"The Inuyasha I loved!"

Chapter 1

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A young couple sat near a stream, watching the waves rudely bump into the land. It was night, and all was calm. The girl had long, black hair that flew in the wind freely, with calm, beautiful eyes. The boy, tall and handsome (AN: *_* BACK OFF!! HE'S MINE!!) young man. His eyes were the color of the sun, blazing brightly on a hot day. His glittery silver hair reflected the moon, making him look mysterious.

A gust of wind blew, causing the young girl to shiver. Her lover looked at her.

"Kagome?" he asked her.


"Are you cold?"

"Hm." She replied, snuggling into his warm embrace. He smiled, holding her tightly.

"You look tired." He said. "Wanna go home?"

Kagome didn't answer. Instead, she lightly shrugged her shoulders.



"Can you sing me my song?"


"Please? It's so beautiful. You wrote it just for me."

Inuyasha smiled. He'd worked hard writing the song for Kagome, especially since he had little to no writing ability. He was glad that she liked it so much.

Inuyasha slightly shifted and held Kagome closer so that she was enveloped by his warmth. She closed her eyes and listened to him breath. It was quiet, but comforting.

Inuyasha took a deep breath and sang quietly, but slowly so only he and Kagome could hear.

"What if I told you it was all meant to be? Would you believe me? Would you agree? It's almost that feeling we've met before. So tell me that you don't think I'm crazy When I tell you love has come here and now.

A moment like this, some people wait a lifetime. For a moment like this, some people search forever. For that one special kiss. Oh I can't believe it's happening to me,"

Inuyasha paused. He looked at Kagome, sleeping soundly in his arms. A small smile lightened her face. He smiled.

"Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this." He finished quietly, kissing her on the temple (AN: if u don't know what that is, your temples r the flat parts on the side of your head right near your forehead. Just thought I'd tell ya ^^) before picking her up and bringing her to Kaede's hut for the night.


An enraged Kikyo watched the beautiful love scene from above (AN: I hope u people r happy! It's not easy putting her in heaven!). Nothing made her madder than Inuyasha and Kagome. Especially Inuyasha.

"Two-timing bitch!" she yelled. Kikyo took a deep breath. Her heart ached. A tear silently trickled down her cheek. "And yet here I am. I can't get over him. And yet he's already found someone else. I'm old news now."

Kikyo looked again at her own risk. She watched as the man she loved covered his new lover in a blanket. She couldn't help but feel jealous.

*That's what he used to do with me.* she thought. She let out a sigh. "If only there was a way to separate them. But she comes every day. Why did she ever have to fall into that damn well?"

Kikyo sighed and sat down. At that precise moment, she had a brainstorm! Her face lightened. "The well! All I have to do is suck all of the magic out of it! Then it'll be nothing more than a hunk of wood! As soon as she leaves tomorrow I'll seal it off. That'll be the end of that problem! You are a genius Kikyo." She congratulated herself.

Meanwhile, the happy couple slept soundly. And although they didn't know it, this would be their last moments together.

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