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The Revived One

Suzaku was on ground unconscious and he was started to regain consciousness and as he gingerly opened his eyes, he noticed that someone in front of him and he was surprised to see Anya with a black marker and Suzaku opened his eyes quickly and Anya was disappointed as she twirled the black marker.

"You woke up too soon," Anya complained as she went back and sat on the ground.

Suzaku looked and he was surprised to see CC was with Anya holding her plushy.

"CC," Suzaku uttered.

"What are you doing here?" Anya asked, "Somehow I don't think you came here to help out Charles."

Suzaku was surprised with what Anya was asking and in the manner of tone she was speaking.

"A-Anya," Suzaku spoke, "What are you…?"

Anya smiled, "Well for now, I'm the mother of Lelouch and Nunnally, I'm Marianne."

"Wait, what?" Suzaku replied confused.

The Sword of Akasha, C's World

"Hmm, you don't recognize me?" the hooded woman asked, "That's a shame that you don't recognize me, even after hearing my voice. Anyway, I'm here to stop this selfish plan of yours and I'm here to ask you some questions."

The hooded woman took off her hood revealing her face to Charles and the 98th Britannian Emperor was in complete shock to see who it was.

"What?" Charles spoke, "Impossible, how could this be? Is that really you?"

The young woman revealed to have long pink hair with blueish violet eyes wearing a white shirt with a black jacket, black long skirt, and white boots. It was the young woman who was presumed dead a year ago, the now former third princess of the Holy Britannian Empire, Euphemia li Britannia.

"It's been a year since I last saw you, Father," Euphemia said.

Knightmare Hanger of the Ikaruga

Ohgi was discussing things with Tamaki about what they were they going to do moving forward.

"Right, I'm about to explain the situation to Lady Kaguya and General Commander Xingke," Ohgi said, "I don't know if they'll understand, however, we have to let them know the truth about Zero."

"Yeah, I know, I know," Tamaki responded with tears, "what about Kallen?"

"Kallen…" Ohgi sighed, "She confined herself in her room. She won't even come out."

"I heard she was looking for CC earlier."

"Yeah, I don't know but it seems that CC left but what I find strange is that she left with that Knight of Six? I just don't know what's going on."

"Your guess is as good as mine," Tamaki paused and then decided to ask, "Ohgi, are you sure we're doing the right thing?"

"Huh, what do you mean?"

"I mean the deal we made with Schneizel in exchange for Zero, are you sure it's the best option?"

"Uh…of course it is," Ohgi said, "this is the best option for us."

Kamine Island

Bismarck was on one knee on the ground panting while gripping the hilt of his sword. He looked up and saw green armored tall being with a disfigured face and it was the transformed form of Fritz von Braun.

"I don't believe this," Bismarck said, "just what the hell are you?"

Fritz chuckled, "I am a superior being, something far more than human," Fritz pointed his Tekk-Lancer, "I am a Tekkaman."

"A Tekkaman?"

"Yes, I am called Tekkaman Dagger, a servant of Radam."

"Dagger? A servant of Radam? What the hell are you talking about?"

"…Well, I suppose there's no point to talking anything further, after all, you're going to die."

Dagger swung his Tekk-Lancer and Bismarck was able to block it with his sword. Dagger then grabbed Bismarck by his collar and threw him to another direction. Dagger turned and rushed towards Bismarck as Bismarck landed on his feet and his bolted left eye broke off revealing his geass.

Sword of Akasha, C's World

Euphie stood in before her father, Charles zi Britannia and the 98th Britannian Emperor was still in shock.

"How?" Charles asked, "How is it that you're alive?"

Euphie walked a bit to the side and faced her father, "It's a shock to see me alive, I can imagine."

"How are you still alive, Euphemia? I saw you take a bullet to the heart by Zero, the whole world saw it."

"It is true that Lelouch killed me…by all rights, I shouldn't be alive walking and talking right now, but I am and it's because of someone, someone who you met a year ago, someone who was part of this Geass Order, Fritz von Braun."

Charles widened his eyes as he remembered Fritz and how he left and he and his OSI were trying to track him but they were unsuccessful in finding him. Euphie paused and then looked at her father with a serious expression.

"I'd be willing tell you what you want to know but only if you answer some questions I have for you," Euphie said.

"What's that?"

"You heard me so I ask what the purpose of the Ragnarok Connection is."

"Oh, you want to know?" Charles responded, "Is that all you?"

"No, actually there is something else that I want to know."


"It's about Lelouch; I want to talk a little bit about him."

Charles scoffed, "You want to know about Lelouch? What is there to know about and his role as Zero? Lelouch had made his way with his rebellion with his deceptions and lies."

"You're right Father and some people have gotten hurt as a result of his actions," Euphie the place on her chest where she was shot, "I will see my brother soon enough and when I do," Euphie closed her eyes and sighed, "it's unfortunate but I can't let Lelouch get away with what he did and it's not just me."

"Oh, you're planning revenge against Lelouch," Charles smirked, "how interesting."

Euphie glared at her father, "That doesn't make me feel happy hearing that from you. You had Nunnally in your grasp, all for the purpose to use her against Lelouch if he regained his memory. But Lelouch had already regained his memory at Babel Tower and you were aware but you pretended that you didn't know. Why is that?" Euphie balled her fists a bit, "Is this Ragnarok Connection going to help you rule the world? Another way for you to gain even more power?"

"How much did Fritz tell you?" Charles asked.

"He told me a lot of things when he was in the Geass Order," Euphie said, "mainly, he told me the Ragnarok Connection and how you have been concentrating on the plan so much that you basically ignored your responsibilities as Emperor as he put it and he told me something that I have found disturbing."



Charles narrowed his eyes at the mention of the name of his deceased twin brother.

"VV, he is someone who can grant geass power to anyone and is someone who is immortal, who has been immortal for 50 years and …" Euphie looked at her father, "he is in fact, your older twin brother, is that right?"

"So he told you that much, hmph, yes my daughter, it is true that VV was indeed my brother and we had plan together for the Ragnarok Connection."

"Was?" Euphie asked raising an eyebrow.

"He's dead now."

"…If he's dead, then that means that you took his code, correct? Because your own geass had evolved."

"That's right; I see Fritz has told you many things. Although, it seems that he knows more that I would like for him to know. It's disgraceful that the OSI failed to capture and eliminate him."

"Fritz told me one other thing that surprised me and it made me angry."

"Hmm, and that would be…"

"The fact that VV is also the one who killed Lady Marianne and worse of all, you knew about it all along, almost like right away."

"Hmph," Charles closed his eyes.

"I want to know why Father," Euphie asked getting upset, "why did VV kill Lady Marianne and what's your reason for keeping quiet and covering for him? What are you really hoping to accomplish with this Ragnarok Connection. Fritz doesn't really know the details but what we do know that it is something that will close off the world."

"I will say that what I'm doing will benefit the world and all the people in it," Charles said.

"Benefit the world?" Euphie responded and then scoffed off her father's answers, "That's got to be a lie, you've never really cared about the world. You care about creating conflicts and causing discrimination and you consider fighting and competing as progress. That is what you desire so please don't lie about what you're doing will benefit the world and the people."

"It is no lie Euphemia," Charles said as turned and the place was suddenly a library.

"Huh?" Euphie was surprised looked around at the change of scenery and then looked back at Charles.

"Euphemia, if you are aware of what really happened to you last year, then you must have felt hurt and betrayed for what Lelouch has done."

"Of course I feel that way," Euphie answered glaring at her father.

"The lie that Lelouch created in that Special Zone destroyed your hopes and dreams for not only for you, for not only for your knight Kururugi, but also for…the Japanese, isn't that right?"

"Y-Yes, of course."

"The world is full of lies and people wear masks because they feel it is necessary. People lie to each other. Everyone lies," Charles smiled, "You know, if Lelouch was here, he would probably say that," Charles pondered, "hmm, 'People need to play along with each other because if we didn't, the nations and people; these things called communities wouldn't exist. Everyone uses lies on family, on friends, on society, and everyone wears a different face. But is that a sin? What is one's true face?'"

Euphie raised her eyebrow, "Are you certain Lelouch would say something like that?"

"Hmph, I'm positive, after all, Lelouch made it through with his deceptions and lies and I know your brother well," Charles grinned, "more than he would have realized."


"Although I would tell him that he was wrong," Charles said as he went and picked up a book labeled Akasha.


"Yes," Charles said as he looked over the pages, "When we realize that lies have no meaning in the endless flow of eternity, those personas will vanished. When we actually understand each other, conflict will disappear."

Euphie was shocked, "I never would have imagined that you would say something like that, especially since you always encourage conflict, especially between all of us, your own children. Are you actually being truthful or is it really some trick?"

"Do you wish for conflicts to end…Euphie?" Charles asked.

Euphie gasped at the question and the fact that her father referred her to her nickname.

Charles turned to face Euphie, "I can make it happen. You see this is my Ragnarok Connection. Soon, these masks known as deceit will be discarded by the world revealing the truth."

Entrance of C's World, Kamine Island Cave

CC, Suzaku, and Anya were standing by the entrance.

"C's World?" Suzaku asked.

"In current terminology, it's the collective of conscious." CC answered, "It's the collective of people's mind with memories, the sea of transmigration, the great consciousness and some even refer to it as God."

"Was that what I saw when we met in Narita?" Suzaku asked as he was surprised.

"There it was mixed with your personal consciousness. I'm merely guessing as I don't know what you saw," CC replied.

"How irresponsible," Suzaku berated.

"Oh, you like having other people looking through your mind?"

"It's people, their masks are the collective unconscious," CC continued, "windows that open into their minds and memories and the minds of the people—"

"At any rate," Anya interrupted looking at the entrance, "this is where we'll begin."

"Do you really plan to proceed?" CC asked.

"Of course," Anya replied surprised that CC would even ask, "Charles has been waiting for us after all. This would have been so easy if you had only giving him your code," Anya smiled, "oh well, I'll go in first."

Anya opened the entrance of C's World. When it opened, Marianne's spirit was leaving Anya's body and her own form materialized in C's World. With Marianne leaving Anya's body, the Knight of Six was unconscious and was about fall on the ground but Suzaku quickly caught her. Marianne simply smiled at both Suzaku and CC and moved on to where Charles was.

"You know Suzaku, you and I are very similar," CC said.

"Similar?" Suzaku asked.

"The way we both wish to die but are unable to."

Suzaku simply stayed silent as he was not sure what to say in the situation.

Within the Tekkapod

Lelouch's body was changing as he was from head to toe all around him were red lines all over his body while the red glow was still occurring within the Tekkapod. Lelouch's eyes were opened and his geass was shining affecting everything around him. Lelouch was getting images of his past from when he was one of the Princes of Britannia living with his mother and sister in the Aries Villa to the time he took up the mantle Zero and began his fight against the country of his birth with his desire to recreate the world to a gentle existence for his sister Nunnally but then things fell apart and he was reminded of the things such as finding out that Suzaku was the pilot of the Lancelot and stopped Lelouch from rescuing Nunnally, to when he felt terrible when he hurt Shirley by ordering the rock slide in Narita that killed her father and then she was killed and to the fact that Lelouch accidentally ordered his sister Euphie to massacre the Japanese in the Special Zone and the result of him killing her in order to stop the massacre.

"In the end, I had failed," Lelouch said, "I should have died. What's the point of me living if Nunnally is gone?"

"Destroy," A voice said.


"Destroy…destroy…for Radam…"

"Radam?" Lelouch asked.

"Desire to destroy all those that stand against you…you desire it."


Lelouch was seeing images of Britannia's military.

"Destroy," The voice said.

Lelouch was seeing images of the Black Knights that had pointed weapons at him.

"Destroy," The voice said.

Lelouch was then shown images of his father Charles, his half-brother Schneizel, and then Suzaku piloting the Lancelot.

"You destroy them, renew your revenge," The voice said.

Lelouch then saw images of Radam in full forces in space.

"What…what are they?" Lelouch asked shocked in what he was seeing.

"New armies for you to lead," The voice said, "serve Radam and lead its forces to take control."

"W-Wait a minute!"

"Destroy this world and remake it…that is what you desire."

Lelouch was going through another change and he was suddenly surrounding by something black all over his body.

In the air

The Galahad that was piloted by Bismarck had it Excalibur drawn and was facing the Tekkaman in the air Dagger aka Fritz. In the cockpit, Bismarck's geass was revealed and he was gritting his teeth.

"This is shameful for me," Bismarck said, "to think that I would resort using my geass…but I have no choice since I'm dealing with a demon."

Dagger was in the air and he was chuckling.

"This is quite amusing," Dagger said, "even with a knightmare frame, I didn't think you would be able last long against me…but then I suppose your own geass helps as well, the geass that allows you to see in the future, a very interesting ability but not perfect regardless."

"Damn you!"

Sword of Akasha, C's World

Euphie and Marianne were surprised to see each other.

"I don't believe this," Euphie spoke, "Lady…Marianne."

"This is quite a surprised," Marianne spoke, "Euphie, is that really you?"

"Is this some sort of miracle?" Euphie asked and then turned to Charles, "Or is it some sort of illusion?"

"It's no illusion," Charles said, "although the same could be said about you."

"Euphie, if it really is you, then how is it that you live?" Marianne asked, "You were killed, that's a fact."

Euphie looked at Marianne and then closed her eyes, "I was revived by geass."

"What?" Charles and Marianne responded simultaneously.

"Geass? What possible geass power that would revive someone from the dead?" Charles asked.

"The Dead Rise," Euphie answered, "that's what Fritz called his own geass power and he used it on me when he took my body out of my grave and used it in C's World."

"He did what?" Charles replied as he and Marianne were surprised and shocked.

"Isn't the same with you Marianne? Isn't that how you were revived?"

"I wasn't revived…in a way," Marianne answered, "I was never truly dead."

"What?" Euphie was shocked, "I don't understand, Lelouch saw you died."

"He and others saw my body die lay motionless but I was never really dead. Although I admit that I can only maintain my original body within the system."

"I…I don't understand. What could you possibly mean by that?"

"Euphemia," Charles spoke, "since you answered the question of how is it that you still live, I will tell you the reason for the Sword of Akasha and with that you'll understand what Marianne is telling you."

Marianne stood next to Charles and Euphie looked at them ready to hear what she was going to hear.

Charles began as a portrait showed Charles and VV as children, "Half a century ago, my elder brother and I existed in a hell on earth. Our families were just rivals competing for the throne, assassinations occurred with regularity, daily betrayals spawned by lies, killing each other off," a portrait showed depicting the body of a woman crushed by a chariot, "my own mother fell victim to it. My brother and I were sickened and angered at the world, we therefore swore an oath," Charles continued as he recalled the pact he and his brother made when they standing by a campfire outside fifty years ago, "to create a world without lies."

"Both CC and I agreed to this as well," Marianne added, "VV however…"

Flashback: 2009 a.t.b. in Aries Villa, Pendragon

Marianne was walking down the stairs, meeting with VV, "What did you call me for today? I've cleared everyone out of here. I even had Cornelia withdraw."

VV turned to face his brother's fifth wife, "Sorry to do this, especially without Charles around."

"Is this about the Sword of Akasha?"

"Hmm? Oh no, this is only about Charles. Ever since he met you, Charles has been acting like a different man. It seems to me that you and he have come to enjoy learning more about one another. You realize that if this continues, the contract we made will never be fulfilled. I'll be left alone."

"Hmm?" Marianne raised her eyebrow, getting suspicious in what VV had in mind.

"From the beginning of time, it's always been the woman whose lead the man astray," VV continued in a diabolical manner.

Marianne instantly knew what VV was planning to do and her eyes widened.

"Lady Marianne," A voice called.

Marianne turned to see two of her servants coming down stairs.

"I told you to stay out of here," Marianne berated.

The former Knight of the Round went upstairs a little. VV pulled out his sub machine gun and shot Marianne and her two servants.

VV pulled out his cell phone, "The job is done."


"Right, begin the cover up. Maybe we can make Nunnally out to be the witness. It's imperative that this looks like the work of terrorists."

The dying Marianne sees a little girl with pink hair hiding behind a pillar.

"Anya Alstreim, the young girl who arrived a week earlier to be schooled in etiquette," Marianne recalled.

Marianne's geass activates and targets Anya via eye contact.

"My geass power was to cross over into another person's mind."

Shots were fired in the Aries Villa.

"The power that had been dormant for so long activated for the first time as I was dying. I hid inside Anya to save myself from being killed by VV and then I realized, realized that when my consciousness resurfaced, I could communicate mind to mind with CC. When she discovered the truth, CC left the directorship to VV and then disappeared."

Unknown place

Charles and VV were observing the geass users of the directorate.

"I spoke with my brother about it," Charles recalled, "however…"

"I heard," VV said, "what a tragedy, I shall miss Marianne."

Charles was fuming with anger at his elder twin brother and balled right fist with VV not even noticing.

Flashback End

"My brother lied to me," Charles said in anger, "after we had sworn to create a world without deceit."

"How dare you Father!" Euphie said angrily, "If you were so upset with what happened then why did you send Lelouch and Nunnally away? You sent them to Japan as hostages for your scheme."

"I did it because it was necessary!" Charles countered.

"Necessary? Necessary?! Poor Nunnally was victimized in the ordeal and then you decide to send them away. How could you be so cruel!"

"Cruel as you may see it Euphemia but it was better than for them to stay in Pendragon and have the risk of my brother to kill them as well simply because Marianne gave birth to them."

"What?" Euphie was surprised and she saw that Marianne nodded with a sympathetic expression.

Tokyo Settlement

Nearby the crater that was caused by the F.L.E.I.A. Milly and her news team were preparing to do another news update.

"Milly," Her producer called, "when the sun rises, I want to get a shot with ground zero in the background."

"Okay gotcha," Milly responded.

"Sorry about this, the relief will be here from Niigata and Nagoya by afternoon so hang tight," a female crewman said.

"I'm okay," Milly assured her.

Milly turned to look below of the crater and was surprised to her old classmate, Nina Einstein there looking over the body bags.

Nina's eyes were sagging from the lack of sleep. She has been angry with herself for not fully calculating the full destruction capability of her creation. With all the dead bodies she has seen as well as more popped up, it was something she never accounted for. This was something she didn't want. She wanted revenge against Zero for Euphemia's death and her creation was a way for to avenge her, but the result of her desire cost the lives of millions of innocent civilians. The whole ordeal was eating away her very being.

The Flagship, Ikaruga

Kallen was walking through the halls. Kallen couldn't over the things she was hearing about how a meteorite had suddenly appeared and it was reported that Lelouch was killed. Kallen didn't know what to feel and she questioned the decision that Ohgi and the others made. She had remembered how adamant Ohgi was to follow Zero and how Zero was the one who would be able to fulfill her brother Naoto's dream. She shook her head of how he kept going on that he was not trustworthy when they learned about geass and they took the side of not only Schneizel but Villetta who was part of the OSI that was monitoring Lelouch during the time his memories were altered just to trap CC. As Kallen continued with her walk, she is spotted by Villetta. Kallen sees her and gives her a death glare. Villetta is taken back by Kallen's stare but decides to try to make conversation with her.

"Excuse me," Villetta said trying to getting Kallen's attention.

Kallen ignores her and continues to walk by and Villetta decides to go after her and try again.

"Hold on, could you wait? Please?" Villetta asked politely.

Kallen stopped and turned around, "What the hell do you want?"

Villetta didn't like the way that the red head greeted her but she did wanted to get along with her since she was close to her lover, Kaname Ohgi.

"I just wanted to talk," Villetta said.

"To talk?" Kallen asked annoyed, "About what?"

"Well, um, you see, I just wanted to get to know everyone here."

"So you wanted to start with me, huh?"


Kallen sighed, "Look, let me tell you this right now. I don't like you. I can't believe Ohgi betrayed Zero for you. To think Ohgi was ranting about Zero not telling us the truth and keeping secrets. He sure as hell didn't tell us about you."

It was like a stab to Villetta, she was feeling ashamed about what Ohgi needed to do but she sure as hell wasn't going let it be just about her and her deputy commander lover, "Look, regarding Zero, I know you're not happy about what has happened but he wasn't someone worth being concerned about. His geass power was vile and he used the Black Knights for his own goal, including you. He even said that it was all a game to him."

Kallen simply turned around, "Don't act like you were actually concerned about me or the Black Knights for that matter." With that she walked off.

Villetta had her head down. It seems that things didn't go the way she wanted. She wanted the red head to try to understand but she suspected that she was more close to Zero than anyone else in the Black Knights.

"I wonder, was she in love with him?" Villetta asked herself.

Entrance to C's World, Kamine Island Cave

"I used Lelouch," CC started, "I was fully aware of the truth the entire time. In order to bring about my own death; I had to make his survival a priority."

"Any regrets?" Suzaku asked.

"Not really, my sensibilities are quite different as an immortal witch. I abandoned my humanity long ago."

"We aren't all alike, you know."


"CC, I want you to take me to the other world. Regardless if you think I'm foolish, I can't stand around and do nothing."

Sword of Akasha, C's World

"That's right," Charles stated, "I sent Lelouch and Nunnally to Japan to hide them from my brother's sight which is also why I secretly had Marianne's body taken away."

"As long as my body was still intact, there would be a chance that I could return to it," Marianne added.

"So that's what's been really going on?" Euphie asked.

"Exactly," Charles answered, "Anya and Nunnally became witnesses; therefore it was necessary to rewrite both their memories to protect everything."

Euphie was shocked, "Wait a minute, so that means that Nunnally's blindness was actually the result of your geass and not from the psychological trauma of the assassination?"

"Even though Nunnally was a false witness, there presented a real chance that she would be killed," Marianne answered.

"In order to prevent that, truth needed to be made that was far from proof," Charles added.

"The original plan called for only one immortal code; however as our research progressed, we concluded that we needed to have an additional code. In other words, without CC, there would only be a fifty percent chance of the plan succeeding."

"When Marianne was unable to convince CC, we were left with only one option," Charles explained, "we had to use Lelouch."

"Use Lelouch?" Euphie asked in shock, "But what was the point of all this?"

"These tragedies will no longer be needed once the Ragnarok Connection succeeds," Charles said.

"Masks will vanish," Marianne added with joy, "and everyone will be who they're supposed to be."

"…I see, I get it now," Euphie said, "so all the battles, the mortal struggle and bloodshed between Britannia and the Black Knights, all of this was just to lure that woman CC out in the open. So in other words, Lelouch was nothing more than noise, just a ruckus in the world," Euphie shook her head, "I wonder how Lelouch will react when he hears about this. It seems in the end, my brother was nothing more than a pawn," Euphie paused a bit and then frown, "you're a cruel woman, you knew the truth and you kept it from my brother," Euphie turned around.

CC and Suzaku had arrived and Suzaku was shocked to see Euphie.

"Euphie…Euphie, is that you?" Suzaku asked.

Euphie smiled as she was glad to see her knight who was also the man she fell in love with, "Suzaku," Euphie ran towards Suzaku and gave him a huge hug and Suzaku was surprised.

"Is it really you Euphie?" Suzaku asked surprised.

"Yes, I know it's unbelievable but it I assure you Suzaku, it's really me, I've been given a second chance in life again," Euphie shed tears, "I missed you so much."

Suzaku couldn't help but to feel happy and he hugged Euphie back. After the touching reunion, they let go of each other and talked a little and then turned to Charles and Marianne.

"I'm amazed that knew I was coming," CC commented.

"Yes, after all, you're part of this plan after all," Euphie replied.

"That's correct however I can't see any reason for you to be here Kururugi," Charles said.

Suzaku sighed, "No, I'm sure you can't. I was told that you became immortal."

"Father, is this plan…" Euphie spoke, "Are you trying to tell me that you actually…?"

Charles had a sympathetic expression, "Yes, Euphie, it what you and Nunnally both desired. You two wanted a kinder and gentler world."

"I see, so it really is true," Euphie frowned, "but still…does it really justify all the things they've have done?"

"CC, the time has come," Charles began, "since we are all assembled, the Ragnarok Connection can commence. I will grant you your wish to die after everything has been completed."

Charles put up his right palm and his geass symbol started to shine and CC's geass symbol on her forehead resonated.

The ancient ruins all over the world began to resonate when they were activated and they gave off the shaking of the very planet. The people in the world were panicking as why the world was shaking and on Kamine Island; a huge glow was hovering over the island.

Near the Kamine Island Cave

Anya regained consciousness and was shot up and was looking around.

"What the…?" Anya spoke in surprise, "where am I?"

In the air

The Galahad and Dagger stopped and looked around.

"What?" Dagger spoke, "What's going on? Don't tell me…?"

"It must be His Majesty's plan coming to fruition," Bismarck said, "if His Majesty succeeds in carrying out his vision, then what's ever left of the world will be Prince Schneizel for him to govern per his royal decree, although the sense of politics will change greatly."

Dagger was not pleased and turned to where the cave on Kamine Island was, "What are you doing Cutlass, did you lose your resolve? Incompetent girl!"

"Cutlass? Who is Cutlass?"

"Looks like I have no choice," Dagger said as he looked at Bismarck.

Within the Tekkapod

Lelouch was also feeling the shaking from underwater as he had his eyes closed and he was covered head to toe in black armor.

"What's going on?" Lelouch asked in his head, "What's with the shaking?"

C's World, Sword of Akasha

The atmosphere in C's World shattered to one where the Sword of Akasha was activating.

Marianne was looking up with joy, "Behold, it's finally begun. The Sword of Akasha is slaying god."

CC's code stopped resonating for the moment.

Charles began to walk towards CC, "Now, once our marks of geass become one, the old world will cease and the new world will spring forth."

"CC, let me ask you something," Suzaku spoke.

"All right fine, what is it?" CC replied.

"It's fair to say that you knew Lelouch well, right?"

"Yes, I know Lelouch, he's not dead."

"I'm sorry but that's not what I was told but anyway, my question is that what was Lelouch's reason for trying to take control of things? His reason for fighting."

"…Isn't obvious? He was doing it for Nunnally's sake."

Suzaku shook his head, "I don't believe that's the case…c'mon, there's no point in denying it."

"Oh I see, so you are capable of seeing things," CC said a bit amused.

"Lelouch, he was trying to protect everyone and everything that mattered to him," Euphie said.

"How is that you know?" CC asked.

"I just know, that's all you need to know CC," Euphie replied, "with that, I'm sure that if Lelouch was here right now, there would be one action he would take."

"And that would be?" Suzaku asked.

Euphie stood in front of CC, surprising Charles and Marianne.

"We reject you," Euphie declared, "We reject everything you believe."

Charles didn't think this would happen and was taken back.

Euphie continued, "I don't like it when people lie so much so why do people lie? It's not only because they struggle against each other; it's also because there's something that they're seeking."

CC was a bit surprised, "Euphemia."

"Well said Euphie," Suzaku added.

"You now want a world without change, how stagnant. You can't really call it life, the same as a world of memories, just a world that's closed and completed, that a place that no one really desires."

"But Euphie," Marianne spoke, "are saying you're rejecting me as well?"

"Lady Marianne, is your desire the same as my father's?"

"It would be so good to rejoin all the people whom we've been separated. You can even be reunited to those who have died," Marianne looked at Suzaku, "Kururugi, you could even be reunited with your father."

Suzaku tensed when Marianne mention his father and Euphie balled her fist together.

"So that's it," Euphie spoke, "You two truly believe in your hearts that what you're doing would benefit the world and the people, however forcing your good intentions on others is the same as performing an evil act."

"In time my daughter, the people will come to accept it," Charles said.

"It will never happen, Father!" Euphie countered, "There's only one thing is that is the absolute truth, I now understand that what you did to Lelouch and Nunnally may have been done out good intentions as you said that you were protecting them from VV, but the terrible fact remains that you abandoned them in Japan."

"But we did that to protect them," Marianne defended.

"How could you say when you decided to wage war on Japan?!" Euphie countered.

Marianne found herself unable to answer and CC simply looked at Marianne and Charles. Suzaku stood right next Euphie.

"The plan was such a priority for you both that it didn't matter to either of you if Lelouch and Nunnally had lived or died," Euphie spoke with anger and bitterness, "that's why you abandoned them and all you can give are self-serving excuses."

"You're wrong Euphie," Marianne countered.

"You just said that the dead will rejoin the living, you two don't care about the future," Euphie countered back.

"The future is the Ragnarok Connection," Charles said calmly, "Euphie, once it's finally done, the gentler existence that you and Nunnally spoke of will—"

"Stop it, the only ones who would benefit this will be you two, the world that Nunnally and I desires is one in which kindness is extended to everyone, even strangers, regardless from where they come from."

"Euphie," Suzaku spoke in his head, "in the end, she never revealed Lelouch's identity as Zero to anyone, not even to me. Shirley didn't either…that means I…"

"Let's say that's true, what about it? There's nothing to be done about it, the Ragnarok Connection has already begun," Charles said with confidence with Marianne confident as well.

"That's where you're wrong Father," Euphie said, "I came here to stop it and that's exactly what I'm going to do."

"Oh really?" Marianne spoke a bit amused, "And how are you going to do that?"

"With this?" Euphie said as she pulled out a dark pink crystal from her jacket.

"Hmm, a crystal?" Charles spoke, "What can you possible do with a crystal in hand?"

"Bringing me back to life was not the only thing that Fritz did to me."

"Euphie?" Suzaku spoke as he had questions.

"Suzaku, CC, please step back and be ready to cover your eyes. It's going to be bright."


"He made me into something that's…well, beyond human."

Euphie raised her crystal in air and a pink light glowed brightly and caused Suzaku, CC, Charles, and Marianne to cover their eyes and stepped back some inches.

"TEK-SETTER!" Euphie roared.

That's it for this chapter. Next chapter: Euphie stops the Ragnarok plan and a month later, Lelouch emerges as a Tekkaman and begin his path of vengeance.