There is absolutely nothing redeeming about this at all, it's pure smut. I've been slightly prompted with an idea, it started as one thing and mine and her back and forth led to this. So EnglishPoet18 I hope you thoroughly enjoy this as much as I did writing it. Also this is for my freebird of a Brother Haitus80! My welcome back to you...smut style.

Carol watched the brothers walk out the gate their loud laughter bouncing off the walls of the prison and horse playing on their way to go hunting. It was normal for them to leave this early but she hated seeing them outside the fence and in danger. Her chest felt tight the entire time they were out there and she knew she wouldn't feel right till they were safe back on the other side of the fence.

Trudging back inside after waving goodbye to them one last time she sighed to herself and made her way to the kitchen. She wouldn't be falling back asleep anytime soon, she needed to occupy herself till they came back. She just hoped this didn't turn into one of their over night hunts cause she could really use the sleep.

She never slept good when Daryl was outside the fence. It had took awhile for her to warm up to Merle but after seeing how happy Daryl was and how much lighter Merle made him, she couldn't begrudge him his own brother. Merle had done a complete turn around, he was still the sarcastic asshole that said shit at the wrong time. Which he done on purpose but he tried and was making it work, if only for his brothers sake.

She chuckled to herself thinking about how quick people picked up on the protectiveness that was the brothers bond. Carol didn't even fully understand them herself but she loved being around them. There was something to be said about being around them watching Daryl smile and laugh openly while Merle joked and prodded him with shit. Sometimes it was like they were in their own world and you had to wait to be invited in. It was comforting, one could almost think the world hadn't went to shit if you were with them.

"Hey Carol what are you doing up?" Karen smiled walking into the kitchen. "I thought it was the other ladies chance to cook this morning?" She laughed.

Carol gave her a flat smile and nodded, "Couldn't sleep."

Karen leaned against the counter and Carol looked over at her giving her a small smile. Karen had tried very unsuccessfully to start a relationship with Daryl when she arrived at the prison. She still watched him and attempted talking him but Daryl mostly brushed her off only nodding and shrugging to what she'd say while he was looking for an out.

Daryl still didn't fool with the new people much, he tended to avoid them as much as possible. When he'd get cornered it always seemed his pleading eyes and scowl landed on her to get him away from them. Much to the disappointment to a lot of the new women, Daryl seemed to usually be with her, Merle, Rick, Or working with Carl. He never let his guard down though unless it was with Merle or her, never so much as with Merle.

"Daryl and Merle take off this morning?"

"Yeah about an hour ago, they wanted an early start." Carol smiled.

Karen nodded at her. Carol could feel her eyes sliding over her and shifted finishing up what she was doing as the other women walked in. Looking up at them and smiled broadly, "I got you started ladies, I'll let you have it from here." She dusted her hands off walking from the room and away from Karen.

She growled hearing the soft foot falls behind her knowing this had been coming for a while. Walking onward anyways she rounded the corner and stepped outside into the brisk morning air. Taking a deep breath she scanned the woods knowing they weren't there but couldn't help herself all the same.

She watched Karen walk up out of the corner of her eye. Not saying anything she waited for her to start not knowing where this was going.

"Carol can I ask you something?" Karen turned towards her crossing her arms over her chest.

Carol looked at her steadily and with a scowl that was so much Daryl Dixon that Karen looked away from her eyes. "What do you need?" Carol kept her voice normal.

"Are you with Merle?"

Carol's eyes widened slightly right as a loud uncontrolled laugh burst from her before she cut it off. Slapping her hand over her mouth, "I'm sorry." She laughed again shaking her head, "No, I'm not with Merle."

Karen nodded dragging her boot through the dirt, "Then Daryl?"

Carol brought her eyes to Karen letting her take in Karen's nervous appearance, "What is this about?"

Karen looked up, "Merle hardly talks to anyone besides Daryl, you, and Hershel really..And Daryl doesn't talk to many people either. Hell I think you and Maggie are the only women he talks to here."

"I know." she spoke looking back out to the fence as the walkers groaned slamming into it.

"If you're not with them..maybe you should step back and give some other people a chance to be with them." Karen's voice had hardened.

Carol whipped her head back around turning to face her, "Contrary to popular belief I aint the Dixon brother's keeper. If they want to talk to someone than by all means have at it. I'm not keeping them from talking to anyone or doing anything." Carol brushed past her walking inside. Her mind was a thunderstorm of thoughts she was having to swallow around.


As the time passed thankfully Karen had stayed away but kept shooting her looks that was starting make Carol's temper flare. She could feel it in her posture and the way she was working. It wasn't like her to be so aggressive with stuff and snappy.

Maggie slid up to her grinning, "Who said what?" She laughed.

Carol growled and looked at her shaking her head, "It's nothing Maggie."

"Oh it's something. Don't think I've seen you this mad since Daryl pulled his last stunt on that run and almost got hurt." She prodded.

Carol looked around them, there were to many eyes on them for her to want to talk comfortably. Looking at Maggie she jerked her head to her motioning for her to follow. Leaving the room she could feel the eyes of the others on them and huffed.

Stepping into the showers she locked the door behind them. "We showering Carol?" Maggie laughed lightly bumping her hip into her.

Carol let a real smile break through and shook her head at younger girl. Sometimes she wished she could be that young again but then would think about the mistakes she had made and what she had learned over time. She wouldn't give that up for nothing.

"So who's ruffled your feathers. I expected to see you more lonesome with Daryl and Merle out." Maggie questioned turning serious.

"Karen." Carol huffed.

Maggie smiled broadly at her nodding, "She approached me the other day about you...I forgot to mention it to you."

"What about?"Curiosity burning through her voice.

"She was asking about if you were seeing anyone here." Maggie's eyes danced with amusement.

Running a hand through her hair, a gesture she had picked up from the brothers she huffed. "Why didn't she just come to me and ask?"

"She was asking when you were out with Daryl. I guess she figured I would know what she wanted." Maggie shrugged. "So what did she say?"

"She had the nerve to ask if I was seeing Merle! Then turned around and asked me if I was with Daryl." Carol laughed.

Maggie settle on the bench crossing her legs and had a mischievous smile looking up at her, "Can you blame her Carol, those two don't interact with many. Daryl just the original group and when he gets cornered he either gets you to save him or uses you as an excuse to get away. And Merle...well he doesn't fool with anyone really."

Carol set heavily next to her, "So people here think I'm with both?"

Maggie nodded nudging her and winked, "What the harm in letting them know it's just the one? Hell the group already knows, we knew at the farm. But honey mark your territory. If you don't those bitches are going to keep pushing him."

Carol smiled at her laughing, "If they push him to far he's liable to lose his shit on them. Besides them pissing him off makes for good angry sex from him."

Maggie's eyes went wide and she howled with laughter. "Fuck, I wish Glenn had some of that Dixon temper then."

Standing up Carol shrugged grinning at her, "She actually told me to back off and give the other women a chance."

Walking out the two were howling with laughter at the thought of Daryl being stalked around by the women here. Walking back into the common room Rick looked up and smiled at them brightly, "What's got you two smiling like that?"

Carol and Maggie started laughing even louder, "Daryl." In unison.

"He back already?" Rick smiled pulling her into a hug and then Maggie.

"Not that I know off." Carol shrugged looking around the common room.

Rick looked at Carol and pulled her off to the side a look of concern flashing through his eyes, "Listen when he gets back he's going to be mad. I can't expect Merle to help keep him calm, but I'm hoping you'll keep him from losing his shit before I talk to him." Rick looked at her with that knowing look.

She smiled, "Of course, I'll wrangle Daryl."

"Not just him Merle is an instigator. He listens to you, and I don't know if that's cause your with Daryl or because he genuinely likes you. But I'm hoping you can keep them from setting this situation on fire." Rick clarified his eyes flicking around the room before they came back to her.

Carol followed his eyes to and felt her lip curl in a slightly. "What doe she have to do with anything?"

Her voice had a edge to it that had Rick's eyes coming back to hers, "Carol it's nothing but just-"

Carol stepped towards him her eyes hardening. Rick stared her down but after facing to pissed off Dixon's Rick didn't faze her in the slightest. "You can tell me or you can handle those two together by yourself."

Rick pinched the bridge of his nose and looked at her, "You know Daryl is protective of you. Karen has been talking about you to the other women getting them riled up. If he comes back and hears it he's going to rip into all them and you know Merle will follow him."

Carol looked back over at the woman and she smiled at her, "That's fine Rick, I'll take care of Daryl like always." Her voice was a little louder and she chuckled walking off.

Maggie was right she needed to make it clear Daryl wasn't fair game. Walking from the room she went about her day trying to think of how to get both Dixon's away from everyone so they wouldn't hear what was going on. She wasn't even really worried about what Karen was saying honestly, but it pissed her off that the other women were so easily riled up at her. Especially after how welcoming she had been and how much she had actually done for them.


Maggie slid into the common room and Carol looked up at her flushed face, "You told me to let you know when Daryl gets back. He just stepped through the fence and the hen party is out there." Maggie grinned at her.

Nodding Carol stood up handing Judith to Beth and walking out the door. Maggie fell in step with her, "What are you up to Carol?"

Carol looked at her and smiled, "Nothing, but according to Rick I need to keep both Dixon's occupied for the rest of the day and night."

Carol grinned at Merle and Daryl watching them drop the Buck they had got to the ground. Merle motioned to her to come to him and his eyes flashed to Daryl before coming back to hers. She quickened her steps and moved down the hill faster.

Carol got to them just as Karen was reaching for the hem of Daryl's shirt and he jerked back snapping at her. Carol walked past the other women and straight for him, she had seen concern in Merle's eyes. Something you never seen unless he wanted you too.

"What's the problem?" As she walked up to the brother's.

Merle went to speak but was cut off my Daryl's gruff voice snapping, "I said fuckin' quit." He moved closer to Carol.

Merle scowled at the woman before bringing his eyes back to Carol, "You need to get him in there..." Merle brought his eyes to Daryl and smiled, "He got hurt."

"Fuck you." Daryl growled grabbing his shit from the ground where he dropped it.

Carol turned to him and let her eyes slide over him inspecting for injuries, he scowled at her but and tried to walk past her when her hand flashed out grabbing his bicep. "Hold it Dixon."

Walking around in front of her she seen Merle smiling and shaking his head, "I'll get the buck up there, Carl will help."

Carol looked over her shoulder, "I need to talk to you two later, don't wander off."

Merle chuckled and walked away while she turned back to Daryl. "Where is the blood coming from?"

Daryl growled at her his eyes flicking to the people who were still watching them. "Later."

Carol grabbed the hem of his shirt and lifted it and sighed, "What happened?" She let it drop but didn't miss the look Karen had at his acceptance of her doing something he had all but hit her for.

"Fuck, I've had worse woman." His eyes burned and she felt her a twinge between her thighs. His smile was rueful and dirty at the same time as she stepped around her waking away.

"I know that much." She laughed taking one of his packs, "Still needs to be cleaned. What happened?"

Daryl chuckled looking at her out of the corner of his eye, "Merle wasn't watching what the fuck her was doing, Buck's antlers caught me when we dropped him to the ground earlier."

Carol chuckled and followed him inside, "I'll get the stuff to clean it and be up in a minute."

Carol walked away seeing Karen following Daryl. Growling she walked hurriedly towards the supplies and grabbed them up passing Rick on her way back.

"Don't worry I'll get them." Carol assured.

Walking into the room she looked at Daryl with a raised brow and stepped around Karen, "Excuse me." Her voice was terse as she set her stuff down.

"I can do this Carol since you have cooking duty." Karen smiled sweetly.

Daryl was the one who spoke, "No." His voice left no room for argument and Karen paled slightly looking down at him.

Karen held back her smile but she knew Daryl could see it in her eyes, "Karen can you excuse us, Daryl shirt off." She turned ushering Karen out and shut the cloth door giving them privacy.

Turning back to him he was setting on the bed with his shirt off leaning back on his hands. "They're not bad."

"Told you I've had worse." He gave her the same conspiratorial smile that had her blushing.

Carol looked up his sweaty torso to his heated eyes and swallowed shaking her head at him. "Your bad." She laughed.

Daryl pulled on a new shirt and laughed at her worse lightly. He hummed in the back of his throat at her as she tossed stuff in the garbage. She felt him behind her before he even touched her. His breath ghosted over her neck and shoulder, his mouth just by her ear.

His arms came around her pulling her back into his chest as he breathed in deeply resting his head in the crook of her neck. Sliding his hands under her shirt she sucked in a breath as they slid up he torso cupping her breast. She felt his growl rumble deeply in his chest and it sent a flood of searing heat to her already dripping core.

"No bra." He pinched her nipples and rolled them greedily between this fingers.

Breathing in deeply she pulled away only for him to hold her tighter to him. She could feel his erection digging into her ass along with his belt buckle, both causing her to swallow hard. "We can't right now Daryl." She panted.

Sliding his hand down her torso while the other worked her breast, his hand-made quick work of the button on her pants. Her breathing quickened and she moaned as his hand slid inside her panties. She was past feeling embarrassed at how wet she got from just being around him, she knew he liked that he had that effect on her.

"Wet for me." Her bit her neck and let his tongue sooth the sting.

She nodded and rocked her hips down against his hand moaning slightly, "Please Daryl."

"What do you want?" He growled deeply in her ear, his voice graveled.

"I want to cum." She panted shamelessly her head laying back on his shoulder.

"Again." Her growled in command.

"Please Daryl, let me come."

He sunk two fingers into her hooking them just right that had her knees buckling under her. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply smelling his smell mixed with her own arousal. She jerked when his teeth and thumb both assaulted her at the same time. Tongue soothing the bite again, while his thumb worked her clit relentlessly quickly bringing her the release she had craved all day.

Daryl pulled her head around to his mouth, his kiss finishing her off. Her orgasm ripped through her so roughly he was supporting all her weight with the arm that had banded around her earlier. He kissed her with a hunger that usually left her with a ache that took days to get rid of. She whimpered as his hand was pulled from her soaked panties.

She watched his face as he brought his hand to his mouth, eyes locked with hers. She felt that heat in her core rising again as she watched him clean her from his fingers. She grinned at her around his fingers and growled releasing his hold on her.

Standing on weak legs she buttoned her pants looking down the length of his body to his obvious arousal. She went to speak right as Merle stepped in the room. She blushed and looked at Daryl as he pulled his fingers from his mouth no longer bothered by his brother's sudden appearances.

Merle gave a broad smile leaning against the wall, "Mouse your music to a mans ears."

"Shut up Merle." She huffed blushing harder.

"What ya need?" Daryl's rough voice broke the awkwardness.

"Wanted to see what Mouse needed us for...also to let you know Karen heard every bit of that." Merle laughed watching as Daryl adjusted the front of his pants.

Carol's eyes snapped up to his and he grinned at her jerking his head at the door. Carol followed his eyes and scowled right before she grinned at Merle.

Daryl walked past them both out the door and towards the common room, Carol and Merle both his flank. Carol looked over at Rick and he shot her a look telling her to get them out of there.

Daryl and Merle both dropped down into their normal spots and started eating, both talking in hushed tones. Carol walked over and noticed they kept giving her the same look before grinning. Merle looked up as she set down and nudged Daryl grabbing his hand and pulling it up to his face. "Smells damn good baby brother."

Daryl jerked his hand back and slapped Merle upside the head, "Shut the fuck up." Her warned.

Karen was watching them and sending dirty looks her way, whispering to the women at the table around her. Carol looked over at Rick and he made a shewing motion to her. "Rick asked us to clear some of the room out in another section. People are getting to crowded and he doesn't want it to start any tension."

Both brothers nodded at her rising to the stand at their full height looking down at her, "You listen to what we say and stay in between us at all times." Both commanded walking to get their stuff.

Carol felt her face flush and a rush of heat hit her even harder. She felt horrible considering she was with Daryl but there was something about both of them taking control like that had her feeling needy and aching for them.

She jumped when Maggie set down next to her with knowing eyes. Carol looked at the door way they disappeared through hearing the sounds of them gathering their knives and whatever else they were taking.

"Did Rick really say that or do you just want them to yourself for awhile." She teased shooting a look at Karen.

Carol laughed looking at Maggie, "Why do I get the feeling if that was the case you'd want every detail there was?"

"Because I most definitely would. Have you looked at those two, they are walking sex that is so primal it damn near gives a girl a orgasm just from a look." Maggie whispered as they stepped back in the room.

Carol looked at them and thought about what Maggie said, "You're right." With that she stood up and walked towards the waiting brothers at the door.

"Which am I right about Carol, that aint fair!" She called to her cocking her hip out.

Carol laughed loudly looking at Maggie over her shoulder as met the brothers. Daryl grabbed her arm pulling her closer to him as they stepped through, she threw a wink at Maggie and fell in between the brothers.


They had been working on clearing a different areas and Carol was laughing watching them. She was basically just following them around as they killed whatever straggler showed up, neither man letting anything get close to her.

"So Mouse you gonna say something to Karen about her stalking my brother?" Merle questioned.

"She aint stalking me." Daryl huffed pulling his arrow from the corpse of a walker that popped around a corner.

"The fuck she aint...didn't you say she tried to come in the -" Merle broke off with a grunt when Daryl's elbow hit him solidly in the ribs.

Daryl shot him a look that Carol didn't miss. "What were you saying Merle?" Carol questioned shooting a look of her own to Daryl as she stepped in front of him blocking them from each other.

Merle looked at his brother and then down to Carol, he grinned at her. "She tried to follow him to the shower block."

"Goddamn it." Daryl muttered.

Carol looked at him then at Merle. "When were you going to tell me?"

Daryl stormed away from them both and around the corner, "Ah fuck. Let's catch him before he does something fuckin' stupid."

Merle grabbed her arm dragging her after him. Merle got to him just as he went to go around another corner and grabbed his shirt to stop him. Daryl jerked away from the contact and the sounds of a ripping shirt could be heard. Carol walked closer and watched Merle stood off against his brother.

Carol walked closer, "If it makes you feel better she thought me and Merle were fooling around. Now she thinks all three of are."

Daryl and Merle both brought their eyes to her. Merle's hand had stilled on his brother not moving away from him and Daryl's chest heaved slightly. She walked closer, "She brought it up today, tried to get an attitude about it. Now she's talking to the other women, apparently their mad that I monopolize your time."

"Carol you can't say shit like that." Merle warned.

Carol looked at him and raised and eye brow stepping between them and looking at Daryl's ripped shirt. It was ripped in the front, it wouldn't expose his back. She brought her eyes to his and seen the fire burning there hotter than before. She watched as his eyes met his brothers and she suddenly felt like a caged animal.

"I was just telling you what they said..." Carol whispered feeling their heated gaze sweep her body.

She felt Daryl's hand slide around her wrist and tighten as he pulled her to him. "You should listen to him." His voice was strained.

Carol swallowed at the warning in their voice and watched as Daryl backed away from them both. Merle done the same and she felt the need more than ever to question them about their past and wondered more than ever how close exactly things got between them.

Carol followed closely behind Daryl and watching his lean and lithe body work open a door. She turned and looked at Merle, he had been quiet for awhile, his eyes met hers. There was a wicked look in them that had her clinching her thighs together, something that didn't go unnoticed by him either.

Chuckling he looked up as Daryl kicked the door open and stepped in. Carol walked in and leveled Daryl with a look that had him stopping what he was doing. He looked at her from his crouched position while he smoke. His shirt was hanging open and the light sheen of sweat on him had her wanting to rip the rest of his clothes off him.

"Why did you both say that when I told you what she said?" She turned and looked at Merle as he took Daryl's cigarette.

Both blowing a cloud of smoke looked at her seriously for a minute, she could didn't look away. "What if I don't want to listen." She challenged. She knew that would get Daryl, it always got him and she knew. He liked when she pushed him knowing he liked control. His nostrils flared and his eyes dilated.

"Carol." he warned harshly through deep breaths.

Her eyes were on his as Merle cleared his throat, "Listen Mouse...just don't."

Carol flashed her eyes to him and walked towards Daryl now that he was setting on top of the desk. Walking straight between his spread legs she grabbed a handful of his hair and kissed him with a bruising passion that had him grabbing her hips and lifting her into his lap. His hands smoothed over her ass and kneaded the flesh there before sliding up the back of her shirt and around the front cupping her breast.

Carol pulled her mouth from his panting and looked him in the eyes, she knew that if this happened there was no going back. Daryl looked at her heavily and waited to see where she was going with this. She smoothed her hand up his neck and to his cheek, "I love you." She whispered.

He breathed out heavily and she smiled at him turning to look at Merle who was watching them with interest. Grabbing his shirt she pulled him over to them and down claiming his mouth before he could comment. She jerked slightly when she felt to sets of hands slide across her skin. She knew exactly whose was whose by the way Daryl gripped her and Merle's were more tentative seeing how serious she was about this.

Moaning she rolled her hips down into Daryl's growing erection, his grip tightened on her hips and he pinched her nipple roughly causing her to bite Merle's bottom lip drawing blood. He grunted and she released his mouth looking back at them both. She felt his fingers slide over the visible bite mark Daryl left on her neck earlier, her breathing picked up and he looked at her giving her a lascivious smile.

Daryl jerked her shirt up and over her head causing her to shudder with desire. She felt the heat from Merle behind her as he started working on her button open on her jeans. Grabbing Daryl by the hair and reaching over her shoulder and grasping Merle's neck she pulled them both towards her. Daryl already knowing what she wanted moved without further prompting and sunk his teeth into her neck growling, marking her. Merle followed suit on the other side and she moaned loudly. There teeth marking and bruising her while their tongues lashed out soothing the marks making her drip more.

Merle's hands on her hips lifted her while Daryl worked her pants down her legs. Quickly kicking her boots off as her pants and underwear were pulled down in one quick motion from her body. She was completely bare to both brothers. While this was nothing new for her and Daryl she couldn't help but to feel shy at Merle seeing her like this. No matter that it was her who started it, who wanted it.

Merle set her back on Daryl and she felt his hand slide up her body while the other grabbed her throat pulling her head back. His mouth descended on hers and he devoured her. She moaned into his mouth as she felt Daryl's mouth close over one of her hardened nipples, biting down. Merle working her other breast as Daryl's tongue lashed and teased it through his nipping teeth.

She grabbed for Daryl's belt needed to feel him for him to feel her, jerking at his belt he grunted and released her nipple from her mouth.

She felt them both chuckled and rocked herself down harder into Daryl's rigid cock. He grunted and looked at her and then over her head at his brother. The next thing she knew Daryl had stood up her legs automatically locking around his waist as he moved across the room. She was panting loudly with nerves and excitement, she tried to slow down her breathing but just made it worse.

She looked at where Daryl set down at with her still in his lap. She hadn't even noticed there was a couch in here to caught up in her own want. She jumped at the sound of a locking sliding home. She looked down at Daryl's eyes and he was watching her for any sign of hesitancy, she smiled at him and leaned forward claiming his mouth again.

Where Daryl was all smoldering fire that burned low in her groin when he was around, Merle was like a cool breeze that fed that fire. The two together fed off the same energy that she came to depend on. Breathing deeply she rolled her hips into Daryl again getting his pants open and jerking on them to get them off his hips, she couldn't wait any longer.

Lifting herself up on her knees as Daryl lifted his hips allowing her the room to pull his pants down. She worked them down frantically as she heard the unmistakable sound of Merle's belt being loosed. She placed her hands on Daryl's shoulders and put her forehead to his as she sunk down on his rock hard length. Their moans and breath mixing together as she encased him in her dripping heat, nodding her head his hands gripped her hips.

Daryl turned on the couch his back up against the arm of it, one of his feet on the floor as the other was on the couch. He never let her move keeping her flush with his groin. It was killing her, in a sweet tortuous way. She knew just from the twinge she was already feeling she was going to be sore. She was always sore from him anytime they had sex. He grunted as she clinched her inner muscles wanting to beg him to move, but his eyes and hands kept her still.

She tensed for a fraction of a second when she felt Merle behind her. Daryl's hand came from her hip and ran up her the center of her chest to her throat, tightening his grip he pulled her forward. "Shh, relax Carol. It's nothing we haven't done before." He soothed with a roughened and lust heavy voice.

Daryl smiled at her again calming her down more and she tried to rock her hips but was unable to from the position she was being held in. She wasn't able to move unless they allowed it. She knew Daryl good enough to know that he was commanding and domineering in bed, she was guessing Merle was going to be the same.

She felt Merle's hand grab the side of her hip that Daryl's hand had abandoned and she let out a breath feeling heat rush through her again. Daryl growled at the feeling and kissed her roughly. She moaned forgetting momentarily that Merle was there her eyes slamming shut.

She felt his finger slide inside her just as Daryl let her hip go and encouraged her to move over top him. Nodding her head through the kiss she rocked her hips as she felt Merle stretching her, getting her ready. Rolling her hips down into his as he thrust up Carol leaned more into him her head going to the crook of his neck.

She mourned the loss of Merle's fingers as soon as he pulled them from her. Daryl's hand slid down to her clit circling it slowly distracting her as Merle lined himself up with her. Grunting she moaned as he sunk into her. The feeling of the two of them filling her so completely almost to the point of busting. She stilled her rocking hips and sunk her nails in Daryl's chest and raked them down leaving bloody scratch marks.

"Put your arms behind your back" Merle's voice commanded.

Carol let go of her hold on Daryl and brought them around behind her. She felt the cool leather wrap around her wrist from his belt then bite harshly as he tightened it down. Daryl at the same moment slammed him his hips up into her causing her jerk against him and moan loudly while rocking back into Merle.

Both brothers grunted and started delivering punishing thrust that had her pinned between them. She felt trapped and started breathing heavier and met Daryl's eyes, the look he was giving her set her skin on fire. His hand on her throat tightened as he slid in and out of her deeply over and over. The brothers working in tandem with each other, Carol was sure in that moment this wasn't the first time this had happened for them.

Grunting she turned her head in Daryl's grip and watched Merle behind her. He was holding the belt wrapped around his fist keeping angled the way he wanted, the way he needed. He grunted and slammed in to her over and over, never braking stride.

"Harder." She panted to them.

She felt their chuckles resonate in her core and flooded them both. Growling they renewed their efforts and started hitting her in earnest now. Daryl's thrust lifting her while Merle's drove her down harder on to his brother.

"Oh god...I can't-" Panting almost painfully through the pleasure Carol half sobbed, "It's to much."

"You can." Daryl growled at her. Kissing her roughly and biting down on her lip.

"And you will..." Merle warned her pulling the belt tighter causing her arms to pull back more.

The action had her breast thrusting more towards Daryl as they bounced. His tongue flashed out licking the bead of sweat sliding down the center of her chest just before his mouth closed over her over sensitized nipple. Sucking hard her growled around it causing her to moan, she rocked her hips into him harder feeling herself start tense around them.

Merle leaned forward his solid frame shadowing hers as he worked her harder than before. She felt his tongue slide up her neck and to her ear, "So fuckin' beautiful Carol." Her groaned.

She nodded her head watching as his brother worked her clit and breast. Merle's teeth sinking into her neck brought her over the edge quickly. Her orgasm tipped her world upside down and she started gasping for air. Merle and Daryl at the same time sped up their pace, each having a hand on a hip moving her and rocking her the way they needed her.

When she was able to get a full breath as her orgasm settled and her limbs felt spent she felt Merle's head drop to her shoulder and his low groan. She could feel him throbbing inside her feeling her. He was still thrusting through his own orgasm just as she felt Daryl's pull him under. Growling he ground his hips into her brutally insuring she was going to be even more sore then she was already guaranteed. She would feel him for days and what he'd done to her body.

His motions and the feel of both of them flooding and throbbing inside her set off another powerful orgasm that rocked her to the core. She Set up straight her back going rigid as her core muscles and dripping pussy milk him for everything he had. Panting she moaned loudly jerking at her bound wrist.

"Oh Fuck." Daryl grunted into her throat.

She slumped forward laying on his chest as she felt Merle releasing her hands from their bound and bruised position. Falling limply at her sides she released a sated breath closing her eyes.

Feeling Daryl's hands smooth up her back as Merle pulled out causing her to wince she settled more against him comfortably. She wasn't ready to move, she needed him after what just happened. She needed him to hold her, know he wasn't going to run. His hands never stopped rubbing soothing circled on her skin and instead he turned his head into her own neck and kissed her lightly.

She smiled against his neck at the tenderness of the moment after being so thoroughly used.

"You alright?" His voice a soft whisper without any of the gruffness.

She nodded not able to talk yet. He chuckled and kissed her neck again before turning his head. She tuned out what they were saying feeling sleep trying to take her.

"Carry her back brother." Merle's voice was soft.

The softness of his voice caused her to lift her head and look at him. "I can walk. "

Merle laughed at her and nodded, "Alright sugar, unmount my brother there and take a step." he challenged.

Carol sucked in a breath and pushed herself back from Daryl lifting her hips and feeling him fall from her. She mourned the loss of him filling her. Of them filling her. Daryl's hands came up to steady her as she swung her legs over his and she tried to stand. She smiled at Merle and tried to take a step and stumbled.

Merle laughed at her, "Get dressed and let him carry you back. You aint gonna be walking right for a while." His voice was smug.

She heard Daryl chuckled lowly behind her as he pulled his pants back on. She turned and looked at him registering the scratches she left on his chest and smiled. Daryl met her eyes, and scowled looking at his shirt shaking his head. He pulled it on buttoning the buttons that managed not to get ripped from Merle grabbing him earlier. There was still beginnings of the scratches visible to roaming eyes.

Brothers jerking on their boots stood gathering their weapons and then turned to her. Daryl's eyes landed on her chest and hips and he smirked. "Turn about is fair play Carol." He laughed picking up her clothes walking towards her.

Looking down she seen the hickeys and bite marks on her chest from him. She didn't want to know what her back looked like from Merle, she looked lower and seen their hand prints around her hips. Instead of feeling anger she smiled at them.

Shaking their head they steadied her as she got dressed and then Daryl scooped her up in his arms before she could protest. Not that she would have made it very far anyways, she was sore. Very sore. But she couldn't bring herself to regret a moment of it.

She was worried that what happened was going to cause a tension between the three of them but Daryl and Merle were laughing like always while her head laid on his shoulder. Merle was packing his crossbow which was a rare thing to see Daryl let anyone touch it, even his own brother. Carol knew they were going to attract a lot of attention as soon as they stepped back in the common room.

Daryl and Merle both were sweat slick, their clothes already sticking to their skin. Merle's hair was close cropped so it wasn't as noticeable on him but Daryl's hair was soaked and sticking to his neck and forehead. They both looked freshly fucked and she didn't even want to imagine what she looked like. Especially considering Daryl was carrying her and his shirt was shredded slightly.

Merle stepped through the door first not bothered at all with the scene they painted. He looked back at her and winked and smiled at Daryl, she seen genuine affection for his brother there and smiled.

Just as Daryl went to step out she looked up at him, "I love you." Her voice was low and sleepy.

Daryl snorted and looked down at her stepping out, "I know. Love you woman." His voice was just as low as her.

Carol kept her eyes open by sheer will while Daryl packed her towards the cell block not bothering to stop and talk to anyone. She heard Rick fall in line with them and smirked to herself.

"Is everything alright?" He questioned lowly.

Daryl nodded his head at him and smirked at him. Rick looked at her then back him confused, "She's tired." His voice was gruff.

Rick smiled and nodded walking off shaking his head. She heard Hershel ask if she was alright and Rick assuring everyone that nothing happened. She looked up just as Karen was passing and felt a smug smile spread across her face at the widening of the woman's eyes. Her eyes flit all over Carol settling on her neck and then on his exposed chest. She moved quickly away with eyes full of questions.

Daryl took the steps two at a time and stepped into his cell setting her on the bed and pulling his soaked shirt from his body. She watched taking in the scratches she left on him, marking him and claiming him. Just as he turned buttoning his shirt Maggie stepped into the cell.

"Daddy said you were up here. You alright?" Maggie's voice was full of concern.

Smiling at the woman, "I'm fine Maggie."

"Then why did he need to pack you?" her eyes landed on Daryl as he buttoned his shirt still being quiet. She took in the fresh scratches and then brought her eyes back to Carol. Scanning her body quickly she smiled and nodded, "I'll be seeing you Carol." Her voice in full inquisition mode.

Daryl chuckled and looked down at her as he dropped down into the bed next to her. She was surprised that he had brought her to his cell considering Merle had taken the top bunk and she was a few down from him. Instead of questioning it she cuddled into his side letting her head rest on his chest listening to his strong heart beat.

"She's not going to let that go is she?" Daryl mused.

Merle burst into the room, "What the fuck is up with Maggie's ass?" Merle huffed pulling himself up in the bunk above them. "Crazy bitch eye fuckin' the shit out of me. That's a mess waiting to happen."

Daryl and Carol laughed at his words and she felt his breathing deepening below her. She set there awhile listening to him sleeping and enjoying the relaxing feeling of being in his arms while he slept.

Merle broke the silence after a while, she had thought he was asleep too. "He love you." His voice was low so that only they could hear.

"I love him." She assured.

"Good." His voice was calm. "By the way, bitches out there are talking about you again. Didn't like seeing us with you apparently. Guess you weren't kidding when you said they think you're fucking us both." His voice was laced with amusement like he was letting her in on some joke no one else knew about.

She hummed in the back of her throat at him not responding.

"Take care of him Carol." Merle yawned.

"Will you two shut the fuck up so a man can sleep around here. Fuck." Daryl groused.

Carol and Merle busted out laughing, causing Daryl himself too. Their laughter rang through the cell block and she let out a breath. Things were going to be fine between them. She didn't know what this meant, but she knew she loved Daryl. She loved Merle to but it wasn't the same thing, she wasn't in love with him. At the end of the day though they were both her Dixon's.

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