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Eli H. Lee

Winter Again

Winter was always Ayanna's and Steele's favorite season. It was the time for racing and getting excited as snow fell for Steele. It was the time for Ayanna to watch the darker and clearer night sky, to wander of her ancestors. Winter was the season in where they had first met, three, going on four, years ago. Winter was when they had most of their challenges set in.

By all means, it felt good that winter was back again.

Irony Through And Through

Many of the dogs in the room either raised an eyebrow or gave Steele a dirty look still as the malamute walked in with some sausage links around his neck. His blues gazed around the room before they set on the female wolf in the corner. She smiled quietly before getting up, making him smile in return and sighing. The two of them walked out quietly, leaving the others behind as they looked at one another.

"So, they're really... um...?" one husky started to ask as still gazed at the door.

"Never thought Steele would fall for a wolf like her either, huh? Join the club," another said, sharing a grimace of amusement with the others.


Ayanna's owner finally got a den out in back made for Ayanna by early spring, as he thought that she would be more comfortable in a den than the doggy bed that was in the kitchen.

Needless to say, Steele grew used to it over time for her sake.


"That probably was unnecessary," Steele said, following Ayanna into her den. They had just ran off from Balto's and Jenna's third daughter, Isabelle, who had tried to be friendly with Steele. "I don't think you've noticed how much of a big ideal Balto is around here. Plus, she's Jenna's daughter and you are at least more comfortable with talking to Jenna."

Ayanna turned her head towards him as her eyes narrow. "She was getting a little too friendly with you. And I happened not to like sharing what's mine."

"Yeah but that's not the point- wait, yours?" Steele's blue eyes gazed towards her, meeting her blue-green ones. The wolf huffed.

"Of course mine." Steele grinned as he padded past her.

"I hate to see how Siku dealt with that little side of you."

Little Bundles

It had been weeks since anyone in town had seen Ayanna, and no one, except Steele, knew why. Some had a pretty good guess, but decided not to find out yet. Rumors were already spreading about the town.

So when Ayanna walked into town with her giving anyone near by a threatening look if they even spoke to her or the two pups following her, it didn't really surprised many. Nor did the moment Ayanna rubbed her head against Steele's as her pups tried to play with him, calling him Papa.

The Little Pups

The female of the two had Steele's black fur and Ayanna's underbelly, though lighter. Her eyes were the same as her mother's, her build seemed closer to a wolf's, and had her father's expressions down in an instance.

Her brother seemed to have a similar coat, though if one placed them side by side, they could tell his coat had a more reddish brown tint to it compared to hers. He had his mother's face and father's build, with the exception of his nose. It had a more dark pink hue to it, probably inheriting it from his father's mother.

He loved his sled dog side, begging Steele to teach him to sled race. She wanted to explore the woods and learn to hunt from Ayanna. Jenna taught them to be gentle to others. Balto taught them to accept both sides of their life. Steele's old and current team were all called their uncles and aunts.

Steele called her Cherilyn and called him Kaolin. Ayanna called her Chulyin and called him Kapik.

Truth and Feelings

Ayanna's owner knew better than to separate the pups from her. However, he couldn't have wolf dogs in the town, and especially couldn't sell them off. The idea of releasing them into the wild had come across the old man's mind, but whenever he looked at them, even as they grew older by the month, he found himself feeling guilty for ever thinking of the truth of the matter.

Mama, Papa, and Uncle Balto

With them being wolf dog pups, bullying was expected from others. Then Ayanna and Steele got into parent mode and the bullies to run off, only for new ones to take their place.

Luckily, Balto quickly solved the matter once and for all the moment the "but they're neither wolf nor dog" excuse came into use.

Mama approval

The time when Kaolin got interested into girls, Steele thought it was best to warn Ayanna to watch out if the boy took even more after them than at the beginning. Though that probably made it even worse for the girls he tried to bring home.

Sadly, Dixie's own daughter Keisha got into the mix.

She had Dixie's eyes and fur style when it came to her head. The rest of her however took more after whoever the girl's father was. White fur, gray brown eyes, medium build, and a poor, shy way of carrying herself. By all means, if she was a wolf, she would be an omega for sure.

Ayanna gave a surprisingly pitiful look at her when Kaolin first brought Keisha to meet her and Steele. Not that Kaolin had much of a choice, his parents were to find out anyways.

Maybe for once, Ayanna could give a mother's approval, if not… well, nothing was about to stop Kaolin from still seeing Keisha after this anyways. Steele already knew from the happy expression his son always had around the girl.

The Wilderness, Her Ancient Home

Chulyin, by all means, loved her wolf heritage. Steele often had the fear any parent would have at times whenever Chulyin looked to the forest with that longing look Ayanna once held whenever she had thought on her pack life.

Like any father, he thought of her as his little girl, and the fact he knew she would want to go deeper into the woods and live in a wolf pack often scared him. Mostly because of some of the wolves she would meet if she did.

Not that he thought all wolves were bad, after all Ayanna was one, and Niju and his pack members were all rather good wolves in Steele's opinion. But he knew that there were some very dangerous ones, even by natural wolf standards. It often caused him nightmares when he thought on it.

So when Chulyin joined her half-brother Niju, Kiva, Unnuk and the other of Nava's pack the moment she fully became an adult, Steele was scared half to death and was having trouble letting her join. When he was finally convince by everyone she would be fine, he still made sure to tell her to visit as often as she could, not to talk to strange wolves unless she knew she could trust them, and so on.

"Papa, you can stop hugging me now… Papa… Mama, Papa's trying to keep me here again!"

"Steele! We already agreed to this last night!"

"Now remember to stay safe, and if you find a potential mate, wait to at least introduce him to your mother and I first. Also, if anyone attacks you, make sure the odds are in your favor, and-"

"Papa, you already told me this last night! And this morning! And during the walk over here!" Chulyin laughed as she started smiling at her dad before he finished hugging her. "I'll be alright. I'm fully grown, and I'm still going to be with family. Besides, even if I do get into trouble, Niju, Kiva, and little Unnuk will be sure to rip their throats out for you." The fully grown son of Niju and Kiva growled in irritation, having gotten his father's temper over time.

"I'm not little, heck I'm even older than you!" This caused Chulyin to laugh as she got nuzzled by her brother and mother one last time.

"I'll see you again next spring, ok?"

Steele nodded before frowning slightly as the group disappeared off into the distance. Ayanna smiled sadly at him before nuzzling him too. "It was no use trying to get her to not love the woods in the first place Steele. You know that," she said, watching with him the figures that no longer could be seen.

"I know…."


"So what happened to Great Grandpa and Great Grandma then, Papa?" A little black, mostly wolf, pup with bright, icy blue eyes said, his brothers, sisters, cousins, and other wolf pups of the pack wagging their tails in excitement at an adult male in front of them, the splitting image of Chulyin. He chuckled, before smiling softly.

"They lived out until their fur turned grayish with age, seeing your Grandmother and our pack coming back here every spring with the nearby caribou, and seeing your Granduncle and your Grandaunt becoming parents, with their own line becoming more dog as ours, through your Grandmother, became more wolf. And, like anyone else in the world, they died, seeing their family expand," he said, some of the pups looking in shock at how calmly he was saying this. "They lived a good life to the end, young ones. And death is not always a sad thing, though it does bring us pain… They joined the spirits of after world, to guide and help us along the way now."

As some of the other wolf parents came by and joined their pups, the little black furred pup looked up to his father to see him gazing at the stars.

Steele smiled as he glanced down to look at his own children before leading off to bed.

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