Fell in love with this ship long before I saw the episode. When I did see it I only fell deeper into the CheesePie ship! So I had to write this. Due to my inexperience with multi-chaps (I have written them, but I haven't written very many as compared to my oneshots) and my writing this on my phone the chaps might turn out to be very short. But no worries; they have been pre-written this time and shall be posted when I feel like it.

Note: In this, they have not discovered the keys' use yet.

Chapter One: The Mission

Cheese Sandwich trotted out of Canterlot with a huff. That was the only town where a party of his had been unsuccessful, but those Canterlot ponies were so stuck up anyway. They didn't know what they were missing! "Have fun making a party without Cheese Sandwich!" he called behind him although nopony was really paying attention to him. He snorted. "This is really your fault, Boneless 2." Of course, the rubber chicken didn't respond. "You should have stopped me from even going into Canterlot," he commented. "After all, it's your job as my one traveling buddy..." Cheese paused. "Huh...one traveling buddy. My one traveling buddy is a rubber chicken," he noted to himself. The party business was great but...boy, it sure got lonely sometimes.

There was no time for the lonely feeling to linger, however, because suddenly his Cheesy Sense kicked in. It was...different, in a way, from his usual Cheesy Sense. As usual, he felt shivers and his cutie mark made a few accordion noises. He would typically be thrown into the air if it was an especially good party being planned, but this time he wasn't. He frowned in concentration.

"It seems that...this party is in need," he muttered to himself. "And it's coming from..." Cheese licked his hoof and raised it, looking for the trail of where his Cheesy Sense had detected the party. What he found made him smile. "It didn't take long for me to be sent back there," he exclaimed, completely forgetting the cowboy attitude in his excitement. "Back to Ponyville I go!" ...And to Pinkie, I suppose...he thought with a sheepish grin. He quickly began to trot in the direction of his next destination.

Pinkie's head popped out from behind a building. She was holding Gummy. "Sssh, Gummy," she whispered. "No noises. I know that they're planning a party for me, and I'm gonna figure out what they've got planned...Nopony pulls the wool over ol' Pinkie's eyes!" she cried. Slapping a hoof over her mouth as her eyes widened, she looked around again. "Did anypony hear that?"

The answer was clear, as she heard Fluttershy's squeak and the sound of rustling bushes. Pinkie zoomed towards the yellow pegasus. "You'll never get away from me!" she cried. "Nopony escapes the Pinkie!"

"Rainbow!" shrieked Fluttershy, struggling to get off of the ground; Pinkie could now see that she had a large parcel. It had to be a present or something; the way that Fluttershy was attempting to hide it and simultaneously keep it away from Pinkie proved it. "Pinkie's onto me! Help!"

"I gotcha, Fluttershy!" exclaimed Rainbow Dash, appearing out of nowhere. She swooped down and retrieved the package just as Pinkie missed it. "This is supposed to be a surprise, Pinkie!" called the cyan pegasus, holding it into the air. "You'll find out what it is on your birthday!"

"But that's so far from now!" whined Pinkie, sitting down with Gummy in her lap. "Can you at least come down to get your invitation to Gummy's party? It IS being hosted a day before my birthday..."

Rainbow Dash considered, and then came up with an idea. "Sure...hey, Fluttershy?"

"Yes, Rainbow?" panted Fluttershy. She was slumped against a wall, exhausted from holding the package.

"Mind getting two invitations?"

Pinkie sighed in defeat as she handed Fluttershy two invitations. The shy pegasus flew up for a moment and handed one to Rainbow, dropping down again in her tired state. "Fine...but mark my words, I'll figure out the contents of that box! I WILL!" vowed Pinkie, shaking a hoof a laughing Rainbow.

"Course you will," snickered Rainbow, "on your birthday!" She flew off in a rainbow blur.

Pinkie narrowed her eyes at Fluttershy. Approaching her, Pinkie said nonchalantly, "Well, then...looks like you're too tired to move right now..."

Fluttershy gasped. "Pinkie!" she scolded, "it's not nice to try and discover your present before your birthday. Your friends, including me, worked very hard to get it, and it would be very mean to take that for granted by opening your presents early."

Pinkie's ears sagged as she looked at the ground. "Gosh...I never thought of that. I'm sorry, Fluttershy."

"Now, now," replied Fluttershy, giving her friend a side hug, "it's quite natural to want to know what your presents are. It just shows that you're excited for your birthday."

Pinkie grinned. "Gotcha. Now, I'm gonna go plan Gummy's party. You have to be there, you know!" she reminded.

Fluttershy giggled. "Want me to Pinkie Promise?"

Pinkie nodded. "Yes." She then handed Fluttershy a cupcake.

"Cross my heart and hope to fly," recited Fluttershy, her wings lifting her up from the ground for a moment to punctuate the "fly," "stick a cupcake in my eye." She looked at the cupcake, which looked pretty good. Fluttershy then looked back at Pinkie. "Do I have to?"

Pinkie stared hard at her.

Fluttershy sighed. "Okay..." She smooshed the cupcake onto her right eye. Pinkie, looking satisfied, trotted away with a goodbye. The pegasus wiped her eye and clapped the bits of cupcake off of her hooves. She froze when she heard a voice behind her.

"A little birdie told me it was somepony's birthday soon."

Fluttershy yelped, forgetting her exhaustion, and shot three yards into the air. "No! Don't hurt me, I'm just an innocent mare!" she cried.

The stranger shot out of the shadows. "No, no, wait! It's just me!" Fluttershy looked down to see a familiar face: Cheese Sandwich, the party planner!

"Oh!" Fluttershy lowered to the ground. "I'm so sorry, I was just startled. Yes, there are actually two parties being planned right now. It's good to see you, Cheese!"

"Two? Has the famous Pinkamena now stretched her talents to two parties at once?" asked Cheese in a dramatic aside. "Somehow that attracts me even more..."

Fluttershy tapped his shoulder. "Um, I can still hear you."

The stallion blushed with an embarassed grin. "Don't know what you're talking about, I didn't say anything! Now, tell me about those parties!"

"Oh, one of the parties is actually for Pinkie," explained Fluttershy. "It's her birthday, you see. The other party, which is being held a day before, is for her pet alligator's birthday. You've met Gummy before, I think. And, er, if you don't mind my asking, what did you mean when you said that something 'attracted—'"

"I recall a brief encounter with a little alligator," interrupted Cheese loudly with a wave of his hoof, "but a party for Pinkie? I'd like to help out with that."

Fluttershy gasped. "Really?"

"She /is/ the reason I'm a super super party pony," admitted Cheese Sandwich with a small grin, "and I really like he—parties! I like partying." He cleared his throat, trying not to acknowledge his obvious slip-up.

Fluttershy giggled knowingly. "Mm-hmm...I see. Well, I'm sure you can plan a great party for Pinkie." She flattened her ears and looked around. "She may be back soon. I'll get you to Twilight. She's planning the party but it isn't looking too good. Oh, I don't mean to be rude, but although Twilight is a wonderful pony and a wonderful planner, she isn't very...experienced...in party planning," admitted Fluttershy.

"Say no more," replied Cheese. "I've seen it all before. Take me to your leader!"

Twilight groaned as she looked up from a long list in the library. "Spike, I told you to buy the cheaper balloons!"

"But, Twilight, the more expensive balloons are more quality!" exclaimed Spike.

"...They're balloons, Spike."

"So? This is Pinkie we're talking about! She deserves the best balloons!"

Twilight groaned. "I cannot believe this, we should have finished the balloons an hour ago! Does it matter what kind they are?"

Suddenly, the door burst open. "Fear not, for Equestria's premier party planner is here!" exclaimed Cheese Sandwich, marching through the door. Fluttershy followed and shut the door quickly.

Twilight grinned. "Cheese Sandwich! It's been a while!"

"Not really, for me," admitted the party pony, "this is actually the first time I've been to a town two times in the same year! Now, I hear Pinkie Pie's birthday is coming up soon, and from what I gather she is not to know about it?"

Twilight nodded. "Well, she does know that there's a party, since we're her friends and her birthday is coming up. She wanted to plan it like Rainbow did during her birthaversary, but we decided that we wanted to surprise her. Pinkie is currently trying to figure out what we're planning and it's becoming very difficult."

"I've already chided her five times," commented Fluttershy, "and even though she gets the message she's phenomenal at finding loopholes."

Twilight hummed. "Well, Cheese Sandwich? Are you up for the task?"

"Of course! It sounds like a challenge; I love a good challenge!" Cheese said confidently. "I'll take the party planning off of your hooves!"

"Are you positive?" asked Twilight. It was obvious that she was itching to let go of her burden yet was barely hanging onto it anyway; Spike had seen that plenty of times.

"Absolutely! That is, unless you want to be in charge of—"

"NO! I mean, er, I think you'd be better at it," Twilight said quickly. She grinned embarrassedly. "You handle the actual party, while I handle the technicalities."

"Then you've got yourselves a deal! I'll start planning right away!" Cheese began to walk out but Twilight stopped him after Fluttershy whispered something into her ear.

"One more thing," she added. "I'm thinking that, because Pinkie doesn't know that you're here yet, we can keep your presence a secret. It'd be nice for it to be a surprise."

Cheese's hair deflated slightly. "But Pinkie's birthday isn't for another two weeks! I have to keep away from Pinkie for two weeks?" He and Fluttershy had discussed the planning of the time before the party, and he was perfectly fine with staying at an inn while planning the party. He had stayed at towns on business for much longer, sometimes even whole months, to correctly plan a good party. Occasionally his Cheesy Sense would tingle, letting him know of another party, but he never accepted requests in the middle of party planning. But this, this was disappointing. Pinkie was a really fun pony, and he wanted to spend some time with his friend.

Twilight bit her lip. "I'm sorry. I understand if you don't want to, but this way we can give Pinkie an even bigger surprise by your being here. Is that a problem?"

Cheese was aware of Twilight's expression as she looked at him. It was very subtle, but she was just barely giving him a knowing smirk. It was obvious what Fluttershy had told her. "It's fine," he said simply. "I'll let you know if I have to change the plan." He looked at Fluttershy. "Fluttershy, can I speak with you in private?"

"Right now?" she asked with a tilt of her head.

"Yup. Right now. Excuse us, Twilight."

The purple pony nodded. "Of course. Just meet with the rest of the party ponies here in two days, so we can discuss the plan." Her new partner in crime (party crime) nodded as he and Fluttershy exited the library.

"What was that?" exclaimed Cheese. "What did you tell Twilight?!" They both knew, somehow, but he wanted to hear her tell him. Fluttershy grinned nervously.

"Well, I told her that I thought you might have sort of liked Pinkie...and that it would be cute for you to meet after that long..." she whispered, hiding behind her hair. "Please don't get mad at me..."

Cheese sat down with a frustrated sigh and rubbed his temples with his hooves. "Just...don't tell her."

Fluttershy giggled. "Of course! It's not my secret to tell! Oh, this is so exciting, I've never been involved in a budding romance before..."

"Fluttershy, you need to Cheesy Promise me you won't tell her," begged Cheese. "About the little thing I have for her, OR the fact that I'm here."

The shy pegasus blinked. "Cheesy Promise?" Those two might as well have been clones of each other.

"Yes. It goes, 'Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cheese wheel in my eye!'" He grabbed a wheel of cheese and smooshed the entire thing onto his left eye.

Fluttershy sighed. "Okay. Cross my heart and hope to fly—" She paused when she was handed a wheel of cheese, "—stick a cheese wheel in my eye. Oh, dear..." she sighed, forcing herself to smash the cheese wheel into her eye. Satisfied, Cheese trotted away to look for a hotel. Fluttershy grinned after him.

"Oh, my, this is going to be so wonderful."

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