Cheerio!bp!Kurt / Dark!Blaine

Blaine stared after the pale boy, his eyes fixated on the strong thighs and his pert ass. The boy was beautiful by all means of the word, all long limbs and toned muscle. The boy was also so far out of his league it was unreal and Blaine let out a sad sigh. Ever since he'd transferred from his old school, he'd been staring at him whenever he saw his crush walking down the hall. But he'd never dared to make a move and he was still beating himself up over the fact. Because now even the smallest bit of hope he had had been crushed.

Because now, Kurt was on the cheerios, he was McKinley High royalty, at the top of the food chain. And Blaine... well. Blaine was still the social outcast, the one no one talked to, simply because he was the new kid. And he himself was too shy around strangers to initiate conversation, which made the whole getting to know new people thing a great deal harder.

But Blaine was still Blaine. He might be shy, but if he wanted something badly, he'd get it, no matter what it would take. And he wanted Kurt, very much so. So all hopes were not crushed. Not necessarily at least. All hopes were crushed if Blaine gave a fuck. Which he most certainly didn't, his desire to own Kurt was bigger than his urge to keep the image of the well-behaved Anderson up.

It had been almost half a year since his dad had announced that they were moving to Ohio, leaving no room for any argument, and Blaine had to pack his shit and leave his friends in Chicago to move to Lima, a town he'd never heard of before, and honestly, he wished he never had either. He had to leave the safety of his private boarding school to enroll at McKinley, a public school in the middle of nowhere, full of small-minded and homophobic idiots. It was hell.

After some time, he'd finally gotten used to his new surroundings, but he never learned to like it. The only thing that made it marginally better was seeing Kurt Hummel everyday when he stood at his locker every morning, getting his books and talking to his friends while Blaine stood there and watched him with hopeful eyes. Blaine admired how he walked, how he talked, just how he held himself, with such poise and grace. He was simply stunning.

To stunning for someone like Blaine.

After a week of creepily listening in on Kurt's conversations with various friends he'd finally learned his name. Small victories. But Kurt never seemed to notice him staring, which, Blaine mused, may have been for the best because he'd be weirded out if he saw some kid creeping on him. But on the other hand, he wanted Kurt to notice him, wanted for him to see him and think something along the lines of 'oh my god he'd gorgeous I should totally ask him out on a date'. That never happened, and he knew that it was all wishful thinking and unlikely to become reality, but Blaine was still disappointed.

Then, he noticed that one name seemed to come up quite often, especially when Kurt was talking to some annoyingly loud girl, Rachel was her name, Blaine thought. Finn. That was the name and he hated it. His first instinct was to go find the guy and beat him to a fucking pulp. But he was sure that would do nothing to get him on Kurt's good side, it would only get him suspended, effectively ruining his chances of ever being able to see the pale perfection with the striking blue eyes ever again.

So he stopped himself which turned out to be a wise decision. Turns out Finn wasn't Kurt's boyfriend. He was his step-brother. And he was Rachel's boyfriend so he was not only straight but had bad taste too, no way he could ever have a thing for Kurt. He was also the quarterback and as tall as a tree, so the notion of beating the guy up was ridiculous and Blaine would have probably lost his limbs if he tried to challenge him.

But back to the present. He stared after Kurt as he strutted down the hall, confidence radiating off of him, the crowd parting to let him through, a girl on each of his arms. They were Cheerios, too, their uniform gave them away, and those were the three captains, Blaine's mind helpfully supplied. They were treated with all the respect they deserved, had their little helpers carrying their books for them, and teacher's didn't dare to say a word when they stepped a foot out of line.

But the fascinating thing about Kurt, apart from his ethereal beauty, was that he wasn't wearing the standard issue guys' cheerleading uniform. He was wearing the same skirt the girls were wearing, the red fabric swishing around his bare legs with every step he took. His legs were shaved, so soft looking that Blaine just wanted to run his hands all over them and then up, up, up until he reached the treasure between Kurt's legs. It was no secret anymore that Kurt had a pussy, and while he didn't flaunt it, he definitely didn't seem to be uncomfortable with people knowing.

Which Blaine was thankful for. He had always wondered about the lack of a bulge when Kurt was still wearing his skin-tight jeans, back then before he joined the Cheerios. But when he'd spotted Kurt on the first day after summer break, laughing with his fellow Cheerios and wearing nothing but the short skirt and tight top, he'd immediately suspected.

Figures that Kurt would have a pussy between his legs. Those were pretty rare In fact, Kurt was the only person he knew that had one. But somehow, Blaine wasn't surprised. A special boy like Kurt, irresistible to Blaine even before he knew what he had in his pants, was bound to end up being in possession of the one thing that Blaine would kill to get his hands (and lips and dick) on. Blaine only mourned the fact that it had taken him so long to find out. He could have spent the whole summer with his face or cock buried in Kurt's undoubtedly tight pussy. But no, he had to hesitate, had to let his damn shyness get in the way of getting what he wanted.

But he wouldn't hesitate anymore, now that he knew what was waiting for him. Soon, very soon he'd have Kurt and teach him about all the wonderful things he could do to him to make his pussy gush with arousal, opening up for Blaine to take him over and over again. He'd eat him out until he was sobbing with desperation and then he'd fuck him hard, make him squirt around his cock, make him beg for more and Blaine wouldn't give it to him because Kurt made him wait for so long and payback's a bitch. Not as bad a bitch as Blaine is, put pretty damn close.

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