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Prologue: The Village

In many ways, the girl was like any other young Cherokee in the village. She lived with her step-father and elder half-brother; her mother had died giving birth to her. She ran and played and helped with chores just like the other children.

But, in truth, the girl was very different from the others. For her father was not a Cherokee man, not a human man at all. He was Kalona, the winged immortal who had terrorized so many of the Cherokee villages.

Given the name Brenna by her father, the girl, the immortal's only daughter, had escaped the curse that gave her brothers such monstrous form. In looks she was very much like her father, an otherworldly beauty with ebony curls, amber, -almost golden-, eyes, and jet black wings.

There were other, more troubling similarities to Kalona, too, a persuasiveness about her speech, the way her songs seemed to creep into your mind and control you, yet this control did not seem intentional, the child seemed not to notice the power her words possessed, for despite these similarities, she did not share her father's temperment. His cruelty, his anger and bitterness were foreign to the happy child.

The day came when the women rose up against Kalona, creating Aya and entombing him within the earth.

At the moment if her father's imprisonment Brenna, now a young girl of thirteen summers, was standing in her family's home conversing with her step-father. One moment the girl was laughing, her golden-amber eyes sparkling, the next moment those eyes widened in surprise and she collapsed, landing hard against the ground.

Her step-father cried out and ran to her side, finding to his astonishment that the child was asleep. He remembered the women's plan to defeat Kalona and realized they must have succeeded, and that had caused his daughter's fall. He gathered the girl, gently, in his arms and lay her on her sleeping pallet.

He watched over the girl for the rest of his days, for in her enchanted sleep she did not age or need sustenance. After his death his son watched over his young sister, and his sons and daughters after him, and their's after them.

The villagers called them the Raven Guardians. Over time this became their family name and was shortened to Raven.

The world changed around her, but still Brenna slept on.

Until, one day, only a few miles away, in a place of power, earth's power bled sacred red and Kalona burst from the earth.

And Brenna awoke.

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