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"Elise… Elise…ELISE!"

"CARROTS!" Elise yells as she jolts out of sleep. Elise screams again as her foot gets stuck in her blanket and she ends up tumbling on to the wooded floor. She blinks a few times and she can finally see the little person that woke her up. "Penny? What are you doing in my cabin? The sun isn't awake yet, so you shouldn't be either."

Penny shrugs at Elise who still hasn't bothered to get up from the floor. "I-I can't sleep. Madison snores so loud I can hear her across the room and Amanda farts and the frogs won't stop making noise and I think I ate to many tater tots and.… it's dark…. Can't I sleep in here tonight?"

Elise sighs pushing herself up from the floor to sit on her bed. She pats the spot next to her and smiles when Penny plops down. "I don't know if you want to, I've been known fart so loud I scare myself awake." Elise winks causing Penny to giggle. "But I can keep those evil frogs away from snatching your little toes off."

Penny's smile is instantly replaced with fear.

"My toes? They'll take my toes?!" Penny grabs on to her feet as her gaze anxiously darts around.

Elise face palms.

Thinking quickly to try to calm the small child, Elise says "well not if you have a belly full of tots. You said you ate a lot didn't you?"

Penny nods.

"Well then you're all set! Come on let's go to bed before I say anything else to ruin your childhood." Elise scoots back and holds open the blanket for Penny. Taking one more look around the room for the toes-snatching frogs, Penny climbs in next to Elise.

"G'night Elise." Penny yawns as she snuggles up into Elise's side.

Elise smiles. "Go to sleep Penny."