Kodaiejiputo- Ancient Egypt

Hehe, so I am lazy and slow. But I kept forgetting what I was doing! Then I read a great fiction called 'Matchmaker Millennium', it's in my favorite stories list, go check it out. It inspired me enough.


Egyptian Seto = Seth

Egyptian Yami = (Pharaoh) Yugioh

Egyptian Bakura = Rekhi Bakura

Egyptian Marik = Tsuyoi Mariku

Shinkou, Akiko, Ayane, and Rekanna all have the same names! OO;; I'll try to keep it simple.

Verrryyy odd chappy with a new pairing (easily noticed when it comes that way) that exists in the past, lol. I had some fun with Rekhi too, so don't hurt me oO;;

"Road? Where're we're going we don't need roads." -Doc: Back to the Future


"Where are they, Rekanna?"

"Gone, sir."


"I…..they…." the Egyptian stared into the darkness, trying not to fidget. "They used that rotten slave and went to Ancient Egypt. ….Ayane is with them."


"She's with them, sir."

"You know what this means….."

She gulped, backing away slightly as something seemed to move in the darkness of the unknown chamber, set apart from the realms into its own. "H-Hai…"

"Your soul is mine…." There was a deep cackle and a stream of energy burst from the darkness and pushed through Rekanna's heart and dragged out slowly a small orb. Her body fell lifelessly to the ground, the orb being carried back into the darkness. "At least she wasn't fully useless. Now where are those two kids I had sent for…"


Akiko was the last one out of the room, a spell having spread the width of it until no one was left. Not one speck of anyone remained, all being transferred away to another time period, one of the ancient past.


"Ow…..dammit…..what did I land on…..?"

"Me, you idiot…"

Yami glanced down at Bakura who was pressed against the cold stone beneath. He blushed lightly before standing, and helping the other up, glancing around and gulping when he saw no one else around. We must have been separated….that's no surprise. Yami sighed and shook his head, starting when he felt torn from where he stood and pulled roughly into the shadows.

"Bakura what the hell a-"

"Shut up!!" Bakura hushed in warning, a tone that was meant not to be messed with. He pulled Yami close to him, a hand pressed over the other's mouth as he backed into a corner, not making any other movement when he heard footsteps. He cringed in slight pain as he felt Yami bite his hand and pulled it back, even in the dark of the corner, Bakura had a strong glare set on the other. "What was that for…?"

"I couldn't breath, and what's with this all of a sudden?!"

"I told you to keep quiet! Unless you want to be thrown into a cell by yourself."

"What's that supposed - to mean…." Yami hardly finished as he looked out of the shadows, a form crossing his sight, draped in a classy robe and golden jewelry that only was fit for one person to wear.

"Seth how many times must I tell you?! I need a carriage by the end of the week and yet still I have nothing! How hard is it to get a simple means of travel such as that?" The form turned to glare at the high priest that stood silently yet irritated. "Answer me."

"The owner of who supplies the regular carriages has been found to be the one who had burnt your custom one. You locked him away, remember? His assistant in charge is being rather…difficult now."

"Hn, well why don't you simply make him see otherwise?!"

"Hai, Pharaoh," Seth muttered grudgingly as he bowed, pivoting on his heels and exiting the room as the Pharaoh took to follow.

"Man, I forgot how 'snippish' you were as a pharaoh."

"Do you want me to bite your hand again?" Yami tried to sound fierce, but his voice merely came out as a pout and he sunk against Bakura's grasp. "So not only do we have to find the others….but I'm guessing it would be a good idea to avoid….ourselves."

"It would be a humorous matter to try and make conversation with myself."


"What?" The silver haired gave a laugh before moving out of the corner, moving with Yami in tow. "We didn't take Marik with us, meaning we can have some fu - I mean get help!" Hopefully he'll be of some use.

"Bakura this is a BAD idea!" Yami shouted back as he felt himself be dragged down the hall.

"What else is new?"


"Hello….?" Yugi stood on the steps of a small building held up by four thick columns, it's appearance showing it was some sort of temple. "Where is everyone…?" He sighed, shaking his head and entering a bit uneasy into the temple. He blinked as a person, probably around the age of sixteen, knelt in black robes in the center of the room, whatever lighting was used began to go dim suddenly and caused Yugi to gulp. What did I step in on….?

A solid stone door closed behind him, leaving Yugi and this other form in candlelight (which wasn't much as it was). The hikari eeped, feeling something poke against his hand and looked down to see a lightly yellow glowing creature at his feet. Small wings and a spiked tail poked out if the petite body and the creature was immediately recognized. "A…..Baby Dragon…"

"Who's there?" Yugi jumped again as the form in the center moved to stand, another being having moved slightly and could be heard in the darkness where no candles were. All that could be seen of it were two red, slit shaped eyes.


"What did you call me…?"

No, that can't be him! But he's the one who took me from the Shadow Realm and brought me to Ayane….it….can't be the same person…

"Never mind…I'll….leave…"

"Wait! You can't go out there!"

"Why not?" Yugi blinked, staring oddly as the opposing boy moved closer towards him.

"Dansas, come over here," he murmured and the Baby Dragon gave Yugi a quick look before moving back towards the other. "There are Shadow Games starting up again. It's not safe, and it looks like you're clueless. You'll…..you'll be killed!"

"I…thanks for the warning…."

The red eyes in the back blinked slowly and the unseen being shifted slightly as there was a groan of pain.

"Shhh, Red, relax, I don't think this boy will hurt us…"

"What's back there…?"

"My Red-Eyes Black Dragon."


"I call summons to the Succubus Knight!" A femme voice echoed, hand directed towards her opponent as a dark glow formed first following outwards with the dark, six armed warrior.

"I command you both at once by orders of the Pharaoh to end this game at this instant!"

"Aw, shut the hell up, dammit!" Rekhi sneered, his silvery strands flowing out. It wasn't every day that the tomb-robber had taken a Shadow Game into the open streets, and he wasn't about to be interrupted by a guard. "You don't impress anyone waving about with your little 'orders'! Flame Cerebrus, arise and destroy this woman's nuisance of a warrior!" There was merely a flash of orange, three heads and dual claws clashed out at the knight, tearing it to pieces as the Shadow Realm's energy scooped up both monsters, showing the ending of the easy game.

Rekhi flipped back his hair, tossing his slated color hood back over his head and gave a laugh, passing by the female who now lay on the ground and ran by the guard trying to stop them. "My, my, what a lovely day it 'tis. Why not enjoy it instead of wasting precious time on someone you will never catch?"

"Elite guards, seize this clown of the streets!" The guard hissed, lunging for Rekhi who easily stepped aside.

"Is that the best you can do? Come now! A guard of your standards, can't catch a lowly being like me?" He chuckled and the anger rose in the guard's eyes.

"ELITE GUARDS! By order of-"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know the drill!" Rekhi mocked, doing a small dance around the only guard with a deadly tone of a leered voice. "Oooohhhh Elite guards! By the order of the all-so-mighty Pharaoh, seize this foul beast and put him to missseerrryyyy!"

The guard jumped at him again, but the thief flung himself back and stood upon a crate, "giggling" in a false voice before turning serious. Or as much as he could be. "Oh, you know of that tomb that holds one of the previous Pharaohs? Not the last dead one, but before that. The tomb said to be that no one can ever pass the powerful security force? Well, heh, I did!" One of his hands reached back and pulled something from a leather belt and wavered the rolled up parchment out before him. "See? This wonderful spell scroll was found by the carcass of that simpleton! Want to guess what it does….?" He edged on, but not one responded as guards were entering from randomized directions and sidling closer towards him.

Rekhi gave a flighty laugh and tossed the scroll at the main guard. "Doesn't matter, I know the spell good enough to do without that lame scrap paper! Practice makes perfect, eh, eh…?"

"What are you planning, thief…."

"Now cheer up that tone!"

"We have you surrounded…"

"You always have me surrounded!" Rekhi shrugged and held out both his arms, his eyes flashing with delight. "I call upon the darkness of fiends to grant me the idol being of a deceased! Let me take rule of the Pharaoh's servant and walk among the world once again!" The ground below him darkened a bit, causing the useless guard to pull away and signal the others and Egyptian citizens to move from the crazed boy. "Awaken again! Dark Necrofear!" The blue faced female rose from the power of darkness, enveloped in an unusual armor outfit as she lashed out, arm piercing through the guard and instantly killing him. "Who's up for some fireworks?"

The monster looked towards him, intrigued by his sense of style and he cackled lightly. "Oh yes, I do believe we need another in the streets. I need to crank up the heat." The Dark Necrofear nodded as a responds and slaughtered another guard that had moved to help the fallen one. She held up her arm and licked the blood off that dripped down it, finding the human blood intriguing before jumping up on a building as Rekhi began to work on summoning a second monster from his extent of shadow energy. "Darkfire Dragon, time to hear screams…"


Yami and Bakura had dove into a random room when they noticed Seth and Pharaoh Yugioh had stopped in the hall. Indeed the spirits were following the two, and only one room was open for them to slip into. The room which Yami had a belated realization that it was HIS room. When Bakura heard those words the two dived behind the bed afterwards, both having different reasons.

"What if they come in here?!"

"Hush, Yami, I heard something from the window."



They both peeked over the bed's surface at the window and Yami's eyes widened when he saw who entered in with calm ease. Bakura had to shove the other on the floor to keep Yami from shouting curses. "Why is Marik in my room?!"

"Will you SHUSH!" Bakura managed quietly. "Besides he's not even called that in this time. You have a horrible memory."

"I don't care WHAT he's called! He's in my room!!"

Bakura forced the other quiet as he tried to listen of the opposing thief.

"Pshh! Pharaoh!"


Yugioh glanced behind him towards his room, knowing the voice with ease but was grateful the form couldn't be seen. With Seth busy going over a spell, the Pharaoh backed up slightly and met the voice with his own deep one. "What?"

"I might suggest you check out on the streets, it's getting violently over run with shadow energy. I'm sure Seth and a Blue Eyes could handle it…"

The Pharaoh nodded a bit before moving towards the High-Priest and snapping his fingers in front of the other's face. "I sense trouble in the streets. There's much I still must do here to prepare for the upcoming traveling, will you go aid the guards in the streets?"

"Hai, Pharaoh," Seth rolled his eyes, hating to have to be sent into the streets. But he's learned to not oppose the other when he was calm….it only worked when the Pharaoh was frustrated.


The two spirits blinked as the ancient form of "Marik" had backed up from the doorway when the Pharaoh entered. Yami gave an odd blink when his old self wasn't readying to kill the other. He should be dead by now… Yami's eyes quickly widened from where he watched and felt Bakura tense when the scene before them quickly changed.

"Tsuyoi…" Yugioh sighed in a relaxed tone, having been pushed up against a near wall by the thief. The Pharaoh nuzzled against the other's cheek before Tsuyoi forced his lips against those of the ruler. Yugioh made a willing sound, encircling his arms around the other to pull him flush in wanting need to deepen what was already in the process. Tsuyoi smiled in his natural dark sense and pulled away to the Pharaoh's dislike, but silenced the other again when he tilted his mouth forward and began nibbling and toying with an earlobe.

"You had an affair with him?!" Bakura hissed quietly, trying to ignore the soft mews from behind them and tore his eyes from the scene and pinned Yami to the ground from where they were unseen besides the bed. "You were doing…..doing that to him while I was - oh…" Bakura fell quiet, eyes closed and he sunk away from Yami, leaning against the bed.

"I don't even remember….it's…..I…."

"Shush," Bakura whispered, placing a finger onto Yami's lips. "I'll kill you later."


He shook his head and sighed, mind drifting a bit. "We're in a jam, Yami. I may not remember the exact happenings of what occurred with Ayane and such, but I do know what's going on now and it's probably a week or so away from where we want to be."

"How do you know…..?" Yami whispered, still uneasy and the fact that he heard a thud from the other side of the room was quite unsettling.

"Because Seth is going to stop 'me' from setting half the market on fire." So Mariku snitched out on me…..that's the only reason I was caught….


Fire danced around small carts and into the street halfway down the market, making horrorstruck people running away from the massacre to somewhere safe. And with not even the Pharaoh showing up, only his useless guards, stood around to try and tackle Rekhi.

The Darkfire Dragon let out a steaming hiss when it launched two more glowering spheres into a building, not even watching it become engulfed by flame and it started for the next nearest one. Rekhi jumped from his crate and nearly hit the flames, though the Dark Necrofear was able to stop him from falling into it - though now there was a bloody stain on the back of robe. He dismissed the monster quickly back to the Shadow Realm as he scrambled into a stand, watching a large bolting sphere cut through the flames and hit against his dragon, the creature falling to ashes before being taken back into the other realm.

"Rekhi Bakura, you've gone far enough with your little stunt!"

"Oh shit…" The thief mumbled as he realized what exactly had attacked his dragon. It only meant that when there was a Blue-Eyes….there would be a certain High Priest in tow.

"Bakura! I mean - Rekhi, over here!"

He glanced at the voice, searching through the flame and seeing a form in an alleyway waving out to him. He made a quick dive, jumping into it and running to the back away from the fire and looked at the form when he caught his breath. "Akiko? What are you doing out of the palace?!"

"I'll have to explain later, I'm not exactly the Akiko you know…"

"Then who are you, imposter?!"

"Relax, calm down, Rekhi! I'm - well I'm from the future!" And I made a bit of an error on timing which part of the past I dropped everyone into….I hope everyone's safe. "And I know you don't want to let Seth take you, but you HAVE to! Or you'll be killed, and that would be bad…"

"So you're like my guardian angel or something?"


Rekhi scoffed, folding his arms and staring down at her. "I don't believe in angels."

"OH JUST GO!" She snapped, shoving Rekhi back into the streets and right into the High Priest's grasp.

"Well look who stumbled in just in time for the party. Come on little street rat, we can't have you running around loose anymore. We have a new cell all ready for you as well…" Seth chuckled as he dragged the struggling boy towards his Blue-Eyes, wavering his staff out and recalling the beast, moving for the palace. Akiko made sure none of the guards who were putting out the fire had seen her as she followed after. Maybe some of the others are in the palace….oh well….I have to make sure Rekhi will be ok….the other me doesn't know about his new chamber….


"Ryou we were nearly burnt to a crisp by your yami!" Malik complained as the two ran from the city towards the main water source. Ryou took a stumble and nearly fell into the water of the Nile, but held himself back and dunked his head in.

"I know, I know, but that was definitely him from the past! I never thought he would be a pyro…"

"Hn….well maybe we can snoop…." Malik smirked a bit and stretched out on the sand, laying on his back and letting his hair slip into the water.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well you always said when he was first released from the ring, he was a complete bastard. Maybe we can find out why, ne?"

"Malik, Bakura won't be happy about this…."

"Aw come on, it can't be that bad. I'm sure he'll be out of the palace in record breaking time, then we can follow him and figure out what goes through his head. Doesn't that s-" He was cut off when Ryou moved to sit on top of him.

"No, Malik," he spoke firmly, starting to move away, but Malik snatched him to stop. "What?" The soft tone had returned and he stared down at the opposing hikari in a bit of surprise.

"Then let's spend the night out here, it's safe."



"Ohhhh master!" A femme voice rang through the dark chamber. Akki and Akisame swept in, both giving an odd glance to Rekanna's lifeless form yet said nothing. "We have joyful news!"

"What is it, fools?" The voice hissed out, yellow eyes opening as the only sign that he was waiting in the dark.

"We were having a wonderful walk through the Shadow Realm and stumbled across a few unconscious humans! And managed to swipe this," Akki giggled, tossing the Millennium Ankh towards her hidden master, watching it fall into an outlined claw before it was tucked away.

"Very good, that will prove nicely to have another collected form….but where are the siblings I ordered for?!"

Akisame stepped forward with calm ease. "The girl is on her way, but the male was never apprehended. He….your servant for retrieving him was killed. Shall we go for the boy ourselves?" There was a growl and Akki stepped up by her sister, waiting for an order as the being tried to make a decision. There was a short glow before out of the darkness stepped "Shadi," but yellow eyes told difference.

"No. Stay here and wait for the girl. Make sure you prepare her to my liking of the ritual….I will retrieve the boy myself." A smirk curved over his tanned lips, a set of dark, crow like wings pulling into the body as if they were never there. The yellow eyes blinked away, making his form look exactly like Shadi, the Ankh resting around his neck. "I don't want my plans messed up anymore. If you fail, you will see her fate," he threw a glance towards Rekanna and the two nodded as he made an exit, a mist being the substance left as he was gone.


I managed to type this in two days, heh. Donno if some of you can make much sense of it all yet, this chappy was mainly an introduce of most of the past people, though I left out BOTH Ayane's, sort of on purpose. As you can tell Rekhi is a bit…destructive. But I'm happy ^^ I managed to stick Clashshipping in the story and keep the Darkshipping ^^. Clashshipping is Yami/Marik (though in this it's really Yugioh/Tsuyoi) and Darkshipping is Yami/Bakura. The "thud" was a mystery, thick what you want with those two….lol.

And I had promised you an intro to the "main evil" in the story which the beginning and the end was the best I could do without giving away too much. I'll let you know that the "siblings" count as Serenity and Joey. But that's all I'm saying about them ^^

The Egyptian Shinkou is a lot more nicer than his present day self, though is also a bit shaky. But he has his Red-Eyes ^^ and a Baby Dragon….but that's besides the point…

What else….I'm trying to type as much as I can because my computer is "sick" right now and after my spring break is over, it's being taken into the shop.