She didn't know how much time was passed since she suddenly fell asleep, but Elsa was sure she probably wasn't in Arendelle anymore. She slowly opened her eyes. W-where am I? She looked a bit around. Though it was dark, Elsa could determine four stone walls, a door in one of them, with a small window where a bit of light was coming through. While her eyes were getting used to the dark, she could now see four chains coming from one of the walls, leading to her arms and legs. In a moment it was all clear to her. I-I'm locked! In despair she tried freezing the shackles, hoping that she could get rid of them, but when her hands became cold, an enormous heat was suddenly running to her wrists. Elsa cried.

A dark figure suddenly came out of the door. Its entire body was covered by a black robe; a dark belt was hanging around his middle, on which hang weapons and tools. Its cap hid its face, if there was one.

"Well, welcome, your highness!" a low male voice sounded from under the cap.

Elsa stood up and shouted to him. "What is this about? Let me go!" She felt her hands became very cold, but before she could use her powers, the shackles turned hot again, causing Elsa to fall back onto the ground. She cried in pain.

"Maybe it's better for you to learn some manners!" the figure stated, as he was walking towards her. She crawled back, until she felt a wall behind her back. "And maybe you could stop using your magical ice powers, since burnt wrists and ankles aren't really conductive to the ritual, you see?"

Many thoughts were running through her head. Did he just say ritual? What is he planning to do with me? Elsa was visibly scared now, causing the wall behind her to freeze. "W-what is this all about? W-why did you lock me up?"

"Well, the cell is only for your safety, your highness. If you would be a bit more kind I would consider again bringing you to a more comfortable room..." he said with a sadistic tone.

That made Elsa upset. "Are you even aware whom you are talking to-" she shouted, before the dark figure put his hand against her mouth.

"Maybe it's better if you'd shut up for a moment until you know how to treat your hosts, your majesty," he said while putting a mouth cloth around her head. "I'm sure my lord would like to speak to you, but first work on your manners," he laughed, stroking her cheek. Elsa murmured, this cloth was preventing her to talk.

She felt her anger coming out. She slammed her arm towards him, but she suddenly felt a hand grabbing it. "I would not challenge me, your highness," he said angry in her face, pressing her against the wall. The wall was now completely frozen.

Then he walked back to the door. "Until next time, my Queen!" he said. After that he left and closed the door.

Now Elsa was really frightened. What is going on here? And where am I? What kind of ritual was he talking about?

A/N: This is my first longer fanfiction of Frozen ever! I haven't thought much about the plot yet, but it probably is getting dark, as you can see here in the prologue. By the way it's easier to start writing in the middle of the story, so probably the happenings before will be told in flashbacks. All I know for now is that Elsa won't get hurt more than this, because I don't like Elsa being hurt :D. Please enjoy reading and leve some feedback!