It took me like five months to finish, but it's done! My first Jenkato fanfic is finally complete!

I'd just like to say that this story was partially inspired by an episode of the TV show "Debra," but mostly it's my own ideas, hence why it's a Jenkato fanfic. I hope you enjoy!

Warning! Shounen-ai ahead! Which means Boy x Boy! You don't like, than don't read. All flaming reviews will be deleted. Also, SUPER Uke-Takato is guaranteed, Seme-Jenrya.


The halls of Shinjuku High school were bustling with excitement. The long awaited, grudge-match football game against their rival team from Odaiba High School was less than a week away, and everyone wanted to see their players pummel the opposing team into the field, leaving them in the dust. The two schools had a somewhat-healthy rivalry going on between them, and the students always got worked up whenever two of their sports teams went up against each other.

But the real reason everyone was worked up more than ever was because of a certain raffle that was going on at the same time as the ticket sales for the game.

Two boys were walking along the hallway on their way to their lockers for books, discussing what everyone else in the school was: the upcoming game.

"Oh man, Jen-kun, I can't wait to pummel those little wimps into the ground!" Hirokazu Shiota, one of the two boys, said to the other. Hirokazu just happened to be on the football team, and there were few students more excited about this game than him. He loved the idea of beating the Odaiba team to a bloody pulp, although he's yet to do anything remotely close to that.

Jenrya, the other boy next to Hirokazu laughed at his friend's enthusiasm. "Just make sure you don't get a concussion, like you did last year," he replied.

Hirokazu groaned, his blood suddenly rushing to his face from embarrassment. "I still hate that little bastard, Taichi for tripping me!" he exclaimed. "How the hell wasn't that a foul, coach? HE CLEARLY punched me in the face!"

The two boys were then confronted by their other friend, Ruki Makino, coming from a large crowd that was standing by the stand for tickets for the game. "Is Shiota screaming about that punch Taichi gave him last year again?" she asked in an annoyed tone.

Jenrya nodded. "Yep, he still hates him for it…" he replied. The bluenette then noticed the dozens of teenagers trying to grab their tickets for the game as fast as possible. "Hey, Ruki, what's going on over there? People are never this excited to buy tickets before, even if it was to see a match against Odaiba."

Ruki simply scoffed and held up a pink ticket in one hand, followed by a blue one in the other. "This is why," she answered. "The school is selling so many tickets because of the raffle."

Hirokazu and Jenrya looked at each other, expecting the other to know the other, and then back at Ruki. "Raffle?" they asked together.

Ruki gave an annoyed stare. "Is there an echo in here? Pay attention, dummies! The school is giving away a raffle ticket to everyone that buys a ticket for the game, blue for boys, pink for girls. They draw one ticket for each gender, and the winners go on a blind date at that really expensive restaurant downtown. You know, the one where half the people who go there end up having a heart attack… after seeing the bill."

Hirokazu gasped. "No way! You mean Subarashii Ryorii?" Ruki nodded again. "Awe, sick! I went there once with my family! I nearly fainted when I tasted the food, it was amazing! …And Dad nearly fainted when he saw the bill. Is the school really paying for a dinner date for two at that place?"

Ruki shrugged. "Apparently. You two should get a couple tickets if you wanna go. Who knows? You might get luck-" She was interrupted when Hirokazu ran past her and started fighting his way through the crowd. She sighed, shaking her head in disbelief. "Idiot… Oh, Jen, aren't you gonna get one? …Jen?"

Jenrya was too distracted to hear Ruki calling him. He was busy starring at a light-brown haired boy that was walking by, a boy by the name of Takato Matsuda, with a light, pink streak and a goofy grin plastered to his face.

Takato was surprisingly short for his age, hardly growing at all since Elementary and Middle school, being almost a full head shorter than most of the people in his grade. He also had somewhat of a girly look for a seventeen-year old boy. No facial hair, no biceps, nothing. When he first came to high school, a few teachers mistook him for a lost grade-school girl dressed in a boy's uniform. This miniature, girly stature of his made him quite adorable, though, especially to Jenrya.

Jenrya was soon snapped out of his trance when he felt a forceful palm hit him in the back, knocking the wind out of him. After recovering, he looked to his side and saw Ruki standing there with a smug look on her face that practically screamed "You're drooling, stupid."

It was no secret to Hirokazu or Ruki that Jenrya liked Takato – he had since they were in fifth grade together. Jenrya may be one of the toughest people around – given he's captain of the karate club and one of the most popular people at school – but whenever he took one look at that adorable, baby-faced brunette, he couldn't help but get weak-kneed and grin like an idiot.

Takato walked up to the pair, a cheerful smile on his face and a sketch book in his arm. "Hey Ruki, Jen-kun, what's up?" he asked happily.

"Jen's crotch…" Ruki muttered quietly, subtly looking up at the bluenette with her signature 'Ruki-smirk'. Jenrya's face lit up bright red, shooting an angered and embarrassed glare into her eyes.

"What was that, Ruki?" Takato asked. Jenrya sighed in relief, thanking the gods that Takato didn't hear her.

"Sh-She said the raffle," Jenrya stuttered quickly, making sure that he spoke before Ruki had a chance to repeat. Not that she would, that joke was meant for him… he hoped… "The school is having a raffle for a date for two at Subarashii Ryorii, that super expensive place downtown. You buy a ticket to the game, you get a raffle ticket."

Takato smiled. "Oh, that sounds great! I love that place. I'm gonna get in line, you wanna come with me, guys?" he asked. The way his face lit up while he asked that just made Jenrya melt.

"I already got tickets, one for me and the other for Kenta," Ruki stated, holding up the blue and pink tickets in her hands for emphasis. "He paid me to get one for him about an hour ago, so I'm good. But Jen hasn't gotten his yet, huh Jen?" Jenrya knew that she meant well by saying this, but the way she said it made it sound like she was taunting him… it was the same tone she used on a regular basis.

"Uh, yeah, I haven't. I'll come with you, Takato-kun." Jenrya then followed the boy to the back of the crowd of people, waiting for them to buy their tickets and disperse.

When the flood of people finally passed, the two boys stepped up to a small table that held a raffle barrel that held both pink and blue tickets inside, as well as pens and tickets scattered around it. Sitting behind the table was a student by the name of Ryou Akiyama, a senior of the school and captain of the football team. He is often swarmed by girls who are constantly flirting with him for his athletic prowess and position as captain – not to mention that he wasn't half bad looking either – and he flirted back a lot of times as well. He tried flirting with Ruki once… but that ended up with him holding an icepack to his face the rest of the day.

"Hey, Ryou-kun, you're running the ticket booth?" Jenrya asked.

Ryou sighed but nodded to agree. "Yep, it's a pain in the ass, but coach made me do it," he replied. "So, you two here to buy tickets too?"

Jenrya nodded back. "One for me, and one for Takato."

Ryou handed Jenrya a pen and a blue ticket. "Tickets are 500 yen each. Just sign your name and phone number on the ticket and drop it in the barrel, and you're all set. The school will call you if you win."

Jen did as he was instructed and filled out the ticket, then pulled the money out of his pocket and handed both to Ryou. The older boy tore off a small stub from the ticket and handed it to Jenrya, and then dropped the ticket in the barrel soon after.

"Alright, you're officially entered. Just keep that stub with you when you come to the game, although I doubt you'll even come. Most of the people buying tickets are only in it for the dinner." All three boys couldn't help but laugh.

Takato stepped up beside Jenrya. "Ok, my turn."

Suddenly, a loud bell rang across the entire school, indicating that classes were about to start. Jenrya gasped at the time.

"Sorry Takato, I gotta go," he said, taking a bow. "If I'm late for Computer Science again, Tsumaru-sensei's gonna kill me."

Takato smiled. "No problem. My Art class is right down the hall, so I have plenty of time. I'll see you after school with the others in the park, ok?"

Jenrya nodded and ran as fast as he could through the halls, desperate to get to class on time. On his way, he realized that he forgot to tell Takato that the boys are supposed to write on the blue tickets, and the girls the pink. He was about to turn around, but he shrugged it off, figuring Takato had enough common sense to figure out the colors of the tickets, without the need of an explanation.

Takato returned to the table and picked up a ticket. "So all I have to do is pay 500 yen and sign my name and number on this, right?" he asked.

Ryou was about to reply 'yes', but he smirked when he realized the ticket Takato was holding. "Yeah…" he said in a long, dragged out voice. "That's it. Just do that, and your good." The older boy let out a small chuckle as he watched the boy fill out the ticket and then hand it and the money to him. Takato then received the stub from the ticket he signed and walked off to class, leaving Ryou alone to chuckle, which built up into a roaring laugh, so loud it made him clutch his sides in pain.

"Good luck… Takato-chan…" he said with one final chuckle, before dropping the boy's ticket into the barrel.