"The Inuyasha I loved!"

Chapter 8

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"I told you a million times over Inuyasha! The answer is no!"

"You absolutely positive?"

"Would I lie to you?!"

"No. . ."

"Thank you! Case closed!" Kagome rolled her eyes and popped a pill into her mouth. She rubbed her temples to try and get rid of the headache Inuyasha had given her. Inuyasha sniffed and stared at his feet. "Sorry. I just got all upset and. . ." Sigh. Kagome exhaled slowly and let her face soften. "Oh, it's ok. I know you don't mean it. You're still upset over what happened to Doria, aren't you?" Inuyasha nodded quickly. Kagome smiled and stood up. She brought her arms around him and let him wrap his own around her before speaking. "It's ok." She whispered. "Doria's fine. She's a strong person Koishii. She won't let this hold her down." Pause. "I'll check up on her tomorrow, ok? You'll see." Inuyasha nodded and sniffed again.

"Sorry I keep asking you." He mumbled. "It's just that it made me so scared and. . ."

"Shhhh." She said soothingly before he cried. "I thought I would loose you too." He finished. Kagome shook her head furiously. "Never. Why don't you go finish your homework for tomorrow? Muma's almost done with dinner, I can smell it."

"Ok." Inuyasha sniffled and pressed his lips to Kagome's before walking out of the room. Kagome watched him until he left before she let her tears fall. She sighed and sat on her bed. Inuyasha had no idea how much he was hurting her.

Ever since the accident with Doria and her ex, Inuyasha'd been so scared Kagome was going to leave him. So scared that he always had to be with her, and he always asked her if she wanted to leave or if he did something wrong. Kagome loved him, she really did, and she knew Inuyasha loved her too.

*It's just that now he's too overprotective. As if he doesn't trust me or something.* she thought sadly. Kagome climbed up higher on her bed and rested her head on her pillow, staining it with the mascara that rolled down her cheeks, pushed by her tears. *But then again, after what he saw, it's only to be expected. After all, I'm one of the only people he has left. But if he doesn't trust me. . .* Kagome let that thought trail off. It was too horrible to bear, she didn't even want to think it. It was just a phase. He'd come back to her. . .



Inuyasha lay on his bed with his arms curled behind his head, staring up at the ceiling. *This is really driving her insane.* he thought. *She'll probably leave me just to get away from all of it. But still. . . can she blame me? I just love her enough to keep her close and happy, that's all.* Unshed tears stung his eyes, and he closed them to stop the pain. *Please Gods. . . help her to be patient with me.* And with that, he finally surrendered and let his tears flow.


Inuyasha stood behind the counter at Starbucks, glumly wiping the surface of it. He sniffed. Doria and Mahoro were fighting again, filling the whole room with screams and yells. They'd been doing this every day since the accident, and still, the only ones who knew the reason why were Kagome and Inuyasha, yet neither of the girls knew that. Everyone was so mystified about it, Inuyasha just wanted to scream. Thank the gods that Kagome and Naomi came in at that moment.

"Hey Da-rin!" Kagome greeted cheerfully and kissed Inuyasha's cheek. "Hey." He replied and let Kagome sit up on the counter before he hugged her from behind.

"Thanks for filling in for Kagome, Inuyasha." Naomi said with gratitude. "I really needed to get a dress for Sunday. Satoru's taking me to see his folks again and I can't wear anything that's even remotely short. His mother hates me enough as it is, she doesn't need to get the idea that I'm a slut on top of it."

"No problem."

Kagome sighed at the sound of a coffee cup hitting the ground and Doria and Mahoro's screams became louder. "Gods. They never stop."

"Why are they so furious with each other anyway? One day they're BFF's, the next all they do is fight." Naomi said curiously. "It's really weird."

"Beats me." Inuyasha and Kagome said at the same time.

"I mean seriously, it's like. . ." Naomi cut her sentence short since Mahoro was practically right in back of them. She came up to the counter and slammed some money on the surface. "For the cup." She muttered and walked out. All three blinked and watched her leave. "Think she heard me?" Kagome shook her head, assuring her friend she was wrong. "No. I don't think so."

"Hm. I think I should get going now. I need to take my cousin to his swimming lesson. Thanks again Kagome, I owe you. You too Inuyasha." Naomi said with gratitude. Her friends nodded. "No problem." They said in unison. Naomi waved and left.

"So. Now what?" Inuyasha asked. Kagome turned around and faced Inuyasha with a weird expression on her face. "Actually." she started. "I have a lot of homework. Why don't I meet you at home later?" Inuyasha stopped a minute and fixed his hat. Maybe he didn't hear her right. After all, his ears WERE flat to his head. "Sorry. I didn't hear you."

"I have work to do Koishii. Is it alright if I meet you at home later?"

"Oh. . ." Inuyasha let his voice trail off. "Yeah, ok."

Kagome smiled and kissed Inuyasha. "Bye."

"Ja." He replied and watched her leave. *I DID hear her right. But. . . did she just. . .* Inuyasha sniffled. He kept wiping the counter to give him another excuse to be looking down.

"Hey Tomuraigassen!" Josh punched Inuyasha in the arm jokingly and handed him a cup. "Hit me again?" No answer. "Inuyasha?" No answer. Josh waved his hand in front of Inuyasha's face. "Hello? Anyone home?" he joked. Inuyasha blinked and looked up. "Huh?" Josh laughed at his clueless ness. "Oh." Inuyasha murmured when he realized the cup in Josh's hand. Josh blinked. "Ya ok bro?" he asked, half confused and half concerned.

Inuyasha merely sniffed and slowly refilled Josh's mug. Josh lifted an eyebrow suspiciously, but stopped for a minute to sign his name in the notebook. (AN: in the Starbucks here, if you have a membership card or something and you get something, you sign your name in this notebook on the counter and say what you got and you pay the bill at the end of the month instead of whenever you get something. It really helps especially when you're walking to school ^^) When he was done and Inuyasha handed him his drink, he asked again, "You alright Inuyasha? You look beat." Inuyasha sighed and sat down on the stool in back on him. He stared at the counter and let a tear roll down his cheek. "I think I'm loosing Kagome." He whispered.

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