the top of this mountain, with only her living snowmen to keep her company. She must be so lonely…Anna thought sadly.

"Elsa…" she addressed the other girl softly, so as not to surprise her again, "I don't care if you hurt me, I want to spend time with you. I want to be your friend, Elsa."

Elsa looked conflicted. "I…" a spark of hope, of longing, glimmered in her eyes, and she addressed Anna with a newfound determination, "I would like that very much, Anna. I want to be your friend too."

Anna's face lit up like the millions of lanterns on Princess Rapunzel's birthday. "Great! Now we can play, and eat snacks!" she held up her basket, "I brought chocolate and cakes!"

Elsa smiled. "That sounds wonderful."

My first Elsanna fic...I'm so addicted to these two it's scary, really. Give me some feedback? Pretty Please? Oh, and I don't own Frozen, I'm just in love with the characters.