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A purple light was flying through the skies. It continued onward and then stopped somewhere and the purple light disappeared and what was left was a black armored being that was floating in the sky with his Tekk-Lancer in one hand. The armored being looked on as he was facing his challenge and that challenge was an army and it was an army that was a joined alliance of the forces of the Black Knights and the forces of the Holy Britannian Empire.

Bridge of the Ikaruga

Within the flagship's bridge of the Black Knights, most of the core members of the Black Knights along with the three Ikaruga Operators were looking at the monitor and watching the black armored being.

"So, he's here," Ohgi said with a serious expression.

"This is it," Todoh said.

"All right everyone, listen," Xingke said as all those present looked at the General Commander, "we have to do whatever we have to in order to stop him. It is the only reason why we have joined forced with Emperor Schneizel and the entire Britannian military."

"He's a threat to us and the world," Chiba said.

"But can we really defeat this guy?" Tamaki asked, "He's become so…inhuman."

"We need to stop him here," Todoh said, "because if we don't, all of us will have no future."

"I just hope we don't come to regret our decision," Kaguya said as she and Empress Tianzi walked in the bridge.

Everyone in the bridge looked at young chairwoman of the UFN.

"I agree," Xingke said with a nod, "I also would prefer if F.L.E.I.A.s weren't used in this…but we don't have a choice."

"We can and we will stop him," Ohgi said, "with the combined efforts of us and Emperor Schneizel, we will defeat him," Ohgi looked at the monitored and narrowed his eyes at the black armored being, "we will defeat Zero."

In the sky

The black armored being looked on as he twirled his Tekk-Lancer and used it to point at the fortress that floated in the sky and it was surrounded by flagships and knightmare frames of the Holy Britannian Empire.

"So, there it is," the black armored being said, "the sky fortress Damocles, the very thing that is intended to rule the world with fear of the F.L.E.I.A.s. That is what you hope for, isn't it brother, to force your own peace to the world. Do you intend to be God?" the black armored being swung his Tekk-Lancer to his side, "I won't allow it. Schneizel, you will experience defeat for the first time."

Bridge of the Damocles

Schneizel was sitting on his throne with Kanon standing by his right and Diethard standing by his left.

"He's here," Kanon said.

"Hmph, Zero, he's quite monstrous," Diethard said with a grin.

"Yes he is," Schneizel said and he smiled at the monitor showing the black armored being, "Lelouch, let's see which is stronger, the F.L.E.I.A. or you as a machine like monster."

In the sky, near the Damocles

Three knightmare frames floated and in a triangle formation, the Mordred, the Tristan, and the Lancelot Albion.

Cockpit of the Mordred

Anya Alstreim was looking at a picture in her electronic diary and it was of the Student Council of Ashford Academy.

"Lelouch, I will make you a memory on my hard drive," Anya said as she closed her electronic diary.

Cockpit of the Tristan

Gino was glaring at the black armored being, "Lelouch, I don't get how you became what you are now but what I do know that you're a threat to Britannia, no, I think it's more appropriate to say that you're actually a threat to mankind and I, along with my Tristan will stop you here."

Cockpit of the Lancelot Albion

Suzaku was simply looking at the black armored being, "Lelouch…so, you really chose to be what you are now," Suzaku shook his head, "I can't let you destroy everything for your own vengeance. You won't gain anything…or maybe you're doing this because you feel that you have nothing to lose, is that it?" Suzaku gripped on his controls, "I'm going to stop you Lelouch, after all, we are friends."

The Ikaruga

In the bridge, Ohgi looked at Kaguya.

"Lady Kaguya, isn't Kallen coming?" Ohgi asked.

Kaguya had a sad expression, "Kallen, she's…conflicted right now."

Ohgi frowned, "Kallen, she…she needs to let him go. Lelouch admitted that she was a pawn to her just like the rest of us were, besides, he's not even human anymore."

"That doesn't make it any easier Ohgi."

Chiba had a sad expression as she shook her head, "Kozuki…"

Meanwhile in the knightmare hanger, Kallen was looking at the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. and Rakshata was there as well, smoking her pipe.

"Kallen, you're going to have to make a decision," Rakshata said.

Kallen had her head down and had a sad expression, "I just don't think Lelouch is a monster. How can I be asked to fight him?" Kallen shook her head, "No, I can't…I can't do it, I won't do it. I won't fight Zero."

Rakshata simply smoked her pipe again.

In the sky

Lelouch was still up in the sky as he prepared himself, "Stopping Schneizel is my main objective, although it won't be easy, even with I am now but I have to stop Schneizel," Lelouch looked up, "I have to end this quickly before the Radam arrives on this planet," Lelouch looked forward again, "I refuse to let this planet become a domain for Radam."

Somewhere near Mt. Fuji

CC was looking at the sky and was able to see Lelouch in his black armored form.

"Lelouch," CC spoke softly with concern.

In the sky

"Do you hear me, Tekkaman Zero?" Schneizel's voice spoke throughout the sky, "As you can see, with combined forces of Britannia and the Black Knights, we are prepared to stop you. You are a threat to the world and we will not simply stand by and let you have your way. If you wish to give up, now's the time and by doing so, I'll be able to show some leniency."

Lelouch was annoyed and balled his left fist.

"Zero, what is your response?" Xingke asked.

Lelouch's visor light dark purple eyes as he pointed his Tekk-Lancer at the Damocles.

"Here's my response, you damn fools," Lelouch said in a dark tone as he began his charge towards them.

An unknown location

A green armored Tekkaman that had a disfigured face was watching as Lelouch was charging towards the combined forces of the Britannia and the Black Knights holding his own Tekk-Lancer.

"Zero, we will take over this Earth," the Tekkaman said with glee, "you will not be to stop us but I do appreciate you keeping them occupied," the green Tekkaman looked up in the sky and laughed, "I'll crush you and I'll enjoy doing it."

That's it for this chapter. Next chapter: How it started for Lelouch becoming a Tekkaman that began with first, an aftermath of a battle.

A/N 2: The description of Lelouch as a Tekkaman, basically Lelouch is the black version of Tekkaman Blade with his eyes lighting up purple.