Singing this Lie

Chapter 2: All of your Flaws & And all of my Flaws

Bastille – Flaws

A/N: Sorry for the long wait! This chapter was pretty long to write, but I enjoyed it! More faster updates soon, it's almost summer break here! It's not the best chapter, I'm still fixing it!

Gilbert's head hurt. His face was a bit sticky. Maybe a bit of drool on his face? Groaning, he gradually propped himself on his elbow, wiped his face with his other hand trying to recall the events of last night. He was wearing his clothes, except his jacket was thrown away somewhere and the buttons of his crinkled shirt was undone.

His hair was messed up all in different angles, eyes droopy. He tried to concentrate with an aching head on what was going on. When he regained his senses, he could faintly here the rapid drops falling from the shower.

Shower… Why is the shower on? Gilbert furrowed his eyes, thinking who could be using the shower. He was the only one living in the dorm. And why so early in the morning? He opened his eyes, getting up from his cluttered bed, and took lethargic steps to the calendar.

September 2nd. It had a big circle on it saying 'First day of classes!' Gilbert's eyes immediately shot up, his headache hurting harder than ever, and took a quick glance at the clock. 6:15. Well, crap. Gilbert thought as he scrimmaged through the closet to find something presentable to wear. My classes start at seven, I should be in the building by at least 6:45 so I can scramble with my map and schedule to find classes. Gilbert rushed to the bathroom, turning the knob to find it locked.

"What the hell, Andres? Why lock the door?" Gilbert half-screamed, half-groaned. It was way too early for this. He heard the shower turn off.

"You're awake?" Came the mild, shocked, smoothing voice from the other side of the door.

Gilbert grumbled. "Well, yeah! Can you open the door so I can make myself look somewhat presentable?"

"Let me put my clothes on!" Andres yelled from the other side, you could hear the irritation in her voice.

"Why can't you just open the door?" Gilbert yelled back.

A few muffled sounds later, Andres opened the door. His damp hair was in some disheveled ponytail, he was wearing some white shirt and boxers. Gilbert felt his face flush a bit. "Calm down! I didn't even grab my clothes, here the shower's all yours." Andres brushed the door in Gilbert's face as he walked towards his drawers to find some kind of clothes.

Gilbert shot a broken glare at the Hungarian, who was drying his hair. He walked in the restroom, not bothering locking the door.

He stripped down and headed in the shower. The small room turned misty in a matter of seconds. As he stepped in the shower, he tried to remember why he was having a massive headache.

He shut his eyes as the hot water smoothed down his sore muscles. All he could remember was a pretty girl with brown hair. Like that girl he met at the airport.

He then recovered from his reverie and was brought back to reality by a rapping on the door. "Gilbert, come on! It's 6:40!"

"Scheiße!" The albino cursed. He turned the shower off the wrong way, resulting is boiling hot water doused on him. He cursed again, turning the shower off the right way, leaping out of the shower, clumsily drying off himself.

He somehow got dressed in some sort of jeans on with some random shirt to make him look anything but a guy who was probably going to cause some trouble. Grabbing himself a sweater and bag, he headed out the door with Andres who was tapping his fingers restlessly.

Gilbert locked the door behind them and somehow – in an unspoken agreement with Andres – he was going to drop Andres off in one of his classes.

After putting on his sweater on, he took a quick glance at the Hungarian. Andres's hair was in a much cleaner ponytail, a clean white button-up with a brown jacket. It was nothing special, but Gilbert felt his heart rate sped up by a bit. Gilbert gulped and sputtered out the question he wanted to ask Andres as they got into his black BMW. "So, what's your first class?"

"Political Science, Room 159."

Gilbert groaned inwardly and placed one of his hands on his forehead. His first class was Computer Science, which was Room 219 – a completely different section of the school.

"Hey," Andres said tapping Gilbert's shoulder while he starting up the engine. "If it's too far, I could use ask someone else."

Gilbert's demeanor grew even worse. "It's not even that far. And, because if I can't do it, who can?"

He backed up the car and started to drive. He saw Andres peering through the window, looking at the scenery. Perfectly mowed grass with intimidating willow trees. They passed by an old-fashioned bridge over a river. The distance to the dorms and the university wasn't large – usually, he would have walked or carpooled with some of his friends, but he was so late.

They got to Andres's Political Science class around 6:50, and Gilbert sped off to his class. The tires screeched. This time, he hardly stopped to look at the flowery surroundings.

He parked in one fluid motion and immediately sprinted as soon as he locked the door to his car. He jogged to the automatic doors and looked for 219, not bothering to ask. He glanced up and down at each door. Fortunately, it was on the first floor.

He grinned to himself as he found 219 and checked his watch. 6:57. Three minutes left to spare. He opened the white door and saw weird mixtures of students. Half of the room was filled with students sitting at their desks and the other half was goofing around. The professor wasn't there at the moment, so Gilbert searched the room for a place to sit.

Gilbert spotted an Asian kid with glasses in the second row by the window. The said person had short black hair and skin that could compare to Gilbert's. He looked familiar, so Gilbert decided to go sit next to him. As he got closer, he realized it was Honda Kiku. Sure, he saw Kiku many times with glasses on during high school, but that was so long ago he forgot faces.

"Hey, Kiku!" Gilbert greeted, slapping him on the back. Kiku seemed visibly stressed, you could see the subtle shaking as Gilbert talked to him. Once Kiku turned and saw his old colleague, he relaxed.

"Hello there, Gilbert." Kiku said in a small accent where you could faintly hear the l's like r's. "You enrolled in Computer Science as well?"

"Of course, if I wasn't, I wouldn't be here!" Gilbert put his bag down, silently saying thanks that he didn't bring his laptop. "What's your major?"

"Animation." Kiku replied, taking out supplies from his bag. He also pulled his smartphone and started texting rapidly. "What's yours? And we have about twenty seconds until the professor comes in."

"Engineering." Gilbert replied. Kiku was still texting. After a few seconds, he put the phone away. Gilbert could only guess who he was texting. Kiku lived with a bunch of other people in a huge house near Gerrard Street, and almost all those people he lived with attended the school. It was like living with ten siblings your age.

And then the door to the classroom opened for the last time, and welcomed a man probably in his late-twenties to early-thirties. He had black hair and a red scarf which was unusual because the weather wasn't that bad. "Good morning all of you." All of the student immediately sat down in their seats. Gilbert could only see that the man was walking at the most leisurely pace and that his eyes were bloodshot. Not like his own eyes, but like a sleepless bloodshot.

"So, today," he drawled on as he sat down on his chair, opened his laptop of the latest model, and took out a coke bottle. "We will be discussing the syllabus of this course which you guys will be taking Mondays-Saturdays."

The professor glared at all of his students, which made Gilbert gulp .unconsciously

Elizabeth yawned. Pity that it was a Monday. She had photography Mondays and Fridays so she couldn't get a good enough lunch. She was out of her Journalism class and was about to brief bite to eat before she headed to Photography. Francis was with her during that class, but he had to rushed off somewhere before she could say goodbye.

She saw a familiar guy, she started to walk faster towards the figure who was walking in the same direction she was. It was Lovino. She tapped his head gently, wondering what he was going to do. "Huh, what the hell do you-" Lovino turned and saw Elizabeth with a blank face.

"Oh, it's just you, Andres." Lovino causally said, handling a small paper bag. "So, where you heading?"

"Photography, room 305." She read from her schedule.

Lovino hummed. "You aren't going to get something to eat?"

"I'm not sure, I was thinking about it, but I'm not so sure."

Lovino hummed again. "I have some Cannoli Ricotta here. I don't really want it. I had some churros and a Caffè macchiato already," He shoved the small bag he was holding in her face. "And I'm going to see Professor Haliburton anyway."

"Really?" Andres peered in the bag, it was wrapped delicately in white tissue. "Thanks. Why do you need to see the professor?"

"Nothing much."

And they were at the Animus halls, quietly, Lovino leading the way. It was silent, the footsteps of Lovino's Italian shoes could be heard as he took every step.

They stopped at room 305 and Lovino clicked his tongue. "We're here," He opened the door for Andres who stepped in the classroom. Andres kept on hearing small irritated noises that Lovino kept on making. There was a messy desk and spread out desks. The windows were wide open, the autumn breeze filling in.

"He's asleep again." Lovino muttered, walking to the back of the classroom. "Professor Haliburton, your class will be starting in fifteen minutes. Lucky you, I locked the door earlier so there's barely anyone here."

Elizabeth observed Lovino help let the professor stand up. She was expecting and elder man, but saw a young man, probably no much older that her or Lovino. He was pale and ailing. "Oh, you must be Lovino's friend." He said as he spotted Elizabeth. His voice was quiet, and he had a bunch or brown hair under a newsboy cap.

"I'm also going to be a student here, my name is Andres Hedervary."

"My name is Rolo Haliburton," The professor got up and shook Elizabeth's hand. "Just sit wherever you please, class will be starting soon." Professor Haliburton walked up to his desk with a pleasant smile.

Elizabeth saw in the corner of her eye that Lovino scoffed, but he sat down anyway. Elizabeth followerd his lead, and sat down next to him. She placed her right hand on her cheek, thinking about her day. As the minutes passed by, students started to come in and fill in the once empty seats.

Once it time for class to start, Professor Haliburton spoke. "Hello class, I hope you somehow get a bite to eat. Welcome to Photography class! My name is Rolo Haliburton, I'm most comfortable with you just calling me Rolo, because I'm not that much older than you lot, but you might be uncomfortable so Professor Haliburton would be find as well. I'll be passing out the syllabus momentarily, so please listen."

He got a stack of paper from the back of his desk and began to pass them out. "I expect you all to read the whole thing, because there are things I'm not explaining. We'll be having galleries and projects throughout this course. Some days we'll be inside the classroom, learning. But most days, we go outside. I do expect you all have equipment." As he finished, he was back at his desk, sitting down. "Questions?"

"How many projects are we doing sir?" Someone in the front asked.

"I'm rounding to about five-seven. Not including galleries." Professor Haliburton said.

No one asked anything after that. "Okay then, just two more things." He pointed two of his fingers at Lovino, beckoning him to come over. Lovino rolled his eyes, but walked over anyway.

"This is my assistant teacher, his name is Lovino Vargas. He's also a student, so I expect you to respect him. He's not going to be in this class usually, but you might see him sometimes." Professor Haliburton patted Lovino's shoulders. "Second, today is a free, outside day. Meaning, you get to wander around the school campus, getting inspiration, pictures, etc. You can also get a bite to eat. You can slack off if you will, but don't blame me for your grades. I believe most days will be outside days for you. I think it's much better than staying in a stuffy class room."

Elizabeth along with the whole class nodded. "Then start heading off!"

Elizabeth grabbed her stuff, and started heading out using the door that Professor Haliburton provided to the outside of the campus. She was already thinking of where to go, she really wanted to take a picture of the willow trees near the river. She checked her Samsung cell phone, it was around 1:20, so maybe she could check it out and make it to her Physical Education class she was required to take by the school. If you were Dorm 1, you were supposed to have Physical Education class to keep up with your dormitory. Same goes to the other dormitories, just depends which dorm you are in.

She was walking alone, Lovino stayed in the room with Professor Haliburton. She took some pictures of campus on her way, took pictures of little things like two people studying, the sky. She liked photography, it let her observe the little wonders of life. Like people getting along and how the grass moves.

She was already close to the river with the willow trees, she took some more pictures. As she was taking one last picture with the willow trees on the far right, the river in focus, a pat on her shoulder and a breathe by her ear. She spun, taking quick jumps back, and saw the stranger in front of her. Gilbert.

"Really?" Was the only thing that could come out of her mouth, and despite the scare, she still managed to laugh. "No class for you?"

"Actually, we all, amazing people I introduced to you yesterday, chose this time period to hang out so we could all have time for each other. Lovino sometimes has to take care of Haliburton though, so he can't have lunch with us." Gilbert said, "And what about you?"

"Photography," Elizabeth replied, holding up her camera. She felt the breeze of the lake behind hitting her.

"Well," Gilbert started after a few seconds of nothing. "How was your first day?"

"Well, Political Science was okay. And I had Economics and Journalism which was very interesting. And Photography, I have Physical Education in like twenty minutes though." She replied, checking her phone.

"Well, my day was astonishing. Computer Science, Engineering, and Chemistry was nothing. But Calculus was shite. I may be good at it, but math sucks. And I also have Physical Ed, I'm in your dorm." Elizabeth rolled her eyes.

"Well, should we be going?"

"Well, I suppose so."

"Well, what about your amazing people?"

"Well, stop flirting with me Andres Hedervary." Gilbert replied, smirking. Dun. "And their also your amazing people. And they won't mind."

Elizabeth rolled her eyes ignoring the tiniest bit of pain that was Andres, and decided to go with Gilbert's little joke, "Well, what was the latest book you have read Mr. Augustus Waters?"

"Shut up. For your information, Antonio forced me to read Our Fault in Our Stars. Francis can't because his views are a bit different from ours."


Gilbert rolled his eyes as if that wasn't important at the moment, which it really wasn't. "Well, I so think we should start heading to the gym, it's about 2:45."

"Well, okay." Elizabeth said, just like that.

Gilbert smirked, starting to walk in the direction of the gym. "Well, I guess well will be our always?"

"Oh, just stop it." Elizabeth rolled her eyes, following him as they walked away from the river.

"Well, if you say so."



Elizabeth laughed, "Well just sounds stupid."

Grinning, Gilbert replied, "That's what makes it awesome."

Then they began talking. ("That phrase, 'when pigs fly' makes no sense." "Why are we talking about this.") And laughing. ("Your laugh sounds girly." "What about your laugh, it sounds like a bird?")

They made it to the gym classroom where they would meet unless the professor instructed them to. Matthew was there, waving his hand a bit indifferently. Antonio was there with Matthew, along with Alfred. Gilbert waved his hand up in greeting, high-fived Matthew and pulled Elizabeth to sit by him.

And then the coach came in. He presented himself as Alistair Kirkland, who had three younger brothers, and was apparently Arthur's older brother. "So, basically, I'm your coach and Dylan and Gray will be helping me." His accent was very heavy, but maybe it was because they were one of the few English in an English campus. And Elizabeth couldn't understand him, but she could barely understand everyone.

"I'm not going to bother with ye names, I'll get them someday. Okay, now ye lot, youngest to eldest line. Lemme count ye all off."

The class bustled into a big line, Elizabeth in the middle of the beginning. The youngest was apparently a blond young man, who Elizabeth believed she saw in Antonio's team yesterday. Alistair started counting, pulling out people from time to time, like the youngest with blond hair. He didn't count him, but flicked his hand to go behind him. He would do that from time to time. When he reached Ellizabeth, she was counted as number twenty-one. She stood there and waited, she saw that Alfred was picked out along with Matthew. Antonio was picked out, leaving her and Gilbert alone in the line.

"Numbers less than fifty, head over to Gray!" Allistair pointed to the seemingly youngest of the three brothers with the lightest hair. Gilbert jogged up to catch up with Elizabeth with a grin and they walked over to Gray.

"Okay! Hello youse! Dylan will be taking care of the others above fifty, probably levels above you all! My name is Gray Kirkland, youse personal coach." Coach Gray said, much friendlier than Alistair. "Oul Alistair will be demonstrating a load with those lot behind him. We're not doing much, just basically watching Alistair show-off till three. And I will be bothered with ye names."

Gilbert rolled his eyes, making Elizabeth roll her eyes.

"LISTEN!" They heard Alistair roar. "We'll be meeting out in the track in five minutes!" And he left leaving with his bunch.

"Okay, class!" Gray said, smiling. "That's our cue. Alistair just wants all to jog. That eejit." He rolled his eyes. "Let's go!"

They were still in their uniform, consisting of long pants and long sleeved shirt. "Really? Their making us run in this?" Gilbert said behind her as they started to jog?"

Gray had his answer, "No uniforms until the-marra, and honestly, this is the only physical thing we're doing today.

"The what?" Elizabeth asked.

Gilbert rolled her eyes. "'Tommorow'. Tch. With all this slang, my head's gonna hurt."

"You have an accent as well."

"Well, it's not as heavy as theirs. I have more a Prussian accent."

"Well then, were starting this again?" Elizabeth asked as they reached the track.

"Yes," Gilbert said, smirking.

"Okay! This is Vash, Alfred, Matthew, and Antonio." Alistair said when they were all there. "Treat them with respect, top-athletes this lot. Vash is the ROTC Assistant Teacher, piss him off and he'll kill ye." She saw Vash roll his eyes, but looked up to Gilbert and he nodded his head terrified. "Matthew and Alfred are Assistant Teachers at the Flight School, and Antonio head of our undefeated football team, I'll be using them for demonstrations! Gray's team gets Vash and Antonio, Dylan's team gets Alfred and Matthew since they're a pair anyways."

"So, circuits Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Track Tuesdays. Sports on Thursdays. Evaluation on Saturdays?" Elizabeth repeated the schedule as she and Gilbert headed to the bathroom.

"Yesss, sounds like hell though. And worse of all, we get stuck with Vash. Gray sounds stunning, but Vash. Ugh. Went with him in High School. Do not mess with him."

Elizabeth tried not to roll her eyes. "Why not?"


"Oh, please. He can't be that bad." Elizabeth said as they entered the bathroom. She didn't care about going into the men's bathroom, having gotten used to it for most of her life. But she was careful not to look over at the urinals.

"He's terrifying."

Elizabeth nodded absentmindedly, looking for a stall, which gladly there was one. She left Gilbert and headed toward the stall.

When she was done, headed towards the sink, and wondered where Gilbert was. Then she tripped. "What the hell?"

She turned to face Sadik, the soccer (football, Elizabeth) player on Antonio's team. "Sorry, you were in my way, little one."

Wiping debris off her, she retorted. "I had no idea, your majesty."

She was something tick in him, "Hey, now," He stepped forward a bit. The guys were starting to stare. Where was Gilbert? "Cut with the sass."

A guy behind Sadik took a careful step toward him. "Sadik, come on. It's not the time to gloat. Joseph is waiting for us outside."

"Oh, just this once, Dan. The new kid has to know when to not talk back to his superiors." Sadik smirked, and stepped closer to Elizabeth to lift her chin. "Right, freshman? Now you have to fight like the men we are." Sadik retracted his arm and began to take a swing at her. Elizabeth felt her head pound on what she got herself into. She was shorter than Sadik, she had less muscles than Sadik. As his first almost hit her face, she blocked it with her right arm.

Her head against the stall, her hair a bit messed up, she glared at Sadik. "Well then," He began. "Looks like freshman here has some strengths. Wanna battle?"

"Really, Sadik-" Dan said, putting his hand on Sadik's shoulder as people start to crowd around them.

"Oh, Dan. Five minutes, you can fight along with me as well."

Dan just stared, taking a step back. "Only if he hurts you." Dan said softly.

"Only." Sadik replied. Elizabeth was breathing evenly, trying to calm herself down and not run out. Elizabeth felt the wind change as Sadik swung his left arm at her. Not knowing what she was doing, she blocked him with both of her arms and tackled him. Before she could do anything after that, Dan took Sadik in his arms and punched Elizabeth.

"Stop." Dan stepped in-between them. Elizabeth panted, she still had energy inside of her. She was going to take a swing at Dan just to prove herself, but she herself felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Your right Dan. Thank you, I hope Sadik is okay. C'mon Andres. I just get my water bottle and you already getting into fights on your first day of classes." Gilbert steered her away from the crowd and out of the bathroom.

Once they were out of the bathroom, Elizabeth slapped Gilbert's hand. "What the hell, Gilbert? I was perfectly fine on my own-"

"Everything would not be perfectly fine if you killed him." Gilbert muttered, grabbing her wrist and pulling her to the door leading to the outside.

When they were outside, Gilbert let go of Elizabeth's hand sensing that she wouldn't resist. "Do you need to go to the nurse?"

"No, I have biology next." Elizabeth replied. Gilbert rolled his eyes.

"Okay, I'm going to say it was pretty stunning that you beat up Sadik a bit, and that he's an arse sometimes but you have to let it go. You earned your reputation, that's great. And yeah, it was a small fine. Pretty much like two minutes. But this is college, not high school. You can't just go picking up fights every single corner."

Elizabeth rolled her eyes this time. "I'm not picking fights, he made me fight him-"

"Oh dear god," Gilbert flicked her forehead. "I'm saying be careful. He could've injured him. You could've killed him."

Elizabeth looked at Gilbert with her green eyes and realized what he meant. Her heart beat quickened. Her clenched hands were shaking.

"That's what I'm trying to knock into you." Gilbert sighed. "But he's okay. Just don't do that again. Or Dan will kill you. And your hair is messed up by the way."

Elizabeth just stared at her hands like they were covered in blood. Her heartbeat was still rising, her face was still pale. She could hear her blood in her body. Then she felt Gilbert untying her hair.

"H-hey," She stuttered. "What are you doing?"

Gilbert rolled his eyes which felt like the he had done so a million times since the conversation started. "Fixing your hair. I told you that it was a mess and you didn't bother with it. As I recall the first time we met, you were very worried about your hair." His pale fingers raked her hair, making her wince when he would brush the tangles. Her heartbeat gradually slowed, she relaxed. Her face regained color. They both lost track of time, they just stood there, Gilbert fixing her hair.

Once Gilbert was done combing her hair, he tied it with her black tie and then checked the time. "Shite,"

Elizabeth looked up knowing what it was about. "What time is it?"

"Eh, around 5:25. Now if you want to catch your Biology class I suggest you would. I need to get to my Government class. See you at our dorm later, Andres." Gilbert waved as he jogged away from her.

Elizabeth was much more clam now, and she decided to run to her Biology class.

Gilbert was exhausted. He was finally finished with his first day of college. He walked out of his Criminal Justice with a yawn. He was so darn happy that his professors didn't give him any homework except to prepare for the future.

He began walking back to his dorm, playing with his keys in his pocket. As he passed the glass windows passed, he saw the sun setting. It was a mix of orange and red. You could see the last bit of the sun as the day ended. Satisfied with his day, he smiled and began to whistle tunelessly.

He finally got to the parking lot and saw his BMW parked where it was since this morning. He was about to just open the door to just crash on the driver's seat when he realized there was someone on the hood of his car. "Hey, punk, what you-"

The bloke turned and Gilbert saw that it was Andres. He immediately smiled, dumped his stuff in his car, and joined him sitting on his car. "Andres, what are you doing here? I would've expected you up in the dorm already."

Andres took a sip out of a drink that he brought, "My French class just ended, I was about to go to our dorm but I saw your car and here I am."

Gilbert grinned, "Thought you could get a ride or something?" He took his drink and took a sip out of hit. Hot Choco…Kinda girly… And he voiced out his thoughts.

He turned to see Andres blushing, and took the cup out of his hands. He took a sip and replied, "Don't insult the hot chocolate. Anyway," He took another sip and faced Gilbert. "You're not going to give me a ride back or something?"

Gilbert sighed mockingly and got of his car. "Okay, get of my car now. We better get going. Just lug your stuff in the car."

He saw Andres grin and got in the right side of his car. Once Gilbert got his engine going, it was already dark.

"I never got why it's opposite," He heard Andres say.

"Oh, yeah. Americans," Gilbert rolled his eyes playfully.

"Hey! If you must know, most of the world is the right side."

Gilbert smirked, "Well, it doesn't matter?"

"Oh my gosh, stop."

The rest of trip was silent, Gilbert saw Andres peering through the window again like this morning. It was much more relaxed, because they weren't zooming to their classes like their lives depended on it. They got to their dorms and walked up to their dorm.

They reached room 208, Gilbert pulled out his keys and opened the door. Immediately, he threw his bag near his desk and collapsed on his bed.

He heard Andres sigh and grab his bag. "At least put it away nicely."

"I'm just so glad to be in my bed," Gilbert groaned, grabbing his yellow pillow and hugging it.

"Oh, take your shoes off, Gil." Andres whined, pulling his shoes off. He hit the floor and winced. Gilbert remembered the fight from earlier.

Gilbert jumped out of his bed, pulled Andres to his bed, and grabbed the first aid kit underneath his bed. "Where?" He asked in a clipped tone.

"Huh?" Andres asked.

"Where did that bugger hit ya?" Gilbert asked, inspecting Andres for any injuries.

Andres rolled his eyes and tried to get off of the bed. "More like I hit him, I just got some bruises on my arms from hitting him. I'll be fine."

Gilbert rolled his eyes, "Well, let me see."

Andres rolled his eyes, "Well, let me go."

Gilbert almost smirked, he pushed Andres down and took his sleeve which was covered by his brown jacket. He pulled it. Gilbert saw two big bruises on his left arm.

Andres seemed to have accepted Gilbert's help and just sat on his bed. Gilbert got an ice pack and placed it on his hand. "Keep it overnight, maybe it will heal for tomorrow a bit." He sat next to Andres, hugging his yellow pillow again. It felt nice to have warmth next to him.

Andres nodded and leaped out of his bed. Gilbert frowned slightly, wondering why Andres got up. Andres scrambled to his bunk and shuffled through his things. "I'm going to change," he said and Gilbert grunted in respond.

Lying in bed with his eyes closed, relaxing. He then heard Andres out of the bathroom. "Your turn if you want to change."

Gilbert sighed, "Yes, mummy." And then rummaged through his drawers and found some shirt and changed. He didn't bother to go to the bathroom, he didn't need to. He took off his pants and settled in bed with a shirt and boxers.

He was snuggled in bed, quite comfortable when he heard Andres groan. "Oh, at least brush your teeth." Gilbert peeked through one eye and saw Andres with his hair down, wearing a big blue shirt and some short pick up his clothes. "I'm already picking up your clothes." Gilbert cheeks tinged slightly as Andres held his laundry by his hip, facing Gilbert. Gilbert thought Andres looked really like a girl then.

"Alright, alright." He saw Andres smile, which he thought was a good enough reward for getting out of his comfortable bed.

They both headed to the bathroom and Andres pointed to a red toothbrush, "That's mine." And grabbed and put some toothpaste and began to brush his teeth.

Gilbert nodded and grabbed his yellow tooth brush and began to brush his teeth.

Once Andres wiped his mouth, he asked, "Are all of your things yellow?"

Gilbert just finished spitting. "Most of my personal things anyway."

Andres rolled his eyes, grinning, and went out of the bathroom. Gilbert then looked at himself in the mirror and realized how pretty of a guy Andres was.