Setting: Hermione and Draco are in their 5th year, Luna is a 4th year, Cho is 6th year and Cedric is a 7th year (fudging his age, since I've already fudged his death, leave me alone). Hermione is the brainiac, Draco is the 'criminal', Luna is the basket-case, Cho is the athlete and Cedric is the prince. Takes place on a Saturday in the dungeons; everyone has detention for a different reason. Also, I'm writing Draco as a practical joker, similar to Fred and George; he constantly acts out against Snape because as his Godfather, Snape is always trying to tell him what is best for him. Clearly Draco doesn't like being told what to do or how to act. Hermione and Luna aren't close friends in this fic, and Cho and Cedric are no longer dating, leading to a slightly uncomfortable friendship during detention. Even though this takes place during their 5th year, there will be no mention of Umbridge or the Inquisitorial Squad, also no mention of the Triwizard Tournament, since I'm not sure how to dance around the subject of Cedric being alive XD

Hermione grumbled as she entered the dungeons, it wasn't fair that she was here, Snape was just being an ass when he gave her detention earlier this week. She wondered why he was having multiple people come to the same detention, but maybe it was easier to have all the misbehavers in one detention versus not having free evenings to do whatever it was the Snape did. She took her usual place, the second desk from the front on the right hand side, of course she was the first one there; as she put her bag on the desk, the door opened again. Cedric was walking in the door, he gave Hermione a warm smile when he saw her sitting there and he made his way to the front desk on the very left. Hermione tried not to feel too disappointed when he didn't join her, he was one of the popular guys. The door opened again and Cho hurried in, quickly glancing around the room and deciding to sit with Cedric.

Hermione sighed, it was going to be a long day if it was just going to be the three of them, but at least she'd get some work done. As the doors opened again her hopes were dashed, Draco Malfoy came sauntering in, usual smirk on his face. He walked down the center row, deciding to sit at the table next to Hermione; he jumped up to sit on the table, feet resting on the chair. Hermione did her best to ignored him, staring down at her hands to avoid looking in his direction. Lastly, just before Snape came in, Luna floated into the room, taking a seat in the very back.

Everyone's head snapped forward as Professor Snape came into the room, he paused for a moment to look around the room at all of them.

"So glad you could all make it, everyone, take your wands out and put your bags on the floor. You won't be working on any homework today."

There was shuffling as everyone reached into their robes to pull out their wands and drop their bags on the floor; Professor Snape flicked his wand, silently Accio-ing all of their wands into his open hand.

"There will be no wands, you'll get them back when you leave. I don't have time to babysit you and I will not tolerate any fights." Snape put all the wands in his robe before walking over to his desk. He opened one of the drawers and flicked his wand again, scrolls of parchment and quills floating through the room. "Instead, I want you each to write me an essay, no less than 10 inches, telling me who you are. And there will be no repeating words or writing largely to make up the length."

Snape reached into the desk and pulled out a few ink bottles, walking between the desks and handing them out.

"Let's see, who do we have here today," Snape began, smirking at the troublemakers, "We have Mr. Popular with us today, as well as the Quidditch player," he said, passing Cedric and Cho.

"Then of course we have the weird one," he paused, handing Luna her ink bottle. "Of course young Mister Malfoy is here, the usual troublemaker. Can't you go a week without getting a detention?"

"Of course not Professor, where is the fun in that?" Draco smirked as Snape pulled the chair out from under his feet.

""Off of the table, sit in the chair like a civilized wizard Mister Malfoy, or you'll be coming back next week to learn how."

"Yea, whatever you say."

Snape made his way to the last table, looking down at Hermione, "And here is the insufferable know-it-all, maybe now you'll learn not to speak out of turn Miss Granger."

Hermione felt her fingers curl into fists as he placed the ink down in front of her and walked back to the front of the classroom.

"I expect it to stay quiet in here, there will be no talking, only writing. You are not to leave your seats so get comfortable. I'll be leaving this door open, I'll be right down the hall in my office, so don't even think about trying anything," he warned them before walking out of the dungeon.

There was silence for a few moments after he left, but it didn't last long. As soon as Draco was sure that he made it to his office, he jumped off the table and wandered over to the Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw.

"So, Diggory, still dating Chang here?" he asked, sitting on the table behind them.

"Um, no, we're not dating anymore," Cedric answered quietly.

Draco raised his eyebrows, "Really? Then how come you're sitting together? You've moved on haven't you, dating that one blonde chick right? And yet here you two are, hmm. If you aren't careful, people might start to wonder if you've got a thing going on the side."

"Shut it Malfoy! I don't want to miss another Saturday of Quidditch practice just because you don't know how to shut your mouth," Cho whispered vehemently, glaring at the blonde sitting behind her.

"Oh, fiery, I can see why you ended it Diggory, you're too nice, she must have walked all over you. Me on the other hand, I don't mind a challenge, what do you say Chang?"

"Go to hell and get away from me," she replied, turning back to her parchment.

"Malfoy, go sit down before you get us all in trouble, I just want to get today over with and go back to normal, alright?" Cedric reasoned.

"Oh please, just because you're a 7th year doesn't mean you can boss me around! I'm better than you in every way, simple fact," Draco preened.

Cho snorted, "Oh yea, then how come Ravenclaw wiped the pitch with your team during our last match?"

Draco scowled, "I let you win, I felt bad for you, your team kinda sucks, and now that you're captain, I figured you needed a win. Don't let it go to your head."

"I can beat you out on the pitch any day of the week Malfoy, so could Cedric."

"Whatever, you are both lame anyways," he claimed, jumping lightly off the table and looking between the other two in the room. He couldn't help but snort when he looked over at Loony, there was nothing he'd gain by talking to her, so he strolled over to Granger's table; he was sure to get a rise out of her. The Slytherin casually pulled out one of the chairs from the first desk, straddling it and leaning his elbows on the table. Granger was trying hard to ignore him and he hadn't even opened his mouth yet, this was going to be fun.

"Hey Mudblood, what did you do to get stuck in here all day?"Draco asked.

Hermione clenched her teeth to keep from responding, breathing hard out of her nose, wishing he'd go away.

"Oh come on, talk to me, I'm not that bad am I?"

"Leave me alone Malfoy, you know why I'm here!"

"Oh, it speaks! And truthfully I don't. The other day in Potions, Professor Snape just wanted to talk to you after class, how did that result in Saturday detention?"

Hermione lost her temper, "Malfoy, I swear if you don't leave me alone, I'll hex you into next week!"

"Oh calm down Mudblood, you're no fun," he scoffed, getting out of the chair and walking over to the door.

Hermione smirked, "Cutting out early are you?"

Draco quietly closed the door, looking over his shoulder, "Nope, just want to make things a little more private, if you know what I mean."

Hermione gagged when he winked at her, quickly looking down at her parchment. Snape wanted 10 inches by the end of the day, if she focused, it shouldn't take her too long, but what exactly did he want her to talk about? What did he really mean by 'who you are'? She jumped when Draco took up his spot across the desk from her again, leaning in close.

"So, what are you going to write about Miss Know-it-all? I don't see anything written down yet."

"That's because you won't leave me alone. I prefer silence when I'm writing, so would you kindly go back to your own desk?"

"But my desk is lonely and no fun," Draco pouted. When Granger didn't buy it, he tried a different tactic, "I'll leave you alone if you write mine for me, how about that?"

She laughed, "Oh yea, like I'm going to do your work for you. I'll just write about how big of a prat you are, does that sound good?"

"I'm not a prat Mudblood! You're just jealous you don't come from a prestigious family like the Malfoys."

"Yea, sure, keep telling yourself that. Now go away!"

Draco sighed and stood up, heading back over to his original desk and laying across it, looking up at the dingy ceiling. From there he listened to Chang and Diggory talking about Quidditch, scowling at their familiar nature.

"I feel like I need to work with my Chasers more, they don't really seem to trust each other. Two of them are new to the team this year, so I'm not surprised, but we've had a lot of practices, so it really shouldn't be an issue anymore," Cho was telling the other captain.

"Well, how much time do you all spend together off the pitch?"

"Not much," she admitted. "We're from a bunch of different years so we all have different classes. Plus there are some of them that have a lot of homework because of O.W.L.s or N.E.W.T.s. Do you think I should organize team stuff outside of practices?"

"I think that would be a good idea, it would really help bring the team together, maybe like a team study group where the older players can help the younger ones and such."

Draco interrupted, "I don't understand you two… if you aren't even dating anymore, why are you trying to help her with her team? If she's a crappy captain, you should be taking advantage of it, not offering her tips on how to help."

"Yea, well not everyone is an arse like you are," Cho commented, flipping her long black hair over her shoulder.

"Seems more like he's still carrying a torch for you, might ask for a favor in the changing rooms," he snickered, lifting his eyebrows.

Cedric stood up and faced the blonde, "Stop speaking to her like that Malfoy, it's rude and uncalled for. I think you should apologize!"

"Look who's all angry, calm down Diggory, don't get your knickers in a twist."

"Apologize and stop talking to her and we won't have a problem."

Hermione stood up then too, "Will you both be quiet! Just start on your damn essays and leave each other alone! I don't want to have to come back here next week!"

Draco was about to respond when they heard angry footsteps coming down the hall; everyone quickly sat down and looked at their parchment. Just then Snape came storming into the room, door banging against the wall.

"Who closed that door? What's going on in here?"

A/N: This is my very first attempt at a crossover, please let me know what you think! I hope you enjoy it!