The rain was sheeting through the prison yard so thickly you could scarcely see the watch tower. She strained her eyes anyways searching for a sign of him on the cat walk before sighing and turning her eyes back out to the fence. It had been a month since Jackson had an abrupt departure from the prison. It was less tense and she felt more at ease walking around. She didn't feel like she was going to be kidnapped and assaulted at every turn. Maggie was walking around lighter too and it was nice to see.

"You know his watch is almost over." Maggie laughed, "You'll see him soon enough."

Carol looked over at her and smiled, "Don't matter."

Maggie was watching through the open doors that were allowing some of the cool stormy air to blow into the prison. She knew who Maggie was watching and it was why she hadn't turned around. She felt the eyes on her back.

"You know what pisses me off?" Carol asked suddenly.

Maggie turned her head, "What?"

"They done god knows what to Jackson for coming on to us. And being more aggressive towards you. Yet that...that whore in there has follows him around like a bitch in heat!" Carol hissed, "And we're told to not stir shit up."

Maggie grinned at her, "Carol what would you say if I told you I over heard her talking about Daryl..."

"What was she saying?" Her voice dropped low and she looked over her shoulder seeing Karen looking towards the tower.

"She was saying she knows that you don't always go out and see him on watch." Maggie shrugged, "Said she might like a nice stroll."

Carol turned suddenly heading straight for her about the time the tower doors clanged letting her know Daryl and Merle were off watch. She gave no fucks right now. She was tired of this woman acting like Daryl was a piece of prized meat up for the picking. Coming to a stop in front of the table Karen was at her hands slapped down on the table loudly. The sound thundered through the cell block as she leaned towards Karen.

"Can I help you with something Carol?" Karen smiled.

Carol gave her a smile that chilled the air around them, "We need to get something straight. Daryl is in no way, shape, or form going to fuck you or care for you. Same goes for his fuckin' brother. Where they are concerned...They. Are. Mine." She snapped.

Karen stood up leaning towards her and she felt Maggie move closer to her, "Are you worried he's getting tired of you?" She tilted her head to the side.

The sounds of cursing met her ears and she knew the Dixons were inside. "Let me hear about you cornering either one of them again and we'll see who is the one worrying."

Carol turned on her heel seeing Daryl shaking water from his soaked hair as Merle elbowed him bouncing on the balls of his feet. "Rain feels good brother."

"Fuck you. You done that shit on purpose."

Merle laughed loudly throwing his head back, "Fuck! Liven up! Mouse over here would have got a laugh out of it!"

Carol loved see him them in good moods and walked closer to them. She felt the eyes of everyone in the room on her. Daryl and Merle weren't in the common room so they were spared the looks and the talking for right now. Not that anyone would say anything to either one.

Rick appeared next to her, "Carol you can't threaten people..." His voice was low.

Turning her sharp gaze on him, "It's not a threat."

"Sounded like one." Rick sighed running his hand through his hair.

Carol smiled at him, "She follows one of them to the shower block or shows up on watch cornering one and it's gonna be a promise, Rick."

Daryl lifted his eyes to her and smiled, "What Rick want?"

"Tell me Dixon...Do you all often like to play in the rain?" Carol smiled at them.

No sooner than the words left her mouth and Daryl shrugged out of his leather jacket did Merle knock him back out the door into the down pour. Merle was ducking and dodging hits like a boxer, a choreographed dance between brothers who spent their childhood fighting together. Daryl was scowling but their was humor in his eyes as he fought against his older brother.

"Come on Darylina don't be a bigger pussy then all them hens put together. Swing like you got a set of fuckin' nuts on you." Merle crowed.

Daryl growled and slammed into Merle like a ton of bricks sending them flying down the hill sliding through the grass and mud. Carol felt panic when they disappeared from sight and took off out into the rain. Daryl was on his knees over Merle a triumphant smile on his face as he had his brother pinned.

"Tell me brother when did you lose your balls?" Daryl sneered.

Merle's eyes flicked to her and then back to him, "Mouse must still have them in her mouth." His smile was lewd and Daryl growled.

Carol felt her face flame but his words set her body on fire as the rain poured over the pair of them. Merle grinned knowingly at her which caused Daryl's head to turn to her. His eyes scorched through her and his eyes landed on her chest. Daryl pulled himself standing and started walking towards her his clothes soaked through and clinging to him like a second skin.

His hand flashed out sweeping under her soaked top and started climbing up her body. "No bra again Carol" He groaned. She whimpered when he rolled her nipple stepping closer to her. "What are we going to do with you?"

Merle stepped to the other side, "I think she needs her ass busted."

Eyes widening her chest heaved and Daryl smiled feeling her heart beat pick up as he fondled her breast. "Think she likes that idea brother."

Merle leaned into her, "Then we'll keep it up till she's begging for release. Then when we're good and ready and that ass is cherry red we'll let her have it."

Carol's eyes flicked down Merle's body seeing his arousal already building and smiled. Letting her eyes slide over Daryl's soaked form she felt her mouth go dry. His hard on was flush against his jeans leaving little to the imagination about his size and it was making her ache in ways she hadn't before. Looking up at the pair of them feeling water drip from her eyes lashes she swallowed realizing their hungry gazes were on her only. Both were mirror images of each other in how they were holding themselves. Both had their canines sunk into their bottom lip looking down at her as water sheeted over them making rain water run down them in rivulets outlining each and every inch of their hardened bodies.

Daryl leaned down quickly sweeping her up over his shoulder his arm going over her thighs locking her in place. "Get our shit Merle." Daryl growled. His hand flashed back slapping her ass through the soaked material of her jeans.

Carol moaned and cried out when he repeated it twice more. Grabbing ahold of his hip and ass she held on as his ground eating stride carried her back up the hill. She didn't even care at the moment that they would be walking right through the common room dripping wet. Right now she just wanted to where ever they were taking her already. She wanted, no she needed what they were going to dish out to her.

The sounds of his heavy booted feet thudding across the cement silenced the room and she heard a noise from Maggie as they passed. She wanted to lift her head and look around but knew if she did she was going to lose it. Her hand tightened over his hip and she seen Merle stop getting their stuff at the door his stride locked in place with his brothers, counter stepping him.

Daryl's foot left the ground and a loud noise rocked the hall around them as he kicked a door wide and stepped through. Merle was right behind them his belt already slipping out of its loops. Carol followed the leather like it was her promised breath as Daryl dumped her down on the bed.

"You're going to count out each hit Carol." Daryl warned his belt sliding free too. "What's the word?"

Carol looked up meeting his eyes, "Pandorum."

Daryl nodded at her and kicked his boots free Merle doing the same. "Strip." Merle ordered.

Carol stood up stripping as quick as possible while they pulled their bodies free of wet clinging clothes. Watching them had her dripping down her thighs. Daryl grunted working his shirt over his head when Merle stepped closer to him his hand catching Daryl around his solid chest and helping him pull free of the clinging material. Neither spoke as they continued to disrobe helping the other when the denim or flannel caught.

"Turn. Plant your hands on the bed and bend." Daryl groaned watching her.

Carol done as she was told turning and presenting her ass to them spreading her legs enough that they could see her. Daryl cursed under his breath and she felt one of their hands slide up the inside of her thigh gathering her juices.

"Soaked brother." Merle growled. The sounds of one of them licking their fingers clean had her moaning.

"Tie her hands."

Her hands were jerked from underneath her and the wet leather wrapped around her wrist dropping her chest to the bed and forcing her face side ways to breath. Daryl was watching her as he bound her wrist his eyes hypnotizing with the intensity and need blistering her.

She jerked when the feeling of a leather slid against her sensitive core and the deep chuckles of the brothers as her body convulsed scared and excited her at the same time. With a quick whip of his wrist the leather bit across her ass and she keened Merle's name as the sting burned to her core.

"Count 'em Carol." Merle snapped.

"One." Her voice was breathless and charged.

The belt bit into her other cheek lower and she could see it was Daryl who swung it. His chest was rising and falling with need as his cock jutted out.

"Two!" She keened.

The next hit was on the backs of her thighs and she spread herself more pushing her ass to them.




The rapid hits were sending her into a frenzy the pain and lust blurring into a cocktail she wanted to be drowned in. Daryl was groaning with each hit and Merle's eyes were darkening to the point they were black, no hint of color at all. They both looked like men possessed. The only reprieve she got was after each hit when both of their strong hands soothed and kneaded the her flesh. It was driving her crazy and with each pass of their life roughened hands she felt herself getting wetter.

The next hit had her entire body bucking onto the bed as it connected with her pussy. She yelped but pushed back on the hand that had slapped her fingers sinking into her as the belt cracked across her ass again. She could see Daryl swinging the belt littering her ass in more marks as Merle's fingers taunted her. They worked together taking turns sinking their fingers into her and whipping her but never letting her fall over the edge. They were so in sync that they didn't need to speak or even look at each other as their now sweat slicked bodies worked in rhythm with the other. Swing, hit, tease, taste, swing, hit, tease, taste. Merle pushed his fingers into Daryl's mouth that he had just pulled from her and she watched as his pupils blew wide locking on to her needy body. Merle pulled his fingers from Daryl's mouth with a slick sound that had her aching even more. The belt bit into her again and she felt those same fingers coated now in Daryl's mouth slide into her.

"Twelve!" Carol moaned as Merle let his fingers pull against her heavily.

Her legs were beginning to shake and she was so close she felt like her throat was going to close up.

"Look at that sweet cherry red brother." Merle growled his hand sliding against her burning skin.

Daryl growled and she felt his fingers dip into her too with no warning. The feeling of both of them filling her at once, their fingers moving inside her pushed her over the edge and she screamed out. Panting hard against the mattress Carol kept her eyes closed listening to their breathing. She felt the bed dip next to her and moaned when she felt Merle's hand cup her breast. He was teasing her nipples his breath fanning her throat and shoulder. The warmth from him heating her body even more.

"Roll towards me Carol."

Rolling her head over she locked eyes with him and attempted to shift but her bound hands kept her off balance. The sound of Daryl's chuckle bounced around the room and she closed her eyes at the damage it was doing to her body. His hands gripped her hips suddenly the other wrapping in the leather of belt around her wrist anchoring her arms to her back and lifted her. He manipulated her body to suit him and a groan rolled through Merle's body as she ended up on top of him.

"Hold still Carol." Daryl warned.

Nodding her head not able to look away from the crisp blue of Merle's eyes as he smirked at her. Biting her lip she leaned forward catching his mouth and he took over immediately leading her through the kiss. His hands were smoothing over her body and down to her ass cupping her before sliding back up to cup her breast.

Daryl gripped both her thighs spreading them over Merle obscenely and his hand slapped against her pussy without warning. Daryl groaned, "You're soaked Carol." His voice was so low she barely heard him.

Looking over her shoulder at him she seen him backing away and set on the spare bed in the room. He set down his hands planting behind him as he leaned back. "What..what're you doing Daryl?" She pleaded.

Shaking his head he licked his lips, "Ride him."

Carol felt her breath rush out of her at his demand. Before she could do anything she was setting up straddling him looking down at Merle as she shifted her hips. "I wanna be able to touch you."

"No." Daryl growled. "Like this."

Merle gave her a filthy grin and gripped himself guiding her over him as she slid down his length. He groaned and she watched his chest and stomach tensed, the muscles visibly bunching. He was holding himself back letting her set the pace. Without her hands she kept her pace slow and shallow not letting him sink into her all the way.

"Goddamn it." Merle growled dragging her against him. His hand slapped against the cherry red of her ass and causing her to hiss out a breath. "Move."

Carol shook her head slowing down even more. Looking over her shoulder her breath abandoned her body completely. Daryl's eyes were on her and only her. He was watching every move she made as his hand matched her pace sliding along his own cock. His eyes locked onto her eyes and she licked her lips looking down at his groin.

Stopping moving altogether she let herself sink down onto Merle completely. He grunted his eyes closing for a second before opening back up to slits his nostrils flaring. Swiveling her hips she kept him deep inside her forcing groans from him as he brushed her.

Carol arched her back as far as she could, letting her hands drop further. Daryl growled seeing what she was doing and she kept her smirk from showing, she was going to get what she wanted one way or another. They hadn't both taken her in a while and she needed it, she needed to feel them working together inside her.

"Carol." Daryl growled. "Filthy."

She heard movement and felt his body heat behind her suddenly as his fingers replaced hers. She whimpered at the difference in size as he worked his fingers inside her spreading her wide. She went to lean over and he grabbed the belt, "No." His voice was so rough he sounded hoarse and sick.

Merle's hands came up cupping her breast again his eyes dancing. She smiled at him licking her lips before her mouth fell open in a silent O. Daryl growled pulling her hips further back towards him and she felt him slip inside her just barely. The slick sounds of his hand on himself had her breathing quick and Merle shushed her. Daryl and Merle were opposites as far as how they took her. Where Daryl was only ever rough with her on bad days and when asked for it. Merle was always that way but not in how he took her, it was the way he handled her. Daryl was rough leaving her feeling him for days afterwards, he always apologized but she loved it.

He shushed her again when she whimpered when he slid fully inside her. Daryl was larger than Merle and it always took her a few minutes to adjust to him like this. She was still setting up her hands now trapped between her back and his body as he was flush with her. Merle set up looking at her leaving her full caged between them unable to move.

Dropping her head back to Daryl's body she closed her eyes and shifted her hips trying to encourage them to move. Daryl's arm came around her body supporting more of her weight and she smiled. He was helping her but still refusing to let her hands go. Merle leaned back watching her and giving her room and she rolled her hips hard down into him while pushing back on Daryl.

Daryl's hand came up from her ribs and cupped her left breast holding her, his large hand completely covering her. His other hand hit her hip and pushed her forward and down into his brother causing all three of them to groan. Daryl's hips followed hers and she chased his when he pulled back. Carol was chewing her lip watching Merle's as his eyes roamed over her sweat slick body till coming down to where she was impaled on him.

His breathing picked up as he watched himself sliding in and out of her over and over. "You like that Merle?" Carol purred. Tightening her muscles around him and holding him she was still forced to move with Daryl's thrust but the feeling was driving her crazy. Merle growled looking up at her and thrust his hips up nearly toppling her. He kept his thrust in time with Daryl's both sinking into her together forcing her to take them both completely.

Daryl's other arm band around her his hand planting on her lower stomach as he pushed down. His fingers spanned her stomach and landed on her pussy. Merle smiled and shifted his hips again causing her to cry out more just as Daryl's fingers circled her clit.

"You gonna be a good girl and cum on ole' Merle's dick?" His southern drawl more pronounced, "Gonna make my brother proud?"

Carol moaned and Daryl pinched her nipple roughly causing her to gasp, "He asked you a question Carol." His voice was right in her ear as his sweat slick body moved behind her. Her hands splayed out of his stomach feeling the movement of the muscle around his hips and lower stomach work. She raked her nails every now and then getting a groan from him.


"Yes what.." Daryl growled his lips brushing her ear before his tongue slid out tasting her throat. Merle slapped her ass getting a yelp and Daryl smiled against her neck as deep in her as he could get.

"Yes I'll cum for him." Carol panted feeling her orgasm building through her body. She felt like she was going to drop with all the sensory overload they were putting him through.

Merle slapped her ass again and her hips picking up their pace as she almost slammed herself down and into him while pushing on Daryl still. Growling she jerked against her restrained hands the leather biting into her skin harshly. Daryl's hand slid up into her short hair gripping it and angled her head to the side his lips skating down it before nipping her.

"Do it." Carol moaned. She needed that push this time. "Please Daryl."

His growl lit her skin on fire as it vibrated against her throat and back, "Yes ma'am."

His teeth sunk into her shoulder marking her before he pulled off her repeating it over and over. With each time his teeth met her skin her hips jerked over Merle's hardened cock and he grunted. Setting up his lips caught her nipple his teeth scraping against her. He was looking up her body at him her breast pulled into his mouth as he sucked greedily on her. Daryl was switching to the other shoulder his grip in her hair tightening as his hips pistoned in her doing all the movement for them.

Merle switched breast his eyes still drinking in her every reaction like man starved. He was growling against her his tongue swirling around her tip before his teeth would nip at her. His other hand was pinching and pulling her other breast and nipple not giving her a break in the slightest.

Daryl kissed her temple and panted watching his brother and Carol turned catching his mouth. Hips slamming into her hard enough he lifted her almost completely off Merle. His hand came around and he jerked Merle in tighter against her breast making him take more of her. Carol tried to pull away from the kiss feeling a scream building as her orgasm broke loose sending her crashing through her senses. Daryl didn't release her from the kiss instead swallowing down her screams.

Her body going slack both of them supported her keeping her upright. Daryl pulled back from her enough to release her arms from their bound position. She whimpered feeling blood rush back to her hands. Each of them picking up a hand and massaging from the tips of her fingers to her shoulders working the life back into them. Their hands didn't stop there and were on her breast and working their way down to her pussy.

"I can't." She shook her head her eyes closed feeling the rising and falling of Daryl's chest on her back unblocked by her arms.

Merle's fingers slipped lower circling her and she hissed out shaking her head, "I can't Merle."

He lifted his hips into her, "You gotta." Her growled.

Merle laid back and Carol was sprawled on his chest both of them working her over again. Daryl's hands never stopping moving on her. He was running his hands down her back across the muscle applying pressure that had her moaning and relaxing.

"You're gonna cum again and let us see that pretty flush cover that skin." Merle's husky voice smiled, "Or he's gonna give you a flush you're gonna carry for a week."

She felt her muscles tighten knowing what he meant when she heard the sound of leather cracking against leather behind her. Opening her eyes and looking over her shoulder she met Daryl's eyes, "Do it Dixon."

Daryl gave her a broad smile and looped the belt over his hand putting the buckle in his palm to keep from hurting her. "Yes ma'am."

"Don't you yes ma'am me. You do it and make me cum."

Daryl growled, "Count 'em Carol. I wanna hear you."

Merle's hands came up sliding on her back calming her erratic heart at the look in Daryl's eyes. The first hit had her rocking forward to get away from it and Merle groaned as her body dragged against his and she tightened around him.

"One." Carol panted.

Merle kissed her throat, "Good girl." The next hit had her repeating her acting and both groaned. "Think she likes it brother."

Daryl hand was soothing the burn, "I can tell."

Carol flushed more and felt her body heating and Daryl's hips jerked against her. He set up a rhythm on her of hit, thrust, soothing, hit, thrust, soothing. It was pulling her body towards an edge she was scared to fall over with the intensity building in her body. She felt tears building in her eyes and met Merle's eyes and he raised an eyebrow at her.

The belt clattered to the floor and Daryl gripped her hips setting a punishing rhythm that had all of them breathing hard. "Goddamn." He growled. "Do it Carol." He snarled

On his command her body bowed and arched wildly her breath leaving her. Her tears spilled over as they kept moving inside her prolonging her orgasm to the point she felt like she was hyperventilating. Merle groaned burying his head in her neck cussing the entire time about being able to feel Daryl moving in her.

Daryl snapped his hips in to her harder bottoming out and his forehead hit at the base of her neck. His breathing heavy and she could feel his muscles jerking against her. Daryl kissed her neck his sweaty hair sticking to them both before he stood and pulled out of her. Merle eased her off him and set up looking down at her.

"Mouse...hate to break it to you but you're a goddamn wreck." Merle cackled.

Carol smiled her eyes closed not bothering to respond.

"Get up." Daryl grabbed her hand pulling her standing.

Eyeing him she looked at the bed longingly, "I'm tired Daryl."

He smirked ducking his head and forcing her to step into pants, "You can sleep all you want after we're cleaned up."

Carol looked at her clothes dreading working her way into everything. Merle stood up and jerked his pants up his hips and over his ass and grabbed a pair of sweat throwing them at her. She smiled and then one of Daryl's surviving black tees landed in her stack of clothes. She nodded, "Thanks."

Trying to take a step her knees almost buckled feeling her muscles shaking. Daryl swooped in catching her and swung her up into his arms, "Get your shit Merle." Daryl smiled against her his lips trailing his marks covering her shoulder and throat.

Merle swung the door open after they were dressed and Daryl stepped through out into the hall. They moved silently until they got to where the hen party usually was. She heard Merle's low growl and she wrapped her arms around Daryls neck burying her face there. She let her tongue slide against his sweaty skin and smirked when he groaned. The noise must have caught the attention of the women cause she heard them talking more and heard the brother's name.

"Why the fuck am I walking down here again? I'm fuckin' tired and I hate these people." Merle snapped loudly.

Daryl smirked into her neck biting just enough to have her body react. "Cause Carol needs our help."

Merle shook his head, "Help my ass. Look like you're doing just fine to me."

Carol turned her head laying it just under Daryl's chin and smiled at him. He shook his head a smirk of his own taking over his annoyed features. "You know for someone who just got laid your quite the dick head."

Daryl barked out a laugh getting more attention as he waited on Rick to unlock the gate. "Well for someone who just got fucked seven ways to Sunday and got her ass busted you're pretty damn snappy. Don't see you giving him shit and he was the one that done that shit." Merle huffed.

Carol shrugged her arms tightening around Daryl more, "It's cause you're an asshole Merle. Besides whose the one packing me?"

Merle turned towards her fully his arms crossed over his chest and his hip cocked out. He eyed them for a second and she watched him look at Daryl as he waited on Rick who was walking towards them. His eyes flashed to her and then the women who were glaring at her. Merle stepped in closer to them getting Daryl's attention.

"Brother." Merle growled low to him. Daryl turned his head and looked at Merle exasperated but waited. "Look at her lips." Daryl's eyes flicked down to hers and she seen his pupils dilate as his eyes swept up her throat to her bruised lips. Carol's breathing changed and Merle gripped Daryl's arm tightly forcing him to set her feet on the ground. His other arm was still around her back holding her to him and her lips parted watching them.

"Let go of me Merle." Daryl snarled.

Merle stepped around her and pulled Carol next to him forcing Daryl to turn since he wouldn't release his hold. "Me and Carol..."

Daryl cut him off with a snarl, "There is no you and Carol." His hand flexed on her back.

Merle chuckled, "That wasn't what it looked like with her mouth all over me, her pussy gripping my cock." He spoke low.

Carol's eyes widened. Why the hell was Merle baiting him. She shook her head at Merle and he shot her a wink. Carol could hear the murmuring of the women getting closer and she felt herself tense up.

"You know good and goddamn well that Carol is with me you cock sucking bastard." Daryl snapped viciously.

Carol turned her head towards him, "Daryl he's just joking with you."

Merle smiled at him triumphantly dusting his hands off and Daryl's chest heaved before he looked down at her. His eyes were bright and she smiled at him seeing his eyes soften just enough. He studied her face and Rick shifted around him unlocking the gate and nodding before walking away. It was just them in the hall way as Merle stood with the gate open looking down the hall towards the showers.

Daryl blew out a breath and his lips met her as his arm swept her back against his body taking her off the ground. She knotted her fingers in his hair as the kiss got heated before pulled back just enough to talk. "You know I love you." His husky drawl melting her.

She nodded at him and set her chin on his shoulder as he started towards Merle. The second he was far enough she seen every one of the hen party bitches standing there mouths hanging open in disbelief and she just smiled at them. She needed to thank Merle for that. Daryl wasn't one for public displays of affection but him pushing Daryl's buttons just drove the point home. He might be asshole but Merle was her asshole just like Daryl was hers. She smiled kissing his neck and he grunted, "My Dixons." She purred against him getting a chuckle from the pair of them.