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Leopard the Warrior of Africa

It was a cold winter's night as he walked through Nome's streets, his white paws making almost no sound through the snow. His ice blue eyes focused on the out that sat just outside of town, closest to the now dead woods. His jet black fur, now coating with the falling snow, kept him safe from the cold as he kept heading towards his destination. As everyone in this town, this once sled race champion was Steele, a once proud Alaskan malamute who craved fame and popularity and was now hated by all of the other canines in Nome. ("Why?" you may ask. Well if you're asking that, why the hell are you reading a fan story on the Balto movie if you haven't watched the Balto movie?) His punishment was that now. For what he did, he got the opposite of what he wanted. Steele was now shamed, without friends, the bottom of the pack pile (pun intended), and was left with no more than what was left with his dignity.

But… he still wasn't alone. He still had his owner (who was REALLY disappointed in him), he was on a new sled team (he used to be in the back, but he's managed to make his way up to at least the middle), and then there's his "lean-on," which was why he was out here, almost near the middle of the night, heading to the outmost house in Nome.

Why the fuck am I still doing this? Steele yelled this question mentally to himself. She's nothing special, if anything she's as bad as I was. This is all just getting in the way of me getting back on top.

He reached the fence and looked around for the broken plank that always lead into the yard. While doing this, a little, not much noticeable part of his head replied back. Because you have no other choice.

Yes I do, I can just turn around and go back to my warm dog bed right now! In fact, why don't I do that right now!?

Because you're addicted. It's like catnip to a cat, you keep coming back but you can only stand being around the cause of the high for only so long. He found the opening and squeezed through. I 'm NOT addicted. I just… Can't stop coming back. Have no one else to turn to. She may not like you, just like everyone else hates you, but she still listens. Oh please, I can find some other mutt to talk all this stuff out. True, but then that mutt would tell someone else. …. Shut Up. He climbed up the steps that led up to the back door before taking in a calm, deep, breath. You couldn't even avoid the addiction in the first place. Hey, I COULD have avoided her, I could have! I even considered it when I first saw that moving truck! But would you have avoided if you could go back? Steele closed his closed his eyes at that thought. Boy, did he remember that all too well. All too well enough that it probably was nowhere near good.

How was I supposed to know that she was like that? Huh? I thought she was just another pathetic little wolf dog that moving in! I didn't expect for a full blown on wolf that was confused for a dog! You didn't answer the question. I… You wouldn't would you? You would go through this addiction of coming out here and talking to her all over again. I hate you, you know that? You know that means you're hating yourself. Shut up!


Steele opened his eyes to look at the huge, well-built female in front of him. Her fur was a medium brown with a mix of dark tan, with her underbelly being a very light brown cream that was almost white and the area around her almond shaped bright blue-green eyes looking like a dark grey to pencil black. Around her neck was a dark green ribbon her old owner uses as her collar. On her nose bridge were four scars while on her front right leg, almost on her paw was a big scar. If one was to take only one look at her, like Steele had at first the moment she and her owner had moved into Nome, they would have thought of her as either a really large dog mutt or a wolf dog at best. Many of the other dogs even thought she was at most a wolf dog, not the full blown she-wolf she really was. Steele stared at her for a moment as he tried to get his thoughts together. He had never thought her as a beauty, not when he first saw her, and defiantly not now. She wasn't even pretty by many dog standards, in fact she was considered very unappealing. He did wonder though, were those scars really from badgers like she told him the first and only time he asked? What was the name her pack gave her when she was still living in the woods?

Why am I even bothering myself with these thoughts?

"Steele, what's bringing you here this time? Sonya's not giving you enough credit you think you deserve again? You know we've both talked about that. You keep giving yourself too much to glorify about," she chuckled, giving a smile that almost made Steele chuckle as well. She's always has been the only one I know to not look good smiling. He focused on the lower tooth that always stuck out while she was quiet, which was usually most of the time as her mouth turned into an unamused frown. "Seriously, what's going on now?"

"Ayana… I… um." He didn't even know what her owner had been thinking when he had named this female in front of him "beautiful flower."

"What? Come on, spit it out."

"I must be a snowflake, because I've fallen for you." He put on his best smile, trying to look as charming as he used to in his "glory-hound" days. Ayana looked at him unamused still to an untrained eye, but he could see the struggling of a smile at the corner of her mouth.

"And this is why that pipsqueak bloodhound said no to a date."

Ok, I want to state that, YES I seriously, for real, just had Steele flirt with a wolf. Not even a wolf dog, a wolf. Get over it.

Before any of you decide that my oc Ayana here (yes I know, cruel of me to name her that) is any Mary-Sue character, (because no matter how many people there are who reads a story, there will always be one saying out Mary Sue in either review, mind, or in a loud, public mall center, or all of the above) I have put her through Mary Sue tests. I have redesigned her character over and over again. I have yet to get her to the point of over 5. I have not ever had her reach 5. (and yes I am bothering with this.)

For those of you who want to know how everyone in town(s) thinks she is a dog or half dog, first of, everyone in town…. Were you not reading the chapter above?

What about a vet? What about her owner? One and same question. For one thing, her owner is an old man who's a vet with a son who's a hunter (yeah, yeah, yeah, irony there. Ha-ha.) One of them is going to know and tell the other. And I have looked this up for this story, you can own a wolf and/or wolf dog in Alaska, if you have a permit. (Apparently, Nevada's the only state where it's a state law that owning a wolf is legal. Wolf dogs not a problems for some of the other states, just the whole wolf thing. It's still pretty safe to own a permit in many cases.) So yes, I did do the research, BOTH her owner and his son both have a permit for owning her, they might tell the some of the town about it later. Please don't bug me about it.

As for the story? I hate to admit this, but I might be going on a bunch of one shots that are just tagged along in some way. Some of us have to admit it now and then though that a stream of one shots can be made into its own story. So, please review, if you have any ideas you can to post or questions that don't involve how a wolf can be owned in Alaska, go ahead and post it.