Ten Years Later.

Sunlight streamed in through the windows, rousing Elsa from her slumber. She looked fondly down at her sleeping wife, whose head lay resting on her shoulder. Tangled auburn hair splayed out in different directions, while pink lips hung open to release soft snores. She's so beautiful…Elsa thought to herself, taking several moments to just admire her.

She pressed a kiss to the top of her head. "Love," she murmured, stroking the woman's cheek, "We must get up soon."

"Hrmblrgmh…." Came the mumbled reply.

Elsa smiled at the way her nose crinkled. "I know, love. But we need to plan the festivities for tomorrow."

Anna's eyes shot open. "The party!" she exclaimed, jolting upright. This flung her messy nest of hair around to smack her in the face. She sputtered, throwing off the covers and leaping out of bed.

"We have to make sure the food is prepared, the music is selected, and…oh! The decorations!" she was pacing as she stumbled into her dress.

Elsa watched on in amusement. Her wife was so adorable when she paced like that.

"Elsa, honey, what do you think they'll like?" Anna asked, trying to run a brush through her crazy bedhead. "I was thinking violet and light blue as a color scheme, but—ow, stupid knots."

The blonde giggled as she rose from their bed and walked over to the vanity where her wife sat. "Here," she gingerly took the brush and proceeded to slowly comb through messy auburn tresses. Elsa secretly relished being able to touch such beautiful hair.

Anna hummed in pleasure. "How come it never hurts when you do it?" she joked.

Her wife smiled. "Magic touch, perhaps?"

"I wouldn't doubt that," Anna said, her voice almost a purr, "Your fingers can certainly work magic."

Elsa bit her lip at the implication, a dark blush blooming across her pale cheeks. Even after 10 years of marriage, Anna was still able to make her stomach swim with nervous butterflies.

She needed to change the subject to a safer topic. She didn't want a repeat of yesterday, where it somehow ended with her taking Anna against the desk in her study. Gods, I can still remember the feel of her soft skin trembling beneath my fingertips….She cleared her throat.

"Anyway," she set the brush down, Anna's hair now silky and soft, "I believe that they will love whatever you choose."

Anna leaned her head back into Elsa's abdomen. "I know…I just want the best, you know?"

Elsa smiled, her arms draping gently over her love's shoulders. "I feel the same, love. Why don't I ask them this morning, to put your mind at ease? I have to bring them to the royal tailor for dress measurements anyway."

Anna beamed up at her. "That's a great idea! And while you do that, I'll go make sure that everything else is in order. Do you have any royal diplomacy meetings today?"

Elsa couldn't resist planting a kiss to her wife's lips when they were so open for the taking. "I canceled everything. Nothing is more important than my family."

This time Anna pulled her down for a kiss. The kiss deepened and Elsa moaned when tongues became involved. Anna pulled back, trailing kisses back to her ear, nipping the lobe lightly. Elsa whimpered. "A-Anna…we really don't have time if we want to…ah...h-have everything ready by tomorrow."

Anna sucked on a particularly sensitive spot on her neck. "Has anyone ever told you how sexy your voice is?" she whispered against the pale skin, "I love it when you gasp my name."

Elsa had to grip the back of a chair to hold herself up because her knees were threatening to give out. "Anna…" she tried to make her voice scolding, but it came out as more of a pleading sound.

"Sorry, I know." Anna pulled back and placed a loving kiss to her lips. "We have things that need to be done."

Elsa suddenly pulled her into a deep, searing kiss that stole her breath away. "We will continue this later. Thoroughly."

Anna blushed and nodded, a coy smile playing at her lips. "I love you."

Elsa's heart swelled, her eyes threatening to mist up. "I love you too."

The blonde queen made her way down the hall, stopping in front of a door painted with pretty pink flowers. She knocked once before opening it and stepping inside.

Elsa's heart melted at the sight of a little girl having a tea party with several stuffed animals. Her cute freckled face resembled Anna's, but her platinum blonde hair was definitely a trait inherited from Elsa. Big teal eyes looked up at the queen and the little girl's face lit up.

"Mama!" the girl jumped up from the chair and leapt into Elsa's waiting arms.

"Hello, little one," Elsa murmured lovingly, "Are you excited for tomorrow?"

The cheerful little girl nodded enthusiastically.

There had been quite a scandal in the kingdom when Anna was pronounced pregnant, given the obvious fact that she had married a woman. But Elsa could feel that the life growing inside of her wife was hers. She had felt her magic blossom within her the first time they had made love; she somehow knew that she had inadvertently created new life with Anna that night.

All rumors were eventually put to rest when Anna had given birth to fraternal twins, two girls that were unmistakably Anna and Elsa's children. Everyone just chalked it up to Elsa's magic and left it at that. Miracle children, they had called them.

"Are you having a tea party?" Elsa asked with a smile.

The little blonde nodded happily. "Yeah, mama. Mr. Teddy has just proposed to Ms. Bunny, so their having an engagement party!"

Elsa's smile grew wider. "When is the wedding? Am I invited?"

The little girl's eyes brightened. "Of course you can! Everyone's invited!" she paused for a second before a pout settled on her features, "Except for Vöra, because she's a meanie and wouldn't play with me."

Elsa bent down and ran a gentle hand over her daughter's hair. "Now, now, little one," she soothed, "Your big sister loves you very much, but sometimes she can't always play with you."

The little blonde sniffled quietly, nuzzling her face into her mother's shoulder. "I know, mama," her tiny voice was muffled.

Elsa patted the small girl's back. "Now, let's go see your sister. Do you know where she is?"

The little blonde pulled back, her teal eyes back to their joyous state. "She's in the library."

It was pretty typical to find elder twin in the library or the palace gardens, nose in a book. She was the quieter of the two, her bearing very elegant and mature for her age. Her snowy skin, calm blue eyes, and facial features greatly resembled Elsa's. Her hair, however, was just as red as Anna's.

"Vöra!" the younger sister called when they reached the library. "Mama's here!"

The calm redhead was seated in a chair by the window, sunlight pouring down over the words in the book she read. Her blue eyes glanced up at the approaching pair and she quickly closed the book and stood.

"Hi mama," she greeted shyly, "How's mommy doing?"

"You know how your mother is," Elsa embraced both her children and lowered her voice conspiratorially. "She's driving herself crazy over setting up your birthday ball tomorrow."

Vöra smiled. "That sounds like something she would do, Eiria does the same thing. Just this morning she was going on and on about some sort of rehearsal dinner for her stuffed animals."

The younger sister pouted. "Marriage is important you know!"

Elsa chuckled. "Eiria's right, darling. It is supposed to be one of the happiest moments of your life."

Both of the girls looked up at their mother with curious eyes. "Was yours, mama?" Eiria asked.

"Of course it was! She and mommy love each other." Vöra lectured, looking up at her mother for confirmation, "Right, mama?"

Elsa smiled softly. "It was definitely one of the happiest moments of my life, right up there next to the moment we brought you both into the world."

The twins smiled and curled into her, their foreheads resting in the crook of her shoulder. "We love you, mama."

Elsa rested her head on both of theirs. "And I love you too, little ones."

The royal tailor was a kind old woman who referred to herself as the Godmother. She had a nine year old apprentice, Cinderella, who was also her adoptive granddaughter. The two made the most beautiful ball gowns.

"Oh hello, your majesties!" the woman greeted when Elsa and her children arrived.

"Hi Godmother!" Eiria chirped, already tangling herself up in some hanging fabric.

"Good day," Vöra greeted, looking around for something.

Elsa smiled at the old woman. "The girls are here to get their final measurements taken for tomorrow's dresses, just in case they've grown and need adjustments made."

"Ah yes, your majesty. Children grow like weeds in the summertime," the Godmother nodded, "Cinderella? Would you please come here? I might need you to hem the fabric."

"I'll be right there!" a lilting voice called.

Elsa noticed that her eldest daughter got pink cheeked and wrung her hands together. The queen raised a curious eyebrow.

A little strawberry blonde girl came rushing out from the back, carrying a case full of sewing supplies. "Sorry I took so long grandma, but there was…" she trailed off when she saw them. "Forgive my rudeness your majesties!" she quickly curtsied, which caused her to spill some of the supplies onto the floor. Cinderella sighed helplessly, as if this happened often, and bent down to pick them up. "Oh dear…"

Vöra strode forward and helped her. The redhead's brow was furrowed in concentration.

"Thank you, Vö—I mean your highness," Cinderella said, "I apologize for being so clumsy."

Vöra blushed and cleared her throat. Her eyes darted to her mother, who looked thoroughly amused. "I-It's nothing. Don't worry about it."

After they left the tailors', Vöra was oddly silent. That is, until her younger sister decided to tease her.

"Vöra likes Cinderella, Vöra likes Cinderella," Eiria sing-songed.

"I do not!" the older redhead grumbled, "Cindy's just a friend."

Elsa smiled knowingly. "'Cindy', was it?"

Vöra blushed but said nothing, her eyes falling to the floor.

"Why don't you invite her to your birthday ball tomorrow?" her mother suggested.

The elder twin looked up in surprise. "R-Really? You aren't mad that I have a crush on a peasant?"

Elsa just sent her daughter a pointed look. "As long there is love, I don't think anything else should matter, however," she put on her best stern look, "Your mother and I are going to have a talk with you about ground rules. You're awfully young to be dating, so—"

"Mama, please!" Vöra whined, "You're so embarrassing. And plus, I don't even think she likes me in that way!"

Elsa patted the girl on the head. "Do not worry yourself too much, little one. Everything has a way of falling into place with time," then she smiled, "And it's a mother's job to embarrass her children, it's written in the parenting manual."

Eiria giggled. "They have one of those?"

The elder twin rolled her eyes. "No dummy, it was a joke."

"I'm not a dummy, you're a dummy!" Eiria shot back with pouty cheeks.

"Play nice, you two." Elsa chastised light-heartedly.

The next day began in a similar fashion to the first, save for the fact that Elsa was a little bit sore from the previous night's 'activities' with Anna.

The blonde stretched, reveling in the delicious ache of her muscles. "What time are the others due to arrive?" she asked.

Anna yawned, ruffling a hand through her crazy bedhead. "I think they all said that they would be here this morning…wait! What time is it?"

A loud knock interrupted them. "It's time for yeh teh stop mackin' and get ready for the party!" came the muffled brogue. Merida. "Everyone's down there waitin' on yeh."

The married couple looked at each other and blushed. "We'll be right there!" Anna replied hastily.

The two scrambled to get ready, giggling at each other all the while.

"We truly are a pair, aren't we?" Elsa joked.

"I wonder how everyone puts up with us," Anna chided humorously.

Vöra and Eiria looked adorable in their ball gowns. Anna couldn't be more proud of her children.

Elsa let Anna play with them while she went to talk to some of their friends. Mulan and Aurora were chatting with a tall dark haired boy who looked to be about twelve years old.

"Remember Kintaro," Mulan told him with a smile, "To help the birthday girls if they need anything."

The boy nodded respectfully. "Of course, mother. I will be sure to behave honorably."

Aurora giggled. "Oh Kin-kin, you're worse than your mother sometimes."

Mulan pouted. "There is nothing wrong with being respectful of women."

Aurora kissed her cheek, earning a blush from the foreign beauty. "Of course not, dear."

Elsa smiled at the family. Aurora and Mulan had gotten together shortly after her wedding. The two had then gotten married and later wound up adopting an orphaned little boy they found wandering the mountains. They were convinced that fate had delivered him to them.

He resembled Mulan in his exotic facial features, dark almond shaped eyes, silky black hair, and chivalrous nature. Though he was incredibly strong, his demeanor was very calm and docile.

"Hello everyone," Elsa greeted them, "Enjoying the party so far?"

The trio nodded. "The girls look adorable in their dresses." Aurora complimented.

Elsa glanced over to see her wife get hit in the face with a balloon, courtesy of Eiria, who thought it was hilarious. Elsa smiled at the pair as they both laughed. "Yes, they do." She sighed dreamily.

Kintaro cleared his throat lightly to get her attention. He bowed at the waist. "If it would be alright with your Majesty, may I ask Princess Eiria to dance?"

The boy looked slightly uncertain, which made Elsa smile. "If you can manage to pull her away from the chocolate and balloons long enough, then be my guest." She replied, earning a happy grin from him.

The boy bowed again. "Thank you, Queen Elsa."

As he left, Elsa and the other parents shared a chuckle. "He's something special, isn't he?"

An excited squeal drew their attention to the other side of the room where a girl with bright golden curls was jumping up and down. "Mom, Dad, look! They have bear balloons!" she exclaimed.

Eugene and Rapunzel smiled at their eldest daughter. "I told your auntie Anna how much you love bears."

The girl smiled and ran over to Anna, who had been chatting with Kristoff, and gave her a big hug. "Thanks auntie Anna!" she chirped.

The redhead smiled and patted her head. "No problem, Goldilocks."

The little girl's real name was the same as Rapunzel's mother, but everyone had begun calling her 'Goldilocks' because of her golden hair. The name just stuck for some reason.

Anna thanked Rapunzel and Eugene for coming. The two had even brought their youngest daughter, a seven year old little girl named Alice. She had curious brown eyes, and a little kitten named 'Dinah' who followed her everywhere.

It wasn't long before all the children were dancing and playing together. Even Vöra had gotten over her initial shyness and was now talking animatedly with a smiling Cinderella.

The adults were having their own fun. Merida bragged about her newest apprentice, and his skill with a bow. Her 'wee Robin Hood' was going to carry on her legacy, as she liked to say. Everyone traded stories on recent happenings in their kingdom, laughing and carrying on like one big happy family.

"Okay!" Eiria announced loudly, "Cake and present time!"

Elsa smirked at Anna. "She gets that from you."

The redhead glared playfully, "You know you love it."

Elsa kissed her temple and pulled her close. "Always."

The cake, of course, was chocolate flavored. The children loved it.

"Chocolate is our favorite," Vöra explained shyly to Cinderella, who nodded enthusiastically.

"Mine too."

"Yes," Goldilocks hummed, "I think it tastes just right."

"Curiouser and curiouser…" Alice whispered, taking another bite. Dinah licked a bit of chocolate icing from the tip of her nose.

The opening of presents passed in a similar fashion. Everyone took part, chiming in on what they liked or thought was neat. Vöra particularly loved the crate of books Belle sent her from France. (She couldn't give it in person because she was on her honeymoon.)

All in all, it had been the perfect day. As everyone bid their goodbyes, they all promised to get together again soon.

"Today was fun." Anna murmured, resting her head in the crook of her wife's neck.

They were lying in bed and enjoying a calm evening together. Elsa smiled as she read her book.

"It most certainly was. The children loved it when you joined in on their snowball fight." The blonde commented.

"Team Arendelle shall remain undefeated!" Anna gave a winning grin.

A crack of thunder made them both jump. It was then that they noticed the harsh sounds of rain outside.

"I hate storms…" Elsa muttered.

Anna pulled the blonde closer. "Don't worry, love, I've got you."

Another loud crack of thunder sounded, and the room door flew open. Before either knew what was happening, a tiny body had flung itself towards them.

"Mama, mommy, I don't like thunder…"Eiria whimpered, burying her face into Anna's chest, "It's scary…"

"Oh, baby, don't be scared," Anna soothed, cradling the little blonde to her, "You're safe here."

Eiria sniffled. "I-I'm sorry I'm not brave like Vöra…"

There was another deafening crack of thunder, followed by a timid yet frantic knock on the door. "U-um, mommy? Mama?" Vöra cautiously climbed up onto the foot of the bed. "C-Can I stay with you?"

Eiria looked wide-eyed at her sister. "I thought you said you weren't afraid of storms?"

"I-I'm not!" Vöra defended, "I was…I was just making sure that you were okay, is all."

Elsa and Anna shared a knowing look and giggled.

"Alright," Elsa conceded, "Why don't we have one big family slumber party?"

"Yay!" the other three cheered.

Eiria snuggled closer to Anna, while Vöra took her place beside Elsa.

"What should we do first?" Eiria asked excitedly, the storm long forgotten.

"Oh, can you tell us a bedtime story?" Vöra asked.

"Yeah!" Eiria agreed quickly.

"A bedtime story, huh…" Elsa glanced at Anna. "Okay then…"

"There once was a young princess whose parents had always told her to never go near the North Mountain. It was as dangerous as it was cold, and there was a rumor that a Wicked Ice Witch dwelled at its peak…"

Alas, this is the end. I hope you enjoyed this story. I may be working on another one in the near future.

As for the children of our characters:

Vöra: from "Vör", which is Old Norse for "the careful one" or the goddess of wisdom.

Eiria: from "Eir", which is Old Norse for "help, or mercy" or the goddess of healing.

The rest are all from other major works...

-Goldilocks and the Three Bears

-Alice in Wonderland

-Kintaro, The Golden Boy

-(Robin Hood was briefly mentioned)