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Notes: Yeah, this is weird. Just a thing that popped into my head at midnight the other night. Yes, I know I should be working on Life's a Dance, but... you know how things go. *shrug* It's dark and light and... weird. An alternate universe, short thing in Kenshin's POV.

Warnings: This is definitely a Shonen ai fic. It mentions two men and 'love-making.' Nothing explicit, mind you, but if the thought of it bothers you, then you should not read this.

Sano's room

I love his room. It isn't very big. Big enough, he would say.

It's terribly cluttered and messy, but I don't mind. I don't know why. Usually, that sort of thing sets me on edge. Somehow it seems... right.

He's got a queen-sized bed. It makes the room even smaller, but it's a great bed. Big and soft, the sheets and comforter always tangled in a pile near the side. It used to have four posts, but he cut them off to use the wood in a shop project at college. His parents were furious. They paid for the bed.

The closet is a mess that I won't approach. I don't think I've ever seen those doors closed. Ah, Sano, you're a slob.

He's got posters over every inch of wall space. There are pictures of the Osbournes, sports stars, Marilyn Monroe, an alien and a robot from some cable-network show, and the latest girl that graced the cover of Playboy. Next to those are the covers he took from his sister's old school folders. Cuddly Cuties. They're all pictures of puppies and kittens. As the name says... He's got photographs of his friends wallpapering one wall alone. I'm up there too. The pictures are not all over the walls because he thinks it looks good. Sano is simply too lazy to pull down his old posters. There are layers to this room.

The clothing over his floor is ankle deep. I don't know if it's clean or not. I don't care. We had a sock war last week while avoiding studying for finals. Yes, I washed my hands after the encounter.

I love this room not because of what's in it, but because of the man that made it. This room, wild as it is, belongs to Sano. It's the room where he taught me how to play poker. It's the place where he comforted me after my parents died in a car accident. It's where I first saw him cry... after his dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. We slept together on that bed.

We screamed at each other until we were hoarse over some stupid thing next to that CD-filled book shelf. He first hit me over by the dresser. Gave me a concussion. I forgave him because we were both angry at the time. The next time it happened, I hit him back. He sported a black eye and a split lip that week. He never hit me again.

I told him I was leaving him next to the window. That was the second time I saw him cry. Four months later, he cried again when I came back, and we made love on that bed. God, I love the bed.

"Kenshin, what're you thinking about?"

I smiled and turned my head to look at him.

"About you."

"Nothing bad, I hope."

"Not too bad."

"That doesn't bode well."

"The bed's coming to my apartment," I leaned down and lightly kissed his lips. He smiled lazily. Confident son of a bitch. "But we've got to do something about your cleaning habits."


End notes: I'm not sure if this will ever develop into anything more. Well... to those who like Sano/Kenshin out there... what did you think? Strange? Stupid? Fitz is a weirdo who comes up with bizarre bits of nothing? Constructive criticism is appreciated. Flames are not. Oh... and did I spell the Osbournes' name correctly? Did I slaughter it? Sorry.