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The NCIS Washington bureau was quiet and deserted in the afternoon as most agents were working cases in the field. Some however were typing furiously at their desks fighting with enormous amounts of paperwork instead of criminals. When Tony entered the place with a cleaned uniform in one hand Kate raised her head and accused, "You're late from your brake."

"Sorry, I had to pick up stuff for Ducky from the dry cleaners" he shook the hanger to emphasize and smiled forcefully at her.

After he put the uniform away and took off his winter jacket Kate added "You're so lucky that Gibbs has vanished."

"It was work-related" he justified.

"The phone on your desk has been ringing off the hook. It's driving him crazy" she nodded her head towards the empty desk where Gibbs usually sat as she was simultaneously filling another report. After each finished case it took days to complete all the forms and papers. A task that Gibbs wholeheartedly hated and dumped at each and every occasion to his minions. DiNozzo as usual tried to drop his share of work on others taking longer brakes to drink coffee, eat, gossip and occasionally run an errand that took him out of the building.

"Well, she is driving me crazy" Tony answered and sat down.


He sighed wearily "Apparently, miss I-don't-like-tan-lines has found something she does like...Me!"

"And why is that a problem?" she slowly inquired not unlike a mother who asks a difficult but adorable 6 year old to explain why today he doesn't like a chocolate pudding.

"Well, let's just say that she's a lot more appealing from a distance" he illustrated with a hand "A geosynchronous distance."

"She didn't look so bad to me."

"It's not that. She's just not my type" Tony calmly elaborated.

"Really?" she asked incredulously "Female hard body who likes to take her clothes off's not your type?"

Tony's eyebrows rose in surprise "Huh, I guess not."

Kate smirked "Well, why don't you just tell her that, then?"

"I am."

"By not answering her calls?" she clarified.

"She'll get the message." he told her right before his telephone rang again.

"Apparently not." she teased, "Well, she'd better get the message soon, or you're gonna be getting one on a pink slip – Gibbs words, not mine."

"Oh, come on! He can't fire me for something I have no control over" he loudly defended.

At that a titter escaped from a young girl which she desperately tried to hide behind her book. It didn't help much because her shoulders shook persistently and rhythmically.

Tony sized the outsider up. She demurely sat next to boss' desk, reading. Japanese? Chinese? Korean? Tony couldn't decide what was weirder: that she was reading some Asian characters or that she willingly located her seat next to Gibbs cubicle.

"Excuse me. Do you find that funny?" he asked using his theatrical nasty tone which only intensified the comical nature of the conversation.

Surprised that she was asked the question, she cocked her head to one side and nodded her head shyly in confirmation, smiling in hopes to diffuse his rather antagonistic mood.

"And who are you again?" Tony pursued.

Kate replied in her stead "Kagome has arrived around the same time when you were supposed to come back from your brake" she looked at her hand clock "which was like an hour ago" she pinned him under her gaze "and she has been waiting for Gibbs since."

"And what do you need our boss for, Ka-go-me?" DiNozzo emphasized her name.

She stared at him for a moment deciding whether to answer straight or tease. She settled for both and succinctly supplied "Private. For Gibbs-san ears only."

She brought her book up to continue the reading when a stern voice reached them "What's for my ears only?"

Startled, Kagome jumped in her seat dropping the novel on her lap. When she was taking a hold of her nerves and organizing the response Gibbs looked at her face intensely trying to understand why it appeared familiar. If he had to venture a guess, he would say Japanese. Her skin color, black, lustrous hair and almond shaped eyes together with the book rather confirmed that, however her blue eyes and hour glass silhouette suggested that she also had some Caucasian ancestors. Curious. The recognition hovered on the fringe of his understanding, evading him, and that made him grumpy rapidly.

"Emm…." she nervously nibbled at her lip and fidgeted "There is no bet…." she stopped mid-sentence, hastily stood up, bowed deeply and restarted. "Good afternoon, Gibbs-san. My name is Higurashi Kagome, well, in American order Kagome Higurashi and I sort off am looking for Leroy Gibbs who was stationed in Okinawa in 1985. Are you, by any chance, him?"


"Emm… It's kind of private and I wouldn't want to discuss this with a stranger so if you please could either confirm or deny that I would be grateful" she looked at him pleadingly.

Meanwhile both Kate and Tony tried very hard to appear that they were not listening while they hung on every word that was spoken between the two.


"Yes?" she brought her eyebrows together in puzzlement.

"Yes, I was" he impatiently repeated.

At that her face lit in happiness but she swallowed loudly and anxiously. "Can we go somewhere less crowded? I don't think the bullpen is an appropriate place for this conversation" she looked around, raising her eyebrow both in question and in challenge.

"What are you looking at DiNozzo? Get back to work" he barked before he led Kagome wordlessly to an unoccupied interrogation room.

"Am I in trouble, Gibbs-san?" she nervously laughed. He didn't join her so her lowly attempt at humor didn't diffuse the intense atmosphere but sharpened it even more. She tentatively sat down and pulled a thin folder from her bag which she subsequently passed to him. When he was scanning the photos Kagome explained. "In the pictures is my mom and, I believe, you. It's difficult to say because the quality is not that good… but if I'm correct you should know her by the name Yui Tanaka. You met in 1985 in Okinawa. Is that you? Am I right?"

"What is it all about?"

"The answer will be different whether it's you or not."

He nodded in confirmation. After a moment Kagome realized it was all the answer she'll get. However much she wanted to delay the inevitable revelation she couldn't stall more so she shot rapidly "I'm your daughter!"

Gibbs eyes opened in shock. He wasn't expecting that. After he schooled his expression he leaned toward her, squinting. "Is that so?"

Kagome tensed at his hostile tone "That's what mom said couple of years ago. She explained it pretty straightforwardly. You had a very intense, winter affair but it ended quickly after you were send somewhere else. Mom didn't know she was pregnant with me when you said your goodbyes. Well, after she found out, she didn't know how to contact you so she entered an arranged marriage and I was raised by a different father. But, you know, I was curious, so when this summer I realized I'll be in USA I decided to find you, and you know… see… how my biological father, I mean you, look like."

Gibbs undivided attention was focused on her face trying to gauge whether she was lying or not. He attempted to find any familiar features. Truthfully, he couldn't see himself in her however he did remember his illicit, intense and short romance with Yui, so it could be true.

After Gibbs stared at her for couple of minutes, Kagome squirmed in the seat "You know what? Think about it a little and when you decide whether you'd like to know me, give me a call" she searched for a piece of paper and a pen in her bag and after she found it she noted the number. "I'll be available under this number for three months. After that I'm going back to Japan and I won't be using it anymore so you'll have to make a decision by then." She took the dossier and put it in the bag again. She stood up, bowed again "It was nice to meet you, Gibbs-san. I'll let myself out."

Gibbs hastily roused "Wait. Kagome. I want to do a paternity test, first."

"Like a DNA test?


She grimaced and rubbed her brow in concentration "I'm not allowed to do any DNA test without Y.C.S. authorization. I'll have to talk with my superior and ask. Is there any chance it could by done in our labs?" at his facial expression she sighed "thought so. OK, I'll try to convince him to agree to it however…" she lifted a finger to emphasize"…I can't promise anything." She turned around but before she left she added "I'll have the answer in three days. If you'll be still interested, call me." At this she left the room and went toward the elevator.

Gibbs stared after her thoughtfully. A daughter? A daughter who is involved with Y.C.S – the most secret organization on the planet. He turned rapidly toward his desk and snarled "DiNozzo, find everything about Kagome Higurashi, born probably in fall 1986 in Japan."

"Yes, boss" Tony replied while Gibbs left the building.

The game is on.

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