Chocolate Sweetness:

Hiyori looks at her chocolates she took the past couple of hours to make.

"Let's see... One for Yukine-kun, mom, dad, my friends from school, and…."

Hiyori looks at one particular chocolate that she made. It was bigger and heart-shaped, unlike the other smaller ones.

She wraps them all, and makes sure to put the ones she need in her bag before leaving.

"Ittekimasu!" Hiyori shouts as she walks out the door and heads towards school.

School passes too slowly for Hiyori, who was eager for school to end so she could see Yato and Yukine. Once school ended, Hiyori dashes out and finds them around a nearby shrine.

"Yato! Yukine-kun!" Hiyori excitedly shouts.

"Ah, I see you came again today Hiyori. Not trying to steal Yukine from me again are you?!" Yato hugs Yukine like a mother who couldn't bear to part with her child.

"Ba-ka, I don't need to steal him from you. He likes me better than a certain unpopular, stinky, jersey-wearing person. Right Yukine-kun?" Hiyori smiles at Yukine.

"A-ah, of course," Yukine blushes under her smile and attention.

"Oh right, I nearly forgot! Here!" Hiyori took a bag of chocolate out of her pocket and hands it Yukine. "Happy Valentine's Day Yukine-kun!"

"F-for me really?" Yukine stutters. He never thought that someone would give him chocolate now that he's dead.

"Of course! You're one of my dear friends, Yukine-kun," Hiyori beams at him.

Yukine blushes as much as tomato now, and mumbles "I'll get something to drink," and runs off.

"Ah, wait! Yukine-kun?" Hiyori shouts, but he was too far away to hear.

"Tch, teenage boys and their mood swings. Just because someone gives you chocolate, they get all excited over it. Chocolates are so cliché." Yato says as he stares at Yukine's retreating figure with a pout.

"So does that mean you don't want chocolates?" Hiyori asks with her heart falling.

"C-chocolate? You're giving some to me?" Yato perks up and he hovers around Hiyori, resembling a dog hoping for a treat.

"Well…. Umm…." Hiyori suddenly notices Yato's closeness to her, and starts blushing and backing away.

After she calms down a bit, she brings a bag of chocolate out of her bag, holds it out with both hands, and looks away with a large blush on her face.

"I made these for you. Would you take them?" She refuses to meet his eyes.

Suddenly, he reaches out and grabs the chocolate, and then pulls her body into a hug. She freezes up from this unexpected action.

Before she could say anything, he whispers into her ear "Thank you."

Hiyori's hair stands on her head as her face turns a bright red, and she hugs him back. She could smell a nice scent; a scent she knows is unmistakably his.

Yato, as if he just realized what he did, pulls back and quickly kisses her on the lips before running off in Yukine's direction.

Then he turned back, and with tinted cheeks and a smile, he exclaimed, "I'll repay you with something better on White Day," before running again.

Hiyori waits until she couldn't see Yato anymore, before she slumps down and holds her flushed cheeks. "I-I don't think my heart can withstand any more than this. My heart might just stop."

And yet, she couldn't stop a smile from spreading across her face.

A/N: Even though this is late, Happy Valentine's Day! I love Hiyori and Yato together~~~ They are such a cute couple!


Ittekimasu – I'll be going now.