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Head Gamemaker Elroy Criswell was walking down the hallway, on his way to President Neal's office. He was feeling excited, holding the plans for the 36th Hunger Games, and confident. This was the first time he was going to show President Neal his arena idea, and he couldn't wait. He was sure that the President would be excited.

The 35th games had been Criswell's first as Head Gamemaker, and they had gone extremely well. Everything had gone to plan, and the games had been very eventful… many capitolites had called it one of the best in years. The descent of tributes like Murray and Audrey into insanity, the dramatic fights and deaths… district 3's trap… Salton and Andromeda… these games had given the Capitol much to talk about. And at the end of it all, there had been a worthy Victor, Salton Calder. The district 4 tribute had won in true career style, with four kills.

But now, Criswell knew that the pressure was on. The second year was always the hardest for a Head Gamemaker, and the capitolites expected great things for this year's arena. But Criswell wasn't afraid, that confident he was of his plans.

Upon reaching the President's office, Criswell knocked on the door three times.

"Enter." A commanding voice called from inside.

As Criswell entered, he saw the President sitting at his desk, an eager look in his eyes. President Neal had been in power for several years now, and kept control through fear. His appearance helped him with this, as President Neal was tall and well built, with little hair, and a sadistic smile that seemed to be consistently on his face. But Criswell was not so afraid of the President. The two had a good relationship, especially since Criswell's success last year.

As Criswell approached the the desk, President Neal spoke again. "I am glad you are here Criswell. I'm excited to see your plans for the arena." He smiled broadly.

"Thank you Sir. I'm excited to show you them." If Criswell was excited, he didn't show it. The man rarely displayed much emotion.

"Give them to me…" Neal said, as the Head Gamemaker handed him the plans. The President looked at Criswell's plans, his smile growing wider and his eyes widening as he took everything in.

"What do you think Sir?" Criswell asked confidently.

"This is fantastic… a truly original idea!" Neal exclaimed. "Did you come up with this yourself?"

"Yes I did Sir. I'm glad you like it." Criswell replied, smiling.

"Certainly one for our history fans… I wonder how many capitolites are knowledgeable of World War One?"

"I guess we'll find out soon…" Criswell replied. "By the way… I also have the list of tributes here for you." He held out another piece of paper. "If you'd like to see it."

"Of course…" The President replied happily, taking the piece of paper from Criswell.

"I also wrote a short brief on each tribute, so you have an idea of them all in advance." Criswell said.

"Fantastic…" Neal replied. "You really are a good Head Gamemaker…" Neal trailed off, turning his attention to Criswell's report.

Tributes for the 36th Hunger Games

District 1 Girl- Selena Marvel (17) (Tasherekalb)

Selena is not from the training centre, but that isn't going to stop her. Considered poor and ugly, she has been shunned by her district her whole life. Having been trained privately for many years now, Selena is determined to prove everyone wrong.

District 1 Boy- Flax O'Connor (17) (Mangesboy01)

Ignored by his peers at the training centre due to jealousy, Flax is desperately lonely. Volunteering is the only way Flax believes he can make himself noticed…

District 2 Girl- Kihone Tate (18) (Xechasate)

Kihone works hards and plays hard… despite appearing friendly and personable, Kihone will stop at nothing to become Victor.

District 2 Boy- Drake Drexel (18) (Flintlightning)

Drake isn't your typical district 2 career, being book smart as well as an excellent fighter. He believes that this combination of skillsets will make him a clear favourite.

District 3 Girl- Haru Summers (13) (Hutsune)

Despite living on the streets, Haru is a happy and mischievous girl. Getting by by performing street acrobatics for money and stealing food, her world comes crashing down when she is reaped for the games.

District 3 Boy- Porter Hyde (15) (Theuglyduckling492)

Despite being a gentleman at heart, Porter isn't afraid to kill. Being an inventor in district 3, he believes he can bring some surprising skills to the games…

District 4 Girl- Corentine Shane (17) (TheBigBadWolf7491)

Having a history of anger management issues, Corentine has always been tough to deal with… in the arena, other tributes may have to be careful not to push her past her breaking point.

District 4 Boy- Kieran Alvarez (16) (ImmyRose)

Following a traumatic incident when he was fourteen, Kieran has become antagonistic in his behaviour, driven by a seek for excitement. He sees the Hunger Games as another way to experience the adrenaline he craves.

District 5 Girl- Mercedes O'Hara (14) (MidnightRaven323)

Raised in the back-alleys of the district, surrounded by shady dealings, Mercedes has grown into a crafty and confident girl, becoming an underground informant for the district. Merecedes has a thorough understanding of human behaviour and tendencies, and hopes to apply this to the games.

District 5 Boy- Carmichael "Mike" Dunbar (17) (Atashi Desu)

Mike is a pathological liar, but a manipulative and intelligent one, applying these attributes to use people to his advantage. Mike is completely self-centred, and sees the games as a golden opportunity to do anything he wants with no consequences.

District 6 Girl- Savana Okar (17) (Dante Aligheri1308)

Savana is a smart girl, having always been a practical thinker. Coming from a large working family, it is no surprise that Savana has been involved in several successful business endeavours. Despite being shocked at being reaped, Savana has plans for the arena...

District 6 Boy- Andrew Dadict (15) (RosesandThorns)

Andrew is an unattractive and introverted boy, being extremely shy around any situation in which he is the centre of attention. The Hunger Games is his idea of hell, and many people will write him off instantly… but there may be more to Andrew than meets the eye.

District 7 Girl- Pane Carripes (14) (Emi The Dark Kitten Prince)

Pane is a vicious young girl, she enjoys the daily beatings in the centre of the district, and even the hangings sometimes too… commanding and intimidating, Pane won't shy away from a fight.

District 7 Boy- Jonathan "Joni" Melton (13) (Alana Abernathy)

Joni suffers from bi-polar disorder, with his family unable to afford treatment. His condition causes him to swing from elated to depressed at unpredictable times, and this could lead to serious consequences in the arena.

District 8 Girl- Allona Greene (16) DwellInDreams1019)

Allona has always been a troublemaker, earning a reputation as class clown over the years. In fact a rather strong young girl, Allona must apply this strength if she wants to survive the games….

District 8 Boy- Bretley Meyers (12) (Outside the Crayon Box)

Bretley is a small and timid young boy, petrified by almost everything he comes across. Despite being terrified at the though of entering the arena, Bretley may be able to use his hidden intelligence to pull some tricks in the games…

District 9 Girl- Marnie Prewett (14) (TwillandBonnie)

Marnie has always been described as 'not all there' by her family. The girl is often half out of it and slightly delirious. Oblivious to much of what goes on around her, Marnie is given a harsh reality shock when she is reaped for the games.

District 9 Boy- Flint Karslon (18) (Dannnnzzz)

Abused by his Mother his whole life, Flint has become a serious and unfriendly person. Although the games are a form of escape, Flint is fearful of the arena.

District 10 Girl- Storm Mauler (15) (SkyeBird128)

Storm is a daredevil and a thrillseeker, with her family struggling to control her wild personality. Having been part of a gang for several years now, Storm feels that she'll be more prepared that most non-careers for the games.

District 10 Boy- Beau Delaney (17) (ForeverYoung362)

Plagued by guilt over the accidental death of his brother, Beau has become a short-tempered young man. Despite this, he puts up a confident front, and his charm may endear him to many in this year's games.

District 11 Girl- Zenobia Flynn (16) (ZataraGrace)

Having had a tough upbringing, Zenobia has become an intimidating and rebellious young girl. Determined not to show weakness, even when she is reaped, Zenobia is determined to win the games, and make it home to her family.

District 11 Boy- Klaas Boersma (15) (Boekenworm)

Brought up on a farm, Klaas has a relatively easy life as an assistant there. Being a rather strong, yet simple boy, Klaas' worst fear is realised when he is reaped.

District 12 Girl- Beverly Timber (18) (XxEyelinerHeartsxX)

Being the daughter of the only Victor the district has ever had, Beverley has had a relatively easy life by district 12 standards, even when she became pregnant at 16. And now, when she is reaped for the Hunger Games, Beverly must face up to the prospect of never seeing her son again.

District 12 Boy- Axel Fontenay (15) (FireflyLlama)

Axel takes a positive attitude to life, always cracking jokes and trying out crazy stunts. When he is reaped, Axel begins to learn that not everything in life is fun and games.

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