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Chapter 1.

When Elsa descended the stairs of the palace, Kristoff elbowed Fiyero and Jermain in the side.

They both turned around and the moment they laid eyes on Elsa, their eyes widened and they said at the same time, "Wow."

Elsa blushed slightly. Glinda, who came bouncing after the snow queen, beamed at the three men. "Doesn't she look just perfectified?" she gushed. "It took me ages to get her and Elphie to sit still, but I think it was worth it. I mean, I know it's a war, not a fashion show, blah blah," she made a dismissive gesture, "but even in war time, a girl has to look good. Especially Elsa and Elphie, because, you know, they're our powerful sorceresses and this war kind of depends on them. No pressure," she added when she caught the look Elsa sent in her direction.

"And Elsa – ooh, can I call you Elsie?" she asked excitedly.

Elsa's eyes widened in horror, but before she could protest, Glinda had already continued her rambling.

"Elsie and Elphie, they're just the best, and they're going to kick that stupid Wizard all the way back to the other world he came from!" She fist-pumped the air.

Fiyero laughed. "Glad to see you so enthusiastic, Glin."

"You know her," a new voice said sarcastically from the doorway. "She's always enthusiastic. Annoyingly so."

Fiyero smiled when he saw his wife coming up beside Elsa. "You look beautiful, Fae."

Elphaba studied herself critically, then turned to take in Elsa. Both girls raised their eyebrows at the same time.

"Um, Glin?" Elphaba said. "What exactly were you trying to do here?"

"I wanted to present you as a team," Glinda explained. She fist-pumped the air again. "Team Elsa and Elphaba of Arendelle!" She frowned. "No, that doesn't have a nice ring to it. Team Elsie and Elphie? Ooh! I know!" Her eyes lit up. "Team Elphiesie!"

The men stared at her. Elsa and Elphaba just said flatly, "No."

"Team Elselphie?" Glinda tried again.

That earned her two death glares.

She pouted. "Alright, fine. Never mind the team name. Seriously, though," she insisted. "You can't say they don't look good."

Elsa was wearing her hair in a ponytail, with snowflakes woven through it and he tiara resting on her head. Glinda had used some dark grey eye shadow and dark eyeliner to bring out Elsa's large blue eyes; and the snow queen was wearing an emerald green dress that was long-sleeved and practical, yet fashionable at the same time. She was also wearing a cape similar to the blue snowflake cape she had created, and just as transparent; only this one was grey, with shimmering silver snowflakes on it.

Elphaba's hair was also in a high ponytail, only instead of a tiara, she was wearing her black pointed hat – against Glinda's protests. She was dressed in the exact same clothes Elsa was; only Elphaba's dress was the same grey as Elsa's cape, and her cape was a silvery white.

Glinda squealed. "See? Now you're both dressed in silver, grey and green, and –"

"Dressed in green?" Elphaba echoed drily.

Glinda waved her away. "You know what I mean, Elphie. My point is, you look like a team now!"

"Yay," muttered Elsa.

Elphaba flashed her a grin.

"Who's ready to kick some Wizard's ass!" Glinda yelled.

Jermain walked up to Elsa and kissed her cheek.

"You look beautiful," he said.

Elsa smiled at him. "Thank you."

"Hello?" Glinda said irritably. "I asked who's ready to kick some Wizard's ass!"

"Me!" shouted Olaf, jumping up and down on Sven's back. The reindeer made a howling sound in agreement. No-one else responded.

Glinda sighed. "Never mind, then," she muttered irritably.

Anna appeared from the direction of the village and she smiled when she saw her sister. "Wow, Elsa. You look beautiful!"

Elsa returned the smile. "Thank you."

"You, too, Elphaba," Anna added. "You two really look like a team!"

"Thank you!" Glinda exclaimed happily.

"I just came from the village," Anna said, looking at the two sorceresses on the steps. "I warned them about the upcoming fight, and the men are willing to join in if need be."

"Whoa." Elsa held up both hands. "No," she said firmly. "That's not going to happen."

"I agree," said Elphaba. "It's bad enough that all of you so desperately want to put yourself in danger to defeat that man, but I refuse to let the rest of Arendelle join in as well. It's me he wants, after all."

"Elphie," Glinda said sternly. "Don't start that again."

"Alright." Kristoff looked around him. "So what's the plan?"

"Glinda, Fiyero and Jermain are going into Oz to try and convince the people of the Wizard's evilness," said Elphaba. "Not that I think that will make much of a difference," she muttered, "but Glinda insists on trying to clear my name."

The blonde nodded firmly. "The sooner, the better," she declared.

Elphaba sighed. "Right."

"Elphaba and I are going straight to the Emerald Palace," Elsa took over. "The goal is to get her inside; I'm coming with her so that I can create a diversion if need be."

"A diversion," Anna repeated. She giggled. "Like an eternal winter or something?"

Elsa glared at her and her sister cleared her throat. "Sorry."

Elsa smirked.

"So Elsa and I try to kill him," Elphaba continued, "and then… I'm not sure, actually. If we don't succeed, we'll try to get back to Arendelle; if we do… I suppose we'll need Glinda if we do."

Fiyero nodded in agreement. "The Ozians trust her more than anyone else," he said. "With the Wizard and Morrible both gone, we're going to need her to keep Oz under control."

Glinda nodded confidently. "I can totally do that."

Kristoff and Anna both raised hands, as if they were at school.

"Um, excuse me," said Kristoff. "But what about us?"

"You'll stay here," Elphaba said.

"What? No!" Anna protested. "Why? We want to help!"

Elsa looked at Kristoff. "I need you to keep my sister safe," she said softly.

Kristoff nodded solemnly. "I will."

The snow queen looked back at her younger sister. "Anna," she said in that same soft tone. "Arendelle needs you."

"But –"

"I have to go," said Elsa. "Elphaba helped me, too, and with my powers… I want to do something good, Anna. I want to make a difference."

Elphaba squeezed Elsa's arm.

"If anything happens to me," the white-haired girl continued, eyes still locked with her sister's, "then you're all Arendelle has left."

Anna's eyes widened. She bit her lip.

"If I die, you'll be queen, Anna," said Elsa softly. "Elphaba needs me; but Arendelle needs you."

Anna nodded slowly, tears in her eyes.

"Okay," she whispered.

Elsa descended the stairs and wrapped her arms around her sister.

"Don't worry," she tried to reassure the younger girl. "Who knows? Maybe everything will turn out the way we want it to. We could all be back by nightfall, safe and sound, and the Wizard could be dead."

"Yeah," agreed Anna half-heartedly. "Maybe."

Elsa hugged her tightly for a moment, then turned around. "Shall we go?"

The others nodded and the snow queen looked at Elphaba.

The green girl mounted her broom and rose high into the air. Glinda quickly followed in her bubble, and Fiyero and Jermain each mounted a horse.

Elsa concentrated and pushed herself forward with her powers, easily following the others as she left a path of ice and snow in her wake.

"I hope they'll be okay," Anna said worriedly.

Kristoff squeezed her shoulder comfortingly. "I'm sure they will be." He steered her towards the palace doors. "Why don't we go inside and wait for them there?" he suggested.

Anna agreed, and Olaf and Sven followed them into the palace.

"Elphaba?" Elsa shouted when she saw the green witch flying out of a window like the devil was on her heels.

"Elsa, get out of here!" Elphaba yelled back. Elsa just opened her mouth to ask why when Gale Force soldiers appeared in the windows and on the roof of the palace, pointing rifles and crossbows at the two sorceresses.

Elsa cursed under her breath and shot magic from her fingertips, moving herself forward; but not before one of the arrows from the Gale Force's crossbows had hit her arm, scraping it.

She hissed in pain, but she pressed on, concentrating on her powers and on pushing herself forward, away from the palace.

The two girls met up in the forest nearby – Elsa found Elphaba there, leaning against a tree and trying to catch her breath.

"I have the worst timing ever," the green witch muttered, panting. "I flew straight into the Throne Room… where the Wizard was just having a meeting with all of his Gale Force soldiers."

Elsa actually had to suppress a snigger at that. "Seriously?"

Elphaba nodded with a sour face. "Yeah. I'm actually surprised I managed to get away without even a scratch…" She trailed off when she caught sight of the bleeding graze on Elsa's arm. "I see that doesn't go for both of us. I'm sorry, Elsa."

"It's fine," the white-haired girl assured her. "It's not that bad."

Elphaba ripped a piece off the bottom of her dress and used it to bandage her friend's arm. "That should do until we get back to Arendelle." She sighed. "We should probably try again later."

Elsa touched her arm lightly. "We'll be fine," she said softly.

"There's something else, though." Elphaba swallowed. "When I first flew into the Throne Room and the Gale Force pulled out their rifles, I ran into an adjoining room to hide and find another way out."

Elsa nodded. "And?"

Elphaba swallowed. "It was… it was the Wizard's room," she said. "Or, well, I assume it was. It was large and pompous and there was a huge four-post bed in it." She rolled her eyes. "The thing is… I found something in there."

Elsa just kept on looking at her expectantly.

"A green glass bottle," Elphaba said quietly. "Exactly the same one my mother gave to me before she died."

Elsa frowned. "He stole it from you?"

The green girl shook her head. "No," she said. "I still have mine. He has one, too."

"Okay…" said Elsa slowly. "Maybe it's just a coincidence?"

"Maybe," Elphaba said reluctantly. "But… in all my life, I've never come across anything that's even remotely like the one I have. And for the Wizard to have one…" She swallowed. "Do you know anything about the history of Oz?" she asked Elsa.

The snow queen shook her head. "Not much," she said. "I know that there was a long line of queens before this… Wizard came to rule… and I've heard that he's from another world, but I don't know if that's true."

"It seems to be," said Elphaba. "And the thing is… he arrived in Oz with his hot air balloon about twenty-two years ago."

Elsa nodded. "Okay."

"He didn't become our Wonderful Wizard, however, until at least one and a half years later."

Elsa frowned. "What are you trying to say, Elphaba?"

Elphaba bit her lip. "I'm thinking… what did he do in the meantime?" She met Elsa's eyes. "I know my mother and father didn't have the best relationship," she said softly. "My father was away from home a lot, and my mother was lonely… at least, that's what the people of Munchkinland always said about her. There were rumours about her with other men…" She trailed off.

Elsa's eyes widened when she realised where this was going. "Elphaba," she began anxiously, "you're not saying…"

"I am." The dark-haired witch sighed and leant her head back against the tree bark, closing her eyes for a moment. "What if he's my father, Elsa?"

Elsa didn't say anything.

"I mean, there has to be a connection with my mother," Elphaba continued. "There just has to be. It's not like there are green glass bottles like these to be found in all of Oz – like I said, I've never seen anything like it before… until now. What if he gave that bottle to my mother? What if they had an affair?"

"That still doesn't mean he's your father," Elsa insisted, but Elphaba shook her head.

"I didn't look like Frex," she said. "Not at all. Everyone always said that I looked like my mother, but those same people also always said that they couldn't recognise any of my father's traits in me. Think about it, Elsa – it's the most logical conclusion, isn't it?"

Elsa was quiet for a moment. "Maybe," she then admitted. "But…"

Elphaba made a face. "Yeah. I know."

Elsa gave her a sympathetic smile and squeezed the green girl's arm. "We should tell Glinda," she suggested. "Maybe she can find out more."

Elphaba nodded. "Good idea. Come on," she said, picking up her broom again. "Let's go back to Arendelle for now."

The moment they reached the palace, Anna, Kristoff, Fiyero and Glinda came running outside.

"Elsa!" Anna exclaimed in shock when she saw her sister. "You're bleeding!"

"It's nothing," Elsa tried to say, but her sister would have none of it.

"Come, Kristoff, help me," the small redhead ordered him, and she and Kristoff helped Elsa inside.

Fiyero immediately wrapped his arms around Elphaba, holding her tightly. "What happened?" he asked worriedly. "Glinda and I were in the Emerald City, talking to the people, when we suddenly heard all these gunshots… We came back here as soon as we could – we hoped you and Elsa would travel straight back to Arendelle."

Elphaba nodded tiredly, closing her eyes for a moment as she leant back against Fiyero's chest. "We did," she confirmed. She told him what had happened in the Throne Room. "I'm lucky I didn't get shot, but Elsa…"

"Don't worry, Elphie," Glinda tried to soothe her. "It was just a graze – she'll be fine."

Elphaba looked miserable. "Yes, but she did get hurt because of me."

Glinda shook her head fervently. "Stop that nonsense right this instant, Elphaba Thropp," she said sternly. "I thought we've been over this. Now, what are we going to do? Try again?"

"Actually," Elphaba said, pulling away from Fiyero and looking at the blonde, "I was hoping you could look into something for me."

She told the blonde about her green glass bottle and the Wizard's, and her theory about it.

When she finished, Glinda was gaping at her and Fiyero looked shocked.

"Wow," he muttered.

Elphaba gave him a wry smile. "Yeah. I guess you could say that."

Glinda started bouncing. "Oh my Oz, Elphie! That would explain so much!" she exclaimed. "Like your powers – you have parents from different worlds, Elphie! I think you're right!"

"Okay, one: we don't know that," Elphaba snapped irritably. "And two: if I am right, then that is no reason whatsoever to be all enthusiastic and squealy about it. My greatest enemy is my father? I don't know about you, but that's not exactly good news to me."

Glinda faltered, then set her jaw in determination.

"Don't worry, Elphie," she said firmly, saluting. "I'm going to travel back to Oz and I'm going to find out if you're right, no matter the cost!"

Elphaba winced. "Don't say that. It makes me suspect you're going to do something stupid."

Glinda scoffed. "I never do anything stupid, Elphie. That's Fiyero's job."

"Hey!" the prince protested.

Glinda ignored him. "I'm also going to find Jermain and bring him back here, so that he can cuddle with Elsa." She grinned. "I mean, they're just too cute together."

Elphaba rolled her eyes. "Glin…" she said pleadingly. "Please be careful."

"I will." Glinda hugged her green friend. "See you soon, Elphie!" With that and a wave of her hand, she conjured up her bubble and flew off.

Elphaba tried her hardest to have faith and stay calm, but she had a bad feeling about this.

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