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Blaine briefly contemplated waiting around for Finn and then following him to his house, because that must have been where Kurt had disappeared to. Unfortunately, he hadn't thought to get Kurt's address, hadn't really believed it was necessary since they were just going to meet in the parking lot and then drive there together. Now that the little fucker had sufficiently ruined those plans, he had no other way to find out where Kurt lived on his own.

Thus the idea to waste the valuable time he could spend fucking a tight pussy creeping around public school premises.

A reasonably good idea in theory. But, seeing as he didn't have the fucking time, nor the will, to wait around for the giant, he was now stranded in a Kurt-less parking lot with no clue how to proceed. Except...

With sure steps, Blaine walked back into the school and navigated the halls until he found himself standing in front of the locked door of the principal's office. They had to keep the students' files somewhere around here, right? It took him some time to pick the lock, but eventually he got it right and pushed the door open.

Brilliant, yes. His boy should consider himself lucky that he was snagged by someone with a brain working as efficiently as Blaine's.

Now he just had to find Kurt's files and he'd know Kurt's address, his home phone number, his date of birth, basically everything that a worthy man should know about their precious boyfriend.

He began looking through the unlocked cabinets, then started picking some more locks when he came up empty. He thought it was a little unnecessary to hide them that well. How many students went looking for them anyways? But whatever. No amount of locks was going to stop his dick from finding it's way into Kurt's pussy today.

After another few minutes of searching, he finally located the files and started thumbing through them until he got to the letter "H". He was almost vibrating with excitement. "Hayes"... "Hudson", "Hulzing", "Humbard", "Humme—".

Blaine stopped short. What should have been "Hummel" was indeed some "Humston" guy's file. He couldn't find his boy's file. What the actual fuck?! After looking through the stupid stack once more and again coming up unsuccessfully, he finally accepted the fact that someone was clearly trying to keep him from claiming what was rightfully his. And whoever it was that had the audacity to pull such a stupid stunt... well. They were going to pay a high price. A limb, possibly. He hadn't made his mind up yet.

Despite wanting to destroy the fucking office to make his displeasure known, he refrained. People would know what he'd been up to. He didn't know what the consequences were if someone found out that he'd broken into the principal's office and looked through confidential stuff, but he wasn't exactly keen to find out.

Kurt didn't really seem like the kind of guy to date a law-breaker. Not that he would have much of a choice...

So instead he put everything back in it's rightful place, made sure to not leave any trace behind and emerged from the office, a dark look in his eyes.

He was so, so very pissed. Maybe some of the dumbass football players were up for a fist fight. He had a lot of steam to blow off and since he didn't have his boyfriend here to blow him, he needed to find a different outlet. He was well aware that Karofsky had been leering at Kurt. And not the loving kind of leering. Predatory leering. He deserved having his face disfigured for potentially making Kurt uncomfortable, which Blaine knew for a fact he did. His boy was probably scared his pussy may get fucked by someone that wasn't Blaine.

He threw the door to the boy's locker room open and his eyes immediately found the fucker. You couldn't really miss a fatass like that. Neither could you miss the distinctive odor coming from the guy's general direction. Blaine wrinkled his nose in disgust. Did Dave really think someone as beautiful and tasteful as Kurt would ever go for a sweaty heap of meat and bones with bad manners? Delusional, that's what the poor man was.

"Heard you been bothering Kurt." After checking that no witnesses were there, he made his presence known as he advanced towards him.

Karofsky turned upon hearing Blaine and stared at him for a full ten seconds before bursting out laughing, standing there in all his towel-clad glory. Blaine scowled. He was only making this harder on himself... poor guy. He might have felt remorse for what he was about to do to him were he capable of that particular emotion.

"Anderson." Karofsky mocked and smirked. Blaine thought it made his face look even uglier, an endeavor he hadn't thought possible. "I remember you. How's your shoulder?" he asked, false sympathy sweetening his voice.

Oh, that. Blaine had almost forgotten about the locker checks he'd been subjected to for most of last year. Maybe he'd send chocolates to the asshole's hospital room as a thank you for the reminder once he was done with him.

"Oh dear. You really are stupid beyond belief, aren't you?" Blaine chuckled devilishly. "You just gave me incentive. Thanks, dumbass."

Before the football player had a chance to answer, it was raining punches. Blaine's fists came down on his face and his stomach, he got in a mean kick to his balls, making him whine like a fucking girl. What a fucking pansy. Blaine had expected a little more from him.

"That's right." Blaine laughed as he delivered a kick to his side. "Been boxing, pretending the bag was your ugly visage." Blaine talked as he poked at the bruise forming rapidly. Actually, why he'd taken up boxing was because he needed the strength to fuck his pretty boy up against a wall, but this was nice, too. And really, Karofsky had had it coming for some time now.

"Wanna explain yourself?"

His opponent wheezed something unintelligible out and Blaine was about to roll his eyes because trust an ostensibly tough guy like Karofsky to not be able to take five fucking punches, when he was unexpectedly shoved backwards and had a fist buried in his face.

That wasn't supposed to happen, fuck.

As Blaine was caught off-guard, the football player had the chance to retaliate. Ugh. He was about to fight back, maybe rip the guy's balls out... But maybe Kurt liked bruises if they were acquired while defending his pussy, Blaine mused as Karofsky grunted with effort.

Yeah, probably. That'd get his pretty cunt gushing. Blaine stood motionless as Karofsky delivered a few punches, focusing on his face. It didn't even hurt much. A small price to pay. Guy was about as strong as a fucking three year old. It was quite sad, really.

When the pitiful display became almost painful too watch, more painful than the hits anyways, Blaine simply turned and left, ignoring the yells for him to come back and fight like a real man. He had better things to do, namely going to fuck a nice, wet pussy. Kurt's pussy. His dick grew hard just from thinking about it.

He was almost out of the school when he was grabbed and thrown into a row of lockers. Just what he needed, he thought sarcastically.

"Now, we don't know the fuck you think you are, but we know for sure that no one gets away with beating our bro." Azimio yelled at him as one of his goons held Blaine back when he tried to charge at him.

"Well, no one fucking threatens my boy without consequences, your bro had it coming." Blaine said it with hand-quotes and all. He was seething. Who the fuck did they think they were, keeping him from Kurt's pussy.

Azimio laughed. "That lil' fairy, Hummel? Yeah, he got you hooked, huh? Heard the princess has a nasty little cunt. Will fuck everybody who asks. Figures that you'd want that snatch." The high-fives were what really set Blaine off. No one got to joke about his boyfriend's pussy, least of all these abominations.

He shrugged the guy holding him off and walked away. "This may seem like simple talk, but I will destroy you and your families should you ever dare to come near Kurt, talk shit about him, or even just look at him. My family... well. Suffice it to say we have connections and we like to play dirty. Stay. The fuck. Away."

Blaine left.

(And in the back of his mind, he wondered where his boy's records might be...)

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