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Adam, Bree, and Chase lay out on the large white couch in the living room. Chase and Adam groaned as Bree flipped the channel to Say Yes to the Dress. "Oh shut up. It's my turn to pick the show" Bree said, glaring at her brothers. "Plus you should like this show Chase. Gay guys love dresses." Adam burst out laughing. "I'm not gay" Chase groaned. "You so are" Adam teased. "You never even had a girlfriend" Bree chuckled. "Just because I can't get a girlfriend doesn't mean I'm gay" Chase argued. Adam couldn't hold down his laughter anymore. The two burst into laughter, Adam rolling on the couch. "Lighten up dude. We're just joking" Adam told him, slapping on the back. Before Chase could yell at them, the door flew open. Leo came flying through the door. "I have proof Marcus is evil" he claimed. "When are you going to be done with all your Marcus is evil" Bree complained. "When you see the truth" Leo shot back. Running over, he thrust a paper into her face. "What's this" she asked? Chase leaned closer to get a better look at the page. "It has diagrams of some kind evil weapon" the short boy told them. Chase roled his eyes. "Leo this isn't a weapon. It's a diagram of a robot we're building in AV club. "Oh" Leo said. He grabbed the paper back and stomped out of the room. "Speaking of Marcus, I'm gonna call if he wants to come over" Chase said. "With Leo like this" Bree asked? "Well" Chase thought. "I can take him somewhere" Adam offered. "Sure" chase smiled. Twenty minutes later Leo and Adam were on their way to the scrapyard. Adam had promised to melt some cars. Marcus nocked on the door. He heard a gust of wind behind the door. He chuckled, knowing that Bree had used her super speed. Whenever he saw her do that, 'not noticing' of course, he always wanted to see how well she would keep up with him.

Opening the door Bree smiled and let him in. Hey Marcus called to Chase, who was coming down the stairs. The three sat and watched TV for almost an hour. It made the bionic teens feel normal and it was one of few times they could be themselves around someone. He didn't know about their bionics of course, but they did trust him more than many others. "I think I'm going to go for a run" Bree said. She walked out the door and walked slowly down the block. When she knew she wouldn't be seen, she ran to china for some real Chinese food. "Well what do you want to do" Chase asked Marcus. "Let's play cards." The two boys sat at the poker table Mr. Davenport had in another room. He never played but of course he had to have one of everything. "Flush" Marcus laughed showing his cards. "Another win. I'm having an unlucky day" chase said. Of course Chase could have won whenever he wanted but Marcus might get suspicions if Chase picked up all the good cards. Marcus said his goodbyes and headed for the door. Unfortunately he reached it at the exact same time Leo crashed it open. Marcus was wacked in the head and passed out on the ground. "Oh god" Adam exclaimed. "Is he ok?" He's Bleeding Leo said, feeling only a little guilty. "He cracked his scull on the floor" Chase said. "He's going to lose too much blood if we call 911. We're almost fifteen miles from the nearest hospital. "What are we going to do" Leo asked? "Clean up here. I'll take him down to the lab. If we put him in a capsule we might be able to heal him." Chase pulled the other boy into his arms and carried him into the elevator and across the lab. Marcus's lifeless looking body slumped in a ball on the floor of the capsule. "Oh my God" Chase whispered as the tube analyzed Marcus's injuries. He was bleeding but it wasn't real blood. Marcus wasn't human. He was a robot. "Before anyone came down stairs Chase had the capsule fix him and then erased the data. Marcus stood up, shaking his head. "Where am I" he asked, looking at Chase. I don't have time to explain. Just get out of the capsules and don't touch anything. "Eddy get Leo and Adam down here." Within seconds his two brothers were entering the room. "Get in the Capsules" Chase ordered. "What, Why" Adam asked. "Just do it" Chase almost screamed. The two boys stood in the capsules and Chase pressed a button. IT looked like the two of them had been struck by lightning. "Help me carry them upstairs" Chase told Marcus.

The two boys were asleep on the couch, just having the last twenty minutes of their memories erased. Silently the two went upstairs and into an empty room. "What are you" Chase asked Marcus, already knowing the answer. I'm an android" He whispered. "Is Leo right? Are you Evil" Chase asked again, louder now. Chased stomach felt like it was spinning. His head felt fuzzy and it felt like his heart was crashing down. "Yes" Markus responded, clear and steady. Chase wasn't the only one freaking out. Marcus was reacting the same as the other boy. The android had no idea why he was feeling like this. All he had to do was stun Chase and bring him back to his father. But that didn't sit right and all he wanted to do was barf. "I-I'm here to kidnap y-you" Marcus stuttered, shocked and confused why he said that. Chase grabbed the boy and flung him across the room, pinning him to the wall. Chase was breathing hard. Tears were right behind his eyes and he still didn't know why. "You are a monster" He whispered. "You t-tricked us, pret-tended to be our friend. You were my only friend. You were my best friend." Tears were flowing steadily down his face. All Chase could do was tighten his grip and push down harder on Marcus. "I'm sorry" Marcus whispered. Without thinking Chase punched the other boy in the face. Still holding him down, he began to beat him with everything he had. Every punch got harder and bruises were already showing up on his friend's skin. Marcus closed his eyes and allowed himself to be beaten. He could destroy Chase. He had all his powers and more. But he didn't want to. His insides felt dead and he wanted to feel pain. Then everything stopped. Marcus opened his eyes to find himself face down on the ground. He turned over to see Chase cowering in the corner. "Why are you over there" Marcus croaked out. "I-I'm I-I'm" Chase began to stutter. "I'm evil. Aren't you going to hit me some more?" Chase shook his head, obvious fear in his eyes. "Chase I did horrible things. I befriended you knowing I would betray you. I deserve this. You need to punch me more." Marcus realized what he was saying was true. He hurt them. He hurt his friends. He deserved this. "I'm not going to hurt you" Chase got out. "Marcus tried to stand. Only on his third try was he able to get up without collapsing again. He was an android but he was made to look human and could feel all the pain any normal person would feel. His parts might be harder to break but he still could be killed. He wobbled closer to the trembling Chase. "Hit me" he cried. Hit me, hit me, HIT ME" He screamed getting right into the other boys face. "Please hit me. I need it. Please Chase please." Both boys were crying. "I lost control. I shouldn't have hurt you" Chase whimpered out. "I'm not going to hurt you more." Marcus grabbed chase by the color of his shirt. "See I'm attacking you. Fight back. Hit me." He whimpered. Chase couldn't breathe. Not because of Marcus but because his soul felt like it had cracked into hundreds of little pieces. He knew he should fight back. He shouldn't feel this guilty but he did.

Chase turned off his mind, let his bionics switch off. He didn't want to fight. He didn't want to think. All he wanted to do was comfort Marcus. Marcus kept pushing on Chase, not hard enough to hurt but hard enough where Chase might fight back. Chase moved and Marcus readied himself for the pain he deserved. But what happened was the last thing he would have expected. Chase's strong arms wrapped around him, and the two boys slid to the floor. The boys pulled each other close and let their emotions out.

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