Singing the Lie


Polonaise in A-flat major, Op. 53 – Chopin

August 23, 2013

Elizabeth Hedervary let her short brown hair down as she collapsed on her couch. It was the only time she could feel like a girl, not some guy her father wanted her to be. Her father wasn't going to be back until late of the evening, maybe eleven, and her brother was doing some late shift at the hospital.

It was these small moments Elizabeth felt like she was loved for what she was. Where she felt like Elizabeth, not Andres. It felt great not having that binder on her chest, letting her breath. It felt great to let her hair down which was always up. It felt great to just be herself. She couldn't remember a time when she was treated as a girl – except when her mother was still alive.

Her mother. Elizabeth sighed as she turned on the television, absentmindedly flipping through the channels. Her mother was the one who filled her earliest memories. Her mother would let Elizabeth play the piano with her. It was small and brown. They would play Chopin together.

But those were just memories. Elizabeth needed to focus on things like enjoying television, which she could never watch because her father hogged it all the time. Passing through the channels, she heard a song. It captured her ears. The choppy chorus of the song her mother loved to play

Polonaise in A-flat major

There was a man on the television, playing a beautiful black grand piano. He was beautiful, Elizabeth decided, a bit like an angel. From his perfect combed chocolate hair reflected on the clear piano he was playing with to his pale, delicate fingers. His eyes closed, but you could see from his peaceful expression that he loved what he was doing so much.

Elizabeth watched him dance his fingers until the song ended. She could feel the emotion from what he was playing, and he wasn't even there.

Then the camera zoomed out from the pianist and onto a serious looking man with blond slick hair. "And that was Roderich Edelstein, from our music department." There were claps heard, many Elizabeth could tell.

"This is Hetalia University, a school known for its academics, athletics, and arts. We help people of all age create each generation better than the first to fulfill our society's needs." The man sounded awkward, but it also sounded like he was telling those words from the bottom of his heart. She was a bit amused at his inelegant expression compared to his elegant suit.

"I welcome you to join our prestigious university, where society spins its axis on. Hetalia University!"

Then another advertisement filled the screen.

Hetalia University… Elizabeth mused, where have I heard that before?

Elizabeth grabbed her laptop and searched Hetalia University. She saw the slogan and immediately, memories shot through her mind. The scholarship!

Elizabeth stood up and went to her room, looking through filing cabinets. "I know it's here somewhere…." She muttered as she looked though each folder. And there it was, a yellow envelope with big bold words of 'Hetalia University'.

She grabbed the folder and headed back towards her living room. She opened it and saw it. 'Full four year scholarship'.

Full Four-Year Scholarship at Hetalia University!

Dear Andres Hedervary,

We present you this full four-year scholarship at Hetalia University for fulfilling our three main divisions: Academics, Athletics, and Arts. You own higher than a 4.00+ GPA which we look for in every student who takes a scholarship for their Academic Credits. You also achieved first in your cross-country, receiving a 5:53 on a 1500 meters. Your talent of singing is also enough to impress us, your vocal range is in-between Baritone-Soprano.

We ask you to attend Hetalia University. We hope to see you there.

From the Hetalia Staff,

Elizabeth was sheepish as she read the paper. She received this on her graduation day of high school but completely forgot about it. She just collapsed on the bed and enjoyed herself as she was finally finished with her primary education.

"Andres…" Elizabeth whispered as she looked over the first paper again. That's right… She enrolled as Andres Hedervary for school ever since she could remember. "I have to pose as a guy for school again?"

Elizabeth didn't mind growing up as a boy. Not at all. It allowed her to play rough with everyone and not mistreat her just because she was a girl. She also gains her father's respect. Her father loved her when she was a guy. It was just that, Elizabeth was a girl. She was 100% female. She liked flowers, meadows, and cute things like bunnies. It was very uncomfortable living as a guy when she was, in fact, a girl.

Then she heard a click, must've been from the door. Elizabeth tried her hardest not to squeak as she scurried of to the bathroom along with the binder. She was going to go through hell if she didn't put the bind on.

"Andres!" Her father, John Hedervary, called out.

"I'm here Dad! Just had to use the bathroom!" Elizabeth called out in a deeper voice which was considered normal for boys as she put on her sweatshirt back on.

She heard footsteps as she opened the door to see her dad looked through the scholarship papers. He seemed to just finish reading the note when his attention focused on her.

His eyes pierced right at her hair. Damn… She forgot to tie it in the ponytail that her dad said was much more 'manly', because she absolutely denied cutting her hair.

"I just took a shower Dad, let me get the hair tie thing." Which wasn't a lie. She did indeed just took a bath, but didn't want to tie her hair.

The tense moment disappeared between the two as her father inspected the rest of the papers. "So, you're going here, right son? I'll pull some strings."

Elizabeth startled at the question. She actually didn't think much about it. Her mind traveled back at the young pianist she saw. How much he loved playing the piano. She wanted to see that again. She wanted to hear that wonderful sound again.

"Yes." Elizabeth said, her thoughts far away